Chapter 510: Bloodthirsty Nature, Angrily Slaughtering Prisoners (3)

Chapter 510: Bloodthirsty Nature, Angrily Slaughtering Prisoners (3)

Moon Essence’s effects caused Mo Xie’s strength to rise from the ninth phase third stage to the ninth phase sixth stage. 

The secondary royal fire attribute also allowed Mo Xie’s strength to rise again, making her comparable to a ninth phase ninth stage middle class monarch! 

The fighting strength rank of practically all the second grade’s experts were at the middle class monarch level and their phase or stage was stuck at the ninth phase low stage. 

Those possessing ninth phase middle stage middle class monarch soul pets were peak experts in the eighth realm. And those with ninth phase high stage were at the very pinnacle of young competitors!!

“Chu Chen.” Ting Lan looked closely at Chu Mu and her eyes flickered with a bit of disbelief. 

Ting Lan was astonished because she had recognized Chu Mu for so long, but didn’t know he had such a powerful soul pet!!

Chu Mu already had a ninth phase middle stage Binding Wind Spirit as well as several ninth phase low stage middle class monarchs. If he added on the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox that had strength comparable to a ninth phase ninth rank, his strength wouldn’t be any inferior to Soul Palace’s second strongest, Luo Bing!

Ting Lan would only see Chu Mu in Soul Palace every few months, but every time she saw him, his strength would explode. She knew that his strength increase was exceptionally ridiculous, but didn’t realize it was to this extent...

Ting Lan truly found it hard to believe that just about a year ago, Chu Mu was still this third grade expert fighting Luo Peng. When she had summoned her Linyin Beast, it had forced him to surrender… 

But right now, he had completely surpassed her, and stepped into the top ten ranks of the second grade’s strongest!!!

“It’s just stronger than my peak commander by one level. Perhaps its fighting strength is equivalent to a small child. Even if my peak commander is weaker by a level, it will still be able to easily beat it!” the scraggly hair prisoner laughed with contempt. 

The prisoners’ ranks were determined by the crimes they committed. The eighth rank prisoner Cai Ji Chu Mu had killed earlier was considered rather strong because he possessed a tenth phase pseudo monarch. 

The reality was that there were extremely few eighth rank prisoners with tenth phase pseudo monarchs. 

The strength of a tenth phase pseudo monarch was comparable to a ninth phase peak middle class monarch. If all the eighth rank prisoners had tenth phase pseudo monarchs, a great number of the competitors would die because the only competitors with soul pets this strong would only be the top three hidden experts in each large faction! 

The average strength of seventh rank prisoners was in between tenth phase middle class commanders and high class commanders, or in other words, in between the eighth phase high stage middle class monarch and ninth phase low stage middle class monarch. The reason why a young competitors strength would stick out was mainly due to a fortuitous encounter allowing their soul pets’ ranks to rise. As for a middle aged competitor, it was due to the advantage of age that allowed them to possess perfect phase and stage soul pets. 

The prisoners had 21 soul pets and six of them were peak commanders, 10 were high class commanders and five were middle class commanders. 

Even if Chu Mu’s Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox was stronger, it couldn’t fight so many soul pets!

The Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox’s strength was one higher level that peak commanders and it being able to deal with two peak commanders would already be extremely incredible. Therefore, there was no suspense to this fight!

“Chu Chen, we’re still not their opponents.” although Ting Lan was shocked at Chu Mu’s strength, she recognized that they were helpless because the prisoners simply numbered too many!

“Focus on your battle.” Chu Mu said to Ting Lan.

Ting Lan had to fight three high class commander rank wing type soul pets. These prisoners were all old crafty fellows and even if Ting Lan’s soul pets were slightly higher in strength, if she wasn’t careful, she would still be defeated.

Ting Lan bit her lips and decided to fight. She couldn’t hesitate and had to trust Chu Mu right now!

“Advent of the Demon Moon!!!” 

Suddenly, a gorgeous silver moonlight carrying a demonic characteristic began to illuminate amongst the thin moonlight!!

The moonlight immersed Mo Xie’s body, causing her silver fur to carry an even more elegant demonic evil!!

Advent of the Demon Moon was Ye Qingzi’s Water Moon’s new technique!

This technique would only have a purifying effect on the majority of soul pets, but to Mo Xie, which had the Moon Essence species technique, it was undoubtedly the best supportive technique!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!”

The moonlight grew denser and denser as Mo Xie’s Moon Essence effect grew stronger and stronger!!

In this moment, Mo Xie’s demonic aura grew stronger and an ice cold aura rushed onto the prisoners’ soul pets!!

Originally only the high class commanders and middle class commanders were somewhat afraid of Mo Xie’s aura. But the Advent of the Demon Moon’s effect caused Mo Xie’s strength to rise by a level and the six peak commanders all grew wary! 

“He still has other comrades!” the prisoners abruptly realized that a soul pet appeared behind him!

“Hahaha~~~ it’s another female soul pet trainer. We’re really lucky today!! What is everyone waiting for, let’s finish the fight fast!!” several eighth rank prisoners began to laugh. 

Both Ting Lan and Ye Qingzi were absolute beauties and before these prisoners had entered prison, they rarely saw these sorts of women, let alone in prison!

When Ye Qingzi faced this large group of prisoners, she was much calmer than Ting Lan. She had already summoned her main pets and was ready to fight at any moment. 

She had summoned a ninth phase middle stage middle class monarch War Court Black Beast, a ninth phase low stage low class monarch Ice Fire Demon Fairy, a tenth phase middle class commander Water Moon and an eighth phase ninth stage middle class Nest Wood Spirit. 

Ye Qingzi’s four main pets all had special abilities and their strengths weren’t reflected merely by their phase and stage and rank. Therefore, they weren’t easy to fight, especially the Warr Court Black Beast and Ice Firee Fairy!

“Chu Mu, my War Court Black Beast can deal with two peak commanders, but there still remain many. You should have your White Nightmare or Zhan Ye come out and fight.” Ye Qingzi used soul remembrance to speak to Chu Mu. 

Ye Qingzi would always conservatively estimate her own strength. If she said she could deal with something, it meant she could kill them. Chu Mu knew that Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast was an extremely mysterious soul pet with a great amount of potential! 

“There aren’t that many enemies.” Chu Mu’s tone was indifferent as he spoke, but amongst that indifference was a trace of powerful killing intent!

Chu Mu daring to stay here meant he had enough confidence. This was because Ye Qingzi was here and Chu Mu didn’t need to conserve soul power!

Nine Underworld Devil Flames suddenly shot out of Chu Mu’s hands. The ice cold flames from the nine underworlds suddenly enveloped the area on top of the prisoners’ soul pets!

“Nine Underworld Thirteen Inferno Hells!!! Chu Mu chanted this technique’s incantation!

This time, Chu Mu had chanted the Thirteen Inferno Hells technique, but this was the true eighth rank technique!! It could use the entire might of an eight rank fire technique!

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~” Mo Xie also completely finished her technique while the prisoners were astonished. She let out a howl underneath the moonlight that was clearly more imposing and tyrannical! 

The prisoners were middle aged and had ample soul pet experience, but their underestimation of the enemy ended up being their fatal blow!

RIght now, if the White Nightmare were to appear, Chu Mu’s three layered Thirteen Inferno Hell would create a technique nearing the tenth rank in might and was capable of instakilling all of the prisoners here. 

However, to deal with these prisoners, only Mo Xie’s layer would be needed and the true might of the Thirteen Inferno Hells would leave behind his genuine enemies! 

Nine Underworld Devil Flames, Blood Flames and Demon Fire Evil Flames created an enormous fiery lotus in the air. Immediately after, intense flames began to tumble down from the air and even the air was ignited!

Mo Xie’s strength climbed to the peak of the ninth phase so the Thirteen Inferno Hells had extremely powerful destructive force against this level of soul pets!

As for Chu Mu’s Nine Inferno Devil Flame Thirteen Inferno Hells, it was even stronger. After all, Chu Mu was using the White Nightmare’s fourth rank devil flames!!

The enormous three flames burned in the air above the prisoners. The aura of fire faced them head on and right now, these prisoners all had their eyes wide open as they showed expressions of fear! 

If they knew that Chu Mu could combine two types of flames to reach the power of a ninth rank full stage technique, they would have instantly stopped Chu Mu.

However, because they had underestimated the enemy, they missed this chance to stop him while Chu Mu didn’t hesitate to use his soul power. The reason why he remained floating in the air was to give himself enough time to chant his incantation. 

“Beng!!!!!! Beng!!!!! Beng!!!!!!”

Finally, several inferno hells began to descend in different trajectories and transformed an enormous area that the prisoners were in into a prison!!

“Beng!!!!! Beng!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!!!”

Thirteen inferno hells and as each inferno hell layered on top of one another, it meant that the prisoners had to deal with three different types of flames!!

The layer of rock began to rupture under the destructive flames. In the seventh realm, Chu Mu’s Thirteen Inferno Hells had ruined an entire mountain peak. This Thirteen Inferno Hells was slightly weaker, but it was obvious that these prisoners with weaker defense would be slaughtered!! 

“Ah!!!!! Ah!!!!!!”

“Ah!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The miserable howls of prisoners rang out. Their souls, bodies, and blood were all burned. Such pain wasn’t something a normal person could handle!

Three light from different colored flames reflected onto the face of two prisoners. These two prisoners were both riding on their wing type soul pets. It was essentially because they were in the air that they managed to escape this catastrophe. Otherwise, under the continuous subsidence, the ones howling in pain from the continuous inferno hell attack would be them. 

Right now, these two seventh rank prisoners had faces full of fear. They couldn’t believe that a single young competitor was able to create this fire type technique with such terrifying destructive force!!


Finally, the last inferno hell descended!

This inferno hell became the death sentence of most of the middle class commanders. There were a total of five middle class commanders and among them, only the rock type elemental commander survived. The rest were all buried under the sea of flames, instakilled!!

Of the ten high class commanders, at least five suffered serious bodily and soul wounds while three lost the ability to fight!

The defensive and reaction abilities of the six pepak commanders were rather powerful and when the Thirteen Inferno Hells descended, they began to mad dash to the edges of the technique. Of them, only two had sustained mid-degree damages! 

When Chu Mu used the Thirteen Inferno Hells, he had intentionally extended the range to ensure the scattered prisoners would all be enveloped.

If he had concentrated the Thirteen Inferno Hells on the same location, even a tenth phase pseudo monarch would have been instakilled! 

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