Chapter 509: Bloody Nature, Furiously Killing Prisoners (2)

Chapter 509: Bloody Nature, Furiously Killing Prisoners (2)

“Li Zhan!” Ting Lan was motionless as she stared downwards with reddened eyes at Li Zhan! The burning glow started dimming as Li Zhan was slowly exposed in front of the prisoners’ soul pets. With Li Zhan’s technique, all the prisoners’ soul pets were angered, trapping Li Zhan 

Many techniques are already ninth rank. No matter how powerful Li Zhan was, he couldn’t possibly stop the attacks of all these soul pets!!

“Longlonglonglonglong!!!!!!!!!!!!” The entire gap started shaking violently as techniques rained down from above. Li Zhan and his three soul pets were completely consumed by the destructive attacks!

The lower end of the gap immediately blew up, creating a powerful shockwave that sent a powerful shockwave towards all four directions!! With such a terrifying attack, unless he had ninth rank late stage defense, he wouldn’t possibly live! The shaking blast nearly shattered Ting Lan’s eardrums, to the point where she couldn’t hear a single thing. Ting Lan’s face was completely lifeless, as her entire person became a statue…...Ting Lan didn’t think that Li Zhan would lie to her like this. And the result of the lie was that this man had to suffer the killing of the reaper himself. How heartbreaking and cruel was this lie!

“Hahahahah~~~~~~~~” The thundering sound slowly calmed down as the prisoners’ impudent howls started.

“What a dumbass. Just give up and he wouldn’t have died!!” 

"Yes, haha. It’s just a chick. When would you ever lack women? You have to be cruel when you need to be. These young fellows just have mental issues, not knowing how to do what needs to be done!” Looking at Li Zhan’s corpse buried under the mass of rocks, all the prisoners started laughing out loud in mockery. Li Zhan was a second tier member and was third in all of soul palace. His future was immeasurable. Even the prisoners knew that, with just a few more years, he could single-handedly destroy them all at their peak! However, his adamance wasn’t something he could handle, causing him to hand his life to others to control.

The prisoners had long since lost all their morals, and couldn’t comprehend the value of another person’s life over themselves. So, to them, Li Zhan’s act of saving someone was the most childish and stupid action. Prisoners’ shrill laughing caused Ting Lan’s eyes to spray flames out. This anger completely burned up her logic!

“You group of evil people, I will kill you!!” Ting Lan screamed her lungs out. Starting an incantation, Ting Lan only wanted to kill all these inhumane prisoners, taking revenge for Li Zhan who sacrificed himself for her! Seeing Ting Lan stop and start an incantation, the lead disheveled prisoner smiled evilly, having achieved his goal. He was the lead person to ridicule Li Zhan.

His final goal was to stimulate Ting Lan into losing her reason to fly back down and fight them. Indeed, the woman lost her reason. She completely forgot that she couldn’t possibly fight against this many prisoners!

“Dadada~~~~~~~Dadada~~~~~~~~~” Suddenly, a strange eloping sound came in the skies! The black and demonic figure quickly leaped over the prisoners’ heads, bringing a special shadow. As all the prisoners lifted their heads, the only saw a white feather amidst the dark and handsome figure, while the rest of the organism hid completely in the shadows of the steep cliff, hard to catch! Watching just as Ting Lan was about to continue to battle, the prisoners were stunned as this black figure jumped in front of her and stopped her. Ting Lan’s motions halted as she stared blankly at the man who rode such a black handsome soul pet! His eyes were apathetic and cold, yet full of spirit, calm and collected as a result of thousands of crises!

“Chu Chen……” Ting Lan’s pure red eyes stared at Chu Mu. With her emotions in shambles, she didn’t know what to say anymore. “They aren’t laughing at Li Zhan’s stupidity, they’re laughing at yours!” Chu Mu’s tone suddenly became acrid. Ting Lan stared blankly as the sentence stabbed into her heart like a cold blade, instantly cooling her head down.

She understood what Chu Mu meant. However, Li Zhan’s death still kept her tears rolling. Ting Lan’s experiences weren’t as plentiful as other soul pet trainers. Most of her experiences were through proper competitions. Such soul pet trainer was destined to crumble under the cruel truth in Battle of the Realm! Hidden experts and those touted by the public were separated by exactly this. Hidden experts could stay calm under any situation, no matter how angry or resentful they felt in heart!

“Who is it?” The prisoners’ gazes fell on the meddling Chu Mu. “Another player, this time we can’t kill this one, we need him alive!” The prisoner lead said sternly. “Don’t worry, we’ll make sure the woman is alive too!” A few prisoners with wing type soul pets answered. Angering Ting Lan gave them enough time to ride their wing type soul pets into the skies, so Ting Lan won’t escape either. “They…...they’re coming.” Ting Lan still had tears in her eyes as she looked at the swiftly approaching wing type soul pets. “Can you deal with three wing type soul pets?” Chu Mu didn’t panic, saying in a very level voice.

“Yes, but…...they have so many people, Chu Chen…… you should run, don’t get dragged down by me, I don’t want someone else to die again……” Chu Mu’s stern words woke Ting Lan up completely. She knew she did something incredibly stupid. If she jumped down without reason, she would only be insulting Li Zhan’s sacrifice. Since Chu Mu appeared, he wouldn’t just sit and watch. However, even if Chu Mu appeared, he couldn’t compete with that many prisoners. After all, with Ting Lan’s knowledge of Chu Mu, this cross-tier challenger wasn’t even as good as Li Zhan. Of course, Ting Lan trusted Chu Mu’s abilities. He could definitely bring her away from these prisoners’ attacks. So, running away was the most sensible choice. “If possible, you face the three wing type soul pets.” Chu Mu said.

“But……” Ting Lan wanted to convince Chu Mu otherwise.“Just do as I say.” Chu Mu didn’t waste any more time talking, as he swiftly rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast into another direction. Ting Lan stared absentmindedly at Chu Mu. From Chu Mu’s eyes, she didn’t see escape, but another cold emotion. This was something that Ting Lan was curious about, a natural quality that came from battling and killing intent!! However, compared to previously, this man’s eyes were multiple times brighter than when he went against Guo Peng.

This gaze caused no one to make eye contact with him. It was a killing aura that was nursed through countless killings! Ting Lan felt that Chu Mu had completely become a different person. He was staring at these prisoners like a reaper would stare at dead people!! “Since you turned yourself into a beast, I will treat you like beasts too!” Chu Mu’s killing intent was sharp. His cold voice transmitted into every prisoners’ ears! Bloody, violent, killing. When a person grows up enduring all this, they naturally have this nature under their apathetic cover when they mature!

Chu Mu was trying his hardest to control the bloody nature he got during his growing period. He didn’t want to become an emotionless killer machine, nor did he want his evil tendencies to grow in his heart, growing until it devours his reason and humanity. However, holding it back didn’t mean Chu Mu could forget this instinct! Once he felt that he needed to be merciless and needed to kill, he would definitely not hold back, because even full of all negative emotions, he still was himself!

“Wuwuwu!!!!!!!” Feeling Chu Mu’s killing intent inside, Mo Xie inside his soul pet space immediately called out! “Ye, come back!” Chu Mu cast an incantation, retracting Night Thunder Dream Beast back into the soul pet space! After retracting it, Chu Mu slowly started burning with Nine Underworld Devil Flames. This special devil flame caused Chu Mu to float in the air, like a violent devil, coldly staring at the prisoners! With the incantation, Chu Mu’s side slowly started burning with nine sprouts of blood flames and demon fire evil flames!

“Wuwuwuwu!!!!!!!!!” As if she hasn’t killed in so long, Mo Xie’s body slowly appeared amongst the nine flames in the air. The demon aura of the nine tail inferno flame pushed down from above like a storm!! Chu Mu’s Mo Xie had reached ninth phase third stage after seventh realm. The full moon in the sky laid down a thin veil of moonlight, falling upon the flaming and silver Mo Xie! The thin veil of moonlight caused Mo Xie to raise his strength, reaching ninth phase sixth phase!! Nine tails unfurled in the air freely. The dark night floated with silver shadows, full of arrogance! Mo Xie’s four paws burned with royal flames silent in the air. Her pupils blazed with the same emotions as Chu Mu, looking down upon all the enemies like an emperor! “It’s a ninth phase middle stage middle class monarch rank!!” Prisoner’s faces were overcome by confusion as their eyes were lit red by Mo Xie’s flames.

“It isn’t even tenth phase, so there’s nothing to be afraid of, my soul pet can handle it!!” The messy haired prisoner leader said without care. “But, it has demon fire evil flames and blood flames, it has royal flame side type, so its fighting strength is at least another level higher. This is a ninth phase ninth stage middle class monarch!” The middle-aged prisoners all had insane judgment, instantly judging what Mo Xie’s strength was!

 “Why are these eighth realm young generation members all abnormal beasts, having this level soul pet!” 

Some prisoners started screaming!!

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