Chapter 508: Bloody Nature, Furiously Killing Prisoners (1)

Chapter 508: Bloody Nature, Furiously Killing Prisoners (1)

“Chu Chen……”

Shang Heng looked at Chu Mu, and his expression became complicated, revealing a begging look.

Shang Heng knew that Chu Mu was now much more powerful than he was. Before, Shang Heng, Li Zhan, and Ting Lan fell into danger, and only Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi could help them. Or else, with the prisoners’ abusive attitudes, Ting Lan and Li Zhan wouldn’t simply be captured and handed to the competition guards.

“Chu Chen, you must think of a way to earn ten minutes for Ting Lan and Li Zhan. In that group of prisoners, there was an incredibly powerful eighth rank prisoner. Their target is Ting Lan. Once they are captured, Ting Lan will be in great danger. So, Chu Chen, you must participate. If you just delay them for ten minutes, once the competition staff comes, they will be fine.” Shang Heng asked very earnestly.

All the experts in eighth realm were pretty much only looking out for themselves. Shang Heng knew that asking for such meant dragging Chu Mu down as well, putting him in danger.

But, Shang Heng didn’t really have any other alternative. As a soul pet trainer, he had looked past life and death already. The only thing he couldn’t accept was that, as one of the only female soul pet trainers, if the competition guards didn’t come on time, she will have to suffer the ravaging of these prisoners.

“Qingzi, can you find which the direction the smell is coming from?” Chu Mu opened his mouth to ask.

Qingzi knew what Chu Mu meant, and immediately jumped onto Purple Robed Dream Beast, riding it to lead the way.

Chu Mu didn’t say much, riding his Night Thunder Dream Beast tightly behind Ye Qingzi.

Shang Heng stared blankly. He originally thought that, facing eighth rank and seventh rank prisoners, Chu Mu would hesitate. After all, the opponent was so powerful.

Yet, Chu Mu didn’t hesitate at all. Before he could even finish, he had already gone towards the killers’ locations.

Watching Chu Mu’s running back image, Shang Heng’s heart roiled, emanating a genuine respect and gratitude for Chu Mu!

After a long winding mountain path, there would be rows of towering cliffs lifting out of the ground.

This was Heavenly Sky Mountain’s greatest gap. The difference between the high and low ground was over a hundred meters, but the entire mountain was nearly vertical. If they wanted to continue to higher grounds in the mountain, they would have to use all their abilities to cross this barrier.

The gap was near two hundred meters in width. Other than the meandering path that had a small slope, the other two sides were all almost vertical cliffs.

The mountain valley was blowing with a gale, creating a natural, turbid wind zone. Even wing type soul pets were incredibly strained if they wanted to fly here. As for other soul pets, if they wanted to go up the two walls on the side, it will be even more difficult. If the high ground had any enemies, once techniques were cast from above, any soul pet would die from falling back down with no place to dodge.

It was in such a situation that Li Zhan and Ting Lan were pushed into- an inescapable situation. They had no place to go!

There were a good number of eighth rank prisoners and seventh rank prisoners!

Every prisoner had two soul pets, adding up to a good number of tenth phase soul pets!

In the skirmish before, Ting Lan and Li Zhan killed eight tenth phase commander ranks. But, the commander ranks firmly restricted them in this situation, causing their lives to be truly threatened!

Li Zhan and, as the third strongest soul palace expert, didn’t have an issue facing all these seventh and eighth rank prisoners. However, he never would have thought that the usually scattered prisoners would gather in such great numbers!

Once the prisoner count reached a certain magnitude, even the rank one of each faction couldn’t deal with them!

“Ting Lan, you will be fine, trust me!” Li Zhan stared gravely at the quickly approaching commanders coming from above.

Ting Lan was pale-faced. Her beautiful pupils lost their usual calm and she was terrified.

Her fingers were slightly shaking. Every time she heard the prisoners’ violent and perverse laughs, she would feel incredibly disgusted but also cold all over.

From these prisoners’ burning gaze, Ting Lan knew that once she fell into their hands, she would suffer a horrible end. She was already regretting that she didn’t immediately call for the competition guards’ help instead of barely persevering.

“Haha, the two soul palace young generation members, their seventh diagram sacred beasts are still weak. You having them is a waste!” The lead prisoner started laughing unrestrained.

In reality, the prisoners on stage all had been incredibly jealous towards these competitors. These middle age soul pet trainers were all thirty years old before they could truly master middle class monarch rank soul pets. However, in the eighth realm of Battle of the Realm, there were many young generation members with true monarch rank soul pets. One had to know that these prisoners, at their age were, at most, using commander ranks.


Finally, Ting Lan’s ninth phase Lin Yin Beast was still hard to with the pseudo monarch rank tenth phase organisms, getting slammed into the cliff and being embed deep inside.

Closely following, Ting Lan’s elemental soul pets were also tightly restricted by a few demons, not able to cast even a single elemental technique.

In such a situation, once it was attacked, it would definitely be instantly killed. Ting Lan didn’t want to see her soul pet die like this. When his elemental soul pet completely lost its ability to fight, it even cast a technique to cast it back to the soul pet space.

Ting Lan had four soul pets out, but in one wave of attacks, Lin Yin Beast was heavily injured. The elemental soul pets were retracted. As for her secondary soul pets, they couldn’t even escape death if they were summoned either!

“Sila!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Four beast type commander ranks all extended their claws, heavily swiping past Li Zhan’s Multi Colored Devil Tiger.

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger was already full of wounds. This attack was even more lethal. Finally, it fell over in a pool of blood.

The soul pact snapped, causing Li Zhan’s face to become even paler!

His eyes were bloodshot, as he stared at the disfigured Multi Colored Devil Tiger. “Just give up, we won’t kill you. We’ll only give you to the competition guard, so why waste your soul pets’ lives?” The eighth prisoner smiling wickedly said with false goodness.

In reality, if Li Zhan gave himself up and gathered up all his soul pets, he wouldn’t lose anything, and would probably live.

However, watching as Ting Lan fell into danger, as a soul palace soul pet trainer with true character, Li Zhan couldn’t do that!

From what many soul pet trainers saw, many things were more important to protect than their lives; one such thing was the soul palace’s mission.

Li Zhan knew Ting Lan since he was young. Because of their identities, Li Zhan was also always Ting Lan’s guard, silently protecting this daughter of Immortal Ming Palace elder, serving his duty as one of Soul Palace!

If he pushed Ting Lan to the hands of these prisoners just to live, he wouldn’t forgive himself for the rest of his life!

“Lady Ting Lan, do you still have wing type soul pets?” Li Zhan tightened his fists and said weakly.

“En, we must push them back once for my wing type soul pet to take flight.”

Ting Lan retracted the elemental soul pet being restricted to prepare to summon her wing type soul pet.

“I will use a light type technique. The moment I cast this technique, you will cast your incantation and summon a wing type soul pet. I will try my hardest to keep them occupied while you fly your wing type soul pet upwards……” Li Zhan said with his soul remembrance to TIng Lan.

“And you?” Ting Lan said worriedly.

“I will summon my wind type soul pet and throw myself upwards. Remember, don’t stop at all, if you have any hesitation, your soul pet will be dragged down.” Li Zhan said very seriously.

“But its your wind type soul pet…” Ting Lan said faintly as her heart ached.

“Don’t say any more!” Li Zhan stopped Ting Lan, starting an incantation while his soul was still damaged.

Once their soul was  , it was incredibly hard to cast a soul technique. Yet, Li Zhan managed to force his way to finish a light type technique without being interrupted!!

Blinding Light!

Immediately, glaring golden glares shot outwards!!

This glow was nearly impossible to block, instantly burning all the soul pets’ and prisoners’ eyes, causing even their rememberance to be locked in by the powerful light type technique!

At this moment, Ting Lan didn’t dare to hesitate in the slightest, summoning her wing type soul pet with an incantation.

She quickly leaped onto her wing type soul pet, and specially turned around to look at Li Zhan, who was still emitting burning glows.

“Fly!! You have to reach a height where they can’t reach you!!!” Li Zhan roared, as the glow on himself became more radiant, not giving the prisoners a chance to lock onto Ting Lan.

Ting Lan immediately told his wing type soul pet to fly to the cliff face vertical not far away. The glaring glow shined on Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s face, causing them to immediately close their eyes to prevent burning.

“They’re there.” Chu Mu lead the charge, telling Night to cast Extreme Speed and raise its speed once more.

A black arc flew past the sloped mountain path. Chu Mu’s back merged with the black Night Thunder Dream Beast, bringing a thick dark aura while leaving a demonic afterimage.

Ting Lan was already a hundred meters into the air, easily able to dodge most attacks!

Yet, it was at this height that Ting Lan’s whole body suddenly started shaking, because it was then that she realized Li Zhan had no wind type soul pet!!

Li Zhan didn’t have a wind type soul pet, so with his soul wounded, he could never reach such heights instantly!!

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