Chapter 507: Annihilating Prisoners, Elemental Group Slaughter

Chapter 507: Annihilating Prisoners, Elemental Group Slaughter 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s palm was already pressed against the ground and the moment the Barbed Rhinoceros stomped on the Natural Wood Trap, ten sturdy wood fingers abruptly appeared from around the trap. They intersected above the trap, right above the top of the Barbed Rhinoceros’ head! 


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier gave a roar and fiercely pulled back its palm, and the wood fingers enveloped the area above the Natural Wood Trap! 

The Wood Finger Prison’s iron-like roots didn’t rein in the Barbed Rhinocers. Instead, it trapped it inside the trap, making it incapable of freeing itself for a while. 

“Ice Fire Obliteration Diagram!” Ye Qingzi coldly gave her Ice Fire Demon Fairy hiding above an order! 

Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram was a dual attributed seventh rank technique, but it was stronger than a single attributed eighth rank technique. The moment it was used, the high ranking blood flame and high ranking towering ice would overlay, making it even more possible for it to manifest as a ninth rank middle stage destructive force!!

The Towering Ice quickly appeared under the Natural Wood Trap pit, and the entire ice type pattern happened to cover the entire Natural Wood Trap. 

Above the Natural Wood Trap, blood colored flames began to burn fifty meters above, shining against the white ice pattern underneath!! 

The ice and fire interweaved, creating a contrast of bone-chilling versus scorching temperatures. An enormous elemental aura caused the unbridled prisoner to finally realize how terrifying the opponent’s technique was!!

“Save… save me!!!!” the Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram’s might reached its peak and even though the Barbed Rhinoceros was covered in armor, it wasn’t able to ward off its might, especially since it was situated at the center of the technique!

“Hong Hong Hong~~~~~~”

The ice and fire aura forced the prisoners to come to an abrupt halt. If it was a single attributed attack, perhaps they could have defended against it with a countering attribute, but the mix of fire and ice was not something even a full defensive rock type could withstand. The four prisoners could only open their eyes wide, and stare at the prisoner being tortured in the midst of the fire and ice.

“Qin, Nine Hurricanes!” 

Wind type techniques had the widest destructive range so the Binding Wind Spirit had no need to care about the number of enemies. As long as it had enough space to use a wind type technique, all of the enemies would suffer the ravage of its storm!!

The one second Nine Hurricane technique required two seconds of chanting time by the Binding Wind Spirit. This full chanting time would allow the technique’s might to right by a few times!

“Hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!”

The wind was whistling and fierce, making it hard to listen to. Countless fragmented rocks were swept up into the air by the wind force and began to spiral in the storm. Quickly, it all transformed into nine, incomparably dark hurricanes!!

The nine hurricanes appeared on the mountain path, mountain rampart, mountain cliff and mountain top. There were ostensibly no gaps and it resembled nine enormous creatures devouring the entire rock mountain range. It was incomparably tyrannic as it swept across the entire mountain!

“Soul Palace… Soul Palace’s Seven Diagram Saint Pet - Binding Wind Spirit!!” the three Prisoners riding on beast type and demon type soul pets had pale faces as they stared in terror at the tiny soul pet flying high above that was capable of brewing such a majestic storm! 

Shang Heng’s Linyin Beast was also one of Soul Palace’s Seven Diagram saint pets, but compared to the Binding Wind Spirit, its strength was a bit weaker!

Chu Mu’s Binding Wind Spirit was already near the high class monarch rank and in terms of phase and stage, it was slightly higher than Shang Heng’s Linyin Beast. The aura of a fully casted wind type technique’s destructive power alone was capable of making someone’s legs tremble!

Long long long long!!!!!!!!”

The Nine Hurricanes swept through and the rocks on countless rocks were thrown up into the air. They spiralled high up along with pieces of dust and shattered stones. It caused an enormous area to be covered in dirt!

The miserable cries of soul pets and prisoners were swallowed up by the rumbling storm. The weaker physiques of the demons were unable to withstand the mighty wind power and were thrown up into the air before being ravaged by the high ranking chaotic wind!

The prisoner soul pets that originally had range were swept up by the Nine Hurricanes being completely scattered. Only the two wing type soul pets were able to fly up high enough, escaping the attack range of the Binding Wind Spirit’s wind type technique. 

“Wang Zhuo, quickly have your wind type soul pet lock down the Binding Wind Spirit. Don’t let it use any more wind type techniques!!” one prisoner’s voice rang out from amidst the turbid and rock scattered area. 

Wang Zhuo was the prisoner riding on the two wing type soul pets. He was precisely skilled with wing type soul pets!

With the powerful destructive force and large area covered by the wind typep soul pet, it had to be stopped. Otherwise, the close ranged demons and battle beasts would not be able to be of any use. After the Binding Wind Spirit’s ninth rank technique swept through, the prisoners’ six soul pets were all wounded. If another few of these techniques hit them, all of their soul pets would lose the ability to fight. 

The two wing type soul pets quickly locked onto the Binding Wind Spirit. They let out sharp unpleasant cries and flew together at the Binding Wind Spirit. 

These two wing type soul pets had feathers as sharp as swords and as they rapidly flew, they resembled two sharp cold lights of flying swords as they pierced towards the tiny body of the Binding Wind Spirit! 

The Binding Wind Spirit rapidly used Wind Path and nimbly dodged the attacks from the two wind type soul pets. As it dodged, it continued to chant an incantation. 

If it was a normal elemental world soul pet, it definitely would be unable to continue chanting an incantation as it received attacks like the Binding Wind Spirit. The Binding Wind Spirit was the species advantage of a middle class monarch!

“It’s our turn to fight!” Shang Heng’s eyes focused closely on the high class commander wing type soul pets as he jumped onto the slightly healed Thunder Sword Wing Lion.  

The Thunder Sword Wing Lion’s body released an angry lightning. It forcibly brandished its unhealed skeleton and flew up into the air. It unbridledly controlled its lightning power to strike the high class commander. 

The Thunder Sword Wing Lion was Shang Heng’s main pet, and even if it was wounded, this soul pet with incredible willpower didn’t show any signs of cowardice. After its consecutive lightning attacks were unable to hit the enemy, it immediately used its enormous body to charge into the large bird species soul pet. 

When the Thunder Sword Wing Lion flew into the air to fight, Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robed Dream Beast quietly appeared next to the peak commander. It used the dream pupil to create a dream realm technique, invading the peak commander’s mind, preventing it from being able to use a powerful technique. 

Without the threat of wing type soul pets, the Binding Wind Spirit and Ice Fire Demon Fairy, these two elemental world soul pet, were able to wantonly and fearlessly use their techniques! 

High rank chaotic wind, high rank towering ice and high rank blood flame. These three elemental forces formed the fatal attack on the prisoners. 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had the tyrannical aura of a defender. Its three times the normal life force caused its defensive strength to increase by several times. Despite receiving several simultaneous attacks from tenth phase beast type soul pets, it only received medium degree wounds. 

When the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots passed through the enemy bodies, the life force absorbing caused the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force to recover. It could be said that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was relying on its own strength to tie up four commanders. It didn’t give them any chance to kill or flee. 

The other two commanders were being tied down by the Nest Wood Spirit that could simultaneously use four techniques at once. Adding on the Binding Wind Spirit and Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s powerful elemental group slaughter techniques, the entire mountain pass immediately devolved into miserable cries!

The prisoners were riddled with wounds. They, who were normally used to looking down on young generation competitors, would never have expected to encounter such abnormal young experts here. Right now they had no evil thoughts in their minds and only hoped to be able to survive from this terrifying elemental group slaughter. 


Shang Heng was flying high above but he looked on in shock at the coordination between Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s four soul pets. Of these four soul pets, none of them were a mainstream beast type. Instead, they were composed of mutual coordination between plant world and elemental world soul pets. Yet, they were able to fight fiercely to the point that the prisoners didn’t even have the ability to retaliate. 

Storms were brewing and fire and ice covered the sky. Each technique had a ninth rank power!!

The prisoners that attempted to flee were always hauled back by the Nest Wood Spirit and Devil Tree Battle Soldiers while the Binding Wind Spirit and Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s elemental destructive power were released without restraint, causing the prisoners and their soul pets that were pursuing him to fall under these fierce techniques. 

A black stream of air rushed forth and the final prisoner riddled with wounds was ultimately unable to withstand the Binding Wind Spirit’s attack, being fiercely knocked high into the air. Immediately after, black wind blades appeared from all directions and swept across the soul pet’s body at high frequency… 

This commander had only suffered certain burn wounds when it had been knocked into the air, but by the time it landed back onto the ground, it was covered with blood. Even the prisoner wasn’t so lucky as two fresh scars appeared on its face. 

The prisoner that had charged over first and fallen into the Natural Wood Trap had pretty much been killed and right now, the other three prisoners weren’t so lucky either. Their own corpses as well as their soul pets’ were lying disorderly on the mountain path.  

The seventh rank prisoners were still a threat to prisoners at the publicly known top of the second grade, but to Chu Mu, who had already reached the qualifications to be a hidden expert, they were equivalent to sending him gold! 

Chu Mu raised his head and watched the fight in the air. 

The aerial fight had neared its end, and when Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast entered the fight, the final prisoner was killed and its corpse landed at Chu Mu’s feet. 

Chu Mu quickly put the prisoners’ rings into his hands while giving one of them to Shang Heng. He said to him: “This is yours.” 

“No need, if not for you guys, I probably would have been eliminated.” Shang Heng threw the ring back to Chu Mu. He glanced at the seventh rank prisoner corpses as he bitterly laughed and spoke. 

“Chu Chen, hasn’t your strength risen too fast? A few months ago it took you a lot of effort to deal with two of Shen Yicheng’s soul pets. But right now competitors of Shen Yicheng’s calibre are easily stomped by you!” 

Chu Mu only let out an indifferent laugh in response. He didn’t say anything. 

This strength increase was the result of Chu Mu exhaustingly earning the highest honors before using them to strengthen himself. Compared to a few months ago, there was clearly a huge increase. 

“Why are you travelling alone?” Chu Mu asked. 

Shang Heng had a certain amount of influence in Soul Palace and it was unlikely that he would be pursued by himself by five seventh rank prisoners. 

“Myself, Ting Lan and Li Zhan were together, but we encountered a large group of prisoners. There were about five eighth rank and a dozen seventh rank prisoners. We were forced into a situation where we had nowhere to go so I could only act as bait to lead them away. I don’t know where the two of them are at now.” said Shang Heng. 

After Shang Heng finished speaking, Ye Qingzi suddenly knit her brows. Her expression turned serious as she said: “It seems that their situation is not good.” 

“How do you know?” Shang Heng asked curiously. 

“I smelled medicine. It’s the surrender medicine the competition authorities gave us earlier.” responded Ye Qingzi.

After Shang Heng heard this, his face immediately changed!

Since they were going to open the medicine bottle, it meant that their lives were in danger and they required the saving of the competition authorities!

However, the competition authority guards, even if they were fast, required at least five minutes. In a normal situation, they needed nearly ten minutes to reach a competitor’s location. 

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