Chapter 506: Annihilating Prisoners, Elemental Group Slaughter

Chapter 506: Annihilating Prisoners, Elemental Group Slaughter

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“Chu Chen, don’t try to be brave. These five prisoners all have tenth phase high class commanders and tenth phase peak commanders. Even if you have three ninth phase middle class monarchs, you can at most deal with two of these prisoners.” anxiously said Shang Heng. 

The five prisoners had a total of ten soul pets all together. A tenth phase high class commander’s strength was similar to a ninth phase low stage middle class monarch. Even if all of Ye Qingzi’s soul pets were at the ninth phase middle class monarch rank, it would be difficult to deal with these prisoners. These were five middle aged soul pet trainers and if they could only dual controlled, then they would be able to control their soul pets strength to the utmost. 

Chu Mu ignored Shang Heng’s worries and chanted an incantation, summoning the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had already reached the ninth phase second stage. The roots on its body dug deep into the incomparably sturdy rock before spreading its roots into the surrounding. It was prepared at any moment for the attack of these pursuing prisoners.

Ye Qingzi chanted an incantation. The fusion of two high rank elemental crystallizations, the bone-chilling high rank towering ice and scorching hot high rank blood flames, slowly formed the outline of an Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s body.

The majority of soul pet trainers which possessed multiple attributed elemental world soul pets would focus on strengthening the attribute the soul pet was talented in. The others would be secondary attributes and only strengthened to a certain extent. 

Raising one attribute to a third grade high rank state would cost an enormous sum. Raising two attributes not only required the capital to acquire the spirit items to raise another innate attribute, but also required the expenses for spirit items to prevent the two attributes from conflicting with each other.

Therefore, raising two attributes ostensibly required three times the capital of purely raising one.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, soul pet trainers would rather put these resources into strengthening a single attribute. Rarely would two attributes be strengthened equally.

However, Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Demon Fairy had two attributes increasing together. The ice element and fire element crystallizations had both reached the third grade high ranking state. 

This was extremely rare among raised elemental world soul pets. It was probably only people like Ye Qingzi who could concoct expensive eighth rank spirit items who would be able to sustain 

“Dual main attributed low class monarch. This is even stronger than a middle class monarch!!” Shang Heng was stunned and looked a bit astonishedly at Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Demon Fairy.

Ninth phase first stage low class monarch. Two attributes had reached the third grade high rank state so its true strength was higher than a ninth phase first stage low class monarch by two levels!

This was equivalent to a ninth phase middle stage low class monarch, and was not inferior to Chu Mu’s Binding Wind Spirit! 

The Ice Fire Demon Fairy was Ye Qingzi’s main pet and as its phase and stage increased, the advantage of two main attributes would gradually manifest. If Ye Qingzi was able to raise its blood flame and towering ice to the fourth grade, its fighting rank would be even more terrifying!

“Qingzi, hide your Ice Fire Demon Fairy at a higher location.” Chu Mu said to Ye Qingzi. 

Elemental world soul pets required space to use techniques and the Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s destructive power would be able to deliver a fatal blow to the five prisoners!

“Yes.” Ye Qingzi nodded her head. She had her Ice Fire Demon Fairy float up to the top of the mountain path, looking down from high above. 

“Devil Tree, stop them and don’t let them approach.” Chu Mu said to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier broke into a stride and walked forward. At the same time, Ye Qingzi’s Nest Wood Spirit chanted an incantation, bathing the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body with wood spirit dew!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force was two times a normal ninth phase second stage soul pet. After the wood spirit dew, its life force grew to three times a normal soul pet. 

The life force increase not only increased the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s defensive abilities, but also increased the speed at which it absorbed life force!

After adding the additional life force, the Nest Wood Spirit followed the Devil Tree Battle Soldier forward and went to ward off the enemies together with it. 


“Long long long long long~~~~~~~”

The rock structure on the mountain wasn’t very sturdy, and when a group of large soul pets charged on top of it, the mountain path would vibrate.

The five prisoners were riding on different strength type demon beasts along the mountain path. As they stepped on the ground, a wave of dust would rise. Even though they were a distance away, it was possible to sense their wild beast aura. 

The agility type demon beasts began to jump up the bumpy and uneven mountain ramparts and craggy rocks. They were very adept at rushing up and clearly had soul pets that had undergone speed training for a long time. Their movement abilities were much more skilled than young people that possessed even higher ranked soul pets and even if the mountain was craggy and uneven, they seemed to be treading on flat ground.

Of the prisoners’ soul pets, aside from beast type and demon type soul pets, there were also two wing type soul pets.

These two wing type soul pets were flying against the wall. They knew that if they flew too high, they would become a target and be knocked back down. Flying along the wall, however, the two wing type soul pets didn’t drop too much in speed. They glided and swayed, easily dodging the protruding rocks, passing through with ease...

“They… They’ve come!” Shang Heng’s expression changed.

The opponents had a total of ten soul pets which had all reached the perfect tenth phase. Adding on the control ability these middle aged prisoners possessed over their soul pets, a brief moment of inattentiveness would make one incapable of fighting back!

Chu Mu’s gaze fell first on the two wing type soul pets flying along the wall. Flying soul pets had huge impact on a battle as they could attack a soul pet at any moment. Therefore, in a fight, Chu Mu had to get rid of them first.

“Qingzi, can your Purple Robe Dream Beast deal with them?” asked Chu Mu.

“No. One of these wing type soul pets is a peak commander. My Purple Robe Dream Beast can only deal with that one. As for the other…” Ye Qingzi didn’t try to be brave, instead speaking truthfully.

The one controlling the wing type soul pet was a middle aged soul pet trainer and Ye Qingzi didn’t overestimate her ability to control her Purple Robe Dream Beast. She knew she couldn’t deal with two tenth phase commanders. 

“I’ll deal with the other one. Since we’re going to fight, let’s fight!” Shang Heng wiped the blood off his face and grit his teeth as he spoke.

Two third grade members had no fear as they challenged the grade above them. Thus, how could Shang Heng, a true second grade member representing Soul Palace, cower in fear?! 

“Yeah, you only have to watch that wing type soul pet, I’ll deal with the others!” confidently said Chu Mu.


Three hundred meters off the mountain path, the seventh grade prisoner riding at the very front on his Barbed Rhinoceros let out a cruel smile.

“Haha, another two competitors!” this seventh grade prisoners immediately saw Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. Quickly, his eyes fell on Ye Qingzi before immediately lighting up. He let out a little perverted expression and yelled, “There’s a female soul pet trainer among them. From her figure, she looks very good. She belongs to me!” 

After speaking, the seventh grade prisoner gave his Barbed Rhinoceros an order for it to increase speed; in this crazy way, he couldn’t wait to get on with it. 

“Are you joking? Belongs to you? This was discovered by everyone!” laughed the prisoner ten meters up riding on a wing type soul pet.

“Then we’ll see who catches her first!” said the Barbed Rhinoceros’ trainer. He completely ignored Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s soul pets.

Behind these two prisoners, the other three prisoners all had excited lights flash through their eyes. They had already committed too many evils to reform themselves and didn’t care about adding on another criminal charge!

The prisoners’ scorching gazes carried a powerful invasive quality and Ye Qingzi could understand what sort of filthy thoughts were in these prisoners’ minds. 

However, Ye Qingzi didn’t get angry over this. Instead, her eyes remained calm, and she coolly ordered her Nest Wood Spirit to attack.

“Pu!!! Pu!!!!!!!!!!”

The Nest Wood Spirit was full of sharp roots that suddenly shattered through the rocks, spreading underneath the Barbed Rhinoceros’ feet in an attempt to bind the Barbed Rhinoceros charging at extremely quickly. 

The seventh rank prisoner gave a laugh in contempt and promptly had his Barbed Rhinoceros jump up, easily dodging the small trap laid by the Nest Wood Spirit. 

“Truly childish. Is this technique meant for young children to play with?” sneered the seventh rank prisoner.

“Then let’s play some adult games with her!” another prisoner let out a perverted laugh. From what he could see, they didn’t need to be so serious in this fight.

“Adult games? Then isn’t that slaughter?! How fitting, it matches what I wanted to do!” Chu Mu faced the prisoners mocking Ye Qingzi and his face showed a rather ruthless smile.

In Chu Mu’s opinion, a true man should struggle amidst blood, and not have his mind filled with *** women. Therefore, until now, even if Chu Mu was fighting a female soul pet trainer, he wouldn’t lose his mind or go easy! 

As for these so-called cruel and savage prisoners, they clearly hadn’t reached the realm of fighting and slaughter that a true slaughterer saw. This was because they had to pay the painful price of underestimating the enemy and separating their mind. 

“Devil Tree, Natural Wood Trap!” Chu Mu gave the Devil Tree Battle Soldier an order.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Natural Wood Trap had been laid earlier on the only mountain path. Its width reached a shocking thirty meters!

The rock layer composition of the Heavenly Life Mountain was extremely closely knit. Under normal circumstances, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s trap could reach a hundred meters. However, a thirty meter trap was more than sufficient to deal with that Barbed Rhinoceros coming back down from the air!

“This trap is meant to confound me?” the seventh rank prisoner let out a big laugh once more.

The Barbed Rhinoceros in midair suddenly slightly raised its front limbs. A brown beast type strength condensed on its large iron feet and as it let out a roar, a destructive strength fiercely smashed downwards from its front limbs. The destructive strength smashed into the Natural Wood Trap causing the roots placed by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to instantly be crushed into a wreck. 

After the Natural Wood Trap was destroyed, Chu Mu wasn’t flustered. Instead, he calmly order the Devil Tree Battle Soldier: “Wood Finger Prison.”

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