Chapter 504: Lost Sword Winged Tiger, Seriously Hurt Shang Heng

Chapter 504: Lost Sword Winged Tiger, Seriously Hurt Shang Heng

“What kind of person would it be? It’s only the second day, so there probably aren’t struggles of interest between prisoners, since there is no need for fighting amongst themselves yet……” Ye Qingzi thought.

“This prisoner is extremely powerful.” Chu Mu circled the corpse-ridden battlefield and made his own judgement.

“Why do you say so? Maybe it was a fight between two groups of prisoners.” Ye Qingzi said.

“These corpses all suffered the same claw attacks, technique marks, and movement trails. And looking at these dead soul pets, they were all very frantic. One almost can’t see any trace of evidence left by the soul pet killer. This means that the soul pet is an agile and stealthy beast, but it also means the opponent has less than three soul pets.” Chu Mu said.

These deductions based off tracks were taught to Chu Mu by an old prisoner on prison island. However, when this old prisoner faced danger in the island, he decisively abandoned Chu Mu and ran away himself.

People temporarily teaming up on prison island was an occasional occurrence; people agreed to not attack each other until they escape from danger, which they will then split ways.

This was from a few years ago, and Chu Mu had almost forgotten about this old prisoner. In reality, if not for that old prisoner, Chu Mu probably wouldn’t have survived until now. While Chu Mu learned some of his survival techniques himself, that despicable old prisoner taught him a large chunk.

“He probably isn’t too far away from us. I think our choice of waiting half a day before entering wasn’t very smart; we’ll meet less enemies, but the ones we meet will all be powerful.” Ye Qingzi said lightly.

“You’re right. If they’re an eighth rank prisoner, fighting against them for 200 million isn’t very worth it.” Chu Mu laughed bitterly.

“However, we at least gained an eighth rank prisoner ring and five seventh rank prisoner rings without any effort. That totals 450 million. Adding on the previous amount, we have a total of 700 million. 700 million in a day is something we had to collect painstakingly previously.”

Chu Mu also jumped onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back. Holding six bloodied prisoner rings, he laughed openly.

Seeing Chu Mu laugh so brightly, Ye Qingzi shook her head helplessly. Who else could stand by a pile of corpses and laugh this happily…...

Chu Mu was naturally used to all the killing. As the saying goes: high risk, high reward. No wonder so many people came for the Battle of the Realm. Once they were in eighth realm, it was like gold was layering the streets. If they could persist for even a small while, they could gain a huge amount of cash to increase their soul pets’ strengths.

Of course, 700 million wasn’t too much, since they had to split it between two people. Chu Mu needed at least a huge sum of 3 billion gold, which meant they needed to gain 6 billion gold…...

6 billion gold was a massive number; Chu Mu couldn’t wait to release his talent in killing!


Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi intentionally slowed down their pace. Neither of them wished to meet the powerful prisoner that could kill six people by himself.

As they walked forward, the corpses on the road increased at some rate. Interestingly enough, many players seem not to know of prisoner ring’s secret. When they killed the prisoners, they didn’t collect the rings.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were almost the last ones going up the mountain, so Chu Mu collected six rings simply from the corpses.

These six rings were all seventh rank. This meant that, by the third day, Chu Mu had gotten 1 billion gold.

This speed of earning money was unthinkable. One has to know that a one billion dollar bounty of ninth level would need a ninth rank title holder to spend at least a month of hard work to complete. Chu Mu had only entered the eighth realm for three days and had already completed what a ninth level title holder would do in a month.

However, by the fourth day, the rings on the roadside corpses all disappeared. Clearly, the news of the prisoner rings had spread, meaning Chu Mu probably wouldn’t find any easy money anymore.


The highly sensitive and alert Purple Robed Dream Beast let out a call, alerting Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi of the presence of an organism ahead.

Ahead were two massive rocks that created a narrow passageway. It could only fit about two people through at once.

Chu Mu obviously wouldn’t take such a path with no place to dodge. He rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast up onto the smooth rocks and looked down from above.


A low howl came from behind the rocks, its voice laced with some pain.

Chu Mu and Night Thunder Dream beast jumped down and turned around to see a purple-furred soul pet ahead of the rocks, as if hiding there. Its fur was matted down with blood, while its powerful four limbs were all clearly wounded. Even worse, its purple feathered wings were tattered and completely broken!

“Thunder Sword Winged Lion?” Chu Mu looked at this hurt high class commander rank soul pet and specially detected its aura using his soul remembrance.

Every soul pet, even of the same species, had different auras. Chu Mu felt a familiarity from this Thunder Sword Winged Lion when probing with his soul remembrance.

“Qingzi, let your Nest Wood Spirit heal it.” Chu Mu said to Ye Qingzi on the other side.

Ye Qingzi also rode her Purple Robed Dream Beast down from the rocks above. Seeing this hurt soul pet, she didn’t ask any questions, simply telling her Nest Wood Spirit to start casting life healing techniques.

“You recognize this soul pet?” Ye Qingzi finally asked.

Chu Mu’s kindheartedness had limits. He wouldn’t inexplicably help a soul pet that could be a trap or danger without a good reason.

“En, its Shang Heng’s Thunder Sword Winged Lion. When fighting with Shen Yichen, I saw him summon it and remembered its aura.” Chu Mu walked forward and lightly patted the hurt Thunder Sword Winged Tiger to calm it and accept Ye Qingzi’s healing.

The Thunder Sword Winged Tiger was previously still baring its teeth, seeming ready to attack at any moment. However, with Chu Mu’s simple comforting, this smart soul pet recognized Chu Mu and released any enmity towards him, releasing a low howl to tell Chu Mu something.

“You heal up first. Once you can run, then you can bring me to your master.” Chu Mu said.

“Hou~~” Hearing Chu Mu’s words, the Thunder Sword Winged Lion started shaking. It forced itself up and stood up bloodily, as if ready to run.

Chu Mu blanked, looking at this bloodied but determined soul pet stand up…...

Chu Mu quickly realized the Thunder Sword Winged Tiger’s mind. Its owner must be in danger.

“Qingzi, you stay here and take care of it, I’ll go ahead and check things out.” Chu Mu stood up and said to Ye Qingzi.

“En, most of its wounds are outer wounds, so it will be able to move soon. I’ll catch up quickly.” Ye Qingzi nodded.

“If you encounter any situation here, have your Purple Robed Dream Beast tell Night immediately.” Chu Mu reminded Ye Qingzi and rode off towards the front.

Same species soul pets had a special telepathic sense. If they didn’t have this special connection, Chu Mu naturally wasn’t at ease with leaving Ye Qingzi alone.



Wind buffetted Chu Mu’s face. The wind came from the front. Chu Mu took in a deep breath intentionally to sense the bloodiness in the air.

“Very close?” Chu Mu quickly sensed a very thick blood scent waft over from ahead, which was quickly approaching.

Chu Mu told Night to hide in the shadows of the rocks, waiting for the bloodily scented man to appear.

After a moment, around the corner appeared a soul pet trainer riding a Lin Yin Beast.

This soul pet trainer was covered in blood, and the normally majestic and glowing armor of the Lin Yin beast was shattered, seemingly broken in every possible manner, clearly suffering from serious damage.

“Shang Heng!” Chu Mu said surprised at the soul pet trainer.

“Who!!” Shang Heng was still in a tense state. Hearing someone yell his name, he even immediately commanded his Lin Yin Beast to pounce towards it!

“I’m Chu Chen.” Chu Mu and Night Thunder Dream Beast’s figures slowly appeared from the shadows.

Shang Heng quickly stopped Lin Yin Beast’s attack and looked overjoyed.

Yet, this happiness didn’t last long. He specially looked behind himself and said frantically, “Quickly leave, it’s very dangerous here!”

“Follow me.” Chu Mu said as he rode his night Thunder Dream Beast ahead of Shang Heng.

Shang Heng didn’t insist, immediately riding his hurt Lin Yin Beast behind Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Very quickly, Chu Mu brought Shang Heng back to Thunder Sword Winged Tiger’s healing place, where Ye Qingzi had already fixed all the issues with its legs.

The Thunder Sword Winged Tiger sensed its owner nearing, as well as its wounds closing and solidifying, so it stepped forward and approached Shang Heng’s location.

Seeing the Thunder Sword Winged Tiger around the corner, the tired and battled eyes of his immediately wettened. He quickly leaped off his Lin Yin Beast and hugged the Thunder Sword Winged Tiger’s furry head, incredibly excited.

“What happened?” Chu Mu asked.

Shang Heng’s strength was something Chu Mu saw. He at least had three ninth phase middle class monarch ranks now, so there was no reason to be this pathetic.

“Chu Chen, we have to leave here. A group of prisoners is chasing me, I’m very sorry for dragging you into this as well.” Shang Heng said.

“How many people do they have?” Chu Mu asked.

“They have five people, all seventh rank. I don’t have much fighting strength left, and you two can hardly take on that many people.” Shang Heng said worriedly.

“En, that’s 250 million gold. Qingzi, prepare for battle.” Chu Mu smiled.

This madman directly converted the prisoner count to gold!

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