Chapter 503: Ninth Rank Prisoner, Duan Xinze

Chapter 503: Ninth Rank Prisoner, Duan Xinze

Chu Mu walked towards a scattered rock wall. From between the shattered rocks, he found the eighth rank prisoner ring and put it away carefully.

If Chu Mu wanted to strengthen Binding Wind Spirit to high class monarch, he needed a lot of gold. A soul item worth 1 billion was enough to give Binding Wind Spirit a chance to become high class monarch. However, rather than using a billion to buy something that could fail to strengthen Binding Wind Spirit, Chu Mu would rather directly pay a higher price for a higher success rate, adding another high class monarch to his soul pet formation!

So, in this eighth realm, Chu Mu had to collect a large amount of prisoner rings to have a chance of entering ninth realm with another powerful soul pet!

“Let’s leave.” Chu Mu said to Ye Qingzi.

Qingzi nodded and jumped onto Purple Robed Dream Beast’s back to follow Chu Mu.

Seeing Chu Mu’s back image while walking ahead, Ye Qingzi pursed her lips and thought quietly for a bit before her eyes were overtaken by a special color. Using a very quiet voice, she asked Chu Mu, “Chu Mu, after Battle of the Realm, where do you plan on going, stay in Tianxia City?”

“Probably not, I’ll continue east.” Chu Mu answered.

“Why?” Ye Qingzi asked.

“An old man told me that east is the way of progress.” Chu Mu didn’t turn around, simply answering and continuing to walk.

Qingzi nodded and stopped talking.

Chu Mu seemed to have noticed something. Turning around to look at Ye Qingzi, he found Ye Qingzi had her head lowered thinking about something. He couldn’t help but start smiling naturally and asked, “Qingzi, will you go with me?”

“Perhaps.” Ye Qingzi nodded.

“Perhaps?” Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow and emphasized.

“For sure.” Ye Qingzi gave Chu Mu a white eye and said with a quieter voice.

“Then good.”

The noon sunlight shined on the bare Heavenly Life Mountain. The grey and dark rocks absorbed all this energy, slowly causing the entire mountain to become boiling. 

The moment the Heavenly Life Mountain became cloudless for miles, the entire mountain would start steaming, like a sweating black giant…...

On the meandering rock paths, a man in simple and crude clothing walked along the rocks barefoot.

Every step this man took caused a puff of white steam to come up. His steps were extremely slow, like a beaten refugee, slowly walking up this mountain.

His hands were shriveled. On his index finger joint was a specially shaped ring. It wasn’t a spatial ring that every soul pet trainer had, but instead, it was a prisoner ring!


Suddenly, soul pets’ running sound came from behind the man!

With rolling smoke, under the mountain came six prisoners riding tenth phase commander ranks tiredly. They ran over arrogantly and with momentum, all complete destitute criminals!

“The fellow in front, stop!” The leader was a man in his forties. This man wore the clothes of younger soul pet trainers, clearly having robbed a few eighth realm young generation members. The eighth rank prisoner ring on his hands revealed his true identity.

“Shi Yong, this person seems familiar.” The seventh rank prisoner aside the leader said in a small voice.

“The Maze Prison is only so large, how many prisoners would we not find familiar?” Another seventh rank prisoner laughed and mocked.

“No matter who he is, if he doesn’t enter, he will die.” The prisoner leader called Shi Yong said.

After speaking, the leader Shi Yong noticed that the prisoner simply continued to climb, completely disregarding the existence of his group of people!

“Daring to ignore me, Shi Yong, you truly have lived enough!” Prisoner leader Shi Yong showed some anger and directly rode his soul pet towards the lone prisoner, wanting to crush him!


Shi Yong rode a five meter long Armored Beast Commander. This beast’s stampede caused the entire mountain path to shake. If it ran across a human, the man would definitely be pulverized!

“Go die!” Shi Yong’s expression became cruel. When only twenty meters from the lone prisoner, he even directly told the Armored Beast Commander to cast a technique!

Yet, that lone prisoner finally realized that there was an attack behind him. He suddenly stopped in his steps. He stepped around calmly on blistered feet, and suddenly released a beast-like glint from his abnormal yellow triangle pupils, coldly staring at the top tier commander rank Armored Beast!

His powerful soul remembrance instantly formed an icy energy that shot out of the prisoner’s eyes, entering the mental world of the Armored Beast!

The Armored Beast’s body shuddered and its five meter long massive body came abruptly to a halt. Its previously violent eyes were suddenly bulging with fear!

At the same time, the eighth rank prisoner Shi Yong also felt this terrifying gaze, causing his entire person to become a stiff…...

“You, you are…” While previously he came intimidating, his expression became extremely strange as sweat poured down from his forehead, causing him to shudder!

“Du-Duan Xinze, you are Duan Xinze!” Finally, prisoner leader Shi Yong recognized the terrifying prisoner!

Shi Yong was an eighth rank prisoner, so he was the leader of a group of seventh rank prisoners, acting domineering.

Yet, in front of him was Duan Xinze, a ninth rank prisoner!!

This ninth rank prisoner, who caused people to shiver in fear, wasn’t anything a forty year old normal soul master like Shi Yong could handle!

When the prisoner turned around, the other five seventh rank prisoners all turned pale, as they stared fearfully at this notorious prisoner of Maze Prison.

“Don’t worry, I only have one soul pet.” Duan Xinze showed a very ugly smile.

Duan Xinze and his brother Duan Xinhe was the same, having an abhorring yet terrifying face. When he laughed, it was even more hair-raising.

Shi Yong had self-awareness. Even if Duan Xinze only had one soul, he definitely could deal with his group of people. That is because the one soul pet he had left was the man-eating Gluttonous Insect Monster!

“Duan.... brother duan, we...we’re currently in the same situation,…” Shi Yong jumped off the Armored Beast Commander flustered.

“What did you just say, something about joining or dying?” Duan Xinze’s gaze on Shi Yong became more playful.

“No no no, we’ll, we’ll enter your team, we’ll listen to all of your commands.” Shi Yong said in a low voice.

“Brother Shi Yong”, at this point, the soul remembrance of a seventh rank prisoner transmitted to Shi Yong’s ears. “Brother Shi Yong, I heard Duan Xinze had all his Gluttonous Insect Monsters above monarch rank killed or sealed. He can summon at most a tenth phase top tier commander rank Gluttonous Insect Monsters. You don’t have to be afraid of him!” “Are you sure?” Shi Yong quickly asked using soul remembrance.

“Incredibly sure. Think, if he didn’t have his strength restricted, how could Battle of the Realm let him into the eighth realm of second tier. Wouldn’t that be condemning all the second tier young generation to death?” The seventh rank prisoner said.

Duan Xinze and his brother were the same. At their peak, they could match the strength of many tenth level titles of big factions. Yet, with all their powerful soul pets killed, Duan Xinze didn’t have many powerful Gluttonous Insect Monsters left!

“Why didn’t you say so earlier? None of us can use soul techniques, so it doesn’t matter how high his remembrance is. If so, just kill him!!” Shi Yong suddenly rose up!

This was a perfect chance to kill Duan Xinze. Once this guy died, then after he reduced his sentence, he won’t have to fear this person’s might!

“So you’ve become trash, haha!” Shi Yong started laughing out loud.

“Trash? I am indeed trash now.” Duan Xinze said.

“Brothers, let’s kill him now!!” Shi Yong started moving immediately, jumping right onto his Armored Beast and summoned his other pseudo-monarch tenth phase soul pets.

“Kill!!!!!! Kill!!!!!!!!!”

After the other five seventh rank prisoners knew that Duan Xinze was already trash, they weren’t afraid either. They all commanded him to attack Duan Xinze.

Duan Xinze still stood there, his sundried face smiling, as scheming and ugly as before, but at the same time full of a cruel killer’s intent.

“But, even if I’m trash, getting rid of all of you are more than enough!!”

Duan Xinze’s eyes were already showing killing intent. He approached numerous soul pets, calmly casting an incantation, causing a bloody glow to blossom near him…...

The afternoon sunlight was still poisonous as ever as it shined upon the black rocks, causing the entire mountain face to crack.

An odor of burntness wafted through the air - it was the smell of blood.

No matter if it was fresh blood or dried blood, Chu Mu could nimbly capture. When Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi rode Dream Beast along the mountain path, the two stopped walking…...

Because, ahead of Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were many soul pets and soul pet trainers laying around in disarray!!

“How cruel, all their heads cut off, including the soul pet trainers.” Ye Qingzi stopped in front of a corpse, his expression slightly changing.

“Blood was in the sun for about six hours, they all would’ve been killed at noon. Speaking of which, these claw marks seem familiar.” Chu Mu walked over without taboo and flipped over the corpses to check.

“Chu Mu, none of these prisoner rings have been taken.” Ye Qingzi pointed at a few bloody prisoner rings and said.

Chu Mu looked unexpectedly, finding that the prisoner rings were indeed still there.

“The competitors powerful enough to easily kill these prisoners should know the reward of prisoner rings, so the chances that they were killed by another prisoner was even higher!”

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