Chapter 502: These Rules Are A Great Opportunity to Make Money

Chapter 502: These Rules Are A Great Opportunity to Make Money

Cai Ji’s soul pet launching the hidden attack was a Shadow Raccoon, a tenth phase peak commander rank!

The peak commander had dark strength and could hide in the shadows. Therefore, when the Shadow Raccoon crawled up the rocky wall, it was impossible to see. 

The Shadow Raccoon slowly approached and, before long, it was less than thirty meters away from Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. At this distance, if the enemy didn’t have any defenses and was attacked, the soul pet trainer would be instakilled. 

“Shadow Blade!” Cai Ji cracked a smile of success, and gave his peak commander Shadow Raccoon an order to attack. 

The Shadow Raccoon’s body slightly shook as its black body slowly appeared under the cliff. However, it didn’t immediately attack, but instead continued to crawl for a certain distance. 

“Shadow Blade!!” Cai Ji gave his order to attack again! 

A secondary soul pet was a secondary soul pet after all. Even its reaction was slower. If it was his main pet, the main pet would have immediately launched an attack after the order. Thus, a feeling of dissatisfaction towards the Shadow Racoon arose in Cai Ji’s heart. 

However, even after giving the second order to attack, the peak commander Shadow Raccoon still didn’t attack. Instead, it continued to crawl up the cliff, and was already twenty meters away from Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi! 

Cai Ji angrily grit his teeth, but quickly realized something was wrong. 

Even if the Shadow Raccoon’s reactions were slow, it could still not have attacked after such a long time after giving the order to attack!

“Dream Beast!!” Cai Ji abruptly came to a realization. He shot his gaze over and discovered that Chu Mu and Ye Qingiz’s Night Thunder Dream Beast and Purple Robe Dream Beast were using their dream beast dream pupils. A lustre was shining, and they were using their dream abilities to forcibly control the Shadow Raccoon’s mind. 

“Crap, I’ve been discovered!” Cai Ji’s face turned dark. 

If the sneak attack didn’t work, he couldn’t contend against two people with only two soul pets. Promptly, he ignored his mind-controlled Shadow Raccoon and jumped down the cliff on top of his demon beast towards the incomparably deep valley. He very decisively chose to flee!

“Qin, Hurricane- sweep him back up!” Chu Mu wouldn’t let 200 million gold escape like that, so he had earlier put his Binding Wind Spirit in hiding to ambush!

The Binding Wind Spirit didn’t need to chant and its pair of clear eyes discharged a lustre. A fierce ninth rank Hurricane quickly swept up from the bottom of the valley. It resembled an enormous python that shot up from the depths of the fog-shrouded valley and swept Cai Ji and his demon beast up to the rock bridge. 

“His demon is a tenth phase pseudo monarch, don’t be careless!” Ye Qingzi immediately discerned Cai Ji’s demon beast so she gave Chu Mu a warning. 

The Binding Wind Spirit’s Hurricane technique could only cause Cai Ji and his soul pet a slight spell of dizziness. Quickly after landing on the bridge, Cai Ji adjusted himself and angrily charged on his tenth phase pseudo monarch towards Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. 

“Night, Night Control!” Chu Mu instantly had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use a domain technique. 

Without the Night Control domain, the ninth phase third stage Night Thunder Dream Beast would probably be hard pressed to dodge the tenth phase pseudo monarch’s attack. 

It was already night time, and as the Night Thunder Dream Beast gave its call, the entire night environment was covered by a dense dark aura. The entire bridge from one end to the other transformed into a pitch-black domain that starlight couldn’t even penetrate. 

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream pupil flickered, fixating on Ye Qingzi. This fixation would allow its domain technique to not affect Ye Qingzi’s sight. 

Soon, Ye Qingzi recovered his ability to detect and see. She saw the tenth phase pseudo monarch imposingly charging over. Ye Qingzi gave the Nest Wood Spirit an order, and barbed branches began to sprout out from each side of the bridge, interweaving to form a branch wall. 

“Pai!!! Pai!!!!!” 

The tenth phase pseudo monarch’s strength was shocking, and the wall created by Ye Qingzi’s Nest Wood Spirit was only a small obstruction, as it was immediately broken through!

“You want to stop with just this much?” Cai Ji let out a wild laugh. He rode on his tenth phase demon directly towards Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast. Obviously, he wanted to brave the dangers to save his Shadow Raccoon. 

“Beng!!! Beng!!!!”

The sturdy rock blocking the way in front of the tenth phase demon beast was smashed into pieces. The countless shards of rock flew in all directions. 

Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robe Dream Beast agilely jumped up, and a strange ripple appeared on its dream horn. It created a mental wave that would make people tired, and transmitted to the tenth phase pseudo monarch. 

This tenth phase pseudo monarch’s savage eyes were hit by the mind exhaustion, and they gradually became lifeless. Its charging speed considerably slowed, and its aura weakened. 

When the tenth phase pseudo monarch arrived in front of the Purple Robe Monarch, the tenth phase pseudo monarch looked very tired. 

“Don’t be influenced by its mental technique!!” Cai Ji felt his soul pet undergo some strange change, and he immediately gave an angry roar. 

Cai Ji’s soul had been sealed, and he was incapable of using soul techniques. However, he could use his soul remembrance to stimulate his soul pet’s mind.   

The mental stimulus of a fifth remembrance spirit master was extremely powerful, and it was capable of waking up his tenth phase pseudo monarch from its dream of mental exhaustion. 

“Hou hou hou!!!!”

After receiving the mental stimulus, the savage beast immediately let out a roar. Its pair of originally hazy eyes returned to their imposing killing-intent appearance, and it once again charged full of spirit towards the Purple Robe Dream Beast.

The Purple Robe Dream Beast’s tail began to shine with a purple lustre that circulated up to its back, causing its body to transform into a purple figure of light. 

“Beng!!!!!!” Cai Ji’s tenth phase monarch was full of beast attribute strength, and it heavily smashed into an enormous rock. This rock was much sturdier than normal rocks, but several cracks immediately appeared that slowly expanded across the entire rock. 

 Finally, the enormous rock began to sway and collapsed under the cracks!

The tenth phase psuedo monarch’s charging force was rather shocking. If the Purple Robe Dream Beast had dodged any slower, it would have been heavily wounded by the charge. 

The opponent’s soul pets had retreated so Cai Ji immediately smiled. He was now very close to his Shadow Raccoon, and as long as he didn’t lose a soul pet, he would be able to continue ambushing young generation contestants. 

Passing through the thick darkness, Cai Ji released his perception ability that had been limited to less than thirty meters of range. 

The Night Control effect was very powerful and the string of attacks by Cai Ji earlier were completely reliant on his impressions. However, when Cai Ji released his soul remembrance in the dark Night Control domain to find his Shadow Raccoon that had been controlled, he discovered that he couldn’t find a trace of it. 


Suddenly, a miserable cry rang out from the Night Control domain and immediately after, a spatter of fresh blood flew up. The captivating red color splattered over the shattered rock next to Cai Ji!

Cai Ji let out a shocked expression and immediately after, the powerful backlash from a mental breakdown smashed into his soul!

Cai Ji’s face instantaneously turned pale. His veins began to bulge, and he looked like he was in incomparable pain. 

This soul wound was evidently from his Shadow Raccoon. When Chu Mu had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use Night Control to cover Cai Ji’s vision and perceptive abilities, he moved himself next to the mind controlled Shadow Panther and easily killed it. 

The moment a soul pet trainer’s soul was wounded was the moment he was at his weakest. Chu Mu seized this opportunity and had the Binding Wind Spirit launch an attack the moment he killed the Shadow Raccoon. 

The Binding Wind Spirit hadn’t used an attack in the past two seconds because it used this time to chant a wind type technique!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

The controlled streams of wind began to drive the mist in the valley as it began to irregularly drift. 

The chaotic wind’s wind force, at the start of the technique, could only move a pebble. But gradually it transformed into a black claw that left deep scars left on incomparably sturdy rocks!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!” the sound of the wind turned into whistles that ear-piercingly clawed through Cai Ji’s ears. The location Cai Ji was at had nowhere he could hide. His tenth phase pseudo monarch broke into a run in an attempt to run to an area of less pressure. 

“Natural Wood Chains!” 

Ye Qingzi’s Nest Wood Spirit wasn’t just there for decoration. The tenth phase pseudo monarch had just barely begun to move when enormous chain-like branches began to twist around the demon beast’s four limbs, firmly locking it down to the ground. 

An expression of fear finally appeared on Cai Ji’s pale face. He opened his eyes wide and stared at the chaotic wind in the fog that resembled an enormous phantom. His body couldn’t help but tremble with fear. 

The chaotic wind that transformed into a phantom illusory extended its long arms. Its left and right arm crossed one another and it swept forth with two nearly hundred meter long chaotic wind ghost blades!

“Dao!!!! Shi!!!!!!”

Two air-breaking noises rang out. The black chaotic wind blades flickered with an abnormal silver light, transforming into two interweaving black sword awns that deeply printed themselves into the tenth phase pseudo monarch’s body. 

The tenth phase pseudo monarch’s body was hit by the chaotic wind ghost blade’s attack and flew backwards, smashing into the rock wall behind it. It created a large pit in this rock wall. 

And in the four corners of the pit were two interweaving scars that were so deep that they nearly cut into the mountain!


Fresh blood splattered out of the tenth phase pseudo monarch’s body reaching a distance of ten meters away. 

Chu Mu knew that the Binding Wind Spirit’s attack wouldn’t be able to kill the tenth phase pseudo monarch, and he immediately had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use Destructive Ray. 

Ye Qingzi’s Nest Wood Spirit and Purple Robe Dream Beast also launched attacks, smashing the tenth phase pseudo monarch even deeper into the pit. The entire rock wall began to shake under the continuous bombardment of attacks. It looked like it was going to collapse. 

After the continuous string of attacks, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi finally stopped.

“There’s no more life force aura left. We’re about to get 200 million.” a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face and he gazed at the destroyed rock wall pit. 

“Look at you eh? You look like you’re about to salvage a whole sum of money in this eighth realm.” said Ye Qingzi. 

Strengthening the Binding Wind Spirit required a large sum of money. Aside from the Binding Wind Spirit, the other soul pets also required a large sum of money to strengthen. Chu Mu really had to take advantage of the rules this time to make enough to cover these enormous expenses!

“These rules are a great opportunity to make money!” Chu Mu began to laugh. 

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