Chapter 501: Shimmering 2 Billion Gold, Eighth Rank Prisoner Cai Ji

Chapter 501: Shimmering 2 Billion Gold, Eighth Rank Prisoner Cai Ji

The soul power of soul pet trainers was limited, and if one wasn’t able to manage the summoning of soul pets and number of soul pets, one wouldn’t be able to summon more soul pets in the later stages of the half a month of the realm breakthrough due to soul power exhaustion. After all, soul power was exhausted rather quickly, while its recovery speed was slow. During these perpetual fights, it would be very hard to find time to silently cultivate. 

Jiang Yiteng was thinking about this. It was only still the first day, and if he were to dual or triple control today, his soul power would fall behind if he were to face the strongest people from the various factions at the later stages of the half a month. 

On the other hand, Chu Mu didn’t have to worry too much mainly because of Ye Qingzi. 

Ye Qingzi had brought enough medicine so as long as Chu Mu didn’t fight too much, his soul power would normally always be enough. Moreover, Ye Qingzi’s healing and recovery abilities were extremely strong so Chu Mu’s soul pets would at least be able to double in physical strength, and their wounds would be dealt with quickly

“Only weak people will receive the provocation from other weak people and fight them in anger.” Jiang Yiteng said to himself. 

Finally, the Nightmare Palace Prince sucked in a deep breath of air and prepared to give up on the fight. In a calm voice he said: “Consider yourselves lucky. The next time we meet, I hope that you’ll have enough prisoner rings on you that will make me have actual thoughts of expending my soul power in order to kill you.” 

Truly smart experts wouldn’t fight over such a small matter, and Jiang Yiteng felt that he had to control his temper. If he were to spend time and energy in these troublesome small matters, it would only affect his ability to fight the true experts at the later stages. 

“Qin, come back.” Chu Mu had the Binding Wind Spirit return to his side. Jiang Yiteng had already predicted this movement. 

Chu Mu also didn’t plan on revealing his strength too early. Meeting Jiang Yiteng head on was to only have him retreat first. 50 million was money after all, and Chu Mu had always taken money from others, never the other way around. 

“You don’t mind letting me pass, eh?” Jiang Yiteng had ostensibly restrained his temper and brought his White Nightmare back onto the bridge. 

Chu Mu didn’t continue to stand at the end of the bridge and continue fighting with Jiang Yiteng, instead letting him walk onto the bridge. 

Of course, in order to prevent this fellow from deceiving him, he made precautions to continue fighting. 

Yet, Jiang Yiteng did not continue fighting. Instead, he arrogantly walked passed Chu Mu and intentionally took a mental note of what Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi looked like. Then, he continued to walk along the plankway that the Binding Wind Spirit had changed beyond recognition into the mist. 

Jiang Yiteng had taken a note of Chu Mu’s appearance, so why wouldn’t Chu Mu do the same for him? 

The only person who was truly threatening in Nightmare Palace was him. Then, it was Lu Shanli, and then Princess Jin Rou who had continuously hidden her strength. 

In the subsequent eighth and ninth realms, he would definitely clash with them. If he had a certain degree of understanding towards them, he wouldn’t have to be so passive when he fought them. 

“Young master, this Nightmare Palace brat is truly arrogant. If he knew that you killed the second grade’s strongest, Ling He, I bet that his jaw would fall off.” after Jiang Yiteng left, Old Li jumped onto Chu Mu’s shoulder as he spoke. 

“He really is arrogant, but he’s not dumb.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

“You killed Ling He?” Ye Qingzi looked somewhat astonishedly at Chu Mu. Chu Mu had glossed over many of the dangerous events in the seventh realm, and had only told Ye Qingzi about the defector young woman puppet for her to analyze for him. 

Therefore, Ye Qingzi didn’t know that the defector young woman puppet’s subordinates that Chu Mu had killed included the Ling He who had the most deeply hidden strength! 

Ye Qingzi knew of Ling He’s existence through a warning of some old friend. She had previously told Chu Mu that this person was extremely strong and for him to be extra careful. She never expected that Chu Mu had ended this person who had very high hopes of obtaining the ultimate honor in the seventh realm. 

Chu Mu nodded his head: “It can be considered unexpected. In a normal situation, it would be very hard for me to deal with him. His strength is stronger than Jiang Yiteng’s.” 

Zhan Ye’s ultra strength explosion was truly unexpected. It had even reached the tenth phase peak monarch rank. Such an abnormal strength explosion wouldn’t appear again unless something similar to the appearances of the Thousand Legged Centipedes that allowed Zhan Ye’s strength to slowly increase also occurred. Otherwise, it would not happen. Furthermore, Zhan Ye had been able to reach the peak class monarch rank from the high class monarch rank because Chu Mu’s appearance had genuinely touched Zhan Ye’s soul.   

Zhan Ye was Chu Mu’s present secret weapon. However, he couldn’t place his hopes on the unrealistic explosion to the tenth phase high class monarch or even peak class monarch rank. 

“How many secrets are you still hiding…” Ye Qingzi grumbled, as she ostensibly couldn’t see through Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu’s half devil transformation had already stunned her. Indeed, back then, he had erupted with fighting strength even more terrifying than an emperor rank Cyan Hidden Dragon and killed the soul pets of countless experts. 

Presently, Chu Mu’s human-form defector soul pet had appeared, and was even interfering with the Battle of the Realm. Ye Qingzi found this very hard to believe at the beginning since a human-form soul pet really was extremely rare!

“I’ve told you everything that I should tell you.” Chu Mu awkwardly laughed. 

“Really? At least according to what you said earlier, you haven’t mentioned the secret that Nightmare Palace’s young princess knows about you.” said Ye Qingzi in a rather cold voice. 

After speaking, she chanted an incantation and recalled the Water Moon back to its soul pet space. Only the Nest Wood Spirit remained by her side. 

When not fighting, carrying extra soul pets would both easily expose oneself and also decreased the ability one could moved at. Ye Qingzi possessed soul power medicine, and didn’t care about this sort of soul power consumption. 

“...” after hearing Ye Qingzi’s words, Chu Mu let out a cold sweat. He didn’t realize that Ye Qingzi would be so sharp. It seemed that in the future it would be very hard to lie in front of her. 

The secret that Princess Jin Rou knew about regarded Mo Xie. Mo Xie’s continuous mutations was something Ye Qingzi didn’t know about. It wasn’t that Chu Mu didn’t trust Ye Qingzi, it was just that he felt that there was no need to tell her.

“Don’t be so nervous. There’s nothing forcing you to tell me. Keep your secrets stored away and don’t let me discover them; otherwise if I expose them, you’ll tell me how scary I am again.” a faint smile rose on Ye Qingzi’s face as she didn’t continue questioning Chu Mu. 

Ye Qingzi knew that Chu Mu wasn’t someone who would reveal everything to others and would tell her about it when the situation called for it. 

“Haha, I won’t.” Chu Mu let out a simple laugh. 

“They won’t be discovered by me?” Ye Qingzi feigned anger like a little girl. 

“I mean that I won’t call you scary. You treat me so well.” Chu Mu’s skin was thick as he got a bit closer to Ye Qingzi. 

“Who said I treat you well? You’ve merely helped me a lot so I should be helping you back…” Ye Qingzi noticed Chu Mu intentionally getting closer to her and her voice grew softer and softer. 

Finally, Ye Qingzi ran away in embarrassment to the side as she held her blushing face…  

Just now, Chu Mu had deliberately lowered his head in an attempt to kiss her lips, and when Ye Qingzi felt the burning male aura, her heart began to beat wildly.

Chu Mu looked at Ye Qingzi who was avoiding him, and saw the red blush that had arisen on her beautiful cheeks. He couldn’t help but crack a smile. It seemed that the time was not right yet and if there was an opportunity, it was probably best to continue to nurturing feelings. 

In truth, Chu Mu himself didn’t know when he started liking Ye Qingzi. Perhaps, when he had first encountered her and the feeling of elegance, coolness and intelligence she gave him, followed by the continuous interactions between the two did the feelings of affection begin to manifest. Recently, he hadn’t felt any feelings of abruptness or distance between the two. Instead, there was only the accumulation of natural good feelings. Chu Mu had only truly realized that Ye Qingzi already occupied a large portion of his heart when he had seen her in a vulnerable state, curled up in the corner of Western Street. At that time, Chu Mu hadn’t been able to control his anger and it was then that Chu Mu realized that he really cared about her. He couldn’t tolerate it if she suffered any form of hardships or pain.  

“Chu Mu, come quickly.” suddenly, Ye Qingzi’s soul remembrance transmitted into Chu Mu’s mind. 

Mu came back to his senses and hastily ran up next to Ye Qingzi.

“Hug me.” Ye Qingzi suddenly said.

Chu Mu was stunned, but shortly after his eyes lit up. When did Ye Qingzi come to such an amazing realization? Could it be love? 

“My Dream Beast detected a soul remembrance pulsating below. Moreover, standing here, I have a feeling that we’re being spied on.” Ye Qingzi used soul remembrance to speak to Chu Mu. 

As she spoke, Ye Qingzi pretended to be intimate with Chu Mu and her arm softly moved around Chu Mu’s arm as she took the initiative to embrace Chu Mu’s sturdy body. 

Chu Mu held his mouth agape. He bitterly laughed as he extinguished the fanciful thoughts he just had. 

Chu Mu quickly understood Ye Qingzi’s intentions, but he didn’t pretend at all. He brazenly embraced Ye Qingzi and savored the soft and wonderful hug from this beautiful woman while releasing his soul remembrance to investigate the situation below the end of the bridge. 

Chu Mu didn’t sense anything when he investigated the first time, but using his experience, he determined that the chaotic streams of air underneath the mountain cliff could very well mean that someone was hiding there. 

Chu Mu specially focused his soul remembrance on that spot and indeed discovered a weak aura. Furthermore, this aura was a bit familiar! 

“What’s the matter?” Ye Qingzi moved close to Chu Mu’s ear and a pleasant fragrance emitted from her pink lips. 

“It’s the leader of the group of four prisoners from before, Cai Ji!” Chu Mu said softly. 

When he was underneath the pond listening to the four people talk, they had revealed that Cai Ji was an eighth rank prisoner. 

“They really have feelings. They can’t even help but be so intimate in such a place. Truly a group of reckless youngsters. That Nightmare Palace Brat may have not felt like attacking you, but I don’t mind!” the eyes of Cai Ji, who was hidden below, turned vicious. 

Cai Ji’s soul pets were in the process of quietly crawling upwards in an attempt to launch a sneak attack on Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. 

As for the hugging Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, they weren’t intoxicated by their feelings. Their eyes flashed with an intelligent lustre as they silently waited for the 200 million gold to take the bait! 

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