Chapter 500: Prisoner Heads are the Realm Passing Reward (2)

Chapter 500: Prisoner Heads are the Realm Passing Reward (2)

In the time in contact with Princess Jin Rou, Chu Mu conveniently gained some information.

About Nightmare Palace, the second tier number one wasn’t Lu Shanli, but a Nightmare Palace young generation expert called Jiang Yiteng.

Nightmare Palace’s ranking system was slightly different from Soul Palace. They only had four elders, but they had the same position as the seven elders in Soul Palace. Above the elders was one more Nightmare Palace Ruler, called Nightmare Emperor.

Princess Jin Rou was the daughter of the previous generation’s Nightmare Emperor. Before the previous Nightmare Emperor passed away, Princess Jin Rou’s position was very high, even higher than the other young masters (except the Soul Palace crown prince).

And now that another Nightmare Emperor had taken control, Princess Jin Rou’s position fell slightly.

The new Nightmare Emperor was called Devil Jiang due to his name. The Jiang Yiteng that Princess Jin Rou mentioned was this devil emperor’s second son.

Nightmare Prince and Soul Palace were similarly very restrictive towards their young generation members. They also needed to rely on themselves to gain different ranks of Nightmare. No matter how highly positioned a weakling was, they could at most gain some hard to control soul pets using their status. Such a soul pet trainer could at most stay around the second tier public experts, incredibly weaker than hidden experts.

Hidden experts were hidden because they were constantly training. They never put time into winning people’s hearts or promoting. They would never appear in boring occasions, and they rarely participate in childsplay-like tournaments. Only until the most authoritative Battle of the Realm starts would they truly be excited to compete.

Chu Mu knew that the tall person in front of him was most likely the strongest Nightmare Palace participant in second tier: Jiang Yiteng. This was a true Nightmare Palace young prince!

“Hand me the prisoner ring in your hands. Unless, you think that little seven diagram sacred pet Binding Wind Spirit is a match for my white nightmare, in which case, feel free to keep it.” Nightmare Palace crown prince Jiang Yiteng smiled and said.

This fellow kept a smile from beginning to end, yet his smile remained incredibly cold, just like White Nightmare’s devil flames. It clearly was burning flames, yet it was soul freezing.

“What use does this prisoner ring have?” Chu Mu remained calm and asked.

“A seventh rank prisoner’s ring is worth 50 million, an eighth rank prisoner ring is worth 200 million. After the eighth realm ends, you can exchange it with the competition directly.” Jiang Yiteng explained as if it didn’t matter.

“That’s why.” Chu Mu understood clearly.

Beforehand, he still wasn’t too sure how the competition was going to judge who gained the highest honor.

At eighth realm, every competitor that successfully passes the realm gains a huge reward. However, the competition side still had a highest honor category. If they compared prisoner ring collections, they can directly determine who deserves this highest honor.

The competition didn’t clearly mention this, but this information would definitely be made clear as battles continue. So, this Heavenly Life Mountain will become a wrestle between competitors and prisoners.

Additionally, after a certain time, the competitors would also start fighting over each others’ prisoner rings. This entire Heavenly Sky Mountain would then be stricken by fights and robberies!

The eighth realm was truly a cruel competition. The weaker people will be eliminated by prisoners, while the powerful people lose through the struggle for ranking…...

“If you understand, then give the fifty million in your hands to me.” Jiang Yiteng said levelly.

Any competitor, even a powerful opponent like Jiang Yiteng, had limited stamina. If he could force the opponent to give up their prisoner ring, he wouldn’t waste his White Nightmare’s stamina on Chu Mu.

“Actually, I mind.” Chu Mu stepped forward slightly, his dark eyes becoming even blacker, full of a raging fighting intent!

Clearly, Chu Mu wasn’t about to compromise!

Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu was about to fight and didn’t say much, quickly chanting an incantation to summon her tenth phase water moon.

The water moon’s rank was high class commander rank. Once it was tenth phase, its fighting strength was equivalent to ninth phase low stage - middle class monarch rank.

Water Moon’s supportive skills can cause the opponent’s White Nightmare’s flames to lower in effectiveness. Most importantly, once Chu Mu’s soul pets were damaged by the devil flames, Water Moon’s healing could quickly reduce the pain as well as heal the wounds.

“Water Moon Armor!”

Water moon started chanting, shining with a white luster.

Its slender finger pointed towards Chu Mu’s Binding Wind Spirit, quickly wrapping the turbid wind of the Binding Wind Spirit with a layer of Water Moon Armor, raising its defense immediately!

“Wood Spirit Dew!”

Nest Wood Spirit’s body started glowing with a vibrant green. Its tiny hands slowly lifted up a drop of emerald liquid. This liquid bathed the Binding Wind Spirit’s body, instantly multiplying the Binding Wind Spirit’s life force!

Ninth phase fourth stage Binding Wind Spirit’s strength was nearly three ranks below the ninth phase ninth stage White Nightmare.

Yet, Water Moon Armor and Wood Spirit Dew caused the gap between White Nightmare and Binding Wind Spirit to shrink. If the Binding Wind Spirit could maintain its distance, even fighting against this White Nightmare wouldn’t be a problem!

“Oh? There’s a support style soul pet trainer?” Jiang Yiteng noticed Ye Qingzi’s two support soul pets’ additions and lifted an eyebrow, clearly curious.

After speaking, Jiang Yiteng specially walked a step closer to Chu Mu, while his smile remained. “However, even this way, your Binding Wind Spirit isn’t match for my White Nightmare. Just give me the ring, losing your life for fifty million isn’t worth it.”

“I lack money greatly. If you want to come steal it, go ahead and try.” Chu Mu said in a similar tone.

“Seems like its been too long since I’ve walked around in Tianxia City. Everyone has forgotten about me, Jiang Yiteng of Nightmare Palace. There’s always idiots who don’t know their limits blocking my way, which hurts my head. I hate your kind who don’t know the difference in strength. Only when others display true strength do you realize just how stupid and weak you are. But then, you aren’t far from death.” Jiang Yiteng looked a little helpless, but this helplessness also showed his utter disregard for Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi stood behind Chu Mu. Hearing Jiang Yiteng’s words, this cold beauty couldn’t help but let out a humph, “Mental problems.” Hearing Ye Qingzi, Chu Mu started laughing. He was trying to think of a word to describe this Nightmare Palace crown prince Jiang Jiteng. The beauty’s short two words said everything Chu Mu was thinking about, causing Chu Mu to notice that Ye QIngzi actually had a very cute side to her.

Jiang Yiteng’s face turned dark. Very clearly, even after the opponent knew of his identity as Nightmare Palace crown prince, they still didn’t care. Such oversight was unforgivable.

“I was about to leave you alive because you don’t look too bad, but if you dig your own grave, don’t fault me for being cruel!” Jiang Yiteng lost his patience and commanded White Nightmare.

Jiang Yiteng’s White Nightmare let out a shrill demonic shriek, lifting up a wave-like devil flame towards Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi, and all their soul pets!!

“Qin~~” Binding Wind Spirit swiftly flew ahead of Chu Mu. Its tiny body floated above the bridge while its body started spinning swiftly with the swirling winds around it!

“Huhuhuhuhu~~~~~~” a coiling turbid wind dragon appeared menacingly. As the White Fiend Devil Flames rolled over, it was rolled into the crazy wind power, quickly weakening the surging White Fiend Devil Flames.

With the suction from the wind, when the devil flame wave reached Chu Mu, it was but a small spurt of flames.

Chu Mu extended his hand and easily grabbed the devil flame. His hand suddenly closed together tightly, extinguishing the remaining white fiend devil flames!

“Qin, give it back to him” Chu Mu commanded Binding Wind Spirit.

The Binding Wind Spirit in the middle of the turbid wind dragon let out a long chant. It started to control the turbid wind dragon, which violently lurched towards the White Nightmare!

Seeing his technique returned to him, Jiang Yiteng furrowed his brows and quickly retreated to the other end of the bridge, while his White Nightmare cast Devil Phantom, dodging the returning devil flames wind dragon and floating above the bridge.

“Qin, Wind Sky Shawl!” Binding Wind Spirit’s casting time between techniques was very short, which was one of the main reasons why Binding Wind Spirit was one of the seven sacred diagrams. With its powerful wind type talent, short and nimble channel time, once it had the advantage in positioning, even opponents much stronger than it couldn’t near it!

The bridge could easily create very advantageous battle situations for Chu Mu’s Binding Wind Spirit. Even the White Nightmare couldn't easily go through the wind territory that Binding Wind Spirit creates.

“This Binding Wind Spirit is between Middle Class Monarch Rank and High Class Monarch Rank!” Jiang Yiteng’s brows creased again as his face became serious.

Clearly, The Jiang Yiteng who thought he was unbeatable in second tier had underestimated Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s strength.

Jiang Yiteng had only researched on the top three hidden experts of all big factions, which he thought could threaten him. He ignored the rest.

However, with this binding wind spirit soul palace member and support type soul pet trainer’s help, he was hard to deal with. Jiang Yiteng was already considering whether it was worth it for him to waste his soul pet’s fighting strength for fifty million. Because, to defeat them, he had to summon more soul pets!

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