Book 2 Chapter 5 - If He’s Still Alive, This Position Might Not Be Yours

Chapter 5: If He's Still Alive, This Position Might Not Be Yours

Nightmare City was nestled within the far and rolling mountain ranges on the east side of the Eternal Ocean. To the east of the Eternal Ocean were all craggy mountains and lofty mountain ranges, covering a very large area, and many intercity trade had to go through this vast Eternal Mountain Range.

Merchants often hired soul pets with high stamina to transport goods, or paid big money to hire flying soul pets to bring their goods from the south side of the Eternal Mountain Range to the north side.

But, soul pets that could fly were definitely very expensive. Not every merchant or good could withstand such transportation costs.

Of course, climbing over mountain after mountain was also very unpractical, so one still had to traverse straight through this Eternal Mountain Range somehow. But there were only two clear paths through the mountain. These two paths ran from south to north, meeting on the north side of the mountain range. And where these two crucial roads met was where Nightmare City was.

Nightmare City was a very developed Tenth Stage City, having the most authority on this entire continent.

Xia Guanghan’s Ice Winged Tiger flew with Chu Mu continuously for a month before finally bringing him into this faraway Nightmare City.

While Chu Mu rode the Ice Winged Tiger through the skies of Nightmare City, Chu Mu felt overwhelmed by emotions!

Gangluo City was an Eighth Stage City. Compared to Nightmare City, it was still two stages lower. And Nightmare City’s majesty and magnificence further struck shock deep in people’s hearts. Especially with the grandeur and vastness the city imposed when looking down from the cloudy skies, Chu Mu found it hard to calm his heart for a long time.

Solemn, unmoving, ancient. As if it were a pillar that held up the skies, it quietly lied in the center of the boundless mountains, giving off a sense of deeply entrenched history as well as an unadorned sense of this king of cities’ hegemony!

Any big city had a ban on its airspace, restricting any soul pet trainer that wanted to fly into the city at their will.

The massive and imposing Nightmare City also restricted soul pets from flying, but these types of bans were only pointed towards the vast majority. If one had enough power or position within the city, they would have the privilege of flying through the city’s airspace. People who could get this privilege were often the leaders of the city!

Very quickly, after the Ice Winged Tiger carried Chu Mu into Nightmare City, a group of Nightmare Palace foremen rode their Wing Type soul pets up to stop it.

However, once these ten sky patrols recognized that the Ice Winged Tiger was Xia Guanghan’s, they all showed expressions of respect and left a path open!

All ten of the air patrolling foremen were Spirit Soldiers riding Warrior Rank soul pets of the fifth phase and above. Yet, such people were only a few of the thousand Sky Knights within the city. From this, one could see the enormous power of Nightmare City!

Nightmare Palace Battlefield

The Nightmare Palace Battlefield stood at the very center of the entire city. It was a smooth and vast expanse of rocks. Standing in the middle, if one ignored the gorgeous palace structures in the distance, it was as if one stood in the middle of the Gobi.

The battlefield completely mimicked a wilderness environment. In this Gobi full of rock sands, there was a deep chasm that meandered its way through the battlefield, conveniently splitting the entire battlefield into two sides.

At this time, the two sides of the battlefield each had a few aggressive soul pets. They locked eyes with each other, as they stood on the edges of the chasm, facing the raging sandstorm!

On the north side of the battlefield were high seats. From that angle, one could see the entire expanse of the battlefield. The vision of soul pet trainers were all superhuman, so even if the distance was great, if one sat in that vantage point, any battle within the entire battlefield could be easily seen.

On the high seats sat approximately only a dozen people. These people all viewed Xia Guanghan as the leader, with everyone sitting in inferior positions to him. Xia Guanghan wore an apathetic expression, uninterested in the battle of soul pets between the two teens on stage, seeming to know the result already.

“Boss Xia, you seem slightly dispirited.” Su Yu, who was sitting beside Xia Guanghan, slowly opened his mouth and said.

Xia Guanghan only nodded and said, “The battle will be decided within three minutes.”

Su Yu laughed and said, “Boss Xia, it seems that this position will ultimately still be mine.”

Hearing Su Yu’s words, an elderly man beside Su Yu laughed as well and spoke, “Nightmare Prince Su, you seem to be a bit to arrogant. Don’t forget the rising star of Nightmare Palace, Jia Ming, who could control a Blue Nightmare at the age of 18.”

“Boss Zhou, you seem to praise Jia Ming quite highly.” Su Yu said disapprovingly.

“Naturally. He is up next. I bet with a Fourth Level Duo type soul crystal that Jia Ming will finish off the owner of that Fifth Phase Dire Wolf.” The man, who was called Boss Zhou, laughed and said.

Boss Zhou’s position within Nightmare Palace was just below Xia Guanghan’s. Xia Guanghan was in charge of picking a squire for the Little Princess this time, and this bearded Boss Zhou was the inspector.

From the looks of it, this gathering of Nightmare Palace teens for a competition was to select a loyal squire for Little Princess.

But, in reality, Xia Guanghan was unusually strict in the selection process. This strictness made some smarter people realize that this “job” may be closely related to a bigger event in the future.

So, this time, though the squire selection battle was lowkey, there were still quite a few young and powerful people who specially set aside their status to fight for this new position.

The eldest son of the Blue Nightmare Palace Master, Su Yu, was one of those young and powerful people who was striving to get this position after some information was leaked.

Su Yu had long ago gained fame within Nightmare Palace. There was rarely a match among his peers for his tyrannical Blue Nightmare. Just because of the competition from this guy, more than half of the people who wanted to fight for this position forfeited instantly…...

Jia Ming was also outstanding among the teens. This teen had crawled up all the way from the lowest levels. After being noticed by Boss Zhou and a few years of training, he was now also one of the most potent people in Nightmare Palace. Similar to Su Yu, he had also obtained the highest achievement a teen could receive in Nightmare Palace: the title of “Nightmare Prince”.

“Eight minutes, hehe, seems like Jia Ming’s power had also increased. He can get rid of a Spirit Teacher within eight minutes.” Boss Zhou gazed at the blue clothed teen on the battlefield and wore a pleased smile.

Jia Ming was trained by Boss Zhou. Since Boss Zhou had some insider information, he naturally wished for Jia Ming to obtain this crucial position.

“Boss Zhou, since you bet a Fourth Level Duo type Soul Crystal that Jia Ming would win within ten minutes…...”

At this moment, Su Yu let out a confident smile and slowly said, “Then, I, Su Yu, will also bet a Fourth Level Duo Type Soul Crystal that I will get rid of Jia Ming within ten minutes. If I can’t, I will automatically surrender at ten minutes, and this soul crystal will be yours.”

Saying this, Su Yu pulled a sparkling soul crystal out of his spatial ring.

“Beast type and lightning type Fourth Level soul crystal!!” Boss Zhou stared blankly, totally not expecting for Su Yu to be this arrogant. After some time, he said, “Are you sure you’re putting this thing as a bet?”

“I’m sure.”

“Then if you win, what do you want?” said Boss Zhou.

“Nothing. This bet is just to let you know that Jia Ming is merely a piece of trash in my eyes.” Su Yu said condescendingly.

Saying this, everyone around him let out unconcealed signs of shock as they watched Su Yu, who was deliberately causing a disturbance.

Keeping a grave face, Xia Guanghan’s eyes fell on Su Yu as he slowly said, “You are indeed Nightmare Palace’s Number One Egotist.”

Su Yu nonchalantly laughed and cast an incantation to summon a gust of wind that brought his body up from the high seat and onto the battlefield. This brought him into vision of Jia Ming, who had just finished a battle.

“Boss Xia, do you think Su Yu can really defeat Jia Ming within ten minutes? Jia Ming isn’t someone to look down upon.” the woman beside Xia Guanghan said in a low voice.

This woman was Xia Guanghan’s personal maid. Similar to Xia Guanghan, she was always cold as ice.

“Yes, he has the power.”

The battle had already started, but as time passed, Boss Zhou, who thought he would get the Fourth Level Spirit Crystal, was increasingly disappointed.

Seeing the scenes on the battlefield, Boss Zhou couldn’t help but admit that he had indeed underestimated Su Yu’s strength.

“Seven minutes…...even faster than the time it took for Jia Ming to finish other competitors…...”

“No wonder he’s Nightmare Palace’s Number One Egotist. Su Yu was indeed worthy of being arrogant. He didn’t even summon his Blue Nightmare and won within seven minutes.”

“I had once thought that Jia Ming’s strength was very respectable, but compared to the Number One Egotist, the skill difference is still very obvious.”

Very soon, sounds of discussion started within the high seats. Many people have only heard of Su Yu, and had never seen him before. Now that he revealed his strength, he was indeed very astonishing, and he lived up to his name!

On the Battlefield, Su Yu was arrogantly watching the half-kneeling Jia Ming, smiling and not even concealing his haughtiness.

“Even if you train three more years, you will not be my match.” Su Yu retracted his soul pet and slowly started walking towards the high seats, not giving Jia Ming another look.

After reaching the high seat and sitting back at his seat, he completely ignored the somewhat pissed Boss Zhou and looked over to Xia Guanghan. “Boss Xia, you don’t seem to be a man to procrastinate. Why don’t you announce the results. Is it possible that anyone else is more suited for this position than I am?”

Xia Guanghan looked at Su Yu, and his grave face unusually showed an odd expression. “Wait ten minutes.”

“Why wait ten minutes?” Su Yu said, puzzled.

“Boss Xia, no one here is Su Yu’s match. In reality, there are only a few people that could fight Su Yu within the entirety of Nightmare Palace. Now that he’s eaten all his opponents, is there still a need to hesitate?”

“Boss Xia, my ten minutes is very precious, but if you give me a reason, I am willing to wait.” Su Yu said.

Xia Guanghan looked into the distant skies of Nightmare City, but quickly retracted his gaze and said, “Remember me saying you have a very strong competitor?”

“I have some recollection.”

“He’s still alive, and he’s in the airspace of Nightmare City right now. If this person is still alive, this position might not be yours.”

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