Chapter 499: Prisoner Heads are the Realm Passing Reward (1)

Chapter 499: Prisoner Heads are the Realm Passing Reward (1)

Prisoners were split into ten ranks. These ranks weren’t decided by their strength, but rather by the evils they have caused.

Level one was usually people with no previous criminal record that intentionally kill in regulated battles. Such a situation would cause the person to be closed up as a first rank prisoner for many years.

The seventh rank was usually for officially wanted criminals that had been hunted down and captured by bounty hunters.

Seventh rank prisoners were the utmost evil people who have committed countless killings. These prisoners were often much stronger than seventh rank titles of large factions. At their strongest, they could often kill an entire town’s people and soul pet trainers by themselves.

Once the prisoner has been caught and sent into jail, all their dangerous soul pets’ soul pacts would be forcefully severed, leaving only a few weaker secondary soul pets. At the same time, during their sentence, their soul pets were restricted…...

Ambushing at the bridge location, ready to assault Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi was a group of seventh rank prisoners from Maze Prison.

There were a total of three members. These three were all pretty new, only serving two years of their sentence. Their evil tendencies have not been wiped away at all.

The three had been hidden here for some time now, stopping a total of four competitors. There was even a player that was cruelly killed by them and had his corpse thrown under the bridge.

And not long after they threw that corpse away, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi appeared. The three quickly told their soul pets to lay ambush near the rocky Hong Bridge behind the rocks.

There was one prisoner that reached fifth remembrance soul master, so he could clearly see Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi through the mist.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both weren’t old, seeming in their young twenties. Such young generation members were a full twelve years smaller than these prisoners. Even if they only had secondary soul pets, they couldn’t take these young people seriously.

The first three competitors were all very average, which caused the three seventh rank prisoners to have the illusion that young generation was only that powerful.

Yet, when Chu Mu’s Binding Wind Spirit’s Bidning Wind Scythe easily reached ninth rank initial stage, the three seventh rank prisoners’ faces changed!

“Ninth phase middle stage - middle class monarch, and its also one of Soul Palace’s seven diagram sacred pets - Binding Wind Spirit. Its wind type destruction is about fifty percent stronger than normal fairy wind type soul pets. These two are but twenty or so years old, how do they have such powerful soul pets?” Fifth remembrance soul master was shocked after being attacked by the wind type technique.

“Initially, when we went to Battle of the Realm, was there anyone in second tier with such a powerful soul pet?”

The three prisoners all realized that they have bumped into an abnormal young man from the second tier. Since the fight was continuing, they could only fight along. Immediately, they sent a command to attack their beasts.


A tenth phase Terror Wolf darted out of the mist, bringing with it a wave of beast type aura as it pounced towards Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi at the center of the bridge.

“Qing, don’t mind it and continue to attack.” Chu Mu said.

Wind type elemental soul pets had the advantage of distance. If the Binding Wind Spirit got enough time to cast its techniques, Chu Mu could deal with the three seventh rank prisoners with Binding Wind Spirit alone.

The tenth phase Terror Wolf was very swift in running. It passed through the wall of wind scythes and nimbly leaped in front of the Binding Wind Spirit.

“My Terror Wolf will restrict his Binding Wind Spirit. Let your soul pets quickly cast techniques in retaliation.” The prisoner that killed a competitor quickly said.

“En, they probably only have this seven diagram sacred soul pet - Binding Wind Spirit that is hard to deal with. Once it is restricted, they will still fall into our hands!” The fifth remembrance soul master prisoner smiled wide.

Yet, the soul master’s smile hadn’t even left his mouth before his expressions stiffened.

The Terror Wolf very successfully neared the opponent’s Binding Wind Spirit. Just when the prisoners thought that the Terror Wolf would stop the Binding Wind Spirit from continuing to cast its destructive wind type technique, their tenth phase Terror Wolf stopped running!!

All of the Terror Wolf’s attacks became meaningless, because this Terror Wolf now stood in the middle of the bridge, unmoving!

“What…...what’s the matter?” The Terror Wolf’s owner stared wide eyed. He could feel that his Terror Wolf’s mental state was in chaos, causing it to not even detect his mental commands!

The Terror Wolf’s master was a fourth remembrance soul master. This remembrance was enough to look down upon most young generation members. Mental techniques were usually used by him to restrict others, and rarely could he be restricted.

Yet this time, his Terror Wolf was indeed restricted, even to the point of losing all function and rendered standing in the opponent’s formation.

“It’s a dream beast. They have two dream beasts that both disguised their strengths!” Finally, another prisoner realized the root of the problem.


Just as this prisoner spoke, a purple lightning like Destruction Ray appeared, blasting the tenth phase Terror Wolf off the bridge.

This Terror Wolf let out a pained howl. Immediately following, the destructive ray’s energy exploded in the sky, causing the defenseless tenth phase Terror Wolf to be blown into bloody bits right off the bridge!!

The blast of the Destruction Ray quickly traveled to the three seventh rank prisoner’s ears, shocking the three speechless!

“Another ninth phase monarch! What is it with these young generation members!!” Fifth remembrance soul master prisoner shouted angrily!

When they were this age, having an eighth phase monarch rank was already extremely powerful. Originally, the three prisoners thought that even if they only had secondary sou pets, they could manage these young generation members. However, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s appearance made them realize that the second tier members in eighth realm were truly all abnormal entities!

“Let’s retreat, we aren’t their match.” Another prisoner said.

“Retreat, what kind of joke is that? Two small things, do they truly want to make trouble in front of us? I’ll have them killed!” The prisoner who lost his Terror Wolf said sinisterly as his face went pale!

The tenth phase Terror Wolf was this prisoner’s only reliance. If he couldn’t get any compensation from these two young generation members, he couldn’t survive with only one soul pet left.

"Then stay by yourself.” The fifth remembrance soul master said coldly.

After saying that, the soul master immediately brought his two soul pets, who were being barraged by Chu Mu’s Binding Wind Spirit, away behind the mountains, no longer wanting to fight these two abnormally powerful young generation members.

The other prisoner also backed off quickly. Their soul pets’ strengths may not be as powerful as these abnormal young men and women, but their escaping and hiding abilities were beyond any young generation member.

Very quickly, these two prisoners left. Because the prisoner who lost his Terror Wolf had a damaged soul, he acted a moment later.


Binding Wind Spirit’s attacks weren’t just for decoration. Soon, the hundreds of black wind scythes flew across. While the prisoner was still hesitating, the messy wind scythes flew madly into his and his soul pets’ bodies!!!

All of the prisoners had their soul techniques restricted. This seventh rank prisoner was no different. When the Binding Wind Scythes flew past his body, he couldn’t put up any effective defense.


A painful scream immediately sounded, shaking and echoing between the two mountains!

The Binding Wind Spirit’s attack didn’t stop there. Continuous wind type techniques didn’t give this prisoner any chance to rest.

When the binding wind spirit’s third wind type technique flew past, the prisoners finally couldn’t block it anymore. His body laid splayed upon the mountain walls full of wounds, blood trickling out of the countless wounds on his body.

This prisoner’s other demon type soul pet stood by him. This demon, not yet ninth phase, similarly couldn’t stop the binding wind spirit’s attacks and was laying there breathing laboriously. Any attack could take its life now.

Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast across the rocky bridge and specially checked that the other two prisoners had indeed run away before walking in front of the wounded prisoner.

“He’s wearing a prisoner ring.” Ye Qingzi pointed at this prisoner’s hand.

Prisoner Rings were marks on prisoners. These marks couldn't be removed even if the finger were cut off, because the ring would automatically latch onto another part of the prisoner’s body, tracked by the prisoner’s soul.

Prisoners wearing prisoner rings were easily trackable by another specialized equipment. This was another effective management tool for the prison staff. Even if they were to escape, the prison could easily capture them again.

The prisoner ring could only be removed when the prisoner died, where it would automatically fall off the prisoner.

Chu Mu picked up this prisoner ring, and was just about to see what was special about this piece of soul equipment when he felt a cold wind behind him!

That’s a cold soul remembrance, and it was not far from Chu Mu. Chu Mu was sure that the other person could attack him at any time!

“Get behind me.” Chu Mu immediately pulled Ye Qingzi aside as his black pupils stared fiercely at the hazy rock bridge!

The night fog caused Chu Mu to only be able to see half of the bridge. Yet, where Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi stood before, there stood a tall man, staring intensely in a long wind jacket, that was slowly walking across the bridge!

Aside this man burned a ball of white devil flame, third rank White Fiend Devil Flames that belonged to a White Nightmare!

Demonic monarch, White Nightmare!!!

This tall man had a White Nightmare at his side. This White Nightmare didn’t hide its dominating aura. Its soul devil flames flamed rampantly as its wicked eyes stared at Chu Mu.

“Would you mind giving that ring to me?” The Nightmare Palace expert smiled. Except, this smile was as cold as the White Nightmare’s devil flames!

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