Chapter 498: Rock Rainbow, Wolf in the Front and Tiger in the Back

Chapter 498: Rock Rainbow, Wolf in the Front and Tiger in the Back

Chu Mu wasn’t that far behind the four prisoners, and their strength wasn’t weak either. Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi would have to use all their strength in order to defeat them.

However, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were only a bit slower, and the three of the four prisoners were killed!

“Who possesses such terrifying strength?!” Chu Mu was secretly shocked. 

The competitors definitely still didn’t know how to successfully breakthrough the realm. There were a few people that would kill other competitors in the eighth realm to lessen the number of competitors in the ninth realm. If there was a competitor in front of them had such terrifying strength, then Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi would have to be extra careful. 

“There really are many experts in the eighth realm, but I never expected them to appear so quickly…” Ye Qingzi thought that the four prisoners had enough strength that they would be able to get rid of several groups of competitors. However, for some reason when they entered the mountain, they encountered competitors who prisoners wouldn’t dare provoke.

“They probably haven’t gotten far. Let’s walk down first from the plankway. Don’t get detected by them.” Chu Mu told Ye Qingzi. 

As he spoke, Chu Mu jumped onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back, and jumped down from the plankway as he had the Night Thunder Dream Beast step along the darkness. 

The Purple Robe Dream Beast also had the ability to tread air, but it wasn’t as fast as the Night Thunder Dream Beast. Ye Qingzi jumped onto it and followed Chu Mu down the cliff. 

Not long after heading forward, the three prisoners and their soul pet corpses were revealed. The smell of blood spread over the place, while also carrying the smell of burned flesh.

“Chu Mu, it seems like they were killed by nightmare fire.” Ye Qingzi’s observation was very thorough, and quickly noticed the heavy burn marks on a soul pet’s corpse. Its eyes were bulging but there was no trace of blood, only fear… 

Its state of death was from being burned by a Nightmare. Even its soul had been obliterated. As for competitors that possessed Nightmare species, they were almost probably going to be from Nightmare Palace.

“There probably aren’t more than three people in Nightmare Palace who possess such strength. Of those three, I only know of Lu Shanli who has this strength.” said Chu Mu.

“Yes, we had better get an understanding of all the people threatening you. That way, you’ll have even more of a chance of fighting for the ninth realm’s ultimate honor.” said Ye Qingzi. 

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both wished to not fight since the present state of things was still in one of chaos. In this state of chaos, fighting would only expend too much strength and they would rather watch the changes from the side. 

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi didn’t plan on fighting with the Nightmare Palace expert so they purposefully took a different route to avoid meeting him. 

After following another path for a long time, they didn’t encounter any enemies. 

However, when the two of them circled a cliff’s plankway on another mountain, Chu Mu creased his head when he noticed a rock bridge to another rock peak. 

 There were countless small peaks on Heavenly Life Eastern Mountain, and in between these mountains were several rock bridges and suspending bridges. Right now, in front of Chu Mu was a very lock rock bridge. 

There was about a hundred meter gap between the two mountains. Below the lofty rock bridge was a canyon, the bottom of which couldn’t be seen as it had been enveloped by a fog. 

The fog was rapidly thickening; Chu Mu was previously able to see the small mountain opposite of him, but now the entire bridge had been enveloped by fog. It was as if the bridge was extending into the fog towards some unknown ground. 

“This place is a very good ambush point.” Ye Qingzi whispered to Chu Mu.

“Yes, if I were a prisoner, I would also choose this place to ambush competitors.” Chu Mu nodded his head.  

Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu waited half a day before heading out. This meant that someone must have already crossed this unique bridge and set a trap. 

“Then should we go around, or…” asked Ye Qingzi. 

“There’s no point in going around. I just noticed that the plankway we took to avoid running into the Nightmare Palace expert was actually a shortcut to this bridge. If I estimate correctly, then the Nightmare Palace expert is not far behind us and is also walking towards the bridge.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had creased his eyebrows when he saw the bridge precisely for this reason. This mountain path walkway looked complex but in reality was very simple. They all lead to this bridge which reached another rock peak. Right now, they could either go forth or face the Nightmare Palace competitor behind them. 

 Riding on the Night Thunder Dream Beast and having it tread on the air to leave this place was another option, but the problem with flying was the same as that in a bewildering world. There were no obstructions in the air so every competitor’s soul remembrance could cover a large part of the sky. Thus, flying in the sky was equivalent to exposing oneself to everyone and once someone was locked onto by a large group of people, the danger would be even higher. 

 “Let’s go forth. That Nightmare Palace competitor is probably even harder to deal with.” Chu Mu didn’t hesitate for too long since they were in a predicament with a wolf in front but a tiger behind. Ye Qingzi nodded her head and began to summon her Nest Wood Spirit. 

Ye Qingzi’s Nest Wood Spirit was an eighth phase ninth stage middle class monarch. Before the eighth phase, its appearance wasn’t too different than demonic wood species soul pets. However, after the eighth phase it would become a true wood spirit. Its small body would be covered from head to toe in leaves and its nimbleness and gracefulness was rather similar to the Binding Wind Spirit. 

After the eighth phase, the Nest Wood Spirit would truly reflect the superior fighting skills of a superior species. Even if the Nest Wood Spirit was still an eighth phase ninth stage middle class monarch, this abnormal evolution caused its strength to increase by a level making it no way inferior to a ninth phase middle class monarch. 

Ye Qingzi was a soul teacher herself so she could concoct her own spirit items to strengthen soul pets. There was no need to spend huge sums of money to continuously pull up her soul pets’ strengths like Chu Mu did. 

The purpose of summoning the Nest Wood Spirit was to support. Its fighting support abilities were very strong and with its existence, Mo Xie and Zhan Ye’s strength would increase another two levels. 

 Summoning too many soul pets from the very beginning wasn’t very wise because it would both waste soul power and reveal to enemies all of one’s soul pets. The enemy would be able to summon soul pets with countering attributes thereby weakening one’s strength. 

“Binding Wind Spirit.” Chu Mu chanted an incantation and summoned the rather nimble Binding Wind Spirit. 

 It carried a mysterious silver high rank chaotic wind that slowly swirled up and circled around Chu Mu. A moment latre, a petite Binding Wind Spirit appeared from within the chaotic wind. 

The Binding Wind Spirit didn’t have wings, but could fly at will using air currents. After being summoned, it flew a few circles around before nimbly landing on Chu Mu’s shoulder. Its large spirited eyes stared ahead and it began to speak in wind terminology… 

“Your Binding Wind Spirit… seems like it’s going to control destructive wind soon.” Ye Qingzi was a bit surprised as she spoke.

Ye Qingzi’s conjecture came from the mysterious silver within the Binding Wind Spirit’s chaotic wind. This strange light was an omen of evolving to a different strength crystallization. 

“Yes, after this realm breakthrough ends, I’ll attempt to have the Binding Wind Spirit rise to the high class monarch.” said Chu Mu.

“That requires several hundreds billions of expenses.” said Ye Qingzi. 

 The White Nightmare successfully rising from the middle class monarch to the high class monarch was due, to a certain extent, to the Jade Spring Holy Blood Baptism and Chu Mu’s half devil state. If he were to normally raise the White Nightmare to the high class monarch from the middle class monarch, he would need no less than a billion in expenses. At the same time, he would have to ensure the White Nightmare’s fighting experience had reached a level that meant its strength could be increased.  

Previously, Chu Mu had planned on using the billion to strengthen the Binding Wind Spirit, but after asking Old Soul Teacher De, he learned that the chances of successfully strengthening were not high. Therefore, Chu Mu ultimately decided to strengthen the White Nightmare with it. What he didn’t expect was that the White Nightmare seemed to be situated in a potential accumulation state. After spending the billions on spirit items to strengthen it, its strength erupted surpassing even Chu Mu’s expectations. Moreover, most importantly, the White Nightmare began to voluntarily control its urge to devour souls. Even with the strength increase, it didn’t pose a threat to Chu Mu’s soul.  

 Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi stepped onto the bridge, but the two of them stopped when they reached halfway.

  Since they were already certain there was an ambush here, what need was there to wait for the enemy to appear? They may as well strike first to gain the upper hand! 

  “Qin, Chaotic Wind Scythe!” Chu Mu gave the Binding Wind Spirit an order. 

 The Binding Wind Spirit’s body gradually began to float off of Chu Mu’s shoulder to ten meters above his head. 

 The chaotic wind carrying a special silver lustre began to rapidly transform into thirty meter long wind scythes of death under the Binding Wind Spirit’s control!!

The wind scythes of death flitted through the fog and rapidly swept through the opposite end of the bridge. Suddenly, the rocks which could have hidden people behind were sliced into numerous pieces. Afterwards, under the powerful chaotic wind force, they began to disintegrate! 

 The Binding Wind Spirit’s Chaotic Wind Scythe’s might easily reached the ninth rank and if it wasn’t because the Heavenly Life Mountain’s rocks were several tens of times stronger than the outside world’s rocks, one of its attacks would have been able to raise the entire small mountain peak!

“Shi!!! Shi!!!! Shi!!!”

As the wind scythes flitted past, the fierce attacks reached the opposite end of the bridge. 

Chu Mu didn’t pinpoint a certain attack location, but wind techniques innately covered massive areas. Regardless if he locked onto an opponent or not, as long as the wind technique swept the area, it would definitely cause huge damage! 


Suddenly, a miserable cry rang out from behind one of the mountain’s rocks. Immediately after, the angry roar of a demon beast could be heard!

Once the roar came out, even more soul pets let out roars. Further, it was even possible to hear the angry curses and orders of a few soul pets trainers. 

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi had guessed correctly. Ahead of the bridge indeed lay a group of prisoners lying in wait!! 

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