Chapter 496: Xia Guanghan, Returned Tenfold

Chapter 496: Xia Guanghan, Returned Tenfold

In Heavenly Life Mountain, in a house with a courtyard.

Four members respectively from soul alliance, Nightmare palace, Soul Palace, and soul pet palace’s upper levels sat by the spring in the courtyard and were tasting tea. None of these four elders had the same expressions, but they were all content and leisurely.

Yet, outside of this courtyard, guards who were wearing armors of three different materials -- gold, silver, and bronze -- stood in rows, reaching near a hundred. Such a cold and stern crowd gave off an intangible pressure.

The near hundred guards were members there to maintain order for the eighth realm. These were middle generation experts from all factions, powerful enough to deal with the prisoners let into Heavenly Life Mountain.

The first day passed very quickly. These eighth realm guards would then enter Heavenly Life Mountain, where they would fly in the skies of Heavenly Life Mountain, or patrol within the mountain. This way, once a member opens the rescue bottle, they would arrive at once and save them.

Of course, if the competition guard didn’t arrive in time, and if some prisoners didn’t follow the rules, then they would be powerless to help. Since all competitors chose to challenge the eighth realm, they have already made the mental preparations to lose their lives at any time.

The Battle of the Realm was itself a cruel competition!

“Who thought of this method of torturing the younger generation? These were all seventh and eighth rank prisoners. If even one or two haven’t changed from their previous acts, many young generation members will suffer.” Finally, the elder representing Soul Pet Palace spoke.

This elder was the soul pet palace elder called Hai Qiu, and was one of the people in charge of the entire Battle of the Realm. He had already been the main judge of the competition for over ten years and was truly a respected expert.

Sitting beside the soul pet palace elder was a middle aged man. This middle aged man had a stern face and piercing expression. His eyes were always spitting aggression, causing no one to dare to make eye contact.

This middle aged man was from Soul Alliance. He was Tian Ting, one of the soul emperors that went into the Eternal Ocean to go after the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. His strength was amongst the top even in the entirety of Tianxia City, and being able to sit with the true elders of three factions spoke volumes in itself.

Tian Ting was responsible for Tianxia City. He was also the chief of Battle of the Realm Soul Alliance. He had once fought for the Realm Throne against the strongest person Li Hong. Though his statue wasn’t put in Realm Throne’s honor palace, his name was engraved on the highest golden step!

Every ten years, the Realm Throne was changed. People eligible to fight for the throne were undoubtedly all top tier experts within the realm!

“Couldn’t even beat a prisoner who had two souls sealed, how could he have the qualifications to fight for the Realm Throne? Though it is cruel, it is only through such cruel competition that more experts can appear.” Nightmare Palace elder said. 

This was Nightmare Palace elder Princess Jin Rou’s uncle called Ye Tao. Princess Jin Rou encountering killers in seventh realm was also reported by him very aggressively, demanding a response from Battle of the Realm. That was how Princess Jin Rou got a huge sum of money as compensation. This Nightmare Palace man was extremely defensive of his younger generations, especially his niece Princess Jin Rou. Many times, he came to solve Princess Jin Rou’s problems.

Just as the four were speaking, suddenly a guard walked in and half kneeled in front of the four.

“What’s the matter?” Tian Ting asked lightly.

“Eighth rank prisoner, Duan Xinze is a dangerous character. The main judges unanimously think he shouldn’t be let into Heavenly Life Mountain, so they told subordinates to come ask the chiefs.” the guard said.

“Duan Xinze? What character, let us hear about him.” Soul Pet Palace elder Hai Qiu asked.

“Duan Xinze and his older brother Duan Xinhe are wanted and dangerous criminals of our Tianxia Realm. Duan Xinhe has robbed, raped, and tortured countless people and had once been closed in Maze Prison. Later, he was released for strange reasons, and had a great fall in strength, but was still doing evil. His last evil-doing was in Zhanli Region Li City, where he used his Hundred Mothers and the Gluttonous Insect Monsters to kill countless civilians. His whereabouts are currently unknown, but it was said that he was killed by a strange soul pet in Li City……”

“Duan Xinhe’s little brother was Duan Xinze, who is ten years younger. In the early days, he followed Duan Xinhe in all their crimes. He had always been closed in Maze Prison, and can control a constantly reproducing bug type Mother species. When he was captured he was ranked eighth rank, but in reality, his danger was near ninth rank. Second generation experts couldn’t really deal with him. Most importantly, this Duan Xinze’s killing, robbing, and raping impulses are very strong, so he would likely cause great harm to the competitors.” The guard said.

“How has this man not been locked into Mysterious Prison, and is still put in Maze Prison?”

“This subordinate does not know. The main judges wish the chiefs to make the decision.” The competition guard said.

“Lock three of his souls. If he can only control one soul pet, he won’t be able to do anything even with evil thoughts. Take this opportunity to use the second tier competitors to get rid of him, so we don’t waste more prison food on him.” Nightmare Palace Ye Tao waved his hand and decided for the other three.

The guard first glanced at Nightmare Palace elder Ye Tao before looking to the other three chiefs for their opinion.

“Do as Elder Ye says. Seal three of his souls and also seal all soul pets above ninth phase low stage middle class monarch. Restrict his strength and throw him out there to fend for himself.” Tian Ting said.

Soul Pet Palace elder and Soul Palace elder didn’t have anything to add. All the prisoners that entered Heavenly Life Mountain were middle generation members. These middle generation members weren’t experts, and because every prisoner had two of their souls restricted, they had a certain level of danger as well, but not high enough that second tier members couldn’t handle.

The guard saluted, and left the courtyard to deliver the chiefs’ wishes to the eighth realm main judges.

“The time is about right, send the guards into Heavenly Life Mountain.” Soul Palace elder Hai Qiu looked at the sky and slowly said.

“En, make the command.”

Soul Alliance Tian Ting walked out of the courtyard. At this moment, the hundred or so eighth realm guards were already standing neatly in rows in front of him…...

“You may leave. Make sure to keep all the competitors alive.” Tian Ting’s gaze swept through eighth realm guards and said lightly to everyone.

All the guards saluted and summoned their own soul pets.

Very quickly, all the competition guards were sent into Heavenly Life Mountain where they started their responsibilities as support and guards…...

Yet, one of these golden armored guards was different. When this guard entered Heavenly Life Mountain, a cold smile came across his face and his expression became wicked!

“Chu Mu, I told you that,  I, Xia Guanghan, will return everything tenfold. Don’t forget this!”

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