Chapter 495: Eighth Realm, Prisoner Hunting Ground

Chapter 495: Eighth Realm, Prisoner Hunting Ground

This time, in the eighth realm competition, competition staff didn’t intend to scatter all the competitors. This meant that all competitors could find their friends and companions ahead of time before they entered Heavenly Life Mountain.

Soul Palace second tier members were all on their own. To prevent encountering each other early, all second tier members of soul palace spread out early on.

Chu Mu naturally partnered with Ye Qingzi. The two had worked together for a while, and Ye Qingzi’s supportive abilities could at least raise Chu Mu’s soul pets a rank or two in strength. Then, even against multiple enemies, they wouldn’t have to worry.

When the competition staff announced the start of the competition, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi summoned their dream beasts, riding them into Heavenly Life Mountain.

Once the competitors entered Heavenly Life Mountain, the entire mountain would close down, stopping anyone from entering, but also preventing any competitors from leaving themselves. After all, leaving meant instant disqualification.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were both smart people. When they entered Heavenly Life Mountain, they didn’t hurry on with their journeys.

They had no clue what they had to do once they entered Heavenly Life Mountain, so hurrying ahead of everyone to enter was meaningless. It wasn’t a competition of speed.

“Walking along the mountain path towards the tip of the mountain, the starting point would be at the bottom of the mountain. Even if the tip weren’t the final destination, one would quickly figure out what to do.” Chu Mu found a hot spring, and sat down very relaxedly beside it.

“Many people think that way too.” Ye Qingzi walked over, telling Night Thunder Dream Beast to go into the warm springs itself

“So, we stay here for half a day. There’s no need to go participate in the mess.” Chu Mu smiled.

Before the situation is clear, the best way is to wait and watch. The entire realm passing was near half a month. Chu Mu didn’t think that delaying himself by half a day would hurt his chances of passing the realm in the slightest.

“Chu Mu, in the seventh realm, you mentioned that the female master always wanted to control Nightmare Palace little princess. Does she not even know what female master desires from her?” Ye Qingzi sat down beside Chu Mu and asked.

“En, at least she says she doesn’t know anything. I’m not sure if she was saying the truth or not.” Chu Mu was always wondering this.

Since female master had planned so hard to control Princess Jin Rou, it meant that Princess Jin Rou was crucial to her plan. However, what was her plan? Was Princess Jin Rou an obstacle to her plan, or was Princess Jin Rou a part of her plan?

“You saved her, she has no reason to lie. Let alone, she herself is probably deep in danger and wants to find out the truth to things.” Ye Qingzi said.

“Then, what do you think of it?” Chu Mu asked. Ye Qingzi was pretty adept at analysis and deduction, so Chu Mu was used to asking her for her opinion.

Ye Qingzi shook her head lightly. She knew too little, so she could hardly make a deduction based off these inexplicable hints.

“Hui~~~~” Suddenly, Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robed Dream Beast let out a tiny huff of air from its nose, warning Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi of something.

“What’s up?” Ye Qingzi hastily called Purple Robed Dream Beast to her side and asked.

Purple Robed Dream Beast had been a few phases ahead of Chu Mu’s soul pets. Adding on its nomadic demon bloodline, the Purple Robed Dream Beast was already ninth phase fourth stage middle class monarch, with its restricting abilities even stronger than Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast.

After the Purple Robed Dream Beast made a noise, Chu Mu quickly felt something near, and it was multiple people!!

“Let’s hide first.” Ye Qingzi quickly summoned her water moon, and told it to create some mist using the hot spring to hide them.

“They aren’t weak. This method probably won’t hide us for long. Let’s get in the water.” Chu Mu pulled Ye Qingzi nimbly into the spring.

Ye Qingzi’s Water Moon reacted very quickly too. When Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi dove into the water, it created water bubbles so the two could breathe underwater.

Water was one of the strongest substances to cut off soul remembrance. Moments after Chu Mu entered the water, he felt multiple soul remembrances cover this region. However, none of them successfully discovered Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi underwater.

“Haha, I’m finally released. A bunch of young things still suckling their mummies, I’ll deal with them good!!”

A crude voice came from one side of the water pool. Following it, a beast roared, causing the water to roll. Clearly, it wasn’t weak.

“Don’t get cocky. This is the eighth realm of Battle of the Realm. These are all young generation top tier experts. Some are even stronger than we are. We’ll fall by their hands with any carelessness.” A clearly calmer man spoke.

“So what, they’re just a bunch of impudent fools. Thinking back, I could probably kill a whole group of them myself. I wonder if there are any pretty chicks amongst them. If so, I can quench my thirst a little… many years has it been? Three, four? Whatever, I forgot, but I can’t wait!” The crude man laughed and said.

“Don’t forget, we can’t kill, and can’t make any unhealthy moves either. At most, we can kill their soul pets. Once we capture one, we signal to the competition staff so we can reduce our sentence.” Another man said.

“Heng, so many rules. If we actually get our hands on a pretty chick, I can’t promise I can hold myself back, haha.” The crude man’s voice was full of lust and evil, clearly not the righteous kind.

“Let’s rest here first and adjust our soul power. Once the sky darkens, we go onto the hill and work as a team. The more we catch, the earlier we’re released.” A middle aged female voice came.

“Okay, then it’s just us four, don’t get split up...

The discussion between them all fell into Chu Mu’s ears. Chu Mu lifted his head. Through the wavy water, he could see that the crude voiced man sat at the edge of the lake, looking like he’s meditating.

The other three people all weren’t far from the spring either, all silently meditating. They all had soul pets’ auras near them, clearly a vigilant bunch.

Underwater, Ye Qingzi stared wide-eyed at Chu Mu, gesturing with her hands, trying to tell Chu Mu something.

Soul remembrance, being obstructed by water, could easily cause ripples and be detected by the four people on the surface, so Ye Qingzi could only communicate this way.

Chu Mu didn’t understand any sign langauge, so he simply stared back wide eyed. He mistook the gesturing for fear instead and instinctively pulled Ye Qingzi into his arms…...

Ye Qingzi spit out bubbles and rolled her eyes, speechless at Chu Mu’s actions.

She wanted to tell Chu Mu that these people very likely were sent in by competition staff to obstruct competitors. And from their tone, especially the crude one, one could tell that he acted like a prisoner who was just released.

Yet, when Chu Mu hugged the beautiful body of Ye Qingzi, feeling the fullness and smoothness of her skin, he quickly started feeling antsy.

One couldn’t blame Chu Mu for his lack of control. Ye Qingzi had a body that made men silly. With the lubrication of water, it was like they were naked as they hugged. Especially since it was the beautiful, elegant, and composed Ye Qingzi, this contact became even more stimulating. Chu Mu’s eyes  had already unknowingly wandered onto her body.

Ye Qingzi was still gesturing, trying to tell Chu Mu that these people were likely released prisoners…… however, she quickly noticed Chu Mu’s burning eyes. Only then did she realize that her shirt was starting to billow with the water, leaving nothing to the imagination.

“Close your eyes, no looking!” Ye Qingzi’s face instantly turned beet red as she gave Chu Mu a coquettish stare.

Chu Mu’s skin was thick, simply laughing strangely in place. This in turn made Ye Qingzi ashamed, making her want to push the immoral Chu Mu away.

Chu Mu didn’t let go, showing his attitude of remaining this way.

Ye Qingzi couldn’t do much about Chu Mu. Her previous feeling wasn’t wrong; Chu Mu was getting more and more unashamed. There were four likely evil prisoners right above them, yet he still had the thought to take advantage of her.

Not long after, the four strange people finally left. Ye Qingzi, so shy even water couldn’t cool her face, quickly struggled free of Chu Mu and leaped out of the water.

In reality, it wasn’t that Ye Qingzi was strictly against hugging and being intimate with Chu Mu. It was just that another part of Chu Mu was starting to misbehave. Ye Qingzi was a rather conservative girl, so such contact was indeed too much for her.

Chu Mu quickly jumped out of the water too and looked embarrassed at Ye Qingzi

“Did you hear anything of what I wanted to tell you before?” Ye Qingzi gave Chu Mu an embarrassed stare and said to Chu Mu.

“What did you say?” Chu mu didn’t understand what Chu Mu said.

“What’s all this in your mind? The four people just now are probably the key to eighth realm. According to my deduction, they are very likely prisoners that have been released into Heavenly Life Mountain and put on the opposing side of the competitors. Every competitor they defeat will allow their sentences to shrink. Our goal will be to defeat these prisoners as well as our fellow competitors.” Ye Qingzi said.

“So they released prisoners into Heavenly Life Mountain. Hehe, this makes everything more interesting.” Chu Mu smiled.

“They aren’t young generation members, and are most likely all utmost evil people.” Ye Qingzi said.

“En, utmost evil.” Chu Mu nodded, the evil smile on his face showing that he wasn’t exactly nice either.

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