Chapter 491: Lake Chen, Competitor Skirmish! (2)

Chapter 491: Lake Chen, Competitor Skirmish! (2)

It was too late when Princess Jin Rou understood their plans. The two both summoned soul pets and it was clear that these two people weren’t targeting each other, but instead focussed their fighting directly towards all the people around them, intentionally breaking up the originally peaceful situation!

Most of the competitors present were there for themselves, and so once they were attacked, they definitely won’t think someone was simply creating chaos. When the soul pet techniques hit them, they summoned their soul pets immediately.

Immediately, a dozen soul pets filled the lake side of Lake Chen, starting a fight because of the influence of other soul techniques. Princess Jin Rou immediately exited this chaotic battleground the moment the fight broke out.

Yet, the person who started the conflict clearly had plans.

At the start of the fight, those beside Princess Jin Rou were all admirers that wanted to get near her. Some other people that didn’t want to get into the battle stood to the side immediately as well, watching from afar.

Yet, of these people that watched from afar, there were still people that harbored sinister desires. They silently extended their bloody hands towards the participants by them!!


A chilling scream echoed through Lake Chen. Soon after, a mist of blood sprayed out from the spectating crowd.

A bloody corpse fell down for no reason. All the others drew in a breath and, to ensure they weren’t killed too, they quickly cast their incantation and summoned their own soul pets.

Many soul pet trainers didn’t have the same control over their soul pets as Chu Mu did, able to communicate on a spiritual level. In fact, many soul pet trainers had very savage soul pets. Once they were stimulated by blood or attacked by others, they were easily angered. These soul pets’ strengths were often beyond their soul pet trainers’ controls.


Under the stimulation of blood, a Terrorblood Wolf was agitated and immediately lock its eyes onto a Raging Flame Fairy not far away!

The Raging Flame Fairy originally simply summoned a Blood Flame Wall to protect its owner, but this wall burned the nearby Terrorblood Wolf. Terrorblood Wolves were ruthless organisms, so after this stimulation, it lunged forward crazily and attacked the Raging Flame Fairy.

Once the Terrorblood Wolf and Raging Flame Fairy started battle, the other soul pets of these soul pet trainers quickly fought together. The plot didn’t end there; the instigators hiding amongst the competitors intentionally attacked a few of the brasher competitors, quickly sparking a few more fights.

The people gathered on Lake Chen were mostly elites of each faction. These experts often had grudges between them already. Even without grudges, some hated each other purely because of differing standpoints.

Originally, Lake Chen was peaceful due to everyone’s wishes to pass the realm safely. However, once the battle started, all soul pet trainers who once had some conflict with other soul pets would take this opportunity to try to wipe out competition.

So, the situation quickly became hard to control. The flames of battle spread further and further, utnil finally all the soul pets and trainers were fighting. Beast roars, elemental chanting, soul pet trainer screams, explosions from all types of techniques, the skirmish on Lake Chen was unrecoverable!!

Princess Jin Rou always backed up, as she smelt some conspiracy. When she glanced over the lake, she noticed the veiled female master’s hollow eyes watching her, while deep in those pupils there was a cold glint!

Clearly, this chaos was started by the female master’s men. She didn’t dare reveal her true strength with this many contestants present.

But, she could cause the situation to become extremely muddled, and take advantage of this chaos to control Princess Jin Rou.

“Princess, let’s exit to beyond Lake Chen.” Female guard said nervously to Princess Jin Rou.

By Princess Jin Rou were already a dozen soul pets, all of which weren’t very weak. They were casting techniques towards each other, constantly blasting the banks of Lake Chen, sometimes spreading the flames of battle to Princess Jin Rou herself.

“No, once we exit Lake Chen, she will attack.” Princess Jin Rou shook her head.

Female master’s strength was incredible, enough to instantly kill any of Princess Jin Rou’s soul pets. Once she exits Lake Chen, without the presence of other contestants, no one could stop her terrifying Holy Stem Flower powers!

“But, many people seem to be intentionally spreading the fighting towards us……” Female guard had already summoned her fourth soul pet. These four soul pets kept Princess Jin Rou in the center and stopped anyone from approaching Princess Jin Rou.

Yet, where there were soul pets, there was battle. Just as female guard finished speaking, her Blue Nightmare was rolled into a fight.

On Princess Jin Rou’s walk over, her main soul pets were already fatigued, so she could only summon secondary soul pets now to fight. Her secondary soul pets’ strengths were all around eighth phase high stage middle class monarch rank. These soul pets were about the same strength as the average around here, but Princess Jin Rou quickly noticed a few members from other factions with ninth phase middle class monarch ranks approaching her.

Princess Jin Rou remembered these two people. They were the two young experts standing next to female master. These two young generation experts were clearly weaker than Pan Zheng and Ling He, yet they each had a ninth phase middle class monarch, so was overall hard to deal with as well.

What made Princess Jin Rou most worried wasn’t the two people - she was worried about the veiled female master sitting on the grass. Princess Jin Rou could predict that, once she got rolled into the chaotic situation, female master would definitely strike amidst the chaos, because no one would know she was the one casting the technique when the fight was this messy!

Very quickly, with the fight spreading, Princess Jin Rou’s female guard started fighting all of the opponent’s soul pets. Eighth phase high stage middle class monarchs could easily create ninth level power, any of which could create destruction that shook the ground. Not long after, Princess Jin Rou was fully rolled into combat.

Watching Princess Jin Rou get pulled into the chaos by her subordinates, female master lifted her head and revealed a porcelain smile.

She slowly stood up, eyes locked onto Princess Jin Rou. If the situation were any more chaotic, no one would notice her use Holy Stem Flower’s energy.

If things kept going down, the entire Lake Chen battle would have hundreds of eighth phase monarch ranks fighting. So, when she cast her technique, no one would notice it, neither will anyone notice Princess Jin Rou disappear…...

Female master stood up. She didn’t go around the lake, instead stepping on the wavy waters, through the crazy water type techniques and water droplets as she slowly walked towards Princess Jin Rou.

She waited silently, yet at the same time secretly controlling the entire battlefield of Lake Chen, causing Princess Jin Rou to lose all protection around her as well as make sure no one would notice if the little princess of Nightmare Palace was swallowed by her Holy Stem Flower.

Female master only actually had two subordinates of decent strength. The others were all used to start battles on the battlefield.

These two subordinates were already in battle with Princess Jin Rou’s guard. Presumably it wouldn’t be long before Princess Jin Rou’s defenses were torn apart, where her secondary soul pets won’t pose a threat.

“Princess, quickly find other Nightmare Palace experts to help. I probably won’t be able to deal with them.” Female guard said slightly worriedly.

Princess Jin Rou bit down and looked around to try to find some Nightmare Palace young generation experts she had dealt with in the past.

However, what disappointed her was female master had isolated her from all other Nightmare Palace members already. Though there were a few people who admired her nearby that wanted to help, they were limited in strength, unable to deal with the ninth phase middle class monarchs of the second tier experts!

Princess Jin Rou’s expression became increasingly nervous because she could feel female master approaching.

“Don’t waste your time, just give up and do as I say, and we will be okay. Or else, I will use my flower vine to swipe past your face, ripping your pretty face apart!” Female master walked across the lake face and was mere two hundred meters away now.

Princess Jin Rou’s pale white neck was already glistening with sweat. She didn’t know why this female master was looking for trouble with her again and again.

“Don’t even think about it!” To let Princess Jin Rou compromise with a woman who killed her soul pet was hard, even though she knew she was in a difficult situation.

“Don’t know what’s good for you.” Female master’s gaze became ice cold as a massive power strangely awoken in her body.

Her hair started dancing like a demon as her pupils went from hollow to icy and apathetic, proud like an insufferable female emperor.

Princess Jin Rou’s face grew even paler. This was the strength of the Holy Stem Flower. Once she cast it, no one would be able to defend against it!!


Just as Princess Jin Rou was about to chant an incantation to retract all her soul pets and give herself up, icy cold Nine Underworld Devil Flames sprouted up from her body!

This devil flame was incredibly dominating, sweeping past Princess Jin Rou like a white wave!



The Devil Flames came very suddenly. The eighth phase middle class monarchs that were pressuring Princess Jin Rou quickly were engulfed in white devil flames, which were followed with shrill screams!

How terrifying was the Nine Underworld Devil Flames? It instantly killed the two eighth phase middle class monarchs, causing the opponents near Princess Jin Rou to be subdued.

Princess Jin Rou watched slightly dazed at the devil flames before suddenly realizing and turning around.

A handsome and demonic figure stood mere hundred meters behind her. His cold and collected eyes looked past the chaotic battlefield and at the terrifying female master.

Beside the man was the similarly despotic high class monarch rank White Nightmare!

“Chu Mu!!” Princess Jin Rou’s pale face immediately burst into smile. This smile contained Princess Jin Rou’s confusion, relief from a complicated situation being diffused, and irrepressible joy from seeing this man once again!

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