Chapter 490: Chen Hu, Chaotic Competitor Fight (1)

Chapter 490: Chen Hu, Chaotic Competitor Fight (1) 

The Ghost King’s present defense was at the ninth rank middle stage. If it wore a ninth rank armor, its defense would definitely reach the ninth rank full stage. Such a defense wouldn’t be any weaker than a ninth phase high stage middle class monarch; unless this ninth phase high stage possessed some special technique, it would be difficult to pose any threat to the Ghost King!!

The Ghost King already had an eighth rank soul armor, and its ninth phase middle stage defense was very useful in the second grade. The most important thing to do to raise its defense was to have it evolve from the eighth phase to the ninth phase. 

Chu Mu had to make the best use of the equipment. But after this fight, all of the merits would go to Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye had previously worn a seventh rank soul armor which had disintegrated during the long fight. Moreover, as Zhan Ye’s strength had risen, its usefulness had exceptionally diminished. Therefore, Chu Mu planned on giving the ninth rank armor to Zhan Ye to wear. 

Zhan Ye’s ancient horned beast strength, when it awoke, simultaneously stimulated the eruption of Zhan Ye’s strength. Further on top of the baptism from all of the extreme fights, Zhan Ye’s strength probably would be able to explode to the ninth phase fourth stage. 

Chu Mu for the time being was unsure whether Zhan Ye’s fighting rank would increase or not. The awakening of the ancient beast soul could very likely have stimulated strength because Zhan Ye’s Brave Stinging Heart had raised Zhan Ye to the tenth phase. When the effect of Brave Stinging Heart dissipated, the ancient beast soul’s effect could also very well dissipate

Therefore, Chu Mu estimated that Zhan Ye’s strength after this fight would probably be around the ninth phase fourth stage middle class monarch. 

The strength of a ninth phase middle stage middle class monarch in the second grade was already very strong. Presumably many hidden experts were not even Chu Mu’s opponent. The question lay in whether Chu Mu’s opponents were merely second grade experts, or whether they were the traps from Xia Guanghan or any tricks from the defector young woman’s puppet. 

Chu Mu had to raise the strength of his soul pets as much as possible right now. After Zhan Ye reached the ninth phase fourth stage and adding on the ninth rank soul armor, its defense would reach the ninth rank middle stage, nearing the late stage. This was equivalent to raising Zhan Ye’s strength by two levels. 

Most importantly, Zhan Ye was a soul pet that required defense. The stronger its resistance ability, the longer the fight would continue and the quicker its strength would increase. Thus, Chu Mu would only have to ensure Zhan Ye wouldn’t be restricted, sealed or bound, and there wouldn’t be any creature that appeared in the second grade that could contend against Zhan Ye!

A smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. Ling He’s strength was probably equivalent to Soul Alliance’s second grade’s strongest, Si Tian. Now that Zhan Ye’s strength had exploded, Chu Mu had enough to fight against the so called second grade’s strongest, and he now had even more assurance of obtaining second grade’s ultimate honor!! 

“Mo Xie, White Nightmare, you guys must be tired. Go back to the soul pet space to rest.” Chu Mu said to them. 

Mo Xie and the White Nightmare had been summoned for many days now and really were exhausted. When Chu Mu chanted the incantation, they returned to their soul pet spaces. 

Mo Xie and the White Nightmare had expended mostly physical strength. Given enough rest, they would be able to recover. 

Chanting an incantation, Chu Mu summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast in front of him.

“Night, we’re running low on time.” Chu Mu said to it. 

“Hui~~~~~~” the Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a long whinny, and a wave of black air enveloped its body. The black air support the Night Thunder Dream Beast as it abruptly began to gallop through the air towards the eastern part of the forest. 

There was not much chance of him being able to obtain the highest honor of the seventh realm. But at the very least, Chu Mu had to reach Chen Lake within the remaining time and complete the realm breakthrough mission! 

Light passed through the dense mat of tree leaves in Chen Lake’s forest and fell onto the grassy ground. Spots of light and shadows formed a natural pattern. 

The wind blowing from the side of the river was mixed with the scent of dirt and fresh grass. This was the sign of a rain that had just passed. In this forest that the light was shining on, it was possible to see a clear and crystalline lake hidden behind the tree trunks. 

In the entire bewildering world, the route from the mountain range to the basin, then to the enormous mountain, could only be considered not even half a route. Moreover, this forest that lay behind the enormous mountain was considered the true area of danger in this bewildering world. 

This forest was extremely vast and endless. Even if one didn’t lose his way, he would still feel like he was circling the same area over and over again. 

Chen Lake was at the very eastern end of the forest. Reaching Chen Lake to a certain extent meant that one had already broken free from the area of danger. 

Around Chen Hu successively appeared numerous second grade members. Most of these people had faces full of exhaustion as they sat around Chen Lake. A few formed factions while a few sat alone.

Chen Lake was the final destination of this bewildering world. These people had walked through the mountain range, walked through the basin, swept through the enormous mountain and passed through the forest. They were all very tired, and were unable to fight for the ultimate honor in Chen Lake’s waterfall. 

Chen Lake was the destination while Chen Lake waterfall was the contest for honor. There was still a few kilometer distance from Chen Lake to the waterfall. Everyone knew that as long as he or she stepped onto the path to Chen Lake waterfall, it meant that he or she would be embroiled in a chaotic fight between experts. This was because of those second grade experts that wanted to obtain the highest honor, they would only permit their people to stand in the waterfall. 

Chen River was safe, and the competitors that stopped the here meant that they wouldn’t compete to the very end. They would just wait here for the competition authorities to arrive. 

“Princess, you’re talking about that veiled woman?” Princess Jin Rou’s female guard looked with vigilance at the woman at the woman with empty eyes sitting on the grass at the other end of the river. 

Next to this woman were two soul pet trainers from the second grade with no small amount of fame. Behind her was a fully scorched Shen Yicheng wearing a pained expression. 

Right now the empty gaze of the woman was staring at Princess Jin Rou. No emotions could be detected from her gaze, but her gaze made people shiver from head to toe. 

Princess Jin Rou’s heart was full of grievance, because it was this woman that had killed her rock type monarch and caused her to lose a soul. 

However, she knew that this woman wasn’t her opponent. She also had to remain vigilant at all times in case this woman attacked her. 

Princess Jin Rou was very smart. When she entered Chen Lake, she intentionally stood together with other Nightmare Palace members while using her influence over the young generation to gather next to her numerous experts who admired her.

These experts were like her, all waiting for the competition authorities to arrive. Customary convention between the large factions dictated that they were not to fight, so they stayed here in harmony. 

The female master’s strength was indeed powerful, but Princess Jin Rou was sure that she wouldn’t dare expose herself in front of so many people. 

“How many of us are there? If you have the guts to, then head over to Chen Lake waterfall. There are at most seven people there. It’s very peaceful there!” a young soul pet trainer suddenly pushed aside a man blocking his path. 

“That being said, does anyone know who those who went to Chen Lake waterfall are?” the few people next to them began to display curiosity. 

Most of the people who stopped at Chen Lake were all soul pet trainers with limited strength. While passing through this seventh realm’s bewildering world, presumably the difference between true experts and the normal experts would clearly manifest. 

At the very least, those that passed through the dangerous realm breakthrough but still had the strength to fight for Chen Lake waterfall and contest for the the highest honor would be much stronger than them.  

“I’ve been here for a long time, but I only saw Soul Pet Palace’s Xue Qing and Soul Palace’s Li Zhan head towards Chen Lake waterfall.” said a soul pet trainer feeding his soul pets soul crystals. 

“Li Zhan? Is that Li Hen’s younger brother? Isn’t his strength very average? How does he still have the ability to fight for the seventh realm’s highest honor?” numerous people began to show doubts. 

Princess Jin Rou’s female guard could here the discussions from these people who weren’t far away. She glanced at Princess Jin Rou and whispered: “Princess, Soul Palace’s Li Zhan is someone whose strength is hidden very deeply, right?”

“Yes. Soul Palace’s strongest is Soul Palace’s young master, Fang Ze. After him should be Luo Bing, and then it should be Li Zhan. Including Soul Palace’s own members, there aren’t many people that know that these three people are Soul Palace’s second grade’s strongest.” said Princess Jin Rou softly. 

In reality, Princess Jin Rou wasn’t particularly afraid of these expert from various large factors. What made her even more at unease was the puppet-like female master sitting at the edge of the lake. 

Her calmness, spiritless and vacuous being made people feel as if she didn’t exist. Yet she was as terrifying as a female nightmare! 

“Princess, you were just in a team with Soul Palace’s Chu Chen. Where do you think his strength ranks in Soul Palace?” asked the female guard. 

“Similar to Li Zhan.” Princess Jin Rou thought for a moment before responding. 

“Similar to Li Zhan? The could he be considered one of the top three experts of Soul Palace’s second grade?!! Didn’t you estimate before that it would be very hard for him to rank in the top ten?” asked the female guard, astonished.

“Before was before…” Princess Jin Rou said. 

Speaking of Chu Mu, the expression on Princess Jin Rou’s face slightly dimmed. 

The sixteenth day was about to arrive, and the realm breakthrough time was about to end. Princess Jin Rou didn’t know if Chu Mu would be able to make it or perhaps due to his own conviction he would be buried in the Thousand Legged Centipede abyss...

Princess Jin Rou went absent-minded for a moment. A period of time passed when one of her admirers that intentionally stuck close to her suddenly let out some noise as if he was arguing over something. 

“What’s the matter?” Princess Jin Rou immediately discovered that two soul pet trainers were angrily yelling at each other and were even chanting incantations. 

“I don’t know. These two people started fighting for no reason and it seems like they’re about to go all out against each other.” said the female guard. 

Princess Jin Rou knit her brows, and went silent for a brief moment before intentionally looking at the veiled female master on the opposite bank of the lake. 

The veiled female master was still sitting on the grassy ground. If it wasn’t because she already knew her terrifyingness, Princess Jin Rou would have felt that she was merely a young woman who lost her spirit out of fear and was worriedly pondering what to do next. 

However, Princess Jin Rou knew that she could not be this simple and wouldn’t just sit there like this… 

“Quickly, stop them. They’re about to intentionally pick a fight!” abruptly, Princess Jin Rou realized the intentions behind these two fellows that started arguing for no reason!

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