Book 2 Chapter 49 - Chu Family’s Overbearing Eldest Young Lady

Chapter 49: Chu Family’s Overbearing Eldest Young Lady

“Why do I feel like that the figure of this Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince gives me a familiar feeling.” slowly said Chu Ning.

Chu Ning’s words made Chu Yishui and Chu Tianlin, who were relatively close to Chu Mu, feel the same way. However, they all felt that this was probably a misperception...

With the exception of Qin Menger, who already knew that the man wearing the imposing mask was Chu Mu, everyone was staring at this man. However, it brought Qin Menger a different feeling - cold, ruthless, cruel, and insufferably arrogant!


Chu Mu knew that his route as the Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince was known by a majority of people so when he wore a mask, he didn’t worry about others seeing through his identity. Moreover, if it wasn’t for wanting to shake up Gangluo City in the last recommendation, Chu Mu wouldn’t have needed to cover up his identity.

The sixth level soul armor originally belonged to Chu Mu, so when he purchased it back, he only had to pay thirty percent of the expenses to the auction.

Right now, Chu Mu had used an enormous sum of nearly 10 million!

With 10 million gold coins, Chu Mu would be able to actually consider going to high ranked cities to purchase soul equipment that directly increased a soul pet’s fighting strength!

After leaving the auction hall, Chu Mu immediately arranged the transactions from this auction, and he put the sixth level soul armor back onto his body!

“You guys can go rest for a month.” Chu Mu naturally knew when to stop. After all, the Yang Family was still a family of power, and once he made them heighten their vigilance, it would be extremely hard to plunder their industries.

“Nightmare Prince, not long ago I saw people from other factions in Nightmare palace wandering about in the vicinity. Presumably, it is the Luo Region’s Nightmare Prince whose status is relatively the same as yours is about to arrive,” said He Lang.

Nightmare Palace naturally had different factions. Chu Mu and his subordinates were Nightmare Palace assassins under Xia Guanghan’s control. On the other hand, the Luo Region Nightmare Prince followed in the steps of the egregious Blue Nightmare Palace Lord, and their people were spread out in the various cities in Luo Region...

“There’s no need to clash with them. Just do your own things properly,” said Chu Mu.

“Yes!!” He Lang nodded his head and brought the group of assassins away.


The Yang Family’s Residence

After hearing the news of the Yang Mantian son and father dying coupled with the 5 million gold coins being robbed, the old city lord, Yang Kuo, finally couldn’t suppress his blood. It spurted out of his mouth and sprayed onto the ground!!

“Who is it?!! Who on earth is it?!! Who dared to mercilessly murder my son and grandson?!!” Yang Kuo’s expression was malevolent to the extreme.

In this short period, countless industries of their Yang Family had been destroyed, and 5 million gold coins had been stolen on an unobstructed main street. What made the old city lord unable to tolerate it even more was that his second son, Yang Mantian, had suddenly died in the forest. Even Yang Shan had turned into a scorched black corpse!!A group of Yang Family people waited under Yang Kuo’s indignant bloody roars, with noone daring to speak a word. With trembling fear, they knelt on the ground.

In the past ten years, the Yang Family had continued to grow smoothly and steadily in Gangluo City. Yet, no one expected to face this kind of bloody episode of catastrophe. Anybody could see that this time, the Yang Family was the target!!

“Go, and immediately send people for me and invite the tardy Luo Region Nightmare Prince who hasn’t arrived yet. Have him use Nightmare Palace’s powers and to find out who is doing this!!” indignantly roared Yang Kuo towards Yang Luobin.

Yang Luobin immediately nodded his head in response. Yang Luobin had a bit of blood relationship with the Luo Region Nightmare Prince. Originally, the Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen should have already appeared in Gangluo City, but he seemed to have been delayed by something, and still hadn’t arrived even now. If he were here, then this thing could have potentially been prevented. After all, the Nightmare Palace’s powers encompassed a vast amount of area, and they could easily find out all kinds of information.

“Father… do you still remember Nightmare Palace’s Xia Guanghan?” Yang Mancan’s face sunk as he slowly spoke.

Hearing Xia Guanghan being mentioned, Yang Kuo’s eyebrows instantly creased.

Back then, the Yang Family had requested a Nightmare Palace assassin to come out and bypass Chu Tiancheng to assassinate Chu Mu. The assassin who came happened to be Nightmare Palace’s Xia Guanghan. At that time, the Yang Family believed that Xia Guanghan was only an assassin in Nightmare Palace whose strength was considered formidable. They didn’t believe that he was important. Thus, using their bit of relationship with Luo Region’s Nightmare Prince Yang Gesen, they skimped out on Xia Guanghan’s reward.  However, Xia Guanghan ended up being a fierce person who slaughtered the Yang Family’s experts before stealing the only complete soul technique in the Yang Family - Violent Blood Pupil”.

“If it really is him, then the only way we can resolve this issue is to invite Yang Luosen.” softly said Yang Mancan.

Yang Kuo didn’t say anything, but his face grew even more unsightly.


Just like paper cannot wrap fire, the news of the Yang Family suffering their largest hit in the last ten years quickly spread around Gangluo City. Everyone began to guess which faction had such guts to do so. There were even people conjecturing that it was very likely a large faction with whom the Yang Family had inadvertently offended, since this faction was able to both unknowingly flounder the Yang Family’s industries and steal a large sum of money!

Very soon, there was some smart person who recalled the Demon Ant Emperor taking control of the Yang Family’s territory in the past, and felt that it was very probable that it was this large faction’s method of retaliation. Thus, for a while, the more the news of the Yang Family about to face a catastrophe proliferated, the more it grew...

However, a while later, no other tragedies happened to the Yang Family, and a few people felt that the matter of offending a large faction was unfounded. A few other people believed that this very cell could be the large faction brewing up an even crazier revenge.


Regardless of how abuzz the news of the Yang Family got, it caused any member of the Yang Family feel anxious. The time of Recommendation was about to arrive, and Gangluo City and its affiliate cities had already begun to prepare for this grand occasion that occurred once every five years!

As the Recommendation slowly drew near, the number of people in Gangluo City grew increasingly many. Simultaneously, there were many vagabonds that began to join the various large factions of Gangluo City.

The Chu Family originally was in a state of decline, and there were few experts who were willing to pledge loyalty to them. However, because of news of the Yang Family angering a large faction had spread, the number of people who joined the Yang Family had decreased. This more or less helped the Chu Family recover a bit of their manpower. They no longer were declining, and instead were slowly recovering their power.

There was only a month left until the Recommendation. The family head Chu Ming, the second family head Chu Nan, and the second generation members were all busy with the enlistment of new members, the expansion of their influence, and the planning of their industries.

The third generation disciples were naturally assiduously training, doing their last preparations for the Recommendation that was just around the corner.

In the final month, Chu Mu finally began to train with the other Chu Family brothers.

The Recommendation was split into teams on the basis of power. However, the method of fighting wasn’t one big team fight, but rather sequential team fights. Essentially, in every fight, each side would send forth one competitor to face off. Although one didn’t have to pay much attention to who fought whom, the sequence of fighters was extremely crucial towards victory. Therefore, each team had to have a full understanding of each team member’s strength before corresponding with the most optimum order of battle.

Since Chu Mu had already decided to make everyone stunned during the Recommendation, he naturally would not expose his entire strength during training. Instead, he put a large portion of his energy towards increasing Zhan Ye’s strength.

In the Recommendation, there were many opponents who weren’t on the same level as Chu Mu. If he didn’t have to, Chu Mu simply wouldn’t have Mo Xie appear. Rather, he planned on using the Recommendation to have Zhan Ye exhibit his skills!


“Hmph, you don’t want the Mo Ye grandfather gifted you and instead want to train this weak fourth phase fourth stage Mo Ye. Could it be that you want to rely on this Mo Ye with bones like firewood to fight?” Chu Ying let out an unsatisfied expression as her words were even harsher towards Chu Mu.

“Sister, Chu Mu has his own method of training soul pets. You don’t need to question it.” The eldest brother Chu Xing glanced at Chu Ying, who had the arrogance of a young lady, and slowly spoke.

Chu Ying, this eldest young lady, ignored her eldest brother Chu Xing’s words and discovered that Chu Mu had completely disregarded her existence. In an even angrier mood she said: “Summon your Night Thunder Beast, and we’ll fight!”

As Chu Ying spoke, she aggressively summoned her sixth phase eighth stage Red Bird.

The Red Bird was low class warrior rank. After reaching the sixth phase eighth stage, it should be able to deal with many fifth phase and above commander rank soul pets. As Chu Ying was able to casually summon this soul pet with such strength, it was no wonder that she had an incessantly arrogant attitude.

“Sister, don’t make trouble!” the eldest brother Chu Xing instantly creased his eyebrows.

“Brother, why are you always biased towards this fellow like grandfather. He can only summon two soul pets. This means that, while fighting, he’ll be at a large disadvantage. If he doesn’t train those soul pets that can be regarded as having a bit of fighting ability, then won’t he just be deadweight?!” Chu Ying’s cutting words didn’t leave Chu Mu any sentiments. Her overbearing eldest young lady attitude, even with her good looking appearance, truly made it very hard for Chu Mu to have a good impression of her.

Chu Mu lifted his eyelids and looked at the eldest young lady Chu Ying who used to always make things hard for him in the past. He continued to maintain his indifferent and cold bearing...

“You… big brother, look. That fellow simply doesn’t even care about me. I must properly teach him a lesson!” Chu Ying was so angry it was unbearable. She immediately used soul remembrance to order her Red Bird to attack Chu Mu’s extremely weak Mo Ye.


Suddenly, a sharp cry rang out. It was just as the Red Bird was swooping down that everyone became aware of a soul pet with the feathers on its body ignited in vigorous flames. It abnormally quickly rushed towards Chu Ying’s red bird and knocked it flying!

“A commander rank Flame Bird!!” The brothers in the Chu Family were promptly stunned as they stared at the sixth phase Flame Bird that had suddenly appeared.

Subsequently, a few eyes shifted to the side to the beautiful figure and gracefully moving woman’s body. Their eyes lit up a bit as they were clearly admiring this woman.

Qin Menger…” Chu Ying’s eyebrows instantly creased. She glared at the the Qin Family’s eldest young lady who had abruptly appeared with ashamed anger. This wasn’t the first time Qin Menger had come to the Chu Family. In the most recent period, one could always see her appear here; moreover, it seemed that every time she was here, she was here to look for Chu Mu.

Among Gangluo City’s young female soul pet trainers, Chu Ying’s strength ranked among the best and she rarely had a worthy match. However, compared to Qin Menger, she was lacking by several levels. Therefore, every time Qin Menger appeared, Chu Ying could only curb her threatening manner and wear an ostensibly envious and hateful expression...

(Pretty funny author’s note: The dude wanted to go watch a meteor shower at 9 and climbed a mountain to do so. Then he accidentally fell asleep… He was awoken because of the cold at the dead of night…)

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