Chapter 489: Treasure, Ninth Rank Soul Armor

Chapter 489: Treasure, Ninth Rank Soul Armor 

The howl reverberated everywhere. It was like an enormous bell ringing right next to one’s ears. The killers all let out horrified expressions, and their soul pets swept their eyes around the area in fear. They wanted to know what creature it was that was releasing such a powerful aura!!

The dark attribute and beast attribute strength was like a catastrophic storm of an atmosphere. It enveloped the entire mountain ridge. Faintly, it was possible to see that next to Chu Mu was an enormous but distinct beast soul pet!!

This beast soul pet was the liberation of an ancient Mo Ye strength. Its eyes were pitch-black, and were full of the most terrifying darkness energy. Its body was rather robust, and underneath its mysterious and unknown horned beast devil scars, it was full of strength. It seemed to only need to raise its leg, and a mountain would collapse while the earth would split!!

“Zhen Ye, annihilate them!” Chu Mu ordered!

Zhan Ye calmly stood behind Chu Mu. When Chu Mu gave the order to annihilate, a disaster-level storm immediately swept the area!!


Zhan Ye immediately disappeared from where he stood. The figure of death that was a mix of the dark and beast aura enveloped the area Zhan Ye was in!!

It seemed to only be an instant, but everyone could only see a black light of death flashing through these soul pets. Immediately after, these soul pets spat out fresh blood!!

The killers’ soul pets were weak, and resembled mere weeds that were easily ripped apart by Zhan Ye’s claws. These green clothes killers immediately turned pale afterwards...

Pan Zheng and Ling He were also unable to clearly see Zhan Ye’s movements. They could only feel a black wind sweeping through. The only thing it left in its wake were corpses that collapsed in a pool of blood, devoid of any trace of life! 

But Zhan Ye wasn’t planning on letting these killers go either. Its claws rapidly rained down and shocking claw marks appeared on the cragged mountain back. In a short period of time, it seemed that the entire mountain back was going to be cut down by Zhan Ye. 

It was remarkably silent throughout the entire course of the slaughter. None of the soul pets or killers let out miserable cries before their deaths. 

The dripping blood began to flow along the cracks, forming creeks that flowed next to Pan Zheng and Ling He’s feet. 

These two people were completely stunned. Even after all of the killers had been slaughtered, it took them a good few seconds before they truly believed the scene before their eyes!!

What made their scalps numb was that this creature that had slaughtered most of the killers’ creatures in a few seconds was now walking towards the two of them. Its black pupils resembled a stare of death and they couldn’t help but tremble from head to toe!!

Pan Zheng’s two soul pets were both ninth phase middle class monarchs. A mere peak phase monarch was an entire four levels higher than a middle class monarch, and adding on the tenth phase and ninth phase difference, the only fate that awaited these ninth phase middle class monarchs was instant death!! 

Pan Zheng didn’t have any time to feel fear. He could only watch as two beast soul Destructive Rays flitted past his body, and his two soul pets be knocked flying by them!

The beast soul Destructive Rays were like black lights that knocked them off the mountain back at the same time… 

Suddenly, the Destructive Rays blew up!! 

A large hole was blown into the area outside the mountain back. Pan Zheng’s two soul pets didn’t even have the ability to defend, and were blown into pieces of flesh by the Destructive Ray explosions. Their bodies transformed into countless pieces that littered the foot of the mountain...

Pan Zheng’s soul was already wounded, and the loss of these two souls at once caused his spirit to nearly shatter. His entire body was painfully keeled over on the ground. His pale face was almost ashen and beads of sweat rolled off his face as his body convulsed in pain!

The abnormality was too sudden and Ling He, standing next to Pan Zheng, was dumbstruck. He simply couldn’t believe that Chu Mu’s Mo Ye had such terrifying strength. It was so terrifying that it surpassed the level that they were currently at. It was as terrifying as the Hundred Thousand Legged Centipede that had killed his tenth phase Ardent Sun Rhinoceros earlier!!

Ling He trembled from head to toe. The large mass of corpses and striking blood told him that this was all real. Even if he was unable to understand where the strength of Chu Mu’s Mo Ye came from, instinct told him that he had to flee this place. Otherwise, his end would be the same as these killers! 

Ling He rapidly summoned two soul pets, and as Pan Zheng’s two soul pets were killed. Ling He ordered them to take the initiative to attack Zhan Ye. 

Practically at the moment, Ling He chanted an incantation and summoned the wing type soul pet he had recalled earlier. 

Ling He’s series of attacks were very practiced. Even if he was in shock and fear, he was able to adopt measures to protect himself in as short of time as possible. 

Chu Mu also showed expressions of shock as he watched Ling He flee at a very opportune moment. 

It was no wonder Ling He was the second grade’s strongest. His mind and survival awareness were clearly much stronger than Pan Zheng’s. If the situation was normal, it really would have been difficult for Chu Mu to prevent Ling He, who had left behind his two main pets, from fleeing. 

But Zhan Ye had killed with Chu Mu for so many years, and obviously knew how to deal with enemies that attempted to flee. 


Zhan Ye’s speed outlandishly increased. Ling He’s two soul pets had just finished preparing their techniques when Zhan Ye’s ink colored figure swept passed them!

Ling He possessed soul armor protection on his body. Zhan Ye didn’t underestimate Ling He, and its ancient beast soul strength once more condensed on its claws!! 

“Shua!!!!!!!!” a black full moon, despite it being the daytime, swept through the mountain ridge and fiercely rushed towards Ling He in midair! 

Ling He’s wing type soul pet suddenly stopped in midair, as if it had been bound by some energy. 


Captivating red blood spurted out from the wing type soul pet and Ling He’s bodies, forming clouds of blood in the air. 

Quickly the instakilled wing type soul pet and Ling He fell from the air, falling onto the rock cracks that were already filled with fresh blood!!

Pan Zheng who was keeled over on the ground had bulging eyes. The second grade’s strongest Ling He was surprisingly unable to flee from his deadly fate. Such a miserable death had occurred under the hands of a brat that should have been insignificant! 

Chu Mu swept his gaze over Ling He’s corpse. Originally, Chu Mu had planned on having Zhan Ye kill all of Ling He’s soul pet, and then force him to tell him secrets about the female master. Who knew that Zhan Ye’s killing strength was so terrifying that both the pet and human were instakilled. However, it could be regarded as Chu Mu witnessing once more the tyrannical strength of a tenth phase peak monarch! 

After killing Ling He, the two remaining soul pets could not cause any threat to Chu Mu. Zhan Ye merely used two techniques, and was able to kill both of Ling He’s main pets. 

Ling He’s two soul pets were both near the tenth phase middle class monarch level. Such strength was truly invincible in the second grade. However, unfortunately, Ling He, this expert who had hidden his strength extremely deeply, had encountered Chu Mu, whose soul pets were all extremely abnormal! 

“Will it be me slowly using soul devil flames to torment you and then you telling me all you know about the female master, or will you tell me yourself and I might let you live? Your souls are injured from deaths, and you’re no longer a threat to me.” Chu Mu walked in front of Pan Zheng and coldly spoke. 

Pan Zheng’s soul wound prevented him from even having the strength to move. Not long ago he was still madly laughing as if he finally had the chance to take revenge for his soul pet. But right now he was lying pitifully on the ground, begging Chu Mu to let him live. 

“All I know is that the female master is aiming for the tenth realm. I really don’t know about anything else. That woman has kept everything a very tight secret. Everybody only knows that we can obtain benefits from her so we sacrifice ourselves to her. Even Ling He doesn’t know much. Chu Chen, Chu Chen, there’s really not much animosity between us. You don’t have to kill me. Let me live and I can promise you many benefits…” Pan Zheng trembled as he spoke. 

Chu Mu creased his brows. He had thought that Pan Zheng would be able to supply some information. However, he never expected that Pan Zheng was merely a thug. He was unable to obtain anything he wanted from him. 


Claws suddenly appeared behind Pan Zheng’s neck and sunk deep into Pan Zheng’s veins. 

Pan Zheng originally believed Chu Mu would be swayed by his benefits he promised. However, he wasn’t even able to tell him these benefits before his life rapidly slipped away. 

Zhan Ye’s ice cold claws retracted and then it returned next to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu rubbed Zhan Ye’s head and a smile rose on his face as he said: “Zhan Ye, you did well. Go back and rest. You need to have a very deep sleep.” 

“Hou~~~” Zhan Ye’s strength was truthfully already declining, and it was indeed extremely tired at the moment. 

Zhan Ye didn’t like expressing itself so after Chu Mu chanted an incantation, it unloaded everything heavy and, in an incomparably tired state, returned to its soul pet space where it silently lay down and closed its eyes. 

As Chu Mu had said, Zhan Ye had done well and it needed rest right now; a smooth and steady, deep sleep… 

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~”

After recalling Zhan Ye, Mo Xie surprisingly came running back from nearby. She was holding onto an item in her mouth and when she ran in front of Chu Mu, she placed it at his feet. 

“This is…” Chu Mu was stunned, but after picking up the item Mo Xie had placed, Chu Mu was filled with ecstasy! 

“A ninth rank soul armor!!” Chu Mu picked up this treasure with a firm grip, but his hands couldn’t help but tremble!!

A ninth rank soul armor. This was a treasure worth nearly 4 billion!! 

This ninth rank soul armor had clearly come from Ling He’s body. Chu Mu never expected such a treasure to be on this fellow’s body!!! 

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