Chapter 488: Killer? Not Even Rubbish

Chapter 488: Killer? Not Even Rubbish

In the forest, Princess Jin Rou, with her veil, walked around through the forest with her expression slightly vacant. After a chase of life and death, her entire being felt abnormally tired.

Her two main soul pets were both summoned beside her. White Nightmare Princess remained in a half-floating state, looking around at any movement.

Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox carried Princess Jin Rou slowly forward vigilantly. In this forest, other than the killers, there were many wild soul pets that could attack anyone that entered their territory too.

There wasn’t that much time left to pass the realm. Princess Jin Rou had to immediately pass through the forest and reach Lake Chen waterfall, or else she would be eliminated in this seventh realm.

“Princess, princess!” Suddenly, a female voice came from aside.

Princess Jin Rou and her soul pets immediately entered an alarmed state as they watched the quickly approaching female soul pet trainer.

Princess Jin Rou saw this female soul pet trainer, and let out a joyful smile from her pale face.

This female soul pet trainer was her bodyguard, a female soul pet trainer adept at wild training. Them meeting up meant that Princess Jin Rou could leave this forest safely now.

“Princess, why couldn’t my soul pets sense your aura once we entered this bewildering world, all the way until just now? And the aura is still incredibly weak.” Female guard lent a hand to Princess Jin Rou and asked.

Mandarin Duck Grass was a special soul item used to find companions. Every Mandarin Duck Grass had different smells. If a soul pet with good sense of smell had one part of the Mandarin Duck Grass, then it could find the other person with the other part of the Mandarin Duck Grass through smell.

“Someone set a trap for me here.” Princess Jin Rou said.

“A trap? Is it the people from before?” female guard asked with surprise.

Princess Jin Rou nodded and opened her mouth, “I shouldn’t be mistaken.”

“What do they want?” Female guard asked. Princess Jin Rou was the princess of Nightmare Palace, so she had a high status and received the protection of Nightmare Palace. No faction dared to attack a Nightmare Palace princesse even if they had ill intentions.

But, these mysterious foes have already attacked Princess Jin Rou twice now. Princess Jin Rou had never made any huge grudges with other people, so there was no reason for these people to go out of their way to control her.

“Let’s leave this place first.” Princess Jin Rou didn’t say much. She would definitely get to the bottom of this, especially relating to the powerful female master, or else she would stay in constant danger.

The guard lead the way ahead for Princess Jin Rou.

On the big mountain there was an obvious opening. This opening lead straight to the center of the mountain to the abyss inside the cave.

At this moment, there were a dozen green clothed killers gathered around this vertical hole. These killers had summoned all their soul pets. A total of near fifty soul pets were silently setting up ambush around this cave, waiting for their prey to appear.

Beside the killers, Ling He and Pan Zheng retracted their wing type soul pets and summoned their main soul pets, waiting for Chu Mu and his soul pets to appear at any time.

The footprints from the royal flames appeared here before, and Ling He’s Lightning Monkey King felt that Chu Mu was under and on his way out from the abyss.

Indeed, not after too long, the sound of rocks getting trampled sounded inside the cave.

“Sousousou!!!!!!!” Mo Xie’s flaming figure stepped into the air and ran along the near vertical cave wall, quickly running to where the sun fell and leaped nimbly out of the cave.

Chu Mu was held in Mo Xie’s tails. When Mo Xie landed on the ground, she put Chu Mu lightly down on the ground.

After a moment, White Nightmare floated out of the cave, burning full of Nine Underworld Devil Flames. When it appeared, the temperature from the sun immediately dropped. Chu Mu’s mouth corner lifted, as he glanced at all the killers who thought they hid well.

Hiding in the corner, Ling He quickly furrowed his brow because Princess Jin Rou wasn’t with Chu Mu. After Pan Zheng saw Chu Mu, his eyes started burning with rage. Chu Mu’s Thirteen Inferno Hells had instantly killed two of his main soul pets, and caused two of his souls to be damaged. This was a huge grudge already!

“Princess isn’t with him” Ling He was more focused on whether the goal was reached. As for Chu Mu, Ling He didn’t care for.

Female master had already shown that she wanted to kill all of Chu Mu’s soul pets but save Chu Mu’s life, so Ling He knew that Chu Mu wasn’t an important person. He had simply been caught into the plan at this inconvenient time. Such a person could just be removed.

He simply wasn’t sure why the mysterious female master didn’t send a kill command, directly killing Chu Mu, instead of leaving him alive.

“Whatever, let’s take him down first!” Ling He’s sophistication was clearly higher than Pan Zheng. When facing Chu Mu, he didn’t show much anger, even though his tenth phase Ardent Sun Rhinoceros clearly died to Chu Mu’s Mo Ye. He could still calmly command his killers to surround Chu Mu completely.

Ling He waved his hand and sent a command all the killers laying in ambush.

All the killers immediately gave their soul pets a command. Immediately, near fifty soul pets swiftly appeared in front of Chu Mu and surrounded him.

Chu Mu stood there, eyes glancing at the fifty ninth phase high stage commander ranks, yet his expression didn’t show any change. He simply stared at Pan Zheng and Ling He as they walked out from behind the rocks.

Before, fifty ninth phase high stage commanders was something Chu Mu couldn’t handle at all. But now…...

“Let’s see where you escape to now!” Pan Zheng laughed.

“Why do you work for that woman?” Chu Mu directly ignored Pan Zheng and asked.

“Say Princess Jin Rou’s hiding spot, and maybe I’ll leave a soul intact for you.” Without answering Chu Mu, Ling He threatened back.

“She is in Dongling Forest.” Chu Mu replied. After saying it, he gazed back at Ling He, meaning he had already answered and it was his time.

Ling He smiled. Since he had the situation under control, it didn’t hurt to tell him. “She eats all the meat, we can get some dredges. To us, the dredges are already very tasty.” "She wants the final honor of second tier? If she got the meat, what is left?” Chu Mu continued to ask.

Ling He and Pan Zheng glanced at each other before bursting into laughter. From them, Chu Mu saw a belittling towards what Chu Mu said, clearly laughing at Chu Mu’s ignorance.

“There’s no harm in telling you. Our goal is first tier, and even things you ignorant fool wouldn’t know.” Ling He’s expression became playful.

Ling He was a very steady person. Without absolute control, he would never reveal any information because it could bring big trouble.

However, in this situation, telling Chu Mu made no difference. To him, Chu Mu was already a useless person. And, after they controlled him, even if female master doesn’t kill him, he won’t be let free until after the Battle of the Realm.

“They killed my two soul pets, these two soul pets will be finished by me!” Pan Zheng retracted his taunting laugh as his eyes grew viciously cold.

“Keep it quick, don’t let this famous soul palace member suffer too much.” Ling He said.

As he spoke, Ling He specially let all the killer’s soul pets gather closer, cutting off Chu Mu’s opportunities to struggle.

“Perfect commander rank Royal Flame Nine tail Inferno Fox, most powerful middle class monarch white nightmare, these are pretty good main soul pets. Want me to give you some time to say goodbye to your two soul pets?” Pan Zheng Laughed. The loss of two soul pets caused him to be frustrated. Now he could finally avenge his soul pets, he would kill Chu Mu if he were allowed.

“Almost forgot, Pan Zheng, leave this Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, Zuo Xiao said it wasn’t to be killed.” Ling He suddenly remembered and said to Pan Zheng.

“Can’t kill? Then I can only fight the White Nightmare? Though the Nine tail Inferno Fox is rare, can we not get better soul pets through our abilities?” Pan Zheng said with anger.

Hearing them talk, Chu Mu smiled slightly. Indeed Xia Guanghan was with Zuo Xiao, or else Zuo Xiao wouldn’t specially say not to kill Mo Xie. Xia Guanghan definitely still wanted to get Mo Xie, who could continuously mutate.

“Then just do what you want, if you want to become enemies of Zuo Xiao. Speaking of which, Zuo Xiao specially wanted to treat soul alliance Qing Ye well, and just gave Qing Ye some benefits for no reason……” Ling He said.

“Heng, killing a white nightmare is good. Keep an eye on him and don’t let him retract his soul pets!” Pan Zheng humphed coldly and commanded his remaining two soul pets to attack the White Nightmare.

Pan Zheng’s other two soul pets were both ninth phase middle class monarch. If they were truly faced against the White Nightmare, they may not be a match. Pan Zheng naturally realized this, so he told Ling He’s Thunder Monkey King to mentally control the White Nightmare, stopping any opportunity for it to cast Nine Underworld Devil Flames.


White Nightmare let the Lightning Monkey King control him. Facing two cruel ninth phase middle class monarchs, White Nightmare acted like they didn’t exist.

Similarly, facing this ambush, Mo Xie let out an exaggerated yawn and laid down on the floor as if to sleep…...

Seeing Chu Mu’s soul pets both acting like they were nothing, Pan Zheng immediately was angered. Do these two things not fear death?

Mo Xie and White Nightmare obviously knew they were facing a lot of enemies and knew that they were powerful.

However, these fifty ninth phase high stage commander ranks were nothing compared to the thousands of thousand feet centipedes in the abyss, at least to some fellow who was in an incredibly abnormal state.

“It’s time for your soul pets to say goodbye!!” Suddenly, watching Ling He and Pan Zheng, Chu Mu’s expression became severe!

“Houhouhou!!!!!!!!!!!!” Just as Chu Mu’s tone fell, the entire mountain shook with a roar!!

This roar caused the mountain to shake and countless rocks to fall from up high, echoing through the skies!!!

This was Zhan Ye’s roar, as well as a top tier monarch’s roar!!

Just not long ago, it wiped away a fourth of the abyss’s Thousand Feet Centipedes. To him, these killers’ soul pets wasn’t even rubbish!!!

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