Chapter 486: Peak Monarch, Awakening an Ancient Beast Soul

Chapter 486: Peak Monarch, Awakening an Ancient Beast Soul

“Zhan Ye…” Chu Mu was stunned.

Right now, there was no amount of words that could describe the waves in his heart!!

Several hundred corpses filled with fractured limbs, demolished bodies, torn skulls, ripped apart stomachs, snapped waists, and warped skins littered the entire rock barrier space. There were innards, blood, intestine juice, and fluids dripping from this corpse mountain!

The black figure of Zhan Ye lay aloofly on the corpse mountain. Under its feet were a mound of things. These were no longer mere Thousand Legged Centipede Corpses it was stepping on, but the piled arrogance of a true fighting king as it faced death!

Zhan Ye was a proud being in its heart, but Chu Mu had never believed that Zhan Ye required several hundreds of Thousand Legged Centipede corpses to fill up its pride! 

Chu Mu was already very happy that he hadn’t forsaken Zhan Ye because if he had, it would have been equivalent to forsaking one of the strongest life forces in the world. Even if its spirit was only strong right now, there would ultimately be a day when its spirit and strength would walk on par with each other, and it would stand at the very peak of the soul pet domain!!

“Beng!!!! Beng!!!!!”

The rock barrier was hit again and finally, the entire fifty meters of rock that was sturdier than normal rock by a hundred times, was smashed apart!!

The rock fragments flew in all directions, hitting the walls on either side of the abyss. Rock pieces from high up began to tumble down, smashing into the corpse mountain.

The Thousand Legged Centipede corpse mountain had been constructed due to the barrier, so when the rock barrier was destroyed, all of the composite fluids and flesh that had built up wildly flowed like a dam had broken. The built up enormous corpse air began to flow into the depths of the abyss! 

The entire corpse mountain began to sink as the corpses and blood dispersed. Soon, it sunk into an abyss like surface. 

Amidst the corpse aura that was pervading the pitch-black abyss were multiple pairs of bright red eyes. These eyes were like stars that lit up the black space; however, they didn’t give off the aesthetics of stars, but more resembled the innumerable terrifying stares of frightening creatures!!

“Si si si si!!!!!! Si si si si!!!!!!!”

“Si si si si si!!!!!! Si si si si!!!!!!!” the Thousand Legged Centipedes in the abyss had been awakened by the blood of their comrades. 

Their red eyes were all staring at the space behind the demolished rock barrier. Their bodies were slowly trembling, indicating that they could launch an attack at any moment towards this strange place!

The moment one attacked, several hundreds or thousand of Thousand Legged Centipedes would rush towards Zhan Ye. No matter how strong Zhan Ye was, it could not face the black tide of catastrophe of the Thousand Legged Centipedes! 

A storm-like onslaught of bug type aura came. This was Chu Mu’s first time so close to a nest full of tenth phase commander soul pets. Even if he had a plethora of experience and was able to remain calm, in front of an innumerable number of Thousand Legged Centipedes, he couldn’t help but tremble from head to toe!!

The Thousand Legged Centipedes had already locked onto this area and wouldn’t give Chu Mu time to tremble in fear.

Chu Mu bit his tongue and jumped down from the tunnel he had chiseled before using Devil Phantom to float down in front of Zhan Ye.

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!”

He was met by a nauseating stenc,h and the aura here wasn’t any inferior to a sweeping ninth rank wind type technique! 

Chu Mu felt that Zhan Ye’s life force had weakened to the point of near death, so he didn’t hesitate to retrieve a tenth rank healing medicine worth several tens of million from his spatial ring! 

Chu Mu was never stingy when it came to medicine because he was sure that there would be a day where it would save his soul pet’s life. 

“Zhan Ye, quickly take it!” Chu Mu opened Zhan Ye’s mouth and forcibly put it in its mouth.

Zhan Ye’s eyelids were drooping, and it wasn’t even able to hear Chu Mu’s voice, nor did it realize that Chu Mu was standing in front of it. 

The tenth rank healing medicine had the most prominent effect and Zhan Ye’s life force quickly recovered, immediately reaching 70 percent… 

However, what had consumed all of Zhan Ye’s life force wasn’t his self-healing ability. Zhan Ye, originally as an eighth phase ninth rank, had risen to the tenth phase due to the Brave Stinging Heart’s innate effects, as well as its own innate ability. However, reaching the tenth phase high class monarch level was its absolute max. Zhan Ye’s physical strength was depleted, and the strength given by Brave Stinging Heart and horned beast imprint ability were fading. This was a soul exhaustion, and had nothing to do with its life force being depleted. 

Chu Mu had already drawn blood from biting his tongue. He couldn’t watch Zhan Ye’s life force and soul run down like this. He had to awaken Zhan Ye, which was nearing its sleep of death and have it realize he was standing in front of it to rouse a bit of conviction as it neared its limit. 

The blood seeping out of Chu Mu’s lips began to wriggle as he chanted an incantation!! 

Chu Mu had to give Zhan Ye the biggest shock possible. Otherwise, the hazy consciousness of Zhan Ye wouldn’t be able to feel his existence! 

The eighth soul pact soul and the soul’s oath transformed into a soul pact symbol. It appeared as a blue mass of stars that revolved around Chu Mu.

“Eighth soul pact, undo!” Chu Mu resolutely chanted the soul pact undo incantation. 

Undoing the soul pact was the only thing Chu Mu could think of to simulate Zhan Ye’s depleted soul. He was confident that Zhan Ye would not want to die with its soul in solitude!!

The soul pact undo dealt an extremely powerful plow on the soul between the soul pet trainer and soul pet. It was like a curse that heavily hammered the soul and made the souls violently tremble!!

Zhan Ye’s soul was nearing death, but when it felt this impact, its soul trembled!!

“Hou!!!!!!!!!!” Zhan Ye’s soul let out a roar!!

As long as the soul wasn’t extinguished, the soul oath wouldn’t break, and Zhan Ye was faithful to this.

Chu Mu’s face had instantaneously paled, but he managed to crack a smile because he could feel Zhan Ye’s soul resisting and roaring. It was intensely fighting against the soul pact break. 

The soul pact undo required the acceptance of both the soul pet and soul pet trainer. Chu Mu unilaterally undoing the soul pact would cause an intense mental blow to himself and the soul pet. 

Therefore, the soul between Chu Mu and Zhan Ye could not crack.

“Zhan Ye, wake up. We’ve returned!” Chu Mu used the soul to speak with Zhan Ye. 

The soul impact caused Zhan Ye to finally open its eyes. Amidst the haze, it saw the person it most desired to see. It was practically a mirage before death. 

But Zhan Ye was able to distinguish between reality and illusion. Chu Mu was really standing in front of him, and next to him was further Mo Xie and the Ghost King. 


A heavy, coarse air was puffed out of Zhan Ye’s nose and its body trembled as it stood up. Its exhausted eyes were full of scalding tears right now! 

But Zhan Ye wasn’t full of regret because Chu Mu hadn’t been able to see his gloriful moment, but because he had been emotionally shocked to the point where his soul even started crying. This emotion was so strong that it caused Zhan Ye, who had never shed a single tear up to this point of his life yet, to start crying!

“Let’s leave this place.” Chu Mu saw that Zhan Ye had stood up and wiped the tears in the corners of his eyes. He chanted an incantation and recalled Zhan Ye back to his soul pet space. “Si si si si!!!!! Si si si si!!!!!!!”

A centipede storm swept up from behind Chu Mu and smashed into Chu Mu, causing him to involuntarily shake. 

It was the movement of several thousand centipedes!!!

Numerous and dense, the entire abyss was filled with these several thousand feelers. Their eyes were red and they madly charged!! 

The corpses on the ground had been forced apart by these enormous grotesque creatures. At the very front of them was a Thousand Legged Centipede that was nearly two hundred meters large. This was the terrifying existence of a tenth phase high class monarch!!

When this tenth phase high class monarch arrived in front of Chu Mu and as its body wriggled, it practically occupied the entire narrow space. Compared to Chu Mu, it was like a large mountain in front of a pebble!!

Chu Mu turned his head and suddenly, the intense aura of a high class monarch hit his face. It couldn’t help but paralyze the standing Chu Mu!!

This centipede’s eyes were even larger than Chu Mu’s body!! Such an enormous creature could not be defeated, and was practically an incarnation of the death god!! 

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!!!!” suddenly, a roar that shook the abyss came out from the depths of Zhan Ye’s throat!!!

It was full of a wild dark aura while caused Zhan Ye’s ink colored armor to blossom with an outlandish dark light!!

This dark light primarily originated from the horned beast imprint on Zhan Ye’s ink armor. Right now this horned beast imprint was radiating and dazzling. It was filled with an ancient, mysterious and powerful blood lineage force!!

This was the last moment of its life. Either its destiny would come to a complete end here, or it would step into a brand new reincarnation!

After Zhan Ye’s soul had been washed by its true tears, it began to ascend. This ascension not only caused its soul to strengthen, but the originally only faintly discernible horned beast imprint appeared on its soul. It transformed into an ancient imprint on its soul, summoning a horned beast power from long ago!  

“Hou hou!!!! Hou hou hou!!!!!!!!” Zhan Ye let out a roar. It was as if the restrictions on an ancient force had been undone and fully released!!

It was evolving while also breaking through to the high class monarch extreme!!

Its ancient beast soul summoning caused its rank to near the peak monarch rank!!! 

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