Chapter 485: The Old King Sitting Atop a Corpse Mountain

Chapter 485: The Old King Sitting Atop a Corpse Mountain

Destructive Ray!!

A black energy exploded on two of the Thousand Legged Centipedes. The ninth rank defense of these tenth phase commanders couldn’t even withstand one blow in front of Zhan Ye, and the Destructive Ray’s strength easily blew apart their shells, exploding on their flesh. 

“Hou!!!!!” Zhan Ye flew forward. His speed had already surpassed Mo Xie’s, and the scratches that came on like a storm from several Thousand Legged Centipedes were unable to injure Zhan Ye’s skin as it easily passed through the obstruction of several Thousand Legged Centipedes. Its claws respectively swept across two of the Thousand Legged Centipedes that had been injured by the Destructive Ray!!

The sharp claws swept ten meters, and the two Thousand Legged Centipedes were respectively split into four pieces from the location they ulcerated. Quickly, they fell amongst the other corpses.

After killing these two Thousand Legged Centipedes, Zhan Ye’s claws savagely ripped apart one of the Thousand Legged Centipede’s body and rapidly picked out its soul core before consuming it!

After chewing through the soul core, Zhan Ye was quickly met by the besiegement of Thousand Legged Centipedes and was pounded back into the corpse pile by them. 

It was difficult now for the Thousand Legged Centipedes to break apart Zhan Ye’s defense. Not only did they merely leave a few light scratches on its ink armor, but they couldn’t even actually injure it. Before long, the light scratches would be healed by the self-healing ability. 

The rock barrier space was limited and the size of these Thousand Legged Centipedes was over ten meters while there were over a hundred of these tenth phase commanders as Zhan Ye’s opponent. 

Thus, the area behind the rock barrier could only hold a few of these tenth phase commanders as they moved and attacked. If there were too many, they would trap their comrades.  

If seventeen Thousand Legged Centipedes simultaneously launched attacks at Zhan Ye, perhaps they would deal heavy damage to it. However, the incomparably sturdy rock barrier provided a natural protection to Zhan Ye, and it didn’t allow that many opponents to occupy this area at once. 

As long as the fight was still within the range Zhan Ye’s abilities could handle, Zhan Ye’s strength would slowly increase. 

The Thousand Legged Centipedes from the edge of the abyss to the inner parts of the abyss happened to be segregated from weak to strong. Further adding on the limited number of Thousand Legged Centipedes that could be within the rock barrier, this was equivalent to continuously feeding Zhan Ye’s abnormal abilities, Broken Limb Rebirth and Brave Stinging Heart, which allowed its strength continuously increase! 

However, no technique could be perfect. Broken Limb rebirth was a technique that allowed for rapid self-healing from heavy wounds while also recovering life force, but physical strength and endurance wouldn’t fully recover. 

Zhan Ye’s explosive fighting strength and energy couldn’t appear just out of the blue. In fact, its physical strength had already reached its limit, and every time it used a technique, it required several soul crystals containing large amounts of energy as support. 

Two soul crystals would appear for every four Thousand Legged Centipedes. However, even if they were ninth rank soul crystals, they couldn’t keep up with Zhan Ye’s continuous exhaustion of its physical strength. 

Every time after Zhan Ye killed on Thousand Legged Centipede, it wouldn’t hesitate to consume a soul core and use it to maintain its physical strength. 

In reality, Zhan Ye had already consumed numerous soul crystals from killing, and these soul crystals were essentially the true reason why Zhan Ye was able to find the energy to continue fighting. 

Finally, when a corpse pile of over a hundred manifested behind the rock barrier, Zhan Ye’s body strength went over its limit. 

Zhan Ye had already overdrafted its physical strength, and being able to continue to this point was entirely reliant on the soul crystals that occasionally appeared. These soul crystals were equivalent to using stimulants on its body as they unceasingly stimulated all of the energy in its body while also allowing Zhan Ye to use techniques. However, Zhan Ye couldn’t continue forever because of soul crystals…  

At the top of the enormous mountain and in the expansive blue heavens, the extremely pale faced Pan Zheng rode on his soul pet. His gaze was staring down at the enormous mountain. 

Next to Pan Zheng was Ling He whose face was also dark. Ling He had lost a tenth phase soul pet which was also his Ardent Sun Rhinoceros that he had spent so much on. Such a blow to a person who had already stepped onto the apex of the younger generation was extremely heavy. At the very least, the current Ling He no longer had the qualifications to content with Soul Alliance’s Si Tian!

“Master brought Shen Yicheng and left. I’m not quite sure what use master still has with a trash like him.” said Pan Zheng.

Pan Zheng had lost two main pets and to a soul pet trainer, this was a fatal injury. However, he would still continue to devote himself to his female master because if he obtained his female master’s appreciation, it wouldn’t be difficult to obtain a powerful monarch rank soul pet. Moreover, it could very well be a high class monarch! 

The undulations of any soul pet’s strength was extremely large and reaching a trough wasn’t anything huge to any soul pet trainer that reaching for great heights. In only one or two years, the soul would recover and they could continue searching for new soul pets and raise them up. 

Soul pet trainers grew increasingly proficient at training soul pets and after they knew how to raise one, it would be easier for them to raise a young soul pet to the ninth or tenth phase than before. 

Ling He had lost a middle class monarch, but he had the same mindset as Pan Zheng. After the plan ended this time, he would obtain a treasured high class monarch!

There was a two level difference between the middle class monarch and high class monarch. Moreover, to most soul pet trainers, this was an extremely difficult barrier to overcome, especially if it was a soul pet with a low species rank. 

The Ardent Sun Rhinoceros was a middle class commander, and even though its aptitude was high, due to its innate species, it was unable to break through to the high class monarch rank even after Ling He had bought it soul items to help numerous times. It was during these moments that a true high class monarch meant a lot more because there was a chance it could evolve to the peak monarch or even emperor rank!

Pan Zheng was continuously berating the half-dead Shen Yicheng, because he didn’t understand why the female master was bringing Shen Yicheng to the end of the bewildering world to successfully finish the realm breakthrough while leaving the two of them to intercept and kill Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou. 

Ling He just listened to Pan Zheng’s trash talk, but didn’t say a word. In truth, he was sneering in his heart.

This was because in his view, Pan Zheng that had lost two souls was also trash. In the subsequent realm breakthroughs his value would be next to nothing. This fellow ostensibly had yet to realize he would be discarded- just like Shen Yicheng. 

“We found a few footprints on the eastern side of the mountain from not too long ago.” a green clothed killer riding on a wing type soul pet flew in front of Ling He and gave his report.

“What footprints?” asked Pan Zheng.

“They seemed to be Nine Tailed Inferno Fox footprints.” said the killer.

“He’s finally made a mistake that will let out catch up!” the corners of Ling He’s mouth rose and he ordered his wing type soul pets to fly in the direction the killer spoke of.


In the depths of the centipede abyss, “Beng!!!!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!!”

“Beng!!!!!!!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Heavy smashing sounds could be heard. The absolutely exhausted Zhan Ye lay on the corpse mountain and slowly opened his eyes.

The rock barrier unceasingly trembled, and a number of incomparably deep cracks appeared. These cracks continued to expand all over the rock barrier! 

Zhan Ye’s vision was gradually growing blurry. Its wounds weren’t fatal, and its life force, due to the self-healing, was around 60 percent.

However, it found it very difficult to muster any strength to fight. It had completely used up all of its physical strength in the previous fights...

In its state of exhaustion, Zhan Ye’s strength slowly regressed, and the horned beast imprint on its body had clearly dimmed.

“Beng!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The sound of smashing against the rock rang out once more. Zhan Ye knew that an even stronger Thousand Legged Centipede had appeared and it was extremely large. The rock barrier which it had originally believed would inhibit their movements would probably be destroyed soon.

The moment the rock barrier was destroyed, the Thousand Legged Centipedes would have even more space to move, and there would be tens or even hundreds of Thousand Legged Centipedes that launched techniques at it simultaneously. When that time came, no matter how strong Zhan Ye was, only death would await him. 

When the majority of soul pets approached death or grew old, they would want to return to the place they came from to be buried there in order to abide by the law of dying where one was born. 

However, the Mo Ye’s law of survival made it so that Mo Yes, especially those that had been abandoned, to make completely different choices. They were innate nomads, and had no feelings of care towards the place they were born. It was their destiny to fight and wherever there was a tall pile of the corpses of enemies, it would be most honorable resting place for a Mo Ye. 

Zhan Ye felt that it had reached the end of its life. Nonetheless, on top of this nearly twenty meter tall pile of corpses that were still excreting blood, this was a grave Zhan Ye was satisfied with. 

Its only regret was not being able to show that person its most honorable moment. Zhan Ye had obtained the thing he was most lacking in his life from Chu Mu. This item wasn’t the protection of the soul pet space that allowed it to rest when it was tired, but instead was Chu Mu’s unwavering conviction towards Zhan Ye’s strength as well as the respect Chu Mu had towards his inner spirit. What Zhan Ye needed the most was precisely the most sincere conviction and respect. 

Therefore, it was willing to sacrifice himself for this soul pet trainer, and wouldn’t harbor any regrets for doing so.


An trembling sound rang out and the rock finally collapsed. Zhan Ye was even able to hear the echo from the rock being demolished. 

Zhan Ye slowly closed its eyes. The destruction of the barrier was the end of its life. But several hundreds of Thousand Legged Centipede corpses were accompanying it to death allowing it to accomplish what numerous tenth phase Mo Yes could not! 

Zhan Ye’s consciousness was so exhausted that in its haze, it wasn’t able to tell that the demolishing rock noise had actually come from behind him...

The rock barrier hadn’t actually been destroyed. What had been destroyed was the rock wall behind it. 

The rock wall behind it was ten meters, and a large part of rock had been blown apart. There, a rock pathway that had been bore through from some unknown place appeared. 

In this pathway stood a person - Chu Mu! 

The moment Chu Mu walked in, he immediately saw the innumerable corpses of Thousand Legged Centipedes that were piled up like a mountain!

This was a scene that caused Chu Mu’s heart to tremble!!

At the very top of the twenty meter high pile of corpses that filled the rock barrier space, Zhan Ye could be seen lying there by itself. However, it was lying atop of a pile of blood and flesh from its enemies which resembled a castle of splendor. And at the very top, it seemed like an old king sitting atop of its kingdom!! 

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