Chapter 480: Zhan Ye, Zhan Ye! (1)

Chapter 480: Zhan Ye, Zhan Ye! (1)

Ten Thousand Feet Millipede

The shockingly sinister body was right before their eyes. The abyss was immense, but it seemed to be taken up completely by this massive beast.

When the ten thousand feet millipede rose up, it had a spiral to it. This caused the entire hundred meter black abyss to be taken over by a terrible stirring force.

At the center of the abyss was about thirty green eyed demons. When these green eyed demons fell down, they lifted up a huge cloud of blood mist. At least ten green eyed demons were ripped to pieces when the energy lifted up by the ten thousand feet millipede hit them.

Zhan Ye stood at the very edge of the abyss. Luckily, Zhan Ye didn’t have to withstand the stirring force of the Ten Thousand Feet Millipede.

However, in the abyss, there were still thousands upon thousands of Thousand Feet Millipede. No matter how many times Zhan Ye could use Broken Limb Rebirth, it would still be eaten alive in the end.


With its head as lead standing upright in the center, the Ten Thousand Feet Millipede used its eyes to glance at the demons on the cave sides.

Some of the killers’ demons reacted rather quickly. When the ground collapsed, these demons utilized their speed to quickly jump onto the cave walls, stopping their descent.

Yet, very quickly all these demon killers let out shivering howls.

A hundred meters down into the darkness, the cave sides were slowly being encroached by a mass of millipede bodies. They filled almost the entire cave side, their blood red eyes violently locking onto the killers’ demons. 

“Retreat from this god-forsaken place.” Ling He’s expression was ugly.

If not for his Lightning Monkey King and Ardent Sun Rhinoceros’s quick reactions, they would definitely have fallen to the bottom of this abyss as well.

With only Thousand feet millipedes, Ling He could somewhat handle the situation. However, with the merciless Ten Thousand Feet Millipede, staying was looking for death.

The Ten Thousand Feet Millipede’s bright red eyes quickly locked onto the Ardent Sun Rhinoceros running along the side of the rock walls. As a dark type, Ten Thousand Feet Millipede was very against light type organisms. So, as the Ardent Sun Rhinoceros was running along the sides to try to run back to Ling He, the Ten Thousand Feet Millipede’s eyes locked onto it.


The Ten Thousand Feet Millipede’s head slightly tucked in. The next moment, it darted forward, swiftly crossing the gap and slammed towards the Ardent Sun Rhinoceros.


The entire abyss cave started shaking violently. The Ardent Sun Rhinoceros had no time to dodge, before it was slammed a dozen meters deep into the caveside, its thick dawn armor immediately shattering everywhere.


The Ten Thousand Feet Millipede never planned on letting the tenth phase Ardent Sun Rhinoceros go. Lifting its head up, it quickly gathered a globule of black acid, spraying it towards the dozen meter deep opening it created.

The black millipede poison quickly filled the entire ten meters. The Ardent Sun Rhinoceros never had time to get up before its body was similarly burnt through like the rocks around it.


Black smoke arose. The entire wall looked like mud being washed away by a jet of water. As the powerful acid flowed downwards, the entire wall showed signs of being corroded, up to a hundred meters downwards.

The outer armor of the Ardent Sun Rhinoceros was quickly dissolved in the acid. Losing its protection, its body started decaying fully.


Sharp noises sounded out. Not needing the Ten Thousand Feet Millipede to give a last hit, thirteen tenth phase thousand feet millipedes frenziedly dashed into the corroded wallface and devoured the most powerful soul pet without leaving a single ounce behind.

The Ten Thousand Feet Millipede’s attack was very sudden. Ling He couldn’t react, and was only able to watch as his tenth phase Ardent Sun Rhinoceros was swallowed alive by the thousand foot millipedes.

The mental blow from the soul pact shattering quickly travelled over. Ling He’s face immediately became pasty white, as he clutched his chest and gulped for air.

“Lea…...Leave” Ling He didn’t expect this Ten Thousand Feet Millipede to be this powerful. He dared not stay for any longer. He called his Lightning Monkey King back and disregarded the lives of the killers, escaping back into his tunnel with his Lightning Monkey King…...

After killing the strongest creature in the abyss Ardent Sun Rhinoceros, the Ten Thousand Feet Millipede’s eyes quickly locked onto Chu Mu’s White Nightmare.

The White Nightmare had just flown to the edge of the cave. It had tried to save the fallen Zhan Ye. Yet, when the reaper-like eyes locked onto it, White Nightmare’s body clearly shivered.

Mo Xie’s tails again rolled White Nightmare up, pulling White Nightmare forcefully into the tunnel. Seeing the Ten Thousand Feet Millipede eye them, Mo Xie didn’t dare to hesitate, dashing further into the tunnel while holding White Nightmare.

Ten Thousand Feet Millipede saw that the White Nightmare left, yet it didn’t slam through the rock walls to chase. Instead, its eyes locked onto another direction…...

In this direction, a woman emanating killing intent from every pore of her body stood on the edge of the abyss. Her eyes stared emotionlessly at the Ten Thousand Feet Millipede.

The Ten Thousand Feet Millipede similarly felt the opponent’s powerful aura. Its blood red eyes stared cautiously at the seemingly tiny woman.

The one eyeing Ten Thousand Feet Millipede was the female master that had finished nursing her wounds. She originally thought that Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou wouldn’t be able to escape anymore.

Yet, she didn’t think there would appear a tenth phase Ten Thousand Feet Millipede reaching top tier monarch rank.

The female master had emperor rank power, yet she herself wasn’t tenth phase. Her strength was higher than this Ten Thousand Feet Millipede, but to kill it and then catch up to Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou would take a lot of time. Plus, she had to deal with the huge group of thousand feet millipedes too.

Finally, the female master’s vicious killing intent disappeared in a flash, as her body again became a seemingly soulless puppet.

She turned back emotionlessly, disregarding the glaring Ten Thousand Feet Millipede. With some anger and resentment, she walked further into the cave and slowly disappeared into the shadows of the tunnel…...

After the female master left, blood-curdling screams still echoed through the abyss.

These hair raising sounds were the last remnants of the killers. Other than the two leaders, all thirty killers along with their soul pets didn’t make it out alive, leaving only blood splatters on the sides and bottom of the abyss…...


In another tunnel of the cave, Mo Xie ran with all her strength, covered in royal flames. 

Yet, in this process, countless thin shimmers flew out from her silver pupils, wetting the path she ran through…...

When Mo Xie and Zhan Ye first met, Zhan Ye was unbelievably weak; her claws could easily rip through Zhan Ye’s defenses.

Yet, Zhan Ye grew slowly stronger, and could even beat her sometimes when his strength exploded. At this, Mo Xie was very happy for Zhan Ye…...

“Mo Xie, let’s stop for a second, stop running…...they didn’t chase after us…...we should rest for a while……” Old Li said to Mo Xie, who was running without stop.

“Nie~~~~~~~~~” White Nightmare became a demon shadow that blocked Mo Xie’s way, signalling for her to stop and cease her running.

Yet, Mo Xie didn’t stop for anything. She easily evaded White Nightmare’s obstruction, and just kept running deeper into the pitch black cave…...

Gradually, Mo Xie’s royal flamelight showed the way into another abyss.

This time, Mo Xie finally stopped. Her body slid to the edge of the abyss due to momentum, but she simply let it act on her. She stood tall, yet aloof, at the side of the abyss.


Mo Xie lowered her head, and let out a heart wrenching call towards the depths of the abyss, as if she was releasing something, or was it to convey something through the reverberation of the pit…...

The sound bounced back and forth through the abyss, the cave, the tunnels, refusing to dissipate.

Princess Jin Rou and Old Li both heard Mo Xie’s call. Yet, when they caught up, Mo Xie was already curled up quietly on the ground. Her blood-stained tail was unfurled to let Chu Mu lay on it.

Mo Xie closed her eyes. One could clearly tell she was feeling down, and she didn’t want to notice anyone else…...

Old Li jumped to Mo Xie’s side and wanted to console her, but he didn’t know what to say. He could only stand by and stare into the abyss…….



In the other abyss, a thousand feet millipede with a bulging stomach slowly wriggled its way towards the edges of the abyss.

It had just swallowed a three meter long organism, so it needed to go to the edges to rest and slowly digest the black organism. This way, it could grow even stronger.

Once it was at the edge, the thousand feet millipede curled up, and readied itself for a nap that could completely digest the thing in its stomach.

Yet, not long after this thousand foot millipede fell asleep, its long belly suddenly showed an unusual movement.


Suddenly, two blades slashed outwards from inside the thousand feet millipede’s stomach.

Ink claws extended outwards, as a Heavenly Ripping Claw tore through this thousand feet millipede’s stomach. Following it was a black figure that swiftly jumped out from inside the stomach.

“Si~~~~~~~” The ripped open thousand feet millipede let out a pained squeal. Its red eyes bulged outwards, as it stared in disbelief at the completely unscathed black tiger like beast.

Thousand feet millipede was sure that, when it swallowed the organism, the beast was covered in cuts and bruises, and was a breath away from dying. How could it come out from its stomach like that?

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