Chapter 48: Using the Yang Family’s Money to Auction Against the Yang Family (2)

Chapter 48: Using the Yang Family’s Money to Auction Against the Yang Family (2)

Aside from being angry, Yang Kuo also felt a bit of indescribable fear. Any faction that could suppress the news for a few days was definitely extremely terrifying!!!

The eastern strongholds had been noiselessly plundered; moreover, the 5 million gold coins happened to come from the eastern side.  Instantly, the old city lord Yang Kuo thought of something!

“Immediately send people en route towards Huiyan City and see if the goods are still safe!!” Yang Kuo roared at Yang Mancan.

Yang Mancan was also aware of the severity of the situation, and he didn’t dare to stay any longer in this place. Promptly, he took his servants as fast as he could out of the auction hall.

The auction hall had a congregation of all of the Gangluo City’s large factions. The old city master suddenly lost his temper, followed by a large group of people leaving. This definitely indicated that something drastic had happened in the Yang Family.

“It’s been a long time since that old geezer has been that angry.” Chu Nan looked at the family head Chu Ming next to him.

Chu Ming also nodded his head and half jokingly said: “Perhaps his treasury has been plundered.”

“Old city lord, the auction has an auction’s rules. If there isn’t anything else that is important, then the sixth level soul armor will belong to your Yang Family for 5.2 million.” The auction hall head’s words had a certain measure about them. He disregarded the old city lord’s anger and used a calm tone of voice to speak.

“Wait…” the old city lord’s face instantly went dark.

The Yang Family had approximately 5 million gold coins in circulation and from there, they had already spent 2 million gold in order to purchase other treasures from before. Now, there only remained 3 million gold, and this 3 million still needed to pay for the Yang Family’s everyday expenses. It wasn’t that the Yang Family couldn’t pay the money; instead, if the 5 million gold brought over from the eastern industries disappeared, then their Yang Family would definitely enter into an economic recession. If such a large family were to enter a recession, there would definitely be various chain reactions, and the loss wouldn’t merely be 5 million gold coins...

“It’s reasonable to say that we cannot temporarily pause under these circumstances. However, the city lord is the city lord after all. If you give a justifiable reason, there won’t be any harm in waiting for a few moments.” said the auction hall head.

Yang Kuo’s expression turned even uglier. The auction wasn’t under the administration of Gangluo City’s city lord. He couldn’t do anything to this auction head, and if he wasn’t able to give a reason now, he would really have to spend 5.2 million gold coins to purchase this sixth level soul armor.

“Hmph, I, Yang Kuo, oversee Gangluo City and there has never been some major event before. Yet, I didn’t think that a few scoundrels would target my Yang Family and intercept my Yang Family’s circulation of funds. We are currently sending people to investigate this matter!” Yang Kuo’s cold voice resonated through the auction hall.

Yang Kuo’s words caused an audible gasp to resound within the auction hall!!

Everyone understood Yang Kuo’s words. In simpler terms, intercepting the Yang Family’s circulation of funds, as harsh as it was, was money being stolen!

The Yang Family was the sole hegemon of Gangluo City and any faction had to give it a bit of respect. However, there truly was someone with the guts to target the Yang Family. Moreover, from the Yang Family head’s loss of self-control just now, the amount stolen this time probably wasn’t a small amount like 10,000 gold coins. After all, the intercepting of funds this time directly affected the Yang Family head’s decision to pay 5.2 million to buy the sixth level soul armor. Those who had a bit of understanding of the Yang Family’s capital could conjecture that the Yang Family’s loss this time was probably above 5 million...

“It really was his treasury being plundered. Haha!!” Chu Ming’s great laugh suddenly rang through the silent auction hall.

Every faction in Gangluo City knew that the only person who dared to mock Yang Kuo in front of everyone was the Chu Family head, Chu Ming, who was a bitter enemy of the Yang Family.

It had been ages since Chu Ming had laughed so heartily. Right now, Chu Ming really wanted to meet this heroic thief who had such extraordinary courage. This person had essentially helped to give the Chu Family, which had continuously suffered from the Yang Family’s funding ***[1. Something was censored here in the raws], a release of resentment, while also dealing a heavy blow to the Yang Family.

The flesh on Yang Kuo’s face was twitching, and he had never ever thought that he would encounter such a moment where he would lose his dignity in front of so many large factions.

“Yang Kuo, if you don’t have the ability to buy it, then don’t occupy the toilet. Thicken your face and give it up. With your abuse of authority as the city lord, committing such a regretful thing isn’t very significant. After all, everyone here is already used to it.” Chu Ming began laughing once more.

“Chu Ming, you ignorant geezer, are you courting death?!” Yang Kuo finally couldn’t control his face!

“Courting death? Coincidentally it’s been a long time since I’ve loosened these old bones of mine. Come, let’s exchange blows with a sixth rank territory as a bet. Do you dare?!” Chu Ming didn’t have the slightest fear!

The entire Chu Family was in decline. Regardless of financial, human, later generations or territorial resources, they were inferior to the Yang Family. However, when it purely came to the two family masters’ strengths, Chu Ming was stronger than Yang Kuo. In a one on one, Chu Ming fundamentally wouldn’t be afraid of Yang Kuo!

A little while ago, he had lost a sixth rank territory, causing Yang Kuo to feel extremely angry and be in a state where it would be hard to calm down. Right now, his industry had been plundered, and the information had been delayed for three days before he received it. He still had no idea where the 5 million was and ultimately, had exceptionally embarrassingly paused the auction in front of so many people.  Furthermore, he had been insulted by a sworn enemy. He was so angry that the blood in his chest had risen to his throat. If he couldn’t control it, it would really come spurting out.

“A measly 5.2 million isn’t something that I, Yang Kuo, would worry about. Chu Ming, get rid of your villainous success expression. I, the city lord, am not going to bicker with you!” Yang Kuo truly did have the bearings to necessarily swallow the blood back down his throat. With extreme, extreme difficulty, he displayed the airs of an old city lord in front of all the large factions!

“The old city lord is the old city lord. Even in this situation, he’s still able to maintain his calm and composure.”

“The Yang Family, as expected, is rich and imposing!”

“The old city lord doesn’t need to be worried. Perhaps it’s only the mischief of a few small thieves!”

A wave of praise and flattery rose up. As he listened, the old city lord, Yang Kuo, felt his blood somewhat relax. If he were to still renege and purchase, his face as the city lord would still be there.

“Since this is the case, the sixth level soul armor will belong to the Yang Family for a price of 5.2 million!” The auction hall head took control of the situation for the auctioneer.

The 5.2 million was about to be decided, and would naturally suppress the restlessness in the auction all. However, a lot of people could see that Yang Kuo was barely managing to control his face. If he were to truly have the ability to buy it now, he wouldn’t have to temporarily stop the auction. Instead, he would very composedly let the auction continue.

“Gangluo City’s auction hall has not abided by the rules and temporarily postponed the auction, violating auction taboo. Further, presently, because of a senseless farce, the soul armor has been sold. Did I say that I wasn’t going to raise the price?!”

Suddenly, a young woman’s voice rang through the auction hall. This voice was somewhat delicate and somewhat cold. Yet, it managed to stun everyone once more!!

The auction hall head was stunned, not believing that, after doing this business for so many years, a woman would criticize him like this!

“This young lady, I’m extremely sorry. The old city lord’s interruption made me confuse the rules. Since the young lady wishes to raise the price, please go ahead. The 5.2 million gold coins has become invalid.” the auction hall head immediately said as he pushed the blame on the old city lord.

The thing an auction hall paid the most attention to was reputation and rules. Thus, this auction hall head could not let the old city lord ruin his reputation.

“This woman is truly domineering. With a few words she managed to give the old geezer Yang Kuo a slap on the face in front of everyone!”

“This woman appeared in the auction hall a while ago. Her status is not simple.”

For a while, discussions pertaining to the mysterious woman flew about. Everyone was trying to guess which divine faction this woman was from!

“You want to use a mere 5.2 million to purchase this sixth level soul armor with a dual ice and fire attribute. Are you really belittling this treasure’s value? I will bid 6 million!” the woman’s voice slowly rang out!

6 million gold coins!!!!

Gangluo City’s auction hall’s most valuable auctions would only have the rare right of possession of sixth rank territories. Their prices were only about five million. This time, though, the price had directly jumped to 6 million gold coins, and could be counter as the highest price in the past tens of years in Gangluo City!!

Now, no matter if it was a rich businessman, large family or even the Yang Family’s old city master, no one had the authority to even speak a word.


“6 million gold coins! This should be the highest price of this soul armor. I don’t believe anybody has the ability to raise the price again, right?!” the auctioneer’s words were evidently no longer as professional.

6 million gold coins to purchase a sixth level soul armor. Perhaps no faction in Gangluo City would have the guts to do this!

“6 million gold coins. This sixth level soul armor will belong to…” the auctioneer paused and suddenly found that he didn’t know that person’s name. However, he quickly recovered and said: “It will belong to this young lady!”

“Congratulations to this mysterious young lady for acquiring this sixth level soul armor. The auction will stop here…”

The auctioneer began his closing remarks. However, at this moment, everyone had begun to get up and leave. Among them, a majority were casting glances at the mysterious woman’s room!

The door of the room which the gazes were all fixated on was slowly opened, and the pretty face of a woman entered everyone’s eyes. The woman was wearing elegant clothes, and she gave people an ice cold feeling.

“It indeed is her… grandfather, it’s that woman who spent 1 million gold coins to purchase the Demon Tree’s Heart last time.” immediately whispered Yang Luobin to Yang Kuo.

Yang Kuo creased his eyebrows and stared at the young woman...

Everyone in Gangluo City was trying to guess this woman’s identity. After all, being able to spend 6 million gold coins to purchase a sixth level soul armor meant that she was definitely not a normal person!

However, as everyone was feeling astonished by this strange woman, they abruptly saw this woman of exceptional status suddenly stop in her tracks after exiting the room and slightly bow her body. It was as if she was waiting for someone...

The auction suddenly went silent and people had their eyes wide open. They stared at the man who walked out from the room wearing an ice-cold mask!

Even in front of everyone’s stares, the man’s black pupils under the mask remained exceptionally indifferent. Without even looking at anyone present, he arrogantly walked out of the auction under everyone’s shocked stares!

Moreover, the woman whose identity was being guessed by everyone closely followed behind him as if she were a maid!

“This… this… man”

“Recently, there’s been a Prison Island King whose reputation has spread to places in every direction. I heard that this young peak expert is currently travelling near Luo Region’s Gangluo City. Could it be that…”

Aside from that young peak expert who had been rumored to be in the nearby area, they found it very hard to think of another person who had this kind of temperament!

“Nightmare Palace’s Prisoner Island King, Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince!!”

A gasp sprung up everywhere!!

The Nightmare Palace’s seventh rank title, Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince. In each and every eighth rank city under Nightmare Palace’s control, he would have the authority of a vice city lord! Yet, this wasn’t even the most crucial point. Instead, it was that this Prison Island King, not long after entering Nightmare palace, had defeated the extremely reputable young peak expert Tian Ji!!

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