Chapter 478: Emperor Rank Strength, Terrifying Master (2)

Chapter 478: Emperor Rank Strength, Terrifying Master (2)

“Ah…” Princess Jin Rou painfully let out a cry, and her body went flying backwards.

She heavily crashed into the flower-vine littered ground.

The Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox rapidly rushed back, shot out its tail and picked up Princess Jin Rou just as she was about to be engulfed by the flower-vines. It then threw her onto its back. 

After Princess Jin Rou fell back, the body of the pierced rock monarch let out a rumbling howl. Its grey body surfaced with cracks and it looked like it was going to explode!!

The rock type monarch realized its master was in danger. As a creature with great willpower, it completely ignored the continuous cracks on its body and its arms fiercely smashed the ground.

The flower vines growing were smashed into countless pieces by these fists. Immediately after, sharp rocks began to pierce along the ground towards the female master. 

A large golden vine began to emerge from the female master’s surrounding. When the earth began to pierce from under her feet, the rocks suddenly pacified. 

A trace of imposing killing intent was revealed in the female master’s eyes. The vine under her feet began to grow countless golden flower petals which flew at the rock type monarch like falling snow! 

The rock type monarch’s body was already cracking. The flower petal attacks were extremely powerful and unexpectedly even the rock type monarch’s ninth rank late stage defense was easily broken up!! 


The rock type monarch let out a pained cry. As its body was slowly blowing up, it was ripped into pieces by the flower petals!!

“Shua shua shua shua!!!!!”

Each time the flower petals swept past, the rock type monarch’s body was split into pieces. The cave began to reverberate with rock type monarch limb pieces with each roar. All of the soul pets couldn’t help but shiver as they listened!

The wounded Princess Jin Rou’s face was originally pale. But as the rock type monarch’s body was dismembered, her face lacked even a trace of blood and she nearly passed out from the cracked soul pact and soul wound. 

Princess Jin Rou’s rock type monarch had a defense of the late ninth stage which made it difficult for even a tenth phase monarch to kill it. 

However, the grey demon flower’s effect lowered the rock type monarch’s defense. After the female master’s two attacks, the rock type monarch was completely cut into pieces of rocks!!! 

The death of a soul pet!

This was the first soul pet death to happen to Princess Jin Rou since becoming a soul pet trainer. The pain of a soul pet fracture caused her eyes to flush completely red. 

“Wu wu wu!!!”


Princess Jin Rou’s Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox and Princess White Nightmare let out sharp cries, as they felt their master’s soul wound and anger that was about to burst. The two soul pets’ eyes spat out angry flames and they glared firmly at the savage female master!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!”

Another fox cry rang out in the cave!

Just as the rock type monarch was about to be killed, the completely bound Mo Xie let out a cry!

Silver light on its body flashed and relying on its moonlight species technique, it forcibly broke the flower type seal!

The grey flower type energy quickly withdrew and Mo Xie’s royal flames once more burned on her body. Taking advantage of the female master not paying attention, it fiercely swept its claw blade at her neck in an attempt to cut off her head! 

The female master let out a slightly flustered expression. 

She hastily stopped her attack on Princess Jin Rou, and used a golden flower wall to stop Mo Xie’s attack! 

Mo Xie’s claws pierced through the female master’s flower wall and a cold light swept past her neck. She left a deep claw mark in the female master’s neck from which fresh blood spurted out from and rolled down her white neck! 

The female master anxiously retreated, and used her hand to cover her ripped neck. However, she was unable to stop the blood from flowing… 

Blood spilled everywhere and a few drops spilled onto the completely bound Old Li.

The female master’s blood had special freeing effects that caused the grey color to rapidly withdraw from Old Li’s body and he recovered his freedom. 

The fight had been witnessed by Old Li. The two White Nightmare attacks had been unable to truly damage the mysterious female master because she had possessed a seal defense. Even if it was a devil flame fire attack, it wasn’t able to deal even thirty percent of the damage. 

All of the soul pets present had been unable to use particularly strong attacks thus unable to deal damage to the female master. Only Mo Xie who had undone the seal’s strength and could break through her seal defense was able to truly damage her! 

“Princess, quickly flee! She possessed the strength of the Sacred Holy Flower which is emperor rank strength!!” Old Li let out a sharp cry. 

After shouting, Old Li hastily had Mo Xie take advantage of her injury to escape. This was because he was worried Mo Xie would be instantly killed like the rock type monarch by the terrifying female emperor! 

Princess Jin Rou was filled with anger and hate. Her pale white lips had already been bitten through; yet, the enemy’s strength was too strong and even seven soul pets still weren’t her opponent. 

“Everyone leave!” finally, Princess Jin Rou gave an order to her soul pets while full of tears.

The White Nightmare and White Nightmare Princess didn’t hesitate and quickly floated back. The White Nightmare Princess floated to Princess Jin Rou’s side to protect her while the White Nightmare flew to Zhan Ye’s side to protect Chu Mu, who was still passed out.

After Mo Xie hit her target, she swept her tail and picked up Old Li, using Nine Tail Confuse to flee far away from the female master’s attack range. After stepping over the rock type monarch’s miserable body. Immediately after, she chased after the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox. 

The female master held her neck that was full of fresh blood and her face was extremely dark. Her pair of eyes gradually began burning with an angry flame. 

The female master didn’t immediately pursue. The royal flame from the Nine Tail Inferno Fox seal break attack dealt deadly damage. If she didn’t stop the bleeding in time, all of her blood would be lost. 

The female master hadn’t put any of the soul pets in her eyes. Yet, Chu Mu’s main pet possessed a unique seal break species technique that countered the female master. This caused her to have no choice but be afraid of the Nine Tail Inferno Fox!


Mo Xie quickly ran up to Zhan Ye that was carrying Chu Mu. She had noticed Zhan Ye’s speed had drastically slowed down and immediately asked why. 

Zhan Ye’s speed had drastically reduced because its back limb had been restricted by the grey demon flower energy and could only run with three limbs. 

Mo Xie extended her claws to see if there was still any of the female master’s blood left on it. However, Mo Xie possessed blood flames so the female master’s blood had already evaporated. There was no way for her to undo Zhan Ye’s restriction. 


Zhan Ye let out a roar, telling her to keep running. It wouldn’t be able to keep up for long. Princess Jin Rou, in the meantime, lead all of the soul pets back to the caves above the abyss from before.

The White Nightmare and White Nightmare Princess had the fastest reactions and realized that both of Ling He’s main pets had appeared there. They flew into the cave and both used nightmare flames, forcibly forcing back Ling He’s obstruction. 

“They’re here, stop them!!” 

Ling He immediately saw Princess Jin Rou and the following soul pets, and a smile rose on his face as he spoke to the killers. 

Over thirty killers had just entered the cave but were a distance away from Princess Jin Rou.

Practically all of them were riding on a green eyed demon beast. Seeing Princess Jin Rou appear, they all chanted incantations as they continue to summon other soul pets!

Soul pet patterns appeared. Instantly, over thirty Terror Wolf-like ominous demons while baring their teeth appeared. When they ran, they were as fast as lightning and they formed cold streaks of light in this pitch-black cave as they charged towards the two White Nightmares! 

The nine underworld devil flames had extremely powerful destructive force. A dozen white devil flames appeared that rose up high into the air, forming a nine underworld devil flames array. This forced the green eyed demon-Terror Wolf-like demons to one side. As for the demons that had already jumped into the nine underworld devil flame array, the White Nightmare’s powerful array burnt them to crisps, instantly killing a number of them!

“Princess, go this way!” Old Li lead the way forward. He took advantage of the fact that Ling He and the killers hadn’t occupied the whole cave yet and brought Princess Jin Rou down a side path. 

Princess Jin Rou didn’t hesitate and rode on her Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox down the rock path. 

Mo Xie added to the two White Nightmare flames and didn’t give the killers on the other side of the cave the chance to charge over. The different colors of nine underworld devil flames, white demonic devil flames, demon fire evil flames and blood flames burned through the cave!!

“You three, quickly retreat!” Princess Jin Rou quickly made her way over to the cave pathway entrance. She turned her head around towards the White Nightmare Princess, the White Nightmare and Mo Xie as she spoke to them. 

The three soul pets all knew when to stop. They maintained the flaming wall in the cave before rapidly turning around and following Princess Jin Rou and the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox. 

“Princess, be careful of Ling He. His soul pets have arrived!!” Old Li let out a cry out of fear. 

In the flaming wall, a scorching sunlight abruptly burst forth. The multiple layers of fire were of no obstruction. Light burst in all directions from its enormous body as it quickly approached them.

Beside the scorching sunlight, purple lightning flew across. The scorching flame wave didn’t deal much damage to it either. This was Ling He’s Lightning Monkey King!

All of Ling He’s soul pets were strong and if they were stopped by his attacks, the moment the killers caught up, it would be impossible for Princess Jin Rou and Chu Mu to escape. 

Princess Jin Rou bit her lip. She knew that there had to be a soul pet to cut off their pursuers in order for them to have an opportunity to escape… 

However, the soul pet that cut off their pursuers would not be able to return

Princess Jin Rou couldn’t make the choice. If she didn’t give up a soul pet, both her and Chu Mu’s soul pets would be completely annihilated. 

However, giving up a soul pet was something very difficult for Princess Jin Rou to do. After all, her soul pets constantly stayed by her side as she grew up… 

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