Chapter 477: Emperor Rank Strength, Terrifying Master (1)

Chapter 477: Emperor Rank Strength, Terrifying Master (1) 

Old Li ran in front. His body was small, but his four limbs moved very quickly. Even Mo Xie and the Ice Fox were unable to catch up to this fellow.

Since it was a dangerous situation now, Old Li was no longer as cowardly as he was in the past. He took to the front to lead Princess Jin Rou.

They ran along this path for four to five hundred meters before a new cave appeared. This cave seemed head upwards and the further inwards they headed, the more it seemed like a slope.

“Princess, quickly follow. It’s another cave. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to throw them off.” Old Li stood in an even narrower cave before climbing onto a tall pointed rock before returned back and speaking to Princess Jin Rou.

After speaking, Old Li immediately rushed in another direction, but when he reached the very center of the cave, he immediately stopped in his tracks, and his constant-moving eyes suddenly turned serious! 

His eyes were fixated on a protruding rock and he could faintly feel that on top of this ten meter rock was a figure! 

This figure was slim and graceful and he could tell it was a woman. 

Old Li stared closely, and at first thought it was a rock that looked like a woman. But when he discovered that the female statue’s sharp eyes were blinking, Old Li’s face immediately changed!

“Princes, don’t.” Old Li turned around and stretched out his small arm, not wanting Princess Jin Rou to enter. 

However, in the next moment, the female statue’s cold eyes swept across and before Old Li could finish his sentence, a grey colored demonic flower suddenly blossomed under his feet from in between the cracks!

It was unclear what strange ability this grey demonic flower had, but when Old Li stood on top of it, his small body rapidly turned grey as if he was being covered by a layer of grey paraffin wax!!

Old Li wasn’t able to yell in time. His body began turning around and his arm was outstretched as if he was trying to stop something. But after that, there was no more movement. He was completely still on top of this grey demonic flower!!

Behind him, Princess Jin Rou had heard his shout, but she hadn’t clearly heard what he had said.

Quickly, Princess Jin Rou and her soul pets also entered the cave and she immediately saw the grey statue body of Old Li standing there. His raccoon-like face was still filled with worry and fear!

A wave of fear washed over Princess Jin Rou and she immediately realized that there was danger here. Her eyes swept over thee cave and she immediately discovered that not even twenty meters in front of her was a beautiful woman radiating with a frigid air. Her eyes were so cold that others wouldn’t dare face her head on!

Although she had never seen the veiled female master’s real face, Princess Jin Rou knew that this woman was definitely the mysterious master from before without a trace of a soul!

But right now, things were completely different. This woman’s eyes were full of power and tyranny, reflecting the arrogance in her heard. She seemed like a noble spirit that looked down upon everything and peered with disdain on every living thing!

In front of this woman, Princess Jin Rou felt unprecedented pressure. Her breathing turned rough and she even forgot to order her soul pets to attack!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!” Mo Xie’s reaction was the quickest and as Princess Jin Rou had lost herself, a pair of royal flames ignited on Mo Xie’s body before flying beside the princess!!


Mo Xie’s flaming body rapidly transformed into five bodies that rushed towards the female master. 45 flaming tails were like chains that that began criss-crossing across the female master’s body with the intent to squeeze her to death!

Mo Xie had used Five Night Inferno Fox Diagram, her strongest single-target destructive force technique! 

The female master’s body didn’t move, however. A golden colored flower petal began to circle around her body. It was like a golden colored petal knife that danced around and split apart the surrounding space!

Of Mo Xie’s 45 flaming tails, 36 were illusions. The sharp golden petals managed to destroy all of the fake Mo Xie’s as they flew around.

“Shi shi shi shi shi!!!!!!!”

Mo Xie’s real nine tailed body wasn’t so lucky either. When her nine tails were struck by the circling golden petals, they were slashed apart and fresh blood began to spill out amidst the flames. 

The flower petals were completely under the control of the mysterious female master and they locked onto Mo Xie, flying at her!

Their attack power was extremely terrifying and Mo Xie’s defense was incapable of resisting them. If she was ultimately wrapped up by these drifting flower petals, she would be peeled apart so that only her bones appeared!

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

The injured Mo Xie registered this woman’s terrifyingness, and hastily gave up on her attack. She used Nine Tail Confuse and unfurled her nine tails covered in blood, dodging the female master’s attack. Then, she retreated back to the soul pet group.

The female master’s eyes were like knives and they coldly swept over the Princess and the soul pets beside her. Suddenly, a cold grey light blossomed from her eyes!!

This was the same attack used on Old Li. This time, the female master had attacked all of the soul pets!

There was the wounded Mo Xie, the White Nightmare about to launch an attack, Zhan Ye that stood near the back carrying Chu Mu, the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox, the Dark Devil Buddhist protecting Princess Jin Rou at the back, the rock type monarch that stood at the very back and the Princess White Nightmare that stood with the White Nightmare… 

Seven soul pets and Princess Jin Rou. Grey demonic lights began to blossom simultaneously under them. This demon flower was like a lotus, but was full of an ice cold aura. When stepping on top of it, one felt that the lower half of his body was being frozen!

Eight mysterious and terrifying grey demonic lights were released, and Princess Jin Rou quickly thought of Old Li that had turned completely grey. A worried expression showed on her face as she hastily had all of the soul pets dodge.

The White Nightmare and the Princess White Nightmare were the strongest, so they had the quickest reactions. Seemingly the moment the grey demonic flower began exerting a grey force, they both used Displacement Specter, narrowly dodging this strange flower technique.

Mo Xie had just used NIne Tail Confuse and her illusion techniques. She could no longer use another dodging technique, so she seemed incapable of dodging. Quickly, the grey energy began to seep into her body… 

The royal flames on her body  began to gradually extinguish under the power of this grey flower type energy and her silver fur began to turn grey. In a short period of time, she became a flaming fox statue. Her nine tails were still dancing in the air, but they were frozen… incapable of movement!

When Princess Jin Rou saw that Old Li had been completely bound by the grey flower type energy, she had raised her guard and managed to use a technique in time, creating an ice type defense that blocked the grey demonic flower’s binding power. 

The Dark Devil Buddhist wasn’t so lucky and was completely bound. Just like Old Li, it stood motionless on top of the grey demonic flower. 

The Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox innately possessed curse strength and the grey demonic flower was clearly a flower type sealing technique. This seal was ineffective on the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox. 

Zhan Ye stood at the very back, but the grey flower attack wasn’t very accurate, slightly missing its body. Only its back left leg was affected by the grey color, now bound. 

Princess Jin Rou’s rock type monarch had the slowest reaction and its brown body was quickly covered by the grey colored demon flower ability. Even its eyes became a grey color. 

Perhaps this demon flower sealing power was weaker on the rock type monarch because although it had been bound, it was still able to move its body very slowly.

“Leave this place!” Princess Jin Rou recognized that this female master had astonishing strength had promptly had all the soul pets turn around.

After speaking, Princess Jin Rou hastily changed an incantation and immediately recalled the immobile Dark Devil Buddhist back to her soul pet space. 

The White Nightmare and Princess White Nightmare both used devil flame techniques on the mysterious female master, blocking her from attacking. 

However, the devil flames were unable to burn the female master, who stood unaffected in the white devil flames!

The female master’s technique didn’t end and grey demon flowers outlandishly blossomed in the rock cracks. Countless flowers began to appear on the icy cave wall! 

The demon flower grew at a very fast speed and quickly, the rock cave was covered by terrifying demon flowers. Presumably, it wouldn’t be long before the cave and the pathway were completely covered.

Princess Jin Rou didn’t dare hesitate and quickly had all the soul pets retreat back into the pathway they came in. 

At this moment, a sliver of a flower vine was curling around the female master’s finger. This flower vine suddenly transformed into a viper-like object that flickered with a cold black light before flying out. It completely demolished the pointed rocks in between the female master and Princess Jin Rou! 

Princess Jin Rou’s eyes opened wide ands he could feel the flower vine viper’s approach. It was an approach of an aura full of death! She knew that if she was hit by this attack, with her ability to resist, she probably wouldn’t survive!

The female master seemed to realize that this technique could instantly kill Princess Jin Rou. As the flower vine viper flew out, her hand softly moved and changed the direction of its attack towards Princess Jin Rou’s shoulder bone! 

This attack looked incomparably average, but was incomparably vicious. Princess Jin Rou knew that even if it was her shoulder that was attacked, there was no chance of climbing back up. However, she could not dodge right now and she could only watch with her eyes full of fear as the viper flew over. 


With an angry roar, the rock type monarch standing behind Princess Jin Rou exploded with its full strength and forcibly moved its enormous body!

It took a large steep and appeared in front of Princess Jin Rou to use its rock body to protect her!


The flower vine viper swept past and immediately shattered the rock type monarch’s armor, piercing into its thick body!!

However, despite this, the flower vine viper’s power wasn’t weakened in the slightest and after it finished piercing through the rock type monarch’s body, it still struck Princess Jin Rou’s shoulder, leaving a deep bloody hole in her delicate shoulder!!!

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