Chapter 476: Cave Abyss, Millipede Calamity

Chapter 476: Cave Abyss, Millipede Calamity

The east side of the mountain was a vast forest. This forest stood on relatively flat ground. Gazing across, it was a green sea of canopies.

Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou’s final location, Lake Chen, was on the east end of this forest full of danger.

At this time, at the bottom of the huge mountain, the lifeless female master stood on a steep rock face, and eyed the slant below her feet.

Beside the female master was the soul damaged Pan Zheng. Pan Zheng could only summon two soul pets right now, one of which was holding the heavily injured Shen Yicheng.

“Master, why have you stopped walking?” Pan Zheng asked.

“You wait here.” Female master said.

Pan Zheng didn’t quite understand. Currently, most of the other contestants have probably reached the west side of this mountain. Crossing the mountain only took about half a day. If they didn’t take this advantage and reach the end of the bewildering world first, they may not get the final honor.

“Is master worrying for Ling He? One cannot find anyone in all of second tier that can go against him, let alone him and that whole group of killers. How could the Nightmare Palace princess and Soul Palace Chu Chen beat them? If not for that combination technique, even I could kill that soul palace Chu Chen easily!” Pan Zheng said.

Female master didn’t reply, only letting Pan Zheng wait while she turned back.

Pan Zheng didn’t dare go against female master’s command, so he could only stand as he watched female master go back towards the massive mountain towards one of the cave entrances.

After she slowly walked into the pitch black cave, her hollow eyes slowly gained a glint of coldness.

When she stepped into the cave, her clothes started billowing strangely, as if some power were overflowing from her body and creating a powerful aura.

Around her were countless red eyes of the bug type organisms that lived in the caves. Yet, when female master walked past them, the organisms all scurried away, terrified, back into the caves they dug, not daring to show themselves again.

As she stepped forward, a seal on her seemed to be slowly opening up, and a cold and dark aura enveloped her!

Gradually, her pupils regained the spirit of a normal person, cold and imposing. The perfect face now emitted a nobility and arrogance that isolated herself from everyone else.

Now, she was no longer a lifeless body, but a true icy and black-blooded empress. One could no longer tell if she was a soul pet trainer or a top tier organism transformed into human form!

When she stepped to a crossroad, female master closed her eyes and started sensing for Chu Mu’s presence.

Seeming to have sensed Chu Mu’s direction, she slowly opened her eyes again and started walking pointedly in a specific direction…...

The black cave always let out strange squirming noises. When red light flashed past, they could clearly sense some long organism moving out of the way of the light, quickly darting to the shadows where fire couldn’t reach while keeping their eyes on the people that have intruded into this cave.

Every thousand feet millipede was about a dozen meters, making them considerable giants. With thousands of these organisms, it was unimaginable how large this mountain abyss was to hold this many resting millipedes.

“Ice Luster, Towering Ice Blade!” Princess Jin ROu commanded.

The towering ice curse demon fox darted forward with claws full of frost intersecting above the massive hole, creating two flashes of moon like arcs!


The black millipede couldn’t block this vicious attack. Its ten meter long body was instantly split into multiple chunks, falling down from above.

Princess Jin Rou retracted her soul remembrance and glanced at the millipede corpses that were carpeting the ground. From her expression, it could be seen that she wasn’t used to this killing…...


Hurried footsteps came from one of the pitch black tunnels.

After not too long, the extremely fast Old Li ran in front of Princess Jin Rou and waved his short arms around, “They’re all coming from this way, quickly escape by that path.”

Just as he finished, Old Li immediately ran towards another path. Princess Jin Rou could sense that the killers were near and immediately followed.

Yet, before Princess Jin Rou even made it to the hole entrance, Mo Xie, with her nine tails burning with royal flames, ran back from that direction.


Mo Xie called towards Old Li and Princess Jin Rou, signalling that there were many enemies that direction as well.

“We’re truly in trouble now.” Cold sweat dripped down from Old Li.

Princess Jin Rou bit down on her crimson lips. This cave only had four tunnels outwards. Behind her was Ling He, whose strength was too strong for Princess Jin Rou to fight head on.

From both Old Li and Mo Xie’s directions, there were many killers. With the amount of killers in each direction, Princess Jin Rou couldn’t possibly exit from their directions either.

The final tunnel was the path through the thousand feet millipede’s cave. There was air movement this direction, meaning it wasn’t a dead end. However, there were definitely countless thousand feet millipedes inhabiting this path, so entering meant looking for death…...

“Ice Fox, you stay ahead. Dark Devil Buddhist, restrict all the thousand feet millipede that attack us…” Princess Jin Rou finally decided to try the path of thousand feet millipedes.

The Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox lead the way, while Dark Devil Buddhist ensured Princess Jin Rou and Chu Mu’s safety. The rock type monarch was behind to ensure they wouldn’t get assaulted by killers. White Nightmare Princess followed Princess Jin Rou’s side, ready to attack at any time.

White Nightmare was Princess Jin Rou’s White Nightmare. It was already ninth phase middle  class monarch. From its ghostly cold aura, one could tell that it was a White Nightmare that was about to enter high class monarch rank!

Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox’s offense was incredible, so any thousand feet millipede less than tenth phase would get instantly killed.

Very quickly, Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox created a hundred meter bloody path full of millipede corpses. Princess Jin Rou couldn’t stop to worry about the disgusting bug type corpses, stepping right on these filthy bodies as she ran without stopping.

“They are already nearby. Very quickly, they will catch up.” Old Li quickly ran back and said very gravely to Princess JIn Rou.

Princess Jin Rou didn’t reply, continuing to let Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox lead the way.

Finally, after killing a dozen more thousand feet millipedes, what appeared in front of Princess Jin Rou was a palace-hall-like cave.

This cave was also full of punctures, with marks left by countless millipedes. Luckily, some lead to tunnels in other directions.

“Young princess, watch your step!” Old Li quickly jumped onto Zhan Ye’s back as he pointed ridiculously at the rock layer beneath them.

The cave they were in was the upper layer. Under them was a rock layer, yet it was clearly becoming more perforated……...

Mo Xie’s body was always burning with royal flames. These flames cast into the perforated rock layer, revealing a massive black abyss under that layer!!

In reality, below this cave wasn’t an abyss. The entire cave itself was an abyss; the layer they were on was just a rock strata that formed halfway into the abyss.

These rocks covered the upper half of the abyss, creating the perforated layer they were on now. Therefore, above this layer was a very fragile cave, while below it was a dark abyss that sent shivers down people’s spines!!


The royal flames on Mo Xie’s body darted down a little as she tried to illuminate the bottom of the abyss.

Princess Jin Rou followed its lead and looked downwards, but this glance made Princess Jin Rou instantly lose all her composure!!

The pitch black cavern was immense, and grew gradually wider as it got deeper. At the bottom, its radius was a few thousand meters large!!

Following Mo Xie’s flame light down, one could only see a tiny corner of the pit. However, in the area mere hundreds of meters wide, squirming red body after body laid wriggling and interlacing!

Black scythe like legs, fluid covered millipede armor, massive grotesque heads, scary long bodies…...

Everywhere the flames reached was covered in millipede bodies!!!

These millipedes were tangled together, all emitting disgusting fluids. Some were half upright, waving around its dozen meter bodies and thousands of scythe like legs; others were coiled around stalactites, while yet more were laying on the abyss walls, as if ready to dart upwards at any time!!

The entire black abyss suddenly revealed countless shocking beasts and wriggling masses!

If everywhere the light illuminated was filled with millipedes, one could imagine what it looked like in the massive region where light couldn’t reach. Was it also chock full of these revolting yet hair-raising creatures!!!

Princess Jin Rou nearly fainted at this sight!!

She knew that below her, in the hundreds of meters wide abyss, was the true nest of the thousand feet millipedes. If she fell down, not even an ounce of her would be left intact by the hands of those millipedes!!

“Mo Xie, retract your flame quickly!” Princess Jin Rou said panickingly at Mo Xie!

Organisms that lived in the dark hated light the most. If they triggered the thousand feet millipedes below them, the killers wouldn’t even need to catch up before Princess Jin Rou, Chu Mu, and all their soul pets were eaten up.

Old Li had realized that below them was a millipede hell, so he specially jumped onto Zhan Ye’s back, in case he fell down accidentally.

“Little princess, let’s...let’s leave here first.” Old Li said.

Princess Jin Rou’s face had turned pale long ago. Just the thought of the millipede calamity below here made her shiver.

She jumped onto the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox’s back and picked a tunnel to lead Chu Mu and their soul pets quickly out of this living hell.

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