Chapter 475: Thousand Legged Centipede, Maze like Cave

Chapter 475: Thousand Legged Centipede, Maze like Cave

Mo Xie lowered her head. Zhan Ye and White Nightmare followed tightly next to her.

Mo Xie grasped Chu Mu’s chasing technique. Though Chu Mu on her back was already severely mentally damaged and couldn’t do much thinking, Mo Xie could still use her years of experience with Chu Mu to find the place where Princess Jin Rou was hiding.

Princess Jin Rou stopped near the cave. Not long ago, she heard the sound of the valley crumbling and knew that Chu Mu had probably met Ling He.

Ling He’s strength was probably the best hidden of all second tier. Only a few people knew of the existence of this young man who reached the top of his generation.

If Chu Mu was still in his complete state, then Princess Jin Rou believed that Chu Mu could stay safe and escape from Ling He using his wilderness training skills. However, Chu Mu had suffered from an incredibly powerful Poisonous Mental Bite, so Princess Jin Rou was scared Chu Mu would faint half way through.


Light footsteps came from not fara way. Very quickly, Princess Jin Rou saw Mo Xie carrying Chu Mu over.

Beside Mo Xie was White Nightmare and Zhan Ye. Chu Mu sat somewhat limply on Mo Xie’s back, seeming very strange.

Princess Jin Rou quickly went forward, but when she neared she discovered that Chu Mu had completely fainted, and he was convulsing slightly.

“Chu Mu, Chu Mu” Princess Jin Rou tried to wake Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s consciousness was completely blurred. To not get followed by the defector young woman, he stayed awake for two full days. These two days time was the limit of his mental strength. Now, he completely lost his senses and could not be woken, no matter how much Princess Jin Rou called him.

“Little princess, his mind is heavily wounded and needs many days before he can recover. Before he recovers, you have to ensure his safety!” Old Li jumped forward and said to Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou looked surprised as she saw this talking half human half soul pet pop out of nowhere. After a while, she came back to her senses and said, “Are you that talking raccoon from the legends?”

“...” Old Li heard Princess Jin Rou’s description of him and felt a little embarrassed.

“I can’t be bothered to explain to a little girl who can’t respect her elders. Don’t say more, just hide into the cave. That Ling He’s nose is like a dog’s. He won’t take long to catch up. Your hiding abilities are limited, so we need to use this complicated cave to lose him.” old Li said.

Princess Jin Rou nodded without asking any more. Jumping onto her Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox’s back, she travelled deeper into the pitch black cave.

Mo Xie also knew Chu Mu needed Princess Jin Rou’s protection, so she tightly followed, hoping she could safely bring Chu Mu out of danger this time. As long as Chu Mu woke up, neither Ling He nor the killers would be able to catch the experienced Chu Mu.

“Old Li, why does Chu Mu look strange, almost as if he knows the veiled woman?” After entering deep into the cave, Princess Jin Rou couldn’t help her curiosity and asked Old Li.

She sensed strangeness from Chu Mu, as if he was hiding something in his heart. Princess Jin Rou felt that Chu Mu was wiling to fight to his last breath against her.

“I can’t say this randomly, right?” Old Li clearly seemed to be unable to keep a secret.

“I know his even bigger secret, so what is there that can’t be said?” Princess Jin Rou’s bigger secret was naturally the fact that Mo Xie could continuously mutate.

Princess Jin Rou had always kept this secret for Chu Mu. She felt that if she gave it away, she would definitely start a sensation that would shock all the factions, causing Chu Mu to truly become a member at the forefront of everything.

“Don’t you know that he lost a soul? It has something to do with his lost soul. That’s all I can say, and it’s already too much.” Old Li said.

Princess Jin Rou blanked slightly. She didn’t expect these people to be related to Chu Mu’s first soul pet. If this was related to his first soul’s honor, then Chu Mu’s performance today was understandable. Chu Mu wasn’t the kind to be cowering; he was always burning with belief that he used to power his battles, a man of powerful determination!

Outside the massive mountain, countless green figures rode their soul pets as they swiftly appeared and gathered in front of the cave Princess Jin Rou entered.

Of all the green clothed killers, Ling He stood coldly there, his gaze sweeping over all the killers and their soul pets.

Ling He stood on his tenth phase monarch Ardent Sun Rhinoceros and said, “These two people are in the cave. He definitely wants to avoid our pursuit through the use of the complicated cave system.”

“Boss Ling, the cave environment is one of our best environments for assassinations. Don’t worry, we won’t let them get away this time!” The blue clothed killer said steadily.

“We will split up and search this cave completely. No matter where they hid, I can find them!” The other killer leader said.

Ling He’s mouth corner lifted slowly, “Split up? That isn’t necessary. Nightmare Palace little princess isn’t that weak. Your killers may not be their match and could be easily broken through one by one.

Now, do as I say. You two leaders each take a team and follow me into the cave. My Lightning Monkey King can find their scent. All you have to do is when I find them, you guys block off all possible escape routes!”

The two killer leaders looked at each other and nodded, starting to split the killers into two teams.

“Now all follow me, let’s hope you aren’t too slow.” Ling He said.

“Boss Ling, don’t worry, our soul pet strength cannot compare to yours, but when chasing, we definitely won’t fall behind.” The two killer leaders said simultaneously.

“Good, I will find them within a day!” a smile appeared on Ling He’s face.

The reason Ling He could constantly follow Chu Mu wasn’t because Ling He also had amazing wilderness training, but because he had a Lightning Monkey King that could pursue from thousands of miles away. As long as he had it, Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou wouldn’t be able to escape.

The cave under the massive mountain could be described as unbelievably complicated. Countless rock tunnels spanned outwards to unknown locations, with a completely hollow rock cave and an even more fickle underground river, creating an intricate underground maze.

This special cave group also had many soul pets that liked dark and sealed habitats, acting as a huge soul pet nest!

When Princess Jin Rou entered this complicated soul pet nest, she had been obstructed by soul pets constantly. She couldn’t avoid angering soul pets during travelling like Chu Mu could, resulting in her even getting surrounded a couple of times.

In the cave were mainly bug type soul pets, and to some degree all had dark type.

“Young princess, you should switch a path. This path straight ahead is definitely a bug type soul pet colony of thousands. With my experience, it is likely the cave of a Thousand Feet Centipede. If you walk in there, even if all your soul pets are tenth phase, you may not survive.”

“Then which way do I walk? I can’t turn around, the killers and Ling He aren’t far from me.” Princess Jin Rou couldn’t decide.

“Let your little ice fox freeze the rock layer above and dig through if you have any rock type soul pet. Above you is another cave tunnel, putting you above the thousand feet Centipede, and then you can go right across.” Old Li said.

“I can also try to use these thousand feet Centipedes to deal with the killers?” Princess Jin Rou said.

“Give up that thought. You don’t know wild soul pet groups well enough, meaning you won’t be able to handle them. One misstep and you’ll kill yourself in the process. The safest method is still to go above the cave.” Old Li said.

Princess Jin Rou didn’t try to hold her own. She told Towering Ice curse demon fox to freeze the rock layer above and then let a powerful soul pet shatter the rocks.

Old Li noticed water dripping from above, so he deduced that there must still be another cave above.

Indeed as predicted, a huge hollow layer opened up about ten meters upwards that winded its way into the mountain.

Princess Jin Rou didn’t know where this tunnel led, but she led her soul pets and Chu Mu’s three soul pets up into this new layer…...

Thousand feet Centipede could travel between rock layers easily. When Princess Jin Rou went up, she quickly found signs of a thousand food Centipede having travelled here, causing the rocks to be riddled with marks.

“Princess, be careful. These thousand feet Centipedes have been here for countless years and were all high phases. Getting accidentally surrounded would spell the end for us.” Old Li specially reminded Princess Jin Rou.

When Princess Jin Rou saw these climb marks, she already felt uneasy. After all, near this cave was thousands of vicious centipedes!

If Chu Mu were here, he indeed could use these thousand feet centipedes to get rid of the chasers……” Old Li said.

Princess Jin Rou glanced at Chu Mu on Mo Xie’s back again. It has been half a day since they entered the cave, yet Chu Mu didn’t have any sign of waking up. Princess Jin Rou didn’t know how much longer she could last…...


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