Chapter 474: Three Big Main Pets, Benefiting From Help in the Face of Crisis (3)

Chapter 474: Three Big Main Pets, Benefiting From Help in the Face of Crisis (3) 

Chu Mu had heard Old Li’s previous reminder that the most of the time, tenth phase monarch rank soul pets would appear in the first grade. It was a practically inconconceivable for one to appear in the second grade.

Yet, now Ling He had summoned a tenth phase middle class monarch Ardent Sun Rhinoceros. It was no wonder he had the strength to contend in the first grade. This tenth phase monarch would be able to crush several normal experts in the first grade!

“Mo Xie!” Chu Mu immediately gave Mo Xie an order, having her fight the Lightning Monkey King.

Mo Xie was at the ninth phase second stage, and was an entire eight stages lower than the Lightning Monkey King! The dual royal flame effect was probably able to make up for three stages, but there were still five stages of a difference. 

(TL: typo by author as to stage discrepancy)  

Chu Mu’s present soul power was nearly zero, and he could not use any soul technique to raise Mo Xie’s fighting strength. He could only rely on Mo Xie’s fighting experience and talent to fight the Lightning Monkey King. 

The Lightning Monkey King’s lightning strength wasn’t weak either. Every time it swept its claws, it would carry a powerful lightning effect that could paralyse a soul pet’s limbs. There were many times that after receiving its attack, a soul pet would grow slower and slower before ultimately being unable to move. 

Chu Mu didn’t have Mo Xie engage in close combat. After all, Mo Xie was five stages lower than the Lightning Monkey King, which was nearly two levels. If they were to fight head on, Mo Xie would quickly lose.

Chu Mu’s present strongest soul pet, the White Nightmare, was fighting the Ardent Sun Rhinoceros whose attacks were extremely powerful. Moreover, as long as there was sunlight, this soul pet was able to step in the air at will. Thus, the White Nightmare’s flying advantage simply didn’t manifest itself. 

The fight didn’t last very long. Chu Mu’s Mo Xie and White Nightmare were both at the disadvantage. If it wasn’t because Chu Mu was experienced with fighting those stronger than him and used to having his soul pets fighting stronger opponents, Chu Mu probably would have already lost with such a clear strength difference. 

“Mo Xie, White Nightmare, we’re going!” Chu Mu decisively chose to retreat.

Chu Mu came here not to engage in an all out fight with Ling He, but to delay this fellow and not let him follow so closely. 

Now that the situation was unfavorable, Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t have his soul pets continue fighting!

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~~~”

Mo Xie’s strength was inferior to the Lightning Monkey King. Relying on the powerful escape ability from her Nine Tail Confuse, it wouldn’t be hard for her to escape the battle though. 

The White Nightmare’s movements were innately outlandish. Even though the Ardent Sun Rhinoceros’ strength was stronger than the White Nightmare by a level, its speed was far from the White Nightmare’s. After the White Nightmare used Devil Phantom, it quickly managed to flee the battlefield. 

“You won’t be able to get away!” Ling He had already guessed Chu Mu had this intention. He chanted another incantation, as he was clearly going to summon another soul pept. Moreover, it was probably going to be a soul pet with speed not inferior to the Lightning Monkey King!

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!!”

As Ling He chanted an incantation, Zhan Ye which had remained in place in the high valley let out a roar. Instantly, a black Death Ray shot down, and accurately blew up the weak precipitous stone wall!!


The destructive ray’s energy blew up, and the lofty stone wall began to violently shake. From high up, rocks began to tumble down!!

Mo Xie and the White Nightmare had already jumped up to the high ground. When the enormous rocks began tumbling down, the White Nightmare used Displacement Specter to quickly appear even higher up, now floating in front of Chu Mu. 

Mo Xie relied on her agile skills to dash higher up, using the tumbling rocks as jumping platforms as she smoothly moved from stone to stone!

The Lightning Monkey King was actually very close, so when Mo Xie jumped up towards the high valley, it transformed into a lightning bolt that chased after her. 

However, the Lightning Monkey King’s dodging abilities were slightly inferior to Mo Xie’s. When it reached the halfway point, it was smashed by an enormous and fast moving stone, and it heavily fell back down from a hundred meters up to the bottom. 

Facing the countless number of tumbling stones from high up, Ling He still didn’t pause his incantation, and he continued to chant in place.

Just as a piece of rock was about to smash into him, the Ardent Sun Rhinoceros next to him shook and immediately, all of the tumbling stones were blown to pieces! 

A soul pet pattern slowly appeared next to Ling He as another enormous soul pet aura appeared from the pattern. If Chu Mu was still there, he would have definitely been able to feel that the soul pet Ling He had summoned had an aura even slightly stronger that the Ardent Sun Rhinoceros!!

The tumbling rocks continued for a period of time. When Chu Mu had passed through here earlier, he had registered that this was a pretty good location. Thus, even if Ling He had prepared, his understanding of the topography was a bit inferior. He was stopped by Chu Mu who managed to successfully escape. 

However, Ling He wasn’t worried. After summoning his third pet, he continued to chase eastward. He was sure that Chu Mu intentionally stopping here to obstruct him was to satisfy an objective. As long as he carefully searched, Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou would not be able to escape. 

Chu Mu intentionally ran around in a few circles to throw off Ling He’s sense of direction before returning back to the location he and Princess Jin Rou had split. 

Although Princess Jin Rou had learned a few techniques as to not leave any traces when she moved, to Chu Mu, a soul pet trainer with much experience in the wild, there wasn’t much meaning in doing so. Chu Mu only had to pay a bit more attention, and would be able to catch up to the place Princess Jin Rou was heading to. 

Chu Mu continued along the path Princess Jin Rou was walking on and wiped all of her footprints that she had left. Simultaneously, he left many signs on any branches of the path that would lead in different directions. This would throw off Ling Hee and the other killers’ pursuit again. 

After doing this, Chu Mu felt abnormally tired. His mind had reached its limit. 

“White Nightmare, Mo Xie, Zhan Ye, the rest is all up to you.” Chu Mu knew his mind had reached its limit and once again urged his three main pets. 

“Wu wu wu~~~~~” Mo Xie stuck out her tongue and licked the back of Chu Mu’s hand.

Chu Mu’s hand was already completely pale, and his green veins were showing. It looked extremely scary. 

Chu Mu scratched Mo Xie’s velvety ears and in a weak tone said: “The enemy is my first soul pet and she signed a soul pact with me before you guys. However, she defected and is no longer my soul pet, nor is she your comrade!” 

“She is my greatest enemy. I can’t lose no matter this time or in the Battle of the Realm. You guys have to help me to continue to fight. Do you understand!” 

The White Nightmare, Mo Xie, and Zhan Ye all vigorously nodded their heads. 

Chu Mu’s three main pets had followed Chu Mu for a long time, and their spirits were linked with Chu Mu. Right now, they could feel an intense will to fight in his heart. It was like their own honor that was possessed by soul pets. Chu Mu had his own honor and they understood that this fight represented his honor!! They absolutely had to approach it with their full strengths!

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