Chapter 473: Three Big Main Pets, Benefiting From Help in the Face of Crisis (2)

Chapter 473: Three Big Main Pets, Benefiting From Help in the Face of Crisis (2)

High up, Chu Mu stared at the western group of mountains. Right now, he could see several green clothed figures riding on their soul pets chasing after him from far away.

The competition authorities wouldn’t appear until the sixteenth day, but only a mere five days had passed. He still needed to wait another ten days before he could be considered to have won this fight between him and this defector young woman puppet. Clearly, regardless if it was Chu Mu or Princess Jin Rou, the defector young woman puppet wouldn’t let them off. She had already sent out all of the green clothed killers… 

Chu Mu didn’t stay much longer in his spot. He had to take advantage of the time he was still conscious to get as far as he could from these killers. Otherwise, the moment he passed out, Princess Jin Rou, who was not proficient in the wild, would easily be caught by these killers. 

The seventh realm’s main round was realm crossing, and this really was the easiest round to Chu Mu. As long as he didn’t launch attacks at those wild soul pets, Chu Mu would even be able to unobstructedly cross ninth rank bewildering worlds. 

Princess Jin Rou followed close behind Chu Mu. She paid very close attention to any of Chu Mu’s small movements, in hopes of learning anything on how to not leave any traces behind.

Princess Jin Rou was naturally smart, and small explanations by Chu Mu allowed her to quickly grasp a few basic abilities. At least the killers would have to use a bit of their minds to find her tracks. 

After two days, Chu Mu’s mental backlash caused his face to grow more pale. Not long later, he completely passed out.

The truth was that normal people would immediately pass out after their soul power was exhausted. Yet, Chu Mu had relied on his willpower to last a whole two days.

“Princess, there is definitely a rather complex cave system in the mountains ahead. Go into the mountain first, and find the entrance of the cave. Wait for me there…” Chu Mu pointed at the enormous mountain as he spoke.

Chu Mu had studied a bit of the topography, and from merely looking at the mountain form and vegetation, he was able to determine the nature of the mountain. The enormous mountain belonged to the class of mountains that was empty on the inside, so there definitely was a complex and tangled system of caves inside. Regardless if it was the caves or the entrance, at least this cave would be the optimal place to stall for time!

The large mountain was absolutely enormous and it looked like several mountain ranges put together. Even if all of the killers combined their strength, it would be very hard to shake and make the entire enormous mountain tremble. Therefore, Chu Mu didn’t have to worry that he would be buried by the mountain.

“Then what will you do? Your present body condition is very poor…” Princess Jin Rou was a bit ill at ease as she looked at Chu Mu. His face was pale and not a single blood vessel was apparent. He looked a bit scary. 

“The person next to the veiled woman has caught up. His speed is very fast. If we enter the cave like this, he’ll definitely catch up, and we’ll be in big trouble. I’ll go lead him in circles…” said Chu Mu.

“Don’t do that. That person is the second grade’s strongest, Ling He. Even if his strength is put among the first grade, there are few that are his opponent.” hastily said Princess Jin Rou.

“First grade’s expert?” Chu Mu was shocked. No wonder this fellow was able to immediately begin chasing after the Thirteen Inferno Hells attack. This Ling He’s strength was much stronger than Pan Zheng! 

“His age range is in the second grade, but his strength is capable of comparing to first grade experts. The so-called strongest on the surface of the second grade cannot even defeat one of his soul pets. There are even few hidden experts who are his opponent. The only person who can really fight him is Soul Alliance’s strongest, Si Tian!” said Princess Jin Rou. 

Chu Mu’s heart sank. He never expected that such a terrifying young man would exist beside the defector young woman puppet. No wonder after suffering from the Thirteen Inferno Hells, he was still able to recall his ninth phase monarch, on the verge of death, from the torrential flames. 

The Thirteen Inferno Hell’s destructive ability was extremely powerful. In the previous fight, there were a total of five soul pets - Pan Zheng’s two, Ling He’s one, and the assistant leader’s two. Among them, the assistant leader as well as his soul pets were completely destroyed, and Pan Zheng’s two soul pets were instantly killed. 

The soul pet Ling He had summoned was heavily wounded, but this fellow with unmeasurable strength was able to recall his soul pet back into his soul pet space just before it was completely burned to death. 

Further, the defector young woman puppet’s strength was rather shocking. Chu Mu had used the Thirteen Inferno Hells towards her, but as the inferno hells had descended, he clearly saw her use some type of defense to cover herself as well as Ling He beside her. 

“If I had learned Thirteen Inferno Hells, they wouldn’t have been as easily let off…” silently said Chu Mu.

Chu MU had used Thirteen Inferno Hells using Chong Mei to replicate it. However, this lowered the technique’s might to a mere forty percent, causing the effect to be greatly reduced. If Chu Mu had learned the true eighth rank fire type technique, Thirteen Inferno Hells, he would have definitely been able to create a technique nearing the tenth rank in terms of destructive power. This way, regardless if it was the defector young woman or Ling He, both would have been heavily wounded and would not have been able to have a chance to retaliate. 

“Ling He should merely have suffered a soul wound, and cannot use soul techniques. However, it shouldn’t be a problem to summon two or three main pets. His main pets’ strength are stronger than Pan Zheng’s.” said Princess Jin Rou. She didn’t want Chu Mu to take this risk; after all, Ling He was a second grade expert who Princess Jin Rou was truly afraid of. 

“He can’t stop me. Go quickly. You must get rid of your tracks on the way.” Chu Mu said to Princess Jin Rou. 

“Then… I’ll have Bing Ying follow you…” Princess Jin Rou was still ill at ease as she spoke. 

“No need, just take care of yourself.” Chu Mu waived his hand. After speaking, he jumped onto Mo Xie’s back and returned to the previous high valley location. 

The White Nightmare flew along the ground. Its serene white devil flame body closely followed beside Mo Xie. 

Zhan Ye’s speed was rather slow, and it ran behind Mo Xie… 

The mental destruction caused Chu Mu’s thinking to be more and more forced. Chu Mu knew that in order to break free from Ling He’s chase, he had to maintain his sober-headedness. Otherwise, it would be futile from breaking free from second grade’s strongest person. 

When Chu Mu reached the high valley, he quickly found the low valley location. A demon soul pet wielding lightning was streaking as fast as lightning there. 

This person was LIng He. Chu Mu never expected him to be following so closely,

Seeing the lightning demon, Chu Mu couldn’t help but suck in a breath of air. Ling He was riding on a monarch rank soul pet near the tenth phase. This speed was several levels faster than Mo Xie’s full speed burst!!

“Ninth phase ninth stage - middle class monarch - Lightning Monkey King!!”

LIghtning Monkey King: Demonic world - demon type - Monkey species - Lightning Monkey King subspecies - monarch rank

The Lightning Monkey King resembled a black panther. It had four strong and robust limbs and its body was lined with several purple lightning imprints. As it ran, these lightning imprints transformed into purple lightning and it looked like a bolt of lightning was streaking past every time! 

“White Nightmare, attack it.” Chu Mu gave the White Nightmare an order.

Night had yet to arrive, so Mo Xie’s fighting strength was two levels below the Lightning Monkey King. Only the White Nightmare could face it!

The White Nightmare was a high class monarch. Its phase and stage and rank was identical to the Lightning Monkey King’s. There wouldn’t be an issue for it to deal with the Lightning Monkey King with its other type and dark type abilities. 

The White Nightmare’s body floated above the low valley and the nine underworld devil flames began to burn all over its body. Its entire body had transformed into a nine underworld devil flame!!

When the devil flames burned to their hottest point, the White Nightmare let out a devilish cry and its body abruptly swooped down from above. Immediately, white colored devil flames burst with the air and began to hotly spill with a scalding flaming star! 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~~~~~~”

The White Nightmare was like a meteor that whistled downwards. Ling He, in the lower valley, immediately saw the White Nightmare. He didn’t chant an incantation, instead immediately having the Lightning Monkey King launch an evasive technique!


The Lightning Monkey King was as fast as lightning, and it strangely transformed into a lightning bolt in the lower valley. When the White Nightmare’s imposing, torrential energy landed, it nimbly avoided the attack range of the devil flame attack.


The White Nightmare’s attack was composed of both strength and devil flames. After its body smashed into the lower valley, the entire lower valley began to intensely shake. The nine underworld devil flames blossomed into a shocking fire wave that swept towards the Lightning Monkey King hiding far away.

The Lightning Monkey King didn’t dare head forward and quickly jumped back, dodging the engulfing devil flame. Only, the devil flame’s piercing cold still reached the Lightning Monkey King’s soul.

“What a tyrannical White Nightmare!” Ling He’s face turned serious.

The White Nightmare’s fighting strength was higher than equivalent phase/stage and ranking soul pets by a level. If they were to directly clash, the Lightning Monkey King probably would not be the high class monarch White Nightmare’s opponent.

Ling He swept his eyes over the high valley, and quickly saw the pale face Chu Mu.

Ling He naturally could not rely on the Lightning Monkey King to fight against Chu Mu’s White Nightmare. Promptly, he chanted an incantation, summoning his other main pet.

An enormous beast aura began to proliferate outwards from Ling He. On top of a large soul pet pattern, a creature covered from head to toe in a dawn armor flashily appeared. A radiance from its luminous eyes was like a colorful sun!! 

An imposing light shot out in all directions and its dazzling and awe inspiringness greatly damaged Chu Mu’s mind. It nearly caused him to pass out, but he bit his tongue hard to prevent him from doing so.

His eyes fell on the radiating soul pet pattern. From its aura, Chu Mu realized that Ling He had summoned an extremely powerful soul pet!

“Tenth phase Ardent Sun Rhinoceros!!” 

Finally, Chu Mu could clearly see this soul pet!

Chu Mu was extremely shocked because Ling He had summoned a tenth phase monarch. A tenth phase middle class monarch to be precise!!

The difference between the ninth phase ninth stage and tenth phase was two levels. This was a soul pet that was even scarier than the high class monarch White Nightmare!! 

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