Chapter 472: Three Main Soul Pets, Rise in Command to Danger

Chapter 472: Three Main Soul Pets, Rise in Command to Danger

Thousands of meters up, the high rising mountain was no longer majestic. The mountain collapsed inwards from the halfway point up. Rocks engulfed in flames fell from up high, and heavily landed at the bottom of the mountain.

This image was like a volcano eruption. Billowing flame clouds, sputtering lava, and constantly rolling rocks lit the large forest at the bottom of the mountain afire.

The entire process lasted an extremely long time. In the burning forest under the mountain, a woman stood within the flames with her hair messily draped over her shoulders.

At this moment, the veil on her face had already been devoured by the flames. Her icy cold face was completely exposed!

This was a very intricate face, causing anyone to fall prey to it with a single glance. However, this utmost beautiful face was emitting a frighteningly cold expression under the light of the flames. It was the result of all her anger!

There were many burn wounds on the female master’s body. Chu Mu’s three eighth rank fire type techniques had caused significant damage to her body and soul.

Not far from the female master was Soul Alliance hidden expert Pan Zheng. He had summoned a total of two soul pets, one of which was the Bat Monarch Blood Beast.

Yet, after this technique, Pan Zheng’s Bat Monarch Blood Beast was instantly killed by the combined three fire type techniques!!

Ninth phase high stage middle class monarch rank, this was a power nearly at the very peak of second tier, able to sweep across all the experts. This Bat Monarch Blood Beast was also Pan Zheng’s strongest soul pet, a soul pet he put countless blood, sweat, and tears into to become ahead of his generation.

He originally wanted to use this soul pet in the struggle of second tier to reveal himself, and even defeat the person who once defeated him in the following realms.

However, his Bat Monarch Blood Beast couldn’t withstand the threefold Thirteen Inferno Hells. When the entire mountain collapsed, it was crushed by a massive boulder and was quickly engulfed by flames…...

That wasn’t it. Before Pan Zheng had time to grieve for his Bat Monarch Blood Beast, his other soul pet was enveloped by the Thirteen Inferno Hells that Chu Mu created, causing its soul and body to become ashes!!

Both main soul pets being instantly killed with one technique was the most lethal blow to Pan Zheng.

Currently, he laid, body full of burn wounds, beside the female master. His face was shaking with the wounds to his soul as well as his anger. From his near flaming eyes, anyone could feel that his anger for Chu Mu was at a peak!!

Pan Zheng simultaneously had two soul pets wounded. Not far away, Shen Yicheng wasn’t much better off either. He didn’t summon any soul pet, so he was barely clothed and had charred skin, looking like a burnt mummy.However, Shen Yichen didn’t die. He laid weakly on the ground as his thigh was under a huge piece of rock. He was painfully moaning……

As for the killer sub leader, he was the weakest out of the five people, so when the Thirteen Inferno Hells fell, he was disintegrated, including all his soul pets, not letting a single one alive!

The only one that wasn’t bad off was the mysterious young man that always stood beside the masked female master. This masked young man had put up water type defense as the Thirteen Inferno Hells fell to protect himself. And this young man was one of the luckier ones because he was also standing at one of the weaker regions of the technique.

“Master.” Mysterious young man didn’t mind his heavily burnt companions, but instead stood like a piece of permafrost in the flames.

He awaited a command from the masked female master because he could sense the raging anger within her heart.

Female master’s chest slightly quivered. Chu Mu had completely enraged her. Originally, because of another person, she didn’t want to fight Chu Mu, even telling him to exit the Battle of the Realms to give him a path to live.

Yet, what she didn’t expect was this person had had the guts to damage her. Now, she couldn’t quell the anger in her heart no matter what!!

“Kill all of his soul pets and bring him in front of me!” Finally, female master spoke. At this moment, this woman was no longer like a soulless person, but instead felt like a person possessed by an evil spirit, causing even the mysterious young man behind her to shiver slightly.

Mysterious young man knew female master’s scary nature. Normally, she had no emotions, no feelings, only followed a strange method towards her goals. However, once one angered her, then the person would face the most terrifying revenge. She definitely wasn’t soulless; her true soul was simply too resentful, so she hid it behind her perfect body!

“Master, don’t worry. I, Ling He, want to kill, and he will never live past the time I allot to him!!” The mysterious young man who called himself Ling He said.

“Nightmare Palace princess is with him. He has already fallen prey to my Poisonous Mental Bite and won’t last long. Bring all the killers. If you can’t bring them to me, you know what to do!” Female master finished saying that coldly and turned to walk east, disregarding the wounded Pan Zheng and Shen Yicheng.

Ling He nodded and glanced at the pale faced Pan Zheng, asking, “Can you still move?”

Pan Zheng’s face muscles were still shaking as he replied with stifled anger, “Won’t die.” “Wake Shen Yicheng up, he still has some use. I’ll go take revenge for your two fallen soul pets.” Ling He said.

Pan Zheng didn’t like Ling He’s attitude, but after remembering that he lost two souls, the expression on his face grew even worse.

Even at full state, he wasn’t as powerful as Ling He. According to his estimate of Ling He, he was very close to the strongest member of soul alliance Si Tian. Now that he lost his two main soul pets, Pan Zheng had no qualification to show any displeasure in front of Ling He.

The terrifying strength of Ling He was something only a very select few knew. Pan Zheng was sure that if he went, the two wouldn’t be able to escape!

On the east side of the mountain bewildering world, in the complicated geography of the mountains and valleys.

Princess Jin Rou turned around to look at the burning clouds, and the ripples in her heart slowly calmed down. She rode her Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox tightly behind Chu Mu. She had wanted to ask something, but seeing Chu Mu escape, she decided to say thing, instead running towards the east side.

“Chu Mu” Princess Jin Rou couldn’t help but ask.

Chu Mu’s fire type technique was way too powerful. Princess Jin Rou was sure that almost no one could defend against it.

In the past, Princess Jin Rou had made a series of estimates about Chu Mu, especially after Chu Mu strangely defeated Xia Guanghan, who was way more powerful than he was.

Princess Jin Rou finally confirmed that Chu Mu held some incredible power that he couldn’t use lightly, after she had witnessed the battle between Great Chu Family and Chu Mu. However, Princess Jin Rou wouldn’t have thought the hidden power was combining three fire type techniques to create a destruction beyond its rank!

“Chu Mu?” Princess Jin Rou called again. She vaguely sensed strangeness from Chu Mu.

Finally, Chu Mu stopped to rest. He didn’t utter a single world before sitting down against a rock.

This was when Princess Jin Rou finally saw Chu Mu’s face. What surprised her was that Chu Mu’s face was incredibly pale. His forehead was filled with cold sweat and he looked in excruciating pain!

“Chu Mu, are you alright?” Princess Jin Rou quickly pulled out all sorts of medicine from her spatial ring to try to help Chu Mu alleviate the pain.

“It’s Poisonous Mental Bite. Do you have any medicine that can relieve mental pain?” Chu Mu said to Princess Jin Rou with difficulty.

To give the defector young woman’s puppet a lethal strike, Chu Mu had wasted a huge portion of her soul pet for the technique.

Right after the technique finished, Chu Mu experienced the scariness of the poisonous mental bite!

It was a force that ate up all his soul power, and then caused immense havoc to his mental world. Old Li had reminded Chu Mu that he had to get rid of it using his soul remembrance immediately.

Chu Mu didn’t do this, so now the power of the Poisonous Mental Bite was deep into Chu Mu’s soul, only relievable by very special soul items.

“I don’t think I have such medicine.” Princess Jin Rou showed panic.

Princess Jin Rou knew how well Chu Mu could take pain. Seeing how pained his expression looked, Princess Jin Rou couldn’t imagine how frightening the poisonous mental bite was.

“I can still hold out for a while. Let’s continue east.” Chu Mu knew that he couldn’t get rid of this poisonous mental bite, so he could only try his best to leave as quickly as possible.

“You should rest for a while…” Princess Jin Rou said worriedly.

“They will chase up, we can’t stay for long.” Chu Mu said.

After saying that, Chu Mu started an incantation while he still had soul power to summon Zhan Ye in front of himself.

“White Nightmare, Mo Xie, Zhan Ye. I don’t know how long I can last. If I completely go unconscious, it is up to you to escape from this situation.” Chu Mu knew the poisonous mental bite could cause him to lose consciousness at any time, so he had to make all preparations before his mind was completely destroyed.

White Nightmare, Mo Xie, and Zhan Ye were Chu Mu’s three main soul pets. Now that danger was imminent, they knew that an even crueller battle could await them, and that they had to shoulder the responsibility of protecting Chu Mu!!

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