Chapter 471: Flames of Anger, Power to Destroy a Mountain

Chapter 471: Flames of Anger, Power to Destroy a Mountain

“Princess, you have to stall this time for me!!” Chu Mu again said to Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou nodded heavily, and quickly cast an incantation to summon her defense soul pet.

Princess Jin Rou’s defense soul pet was a rock type monarch covered head to toe in armor. It was massive, standing in front of Chu Mu like a great wall!

Finally, Bat Monarch Blood Beast still let out an attack. It stood a hundred meters away, while its mouth gathered a blood colored beam. When the energy reached its limit, the Bat Monarch Blood Beast let the beam go towards Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou!!

The ninth level blood light stuck to the ground as it flew over, instantly shattering the rocks it passed through.


The power of the blood light slammed into Princess Jin Rou’s rock type monarch’s body!

The rock type monarch’s body became covered in Advanced Crystal Rock as the attack approached. At the same time, an eighth rank soul armor’s starlight lit up, blocking the energy of the blood light. This blood light only left a dent mark in the rock type monarch, which was basically just a scratch by elemental world soul pet standards.

“Ninth rank late stage defense!!” The young man named Pan immediately showed a surprised expression.

Princess Jin Rou’s rock type monarch’s defense was shockingly high. A soul pet like Bat Monarch Blood Beast was already one of the strongest entities of second tier, and its attacks were not blockable by many. The young man named Pan did not expect the princess to be this powerful and able to hide her power this well!

Princess Jin Rou recognized the young man named Pan. This person’s full name was called Pan Zheng. Pan Zheng wasn’t very famous in Tianxia City, and the public barely knew him at all.

Yet, Princess Jin Rou knew this person very clearly. Pan Zheng used to be a member of Soul Alliance, and showed outstanding strength in his early stages, often challenging soul alliance second tier experts.

The last challenge was a few years ago, when Pan Zheng challenged the most powerful second tier member of soul alliance: Si Tian!

Pan Zheng lost, and all news of him thereafter disappeared. Not only did he leave Soul Alliance, he never appeared in any other faction either.

Princess Jin Rou was very astonished when she saw Pan Zheng before her, since this hidden expert of soul alliance was now a head of killers, working for a woman of unknown identity.

“Chu Mu?” Princess Jin Rou knew that, in real combat, she probably wasn’t Pan Zheng’s match, so she could only put her hope of escaping upon Chu Mu.

When Princess Jin Rou tilted her head over to Chu Mu, she suddenly noticed that Chu Mu again started burning with devil flames!!

This time, Chu Mu’s devil flames weren’t caused by summoning White Nightmare, but instead was the burning of some energy within his own body. Standing by Chu Mu, Princess Jin Rou could even feel the soul-chilling effect of the cold flames!

Chu Mu, while chanting his incantation, glanced again at Princess Jin Rou, signalling, “Protect me.”

Princess Jin Rou quickly realized that Chu Mu was gathering an extremely powerful offensive technique!

She glanced at the two soul pets that Pan Zheng summoned and the soul pet the other man summoned.

Seeing the three ninth phase middle class monarch ranks approach viciously, she immediately let Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox and Dark Devil Buddhist start ramming the middle portion of the mountain, not giving them a chance to approach.

A hundred meters was in reality extremely short, especially for ninth phase middle class monarch ranks. This little bit of time that Princess Jin Rou was buying for Chu Mu was actually incredibly crucial.


Finally, the white nightmare finished its technique’s channelling. The devil flames on Chu Mu blazed even higher following a piercing shriek from the White Nightmare!

The nine underworld devil flames lifted upwards. One could easily tell that the devil flames rose up in thirteen different levels, like thirteen amorphous devil flame organisms, all charging towards the clouds angrily to look down upon their enemies from above!

“Wuwuwu!!!!!” After the White Nightmare, the double royal flame Mo Xie also finished her channeling of Thirteen Inferno hells!

Mo Xie lifted her head up, her silver fur dancing in the midst of the chaotic royal flames!

The royal flames started slowly peeling off of Mo Xie, one by one becoming thirteen imposing flame foxes that stepped into the clouds!!

The white of the nine underworld devil flames, the bright red of the demon fire evil flames, the crimson of the blood flames, three different colored flames resided in thirteen different layers above the clouds to create a new blaze!

As the light from the flames lit up the grounds, the veiled female master’s face expression slightly shifted. She clearly understood the power of this combined technique and was about to chant an incantation to stop it, when she suddenly noticed that Chu Mu had devil flames on himself as well.

“A third Thirteen Inferno Hell technique!” The veiled woman finally showed panic!

Two eighth rank fire type techniques combined was already frightening. If three were combined, it would create the destructive capabilities of ninth level complete phase!!

With such an attack, even Bat Monarch Blood Beast could be instantly killed with a direct hit!!

The veiled female master didn’t dare to hesitate any longer. Those hollow eyes suddenly formed two powerful mental poisonous blades that flew past Princess Jin Rou’s defensive soul pet and straight into Chu Mu’s mental world!!

A violent mental pain immediately came through. This powerful mental attack almost caused Chu Mu’s Thirteen Inferno Hells to be interrupted.

“Young master, this is Poisonous Mental Bite, quickly give up on the technique and use your soul remembrance to get rid of the poison!” Old Li shouted loudly.

The Poisonous Mental Bite was a very scary mental technique. If not dealt with in a timely fashion, it would cause immense damage to the mind!



White Nightmare and Mo Xie’s techniques were already at their limits. If Chu Mu didn’t combine his Thirteen Inferno Hells right now, they either had to let their techniques go now or let them dissipate in mid air.


With a loud bang, the rock type monarch in front of Chu Mu could no longer withstand the combined assault of the three soul pets, falling down heavily in front of Chu Mu.

After the rock type monarch fell down, Chu Mu could perfectly see the veiled woman!

The veiled woman stared hollowly at him, without any emotion. However, the high up feeling and the fake demeanor of being superior to all life caused an extreme revulsion in Chu Mu!!

Chu Mu bit down and ignored the Poisonous Mental Bite. The Nine Underworld Devil Flame on his body gathered like a tidal wave, rolling with the hatred in Chu Mu’s heart. It represented the most powerful judgement as it dashed into the clouds to combine with White Nightmare and Mo Xie’s Thirteen Inferno Hells!!

‘The three fire types merged and became an even more powerful fire type energy!!


Finally, the Thirteen Inferno Flames fell. The sound of it passing whistled painfully, as its flames lit up the entire skies!!


The beam of Inferno Hell fell. The thick flames enveloped the veiled woman, Pan Zheng, mysterious young man, Shen Yichen, sub leader, as well as the five soul pets summoned!!


When the second Inferno hell fell, the entire hill was blasted flat. Powerful Demon Fire Evil Flames, blood drying Blood Flames, and soul piercing Nine Underworld Devil Flames!!


“Beng!!!!!!!!” A third and fourth blow caused the mountain to start shaking!!


Thirteen Inferno Hells meant the technique had thirteen assaults. With three of these eighth level techniques overlayed, it meant a total of thirty nine Inferno Hells!!

The flames burned the skies up, causing the mountain peak to blossom into fire lilies. Under the beautiful fire lilies was the most shocking display of destruction!!

Princess Jin Rou stood at the edge of the flames dressed in black. Her eyes could barely open now, as her vision was completely engulfed by the flames!!

Princess Jin Rou’s heart was flipping like the waves of flame. This dazzling yet heavily lethal technique was cast by Chu Mu. Such destructive powers couldn’t be blocked by anyone in second tier. It could even instantly kill a whole group of the so-called hidden experts!!

If she herself wasn’t  deep within the Inferno hells, Princess Jin Rou probably couldn’t believe that this was a true fire type destructive ability!!

“Princess, let’s leave quickly. I can’t control the range of the energy!” Chu Mus’ face suddenly became very pale as he used a worried voice to notifice Princess Jin Rou.

Princess jin Rou finally reacted after this prompt, quickly retracting her slow moving rock type monarch and she jumped onto the Towering Ice Demon Fox’s body.

“Are you okay?” princess Jin Rou looked worriedly and asked Chu Mu, who was burning from head to toe in flames.

Chu Mu didn’t respond, only quickly jumping onto Mo Xie and telling her to directly jump off the steep cliff!

Four paws of royal flames send flames shooting. When she stepped forward, it was like she was running on thin air!!

“White Nightmare, let’s go!”


White nightmare didn’t stay by Mo Xie’s side for long. It guarded Chu Mu and stopped the fires from Thirteen Inferno Hell that were about to fall on Chu Mu.

The energy from the thirteen Inferno Hells was still there!

When the final beam fell from the skies, the entire mountain shook. The majestic peak started collapsing under the barrage of energy!!!

The mountain peak stood amongst the mountain range as one of the tallest mountains.

Yet, from afar, one could see that the couple thousand meter tall peak was over half covered in world destroying flames. These flames have already burnt half the upper body of the mountain to the point of collapse, starting a rumbling of collapsings!!

The collapse of a mountain a few thousand meters tall; how shocking was this scene!

At this moment, all the participants scattered in this bewildering world could see this frightening scene from afar. They could clearly feel the ground shaking under their feet, and they were even able to feel the burning temperatures coming from the flames at the horizon!!

Countless people’s hearts were overturned! How terrifying of a battle must have happened on the mighty peak for the entire peak to collapse!?

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