Chapter 470: Escape, Hostage Exchange (2)

Chapter 470: Escape, Hostage Exchange (2)

The flat mountain peak had a diameter of nearly 100 meters, and was covered with several fragmented rocks. There were also a few strange cracks and folds.

The mountain peak was very high up and was perpetually carrying a bitter gale. These fragmented rocks were easily blown around on the mountain peak and would sometimes roll down the incomparably precipitous mountain. 

At this moment, on one side of the mountain, the elegant and bewitching Princess Jin Rou stood on this lofty mountain peak. Aside from her astonishing beauty, she also carried a bit of killing aura. 

Beside Princess Jin Rou were two demon fox emperor species. They were the predestined enemies: the Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox, and the Royal Flame Nine Tailed Inferno Fox. The two foxes had imposing auras and their ice colored pupils and silver colored pupils were staring at the enemy.

Standing across from Princess Jin Rou was another women who could also be said to have a perfect body. She coldly and apathetically stared at Princess Jin Rou, but people were not able to detect her emotions. 

The two women’s faces were covered by veils, but they were all exceptionally alone. Standing on this lofty mountain peak, they created a distinct scene.

“The person in your hands is insignificant to me. He’s only a chess piece. I don’t want to exchange. If you exchange yourself for him, then I’ll consider it.” the veiled woman opened her mouth first. 

After Shen Yicheng, who was being closely watched by the two demon foxes, heard these words, his face instantaneously paled. He wanted to beg the veiled woman, but when the veiled woman fiercely glared at him, he didn’t dare say a word.

“I don’t believe either that the person in your hands is important to me. I only need someone to ensure my safety as I pass the seventh realm.” said Princess Jin Rou, not to be outdone.

After Princess Jin Rou finished speaking, Chu Mu’s mouth twitched. Her words really were not pleasant to him...

Certainly, Chu Mu knew that this was a negotiation tactic, and it wasn’t that she truly didn’t care about his life or death.

“Princess, this Shen Yicheng is definitely of use to them. If they take a tough attitude, but you maintain a “kill someone if they refuse to release someone” attitude, the winner will ultimately be us.” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to speak to Princess Jin Rou.  

Hearing Chu Mu’s soul remembrance voice, Princess Jin Rou was shocked. She opened her mouth in shock and also used soul remembrance to speak to Chu Mu: “Wasn’t your soul remembrance sealed by them?” 

“My body is different from most people. Normal seals cannot restrict me.” responded Chu Mu.

In truth, when Chu Mu had been captured, he knew that his soul remembrance would be sealed. Thus, he replicated Mo Xie’s species technique and after the assistant leader sealed his soul remembrance, broke the seal. Then, he sealed himself and caused the enemy to believe he was incapable of attacking right now. Yet, the reality was that he could use any soul technique right now. Nonetheless, he was incapable of determining the veiled woman’s strength and didn’t dare rashly attack.

Princess Jin Rou didn’t actually expect Chu Mu to have prepared so many layers of preparation, and promptly continued to unyieldingly negotiate with the veiled woman.

“... hmph, let him go.” the veiled woman didn’t have any thoughts of killing Chu Mu, but now that Chu Mu had at least proved that she could not control his life or death, she felt a bit uncomfortable.

Chu Mu didn’t immediately leave. Instead, he looked at the veiled woman and said: “Puppet, I don’t care what motive you have in the Battle of the Realm, but as long as I am here, you will ultimately fail!” 

“I’m not a puppet. If you provoke me, even if she doesn’t want to kill you, I’ll still exterminate you. Don’t fail to appreciate her kindness!” coldly said the veiled woman.

Chu Mu wasn’t afraid of this female puppet either. He was sure that her strength had not reached an extremely terrifying level. Otherwise, there was no need for her to have so many people follow alongside her to help her breakthrough the realm.

Chu Mu strode forward towards Princess Jin Rou.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~~~~”

Mo Xie saw that Chu Mu was walking over an let out a shout. A smile rose on Chu Mu’s face as he walked in front of her. He rubbed Mo Xie’s fur and said: “You did well.”

After speaking, Chu Mu jumped onto Mo Xie’s back. He swept a glance over Shen Yicheng who had walked halfway and a cold smile rose on his face.

The veiled princess stared at Chu Mu who had walked next to Princess Jin Rou. She saw that Shen Yicheng was being slowly escorted over; however, she used soul remembrance to say to the two people beside her: “Once Shen Yicheng is safe, immediately attack. I don’t care if Chu Chen runs. We must capture the Nightmare Palace Princess.”

This subordinate understands.” the young man surnamed Pan immediately nodded his head. He had already prepared to enormous Bat Monarch Blood Beast to attack at any moment.

The other young man was chanting an incantation at the corner of his man. The moment the Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox retreated, he would immediately summon his main pet!

“Let’s leave this place quickly.” said Princess Jin Rou to Chu Mu in a whisper.

There were four opponents and their strengths were unclear. Princess Jin Rou knew that they couldn’t stay here for long.

“The two people beside the woman are extremely strong. Even if we manage to flee, there will be huge trouble. Help me stall a few seconds.” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to speak to Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou asked with curiosity: “What are you doing?” 

“Do as I say. They’re coming for you, and I don’t wish for you to fall into their hands.” said Chu Mu earnestly.

Princess Jin Rou was stunned and was somewhat unclear as to why Chu Mu suddenly was so determined with his words.

But she didn’t think any further and did as Chu Mu said. As the Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox retreated, she quickly chanted an incantation, summoning a defense type soul pet.

The Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox’s retreat was like a signal of war and quickly, the two parties on either side of the mountain peak immediately chanted incantations!

Chu Mu’s incantation was extremely fast and in reality, had been prepared earlier. When Princess Jin Rou began chanting her incantation, Chu Mu was already finished!

A soul flame that was different than the white demonic devil flame began burning form inside Chu Mu’s body. It quickly engulfed Chu Mu’s entire body, transforming him into a flaming devil. An other and dark type dense cold aura swept out in all directions, instantly encompassing the entire flat mountain peak!!

The veiled woman, the young expert surnamed Pan, the azure clothed expert, the assistant leader of the killers and Shen Yicheng all summoned at a slightly slower speed than Chu Mu, who had already prepared his summon. When they chanted their incantations, they immediately felt the invasive penetration of an icy cold aura enter their souls!!

“White Nightmare!” loudly recited Chu Mu. His body burning with devil flames took a step back and a strange devil flame silhouette rapidly transformed into a reflection of Chu Mu. It evilly and imposingly stood in front of Chu Mu. Its eyes that were completely different than any other living creature stared at the opposing five people and its mouth cracked into a demonically charming smile!

The white demonic devil flames were no longer present. Although the newly burning devil flames were also white, the white color was filled with the most serenly cold feeling. It was like the pale white of a cold moon or the icy white of a frozen pond. It carried an extremely demonically different outlandish silver!

“This is the fourth rank devil flame strength crystallization - nine underworld devil flames!” Old Li’s voice transmitted out in astonishment.

The coldness was like the nine underworlds. One touch, even the slightest touch, and a weak soul would instantaneously be frozen into ashes by this bone chilling nine underworld devil flames!!

The appearance of the nine underworld devil flames meant that the White Nightmare had officially stepped into the high class monarch ranking!!

“A ninth phase second stage high class monarch White Nightmare!!” seeing Chu Mu summon a White Nightmare possessing nine underworld devil flames, Princess Jin Rou’s beautiful eyes were full of shock. The incantation in her mouth was nearly interrupted by the powerful aura released by the White Nightmare.

The expression of Senior Pan, whose face was full of contempt for Chu Mu, became somewhat unsightly. The strength of his Bat Monarch Blood Beast only reached the level of a ninth phase high stage middle class monarch.

A high class monarch was two entire levels above a middle class monarch in strength. Thus, while the Bat Monarch Blood Beast was higher than the White Nightmare by two levels in terms of phase and stage, this was made up by the two levels between a middle class and high class monarch. Thus, they were evenly matched when it came to phase and stage and rank.

However, this Senior Pan knew that the White Nightmare, which had multiple attributes and possessed soul flames and other type abilities, had innate fighting strength that was a level higher than other soul pets. When they actually clashed, his strongest soul pet, the Bat Monarch Blood Beast, wasn’t necessarily the nine underworld devil flame White Nightmare’s opponent! 

“Nie!!!! Nie!!!!!!!”

After the White Nightmare appeared, it ostentatiously released its nine underworld devil flames. The young man surnamed Pan’s Bat Monarch Blood Beast’s bloody aura was completely suppressed by the White Nightmare and it didn’t dare attempt to take a step forward. 

“How… how is this possible…” staring at the imposing aura of the ninth phase high class monarch, Shen Yicheng was completely dumbstruck. He never would have expected a Soul Palace member to possess such a strong, to the point where one’s soul would tremble, White Nightmare!

This was a true high class monarch!!! Even the reward for the ultimate honor of the second grade was a child high class monarch soul pet. Yet, Chu Mu already possessed a high class monarch rank White Nightmare!!



The White Nightmare’s cries were shocking, and caused those that hadn’t summoned a soul pet yet to not dare make any rash movements.

As the White Nightmare let out its cry, it simultaneously gave Chu Mu a message. This message was simply too important to Chu Mu, and caused his heart to surge with a wave of zeal!

Thirteen Inferno Hells!!

After the ninth phase second stage high class monarch White Nightmare had awoken from its slumber, it unexpectedly comprehended the eighth rank fire type technique - Thirteen Inferno Hells!

Ostensibly without a need for Chu Mu’s orders, the White Nightmare’s aura surged as it had already prepared its incantation!

“Mo Xie!!!!” Chu Mu gave an order!!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!” Mo Xie, who had been with Chu Mu for so many years, naturally understood her master’s intention!

“Wu wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!!” Mo Xie also let out a cry and prepared, identically to the White Nightmare, the eighth rank fire type technique - Thirteen Inferno Hells!!!! 

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