Chapter 47: Using the Yang Family’s Money to Auction Against the Yang Family (1)

Chapter 47: Using the Yang Family’s Money to Auction Against the Yang Family (1)

The Auction Hall

“700,000 gold coins! If there aren’t any higher bids, then this third phase eighth stage Mo Ye with a defensive talent will belong to the Chu Family!!!”

A sexy and pretty auctioneer finalized the deal with the strike of a hammer!!

Seeing the hammer fall, many Chu Family members let out unsatisfied expressions. Perhaps it could be said that when Chu Ming raised the price to 700,000 gold coins and took possession of this Mo Ye from the second richest family in Gangluo City, these people had already creased their eyebrows.

Everyone knew the reason that Chu Ming was buying this Mo Ye. It was naturally to gift it to Chu Mu as his new soul pet. However, in reality, almost all of the first rate experts within the Chu Family only had soul pets worth around 500,000 gold coins.

Chu Mu was only a third generation child, and he hadn’t done anything of large contribution for the family. Moreover, the Chu Family’s economic state had previously taken a severe blow when they attempted to search for him. Yet, right now, he had for some reason received such a large gift. No one would have a good feeling in their hearts.

As for the second family head, Chu Nan, he had already begun thinking of a method to change Chu Ming’s plan and give the Mo Ye to someone else. Giving it to Chu Mu was truly somewhat of a waste. After all, such a soul pet couldn’t be of use at the recommendation.

“I’ve heard that these soul pets were all supplied by one person. Furthermore, looking at their breed, they seem to all be from the Broken Forest. I’m not sure which expert managed to unobstructedly transverse through the extremely complicated and dangerous Broken Forest.” said Chu Tianheng.

“That’s right. Didn’t Chu Mu also stay in Broken Forest for a few days? Also, didn’t he have that Qin Family girl with him…” Chu Tianlin immediately thought of Chu Mu who had easily brought him out of Broken Forest back then.

“Hmph, if he is such a god, then why doesn’t he enter the Broken Forest and capture these soul pets? If he was like this expert who was able to capture fourth phase and under commander ranks, he would be able to strengthen our Chu Family…” Chu Yi very candidly expressed his dissatisfaction!

“I, however, think that young master Chu has this ability. Although he cannot capture as many soul pets as that expert, it wouldn’t be much of a problem for him to bring back two commander rank soul pets.” said the Chu Family Guard head, Chu Si.

“I also believe so. While in Luoye Mountain Range, I discovered that brother Chu was secretly entering broken forest late at night. Then on the second day, he would safely return…” Chu Yishui immediately nodded her head in support.

“Young children shouldn’t talk nonsense. Stay to the side.” The eldest young lady, Chu Ying, fiercely glared at Chu Yishui and pulled her to the side. She simply didn’t believe Chu Yishui’s words.

Chu Yishui suddenly felt wronged, and she didn’t say anything further.

Capturing a soul pet was not an easy task. The hunter had to be exceptionally familiar with various wild environments. He had to understand under what circumstances he wouldn’t be discovered by a soul pet with an acute sense of smell. He also had to understand how to use the surrounding forestry to hide himself;

Of course, formidable strength was a given. Without enough strength, experience would not help at all, because it wasn’t just anyone who could steal away a young soul pet in the wilderness full of savage beasts from its mother and father’s protection.

Subsequently, it required outstanding courage. Without courage, how could one enter the tiger’s den to capture the tiger?!

The variety of soul pets in the wild were in tens of millions; there were plants, beasts, elements, undead...

Disguises, hiding, ambushes, aerial attacks, traps, poisons, baits, illusions… all kinds of dangers that could not be guarded against. With even the slightest inattentiveness, one was destined to end up lying dead in the wilderness or as a meal in a soul pet’s stomach, with not even the skeleton surviving...


“Next, we have the most valuable item tonight. I’m sure everyone knows already - A sixth level soul armor!”

“The usage of a sixth level soul armor doesn’t need to be elaborated on by this young lady. Its starting auction price is 3 million gold coins. Each price raise cannot be lower than 50,000 gold coins. All customers may start bidding!”

The auctioneer’s voice slowly spread and suddenly, every rich and powerful person in Gangluo City began to raise the price..

The rich and powerful didn’t raise the price very much each time, and it increased only in increments of 50,000 gold coins.

“4 million!!”

The Yang Family head, Yang Kuo, aged voice immediately reverberated throughout the auction floor. This was the first time the price had been raised by 500,000 gold coins, and it instantly pushed the atmosphere to an even higher level.

The auction floor went silent for a moment as discussions sprung up everywhere.

From the Yang Family’s manner, they felt that they must obtain this sixth level soul armor!

“How can we make it convenient for that old geezer.” The corners of the Qin Family head Qin Chang’s mouth rose, and he immediately had someone raise the price to 4.1 million!!

“4.1 million! At 4.1 million, it can already be considered to be near the price of a sixth level soul armor. However, in even larger cities, sixth level soul armors are normally 5 million gold coins. If it can be purchased for 4.1 million, even if it was a resale, one would still earn a large profit.” the auctioneer added more oil to the fire and provoked the desire of people to raise the price of more.

“4.3 million!!” The Zhou Family head’s voice slowly rang out.

For the Recommendation this time, the value of a sixth rank piece of territory was worth about 5 million gold coins. Aside from a sixth rank territory, there were many subsidies that other rich merchants offered and large families used as a bet. The price of these different items reached 15 million.

If one was to purchase this sixth level soul armor and give it to a participating Recommendation member, the chance of obtaining first place was extremely large. Therefore, many heads with spare change had a very large intention of obtaining this sixth level soul armor.

Participants in the Recommendation were not limited to merely Gangluo City’s four large families. Instead it was a gathering of all the powers in the entire Gangluo City and its vicinity. According to the final ranking, the total value of rewards that could be earned had reached 20 million. As for the first place reward, it was astonishingly control over a sixth level territory worth 5 million gold coins!

Even if one could not earn first place, the second place reward was a high class commander rank - Chaotic Lightning Crown Fairy - that was worth 3 million gold coins. This was also an exceptional reward. As for the third place reward, it was a seventh level soul crystal of any attribute of one’s choice, worth 1.5 million gold coins. These rewards were all equally coveted by numerous powers!

Despite the rewards being significant, the prestige earned after the Recommendation was still the most important!

The Recommendation happened every five years, and each time it was held, it would be extremely grand!

As for the auction this time, with a gathering of numerous important figures who squandered money like dirt, their only goal was the rankings at the Recommendation!!


“4.6 million!!!”

As the price continued to rise, the voices would always be deep or aged. Unquestionably, they all belonged to citizens of Gangluo City who had a bit of qualifications. However, the voice that called this 4.6 million belonged to a young woman, and it caused a wave of shock to sweep through every important person in Gangluo City.

“It seems to be that woman from before who spent a large sum to purchase the Demon Tree’s Heart. Grandfather, this woman’s identity isn’t simple.” Yang Gebin immediately whispered to the family head, Yang Kuo.

Yang Kuo harrumphed before raising the price again: “4.8 million!!”

A price of 4.8 million was in much accordance to the value of a sixth level soul armor. The city’s lord Yang Kuo unwillingness to pass on his responsibilities to others allowed everyone to see that he was absolutely going to obtain this sixth level soul armor.

The auction floor promptly went silent, as no one dared to continue raising the price. One reason was because of the old city lord’s abuse of authority. Many rich and powerful people who would dare to raise the price felt that there wasn’t a need to dispute against the Yang Family. A second reason was that although the price was a bit high and the rich people had the money to buy it, they still couldn’t squander money so freely.

In the VIP room, Ting Yu saw that no one was raising the price and began to silently panic. This sixth level soul armor was bestowed to Chu Mu by Nightmare Palace’s Jin Rou princess. If it was taken by the Yang Family and the princess were to ask, Chu Mu wouldn’t have a good explanation.

“Just now those soul pets totaled a price of 3 million gold coins. Adding on the 1.6 million from earlier, there’s 4.6 million in total…” Ting Yu currently didn’t have that much gold on hand, and she didn’t dare to negligently raise the price.

Biting her lips, Ting Yu also felt that even if it was taken by the Yang Family people, she couldn’t make things easy for them. Thus, she promptly raised the price to “5 million!”

“5 million!!! This is the most standard price of a sixth level soul armor. Right now, if it is even slightly raised, then it will be obtained!!” The auctioneer’s voice had clearly raised a few octaves. Perhaps this auctioneer didn’t expect either that such a daring woman who raised the price to 5 million and fought for a treasure with the city lord would appear in Gangluo City.

Yang Kuo’s face turned a bit more ugly. He had estimated that the price for the sixth level soul armor this time would be under 5 million. Yet, some unknown and aggressive silly little girl had appeared and made things difficult for him, the old city lord, in front of every large faction!

Yang Kuo obviously could not lose face at this moment. He could still afford to spend a few more millions of gold, and he extremely domineeringly threw out a “5.2 million gold coin” value!!

5.2 million gold coins. Everyone in the auction hall instantly went silent.

In a tenth rank city, a sixth level soul armor’s price would normally hover between a price of 4 million to 6 million. After all, a sixth level soul armor wasn’t a common item.

The auctioneer began to unbridledly add more fuel to the fire in hopes that there would be another person to raise the shocking price. However, 5.2 million gold coins had already subdued everyone.

“In the end, it’s the old city master who is bounteous. He didn’t even blink at these 5.2 million gold coins.”

“That’s right. Although the old man’s overbearing attitude hasn’t deteriorated at all, that woman of mysterious identity shouldn’t raise the price again.”

Seeing that the auctioneer was beginning to senselessly procrastinate, a smile rose on Yang Kuo’s face. His gaze arrogantly swept over the mysterious woman in the VIP room.

At this moment, a Yang Family servant hastily ran in front of the old city lord and quietly whispered something into his ear!

Yang Kuo’s happy expression just had a bit of a satisfied smile on it because the sixth level soul armor belonged to none other than him. However, after hearing the servant’s words, his expression instantly changed and transformed into an extremely malevolent one!

“Scoundrel!! Why did you get news about this only now?!!”

Suddenly, Yang Kuo slapped the table and stood up. His rage condensed into a sweeping gale that effectively knocked everyone flying out of the room. That servant promptly fell from high above and tumbled down the stairs under shocked gazes!

This occurrence of events caused everyone to let out astonished expressions. They stared at the Yang Family servant in an exceptionally miserable state, and the auction came to an abrupt halt...

“Old city master, why is there need to be so angry. Whatever it is, you must wait for the auction to finish first before speaking.” the auction leader’s voice slowly rang out.

Yang Kuo’s face was twitching because he had just heard the news of everything being stolen from a few large industries in Gangluo City’s eastern end. However, this news had been delayed for a few days!!

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