Chapter 469: Escape, Hostage Exchange (1)

All this happened too suddenly. Chu Mu never expected to encounter the defector young lady in the seventh realm, nor did he expect her to be a competitor in the Battle of the Realm. 

It had been an entire 12 years since he had seen the defector young lady. The resentment in his heart had already manifested into a chilling killing intent. His gaze was like a sword that coldly pierced into the defector young lady’s pupils.

The defector young lady’s face was covered by a veil. Her eyes weren’t as full of life as Chu Mu had seen in his dream. Instead, they gave a vacuous feeling, devoid of any emotions. It was like a body without any soul.

When she looked at Chu Mu, it was like she was looking somewhere else. This feeling made Chu Mu extremely uncomfortable; it was as if he was being ignored.

“You guys can leave.” the defector young lady waved her hand, indicating that the three people beside her should retreat. 

The three others didn’t dare question it, and respectfully retreated to the other side of the flat mountain peak. 

The violent gale whistled high up, blowing the defector young lady’s long hair into a disheveled state. She stepped forward, taking one step at a time towards Chu Mu...

Chu Mu looked at her. For some reason, as the defector young lady neared, Chu Mu was unable to sense her aura at all. It was an extremely strange feeling, as he had never encountered this feeling from any life form before.

The defector young lady slowly walked past Chu Mu. With her back to Chu Mu, she faced the distant meandering mountain range, looking on as the violent wind ceaselessly blew in her face. She didn’t say a word.

“Young master, she’s extremely strange. Be prepared at any moment to have the White Nightmare fight.” Old Li used soul remembrance to warn Chu Mu.

Old Li knew that Chu Mu had intentionally let himself be captured, but his intuition told him that this defector young lady wasn’t just a little bit strange; yet, he wasn’t able to discern why she was strange. Instead, this made Old Li worried.

Chu Mu forcibly suppressed the emotions his heart. As Old Li felt the strangeness, Chu Mu himself realized that the veiled woman in front of him was only similar to the defector young woman in external appearance. Her gaze, temperament and perception was different.

“Withdraw from the Battle of the Realm.” finally, the defector young woman opened her mouth.

Her voice was very empty and soulless. It sounded like the unstable whisper of a wind. If one didn’t listen carefully, he or she wouldn’t be able to tell she was talking...

“You aren’t her.” Chu Mu creased his brows.

“Don’t obstruct me. If you obstruct me, I’ll kill even you.” the defector young woman continued to speak.

“...Hmph, only a puppet. You had me all excited for no reason.” Chu Mu disappointedly said.

There was no soul connection. The veiled woman in front was only had the external appearance and part of the aura of the defector young woman. However, she definitely wasn’t the defector young woman.

If Chu Mu hadn’t entered the Sacred Holy Region, perhaps he would have confused this intuition; however, when he had entered the dream realm, Chu Mu obtained an even deeper level of understanding towards the defector young woman.

The defector young woman was a person undeniably full of life, and looked like a perfect fairy. She had a special soul, her eyes were so beautiful they would intoxicate others and her expression was capable of impacting a person’s heart.

Her body radiated with a holy aura, and even someone who possessed the deepest hatred towards her and had heightened his vigilance would still be unable to resist her charm. Her charm wasn’t a pretty and flirtatious kind. Instead, it was the most pure form of female charm. However, the veiled woman in front of him was merely a shell of the defector young lady. Aside from her delicate body, she possessed not one bit of the defector young woman’s temperament; she didn’t even have a soul… 

“Whether I’m her or not isn’t important. I only want to tell you not to obstruct me. This time is just a warning.” emptily said the veiled woman, 

Listening to the veiled woman’s words, Chu Mu suddenly really wanted to laugh.

A warning. A puppet of his own soul pet wanted to warn him? This truly was absurd in the soul pet world and Chu Mu suddenly felt the absurdity of it all! 

“Where is she?” sneered Chu Mu.

“Bring Princess Jin Rou in front of me, and I’ll let you safely back out of the Battle of the Realm. If you’re determined to continue, then don’t blame me for killing you as well.” the veiled woman in front of him didn’t respond to his question, instead indifferently telling him something else.

Chu Mu took a few deep breaths in an attempt to pacify the emotions in his heart.

“Before this, I didn’t wish anything more than to immediately undo our soul pact. However, right now, even if it comes to after the Battle of the Realm, I would refuse to undo the soul pact.” said Chu Mu in an arrogant voice. 

“That’s up to you. In any case, your weak soul isn’t able to influence my actions at all, let alone control her.” said the veiled young woman.

The corners of Chu Mu’s mouth faintly twitched as he said: “Is that the case? My weak soul is unable to control her or influence her at all?” 

“There are many cases when purely possessing ego and a feeling of responsibility will not do. You must have strength, which you simply don’t have. Just like in this seventh realm. Your ability was limited to merely killing a few weak killers. Even right now, all I have to do is think of it and I can have you immediately killed. There’s only one path of survival for you right now. So throw away your ridiculous dignity and happily accept this path. Otherwise, there will only be the path of death for you. If I don’t kill you, you’ll die if you continue. I’m actually saving you right now.” the veiled woman’s tone became colder.

The veiled woman’s words carried a cold prick that pierced Chu Mu’s body. The defector young woman’s temperament made it very hard for others to link her to an extremely vile and evil soul. However, she was really just a woman whose external appearance was the complete opposite of her heart. This could be seen from the words of this female puppet. 

She put herself high up on a pedestal, and saw others as lowly filthy things that could be trampled on as she pleased. She didn’t even remember the pitiful state she had pretended to be in when she had begged to sign a soul pact with him. It was her that was an even more lowly and filthy creature!

“Young Master, I can’t listen anymore either. If we don’t capture this woman, peel off her falsely beautiful exterior and throw her into the soul devil flames to burn hundreds of thousands of times, it’ll be hard to resolve the hatred in your heart!!” Old Li’s angry voice transmitted to him! 

Old Li was usual cowardly and afraid. However, today, he truly couldn’t bear this puppet of Chu Mu’s soul pet using such a tone to talk to Chu Mu! 

He silently grit his teeth: don’t irritate young master, or even if he underwent the devil transformation, he would let his young master become a half devil. Young master would hen use his claws to rip this puppet of the defector young woman into pieces!

“Did I say something wrong? She wanted to save you out of the goodness of her heart.” The veiled face finally turned around and looked at him face to face.

However, she was shocked because the expression on Chu Mu’s face wasn’t the forced suppression of anger that she had imagined; instead, it was a pure ice-cold smile.

This smile rendered an uncomfortable feeling all over the veiled woman’s body. It was as if he was standing on an even higher place looking down on her.

“What are you smiling for?” Asked the veiled woman.

The veiled woman was emotionless when she spoke and her face was also expressionless. However, it was possible to feel the contempt she had towards Chu Mu.

In the veiled woman’s opinion, this person put his own position too high. He believed that just because he had signed a soul pact with her that he was her master. What was ridiculous was that his weak soul pact simply had no power to terminate itself. Moreover, she had never seen this soul pact as a slave-master relation!

“I’m smiling at you - a ball of flesh. You have no idea what lowly and despicable is. Lowly and despicable isn’t determined by species rank or strength. I’ll tell that woman that today, her high and mighty good heartedness is just another form of humiliation; that’s the way I see it. Adding on the things from the past, I, Chu Mu, will return it ten-fold to her!!” sneered Chu Mu.

“Don’t speak of these naive and unrealistic things to me. I can control your life and death. If you don’t realize this, I’ll just show you…” said the veiled woman.

“I’m very sorry, you can’t control it.” calmly said Chu Mu

After speaking with the veiled woman, the anger in Chu Mu’s heart calmed.

Being enraged with anger and shouting at this woman was of no meaning. Only by destroying her glorified and arrogant ideals and fiercely trampling over her dignity could one make her understand how stupid her words today were!

“You’re in my hands right now. Just one order of mine…” the veiled woman was about to teach Chu Mu a lesson to prevent this man from obstructing her.

However, at this moment, the assistant leader of the killers knelt in front of the veiled woman, lowered his head and said: “My Lady….” 

“What’s the matter?” Said the veiled woman.

“We’ve discovered Princess Jin Rou.” The assistant leader didn’t dare raise his head as he spoke.

“Bring her here.” coldly said the veiled woman.

“This… she… she is at the bottom of the mountain…” the assistant leader’s tone became extremely strange.

The veiled woman could tell that there was another meaning hidden in the assistant leader of the killer’s words. She coldly harrumphed: “Don’t waste my time!”

“This...this… we didn’t capture Princess Jin Rou. Senior Shen, he fell into Princess Jin Rou’s hands, and she requests that we release Chu Chen.” said the assistant leader in fear.

The veiled woman’s vacuous eyes finally changed, slightly. She glanced at the smiling face of Chu Mu...

The corners of Chu Mu’s mouth were raised. It seemed like Princess Jin Rou was a very good teammate. 

When Chu Mu had Mo Xie search for Princess Jin Rou before, he originally wanted her to meet up with him. However, he considered that the two of them were in the midst of a bitter fight. 

Therefore, when Shen Yicheng has arrogantly let out a soul remembrance voice, mocking that Chu Mu could not escape, Chu Mu had hanged his plan and intentionally evaded Shen Yicheng while drawing the attention of all the killers. Then, he had Mo Xie and Princess Jin Rou meet up to capture Shen Yicheng! 

There was a brief moment a little while ago where Chu Mu believed that the veiled woman was Princess Jin Rou. At that moment, Chu Mu’s heart had intensely beated because if the veiled woman was Princess Jin Rou, then him and Mo Xie would have fallen into the enemy’s hands. Fortunately, they weren’t the same person. He had over thought things.

Chapter 469: Escape, Hostage Exchange (1)

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