Chapter 468: Appearance, Defector Girl

Chapter 468: Appearance, Defector Woman

An hour’s time quickly passed. The two big leaders and Shen Yichen all quickly appeared where Chu Mu was trapped.

Chu Mu’s moveable range had been reduced to a few hundred meters. The killers were getting closer one by one, sending Chu Mu into a bitter battle.

“Leader, Chu Chen is trying to kill his way through the east side!!” The sub leader immediately informed the leader of the situation inside the killer formation.

“How many people are on the east side?” Blue clothed leader asked.

“Nine people, enough to stop him!!” Sub leader said.

“Ok, let’s act. Remember, we need him alive!!” Leader waved his hand.

Shen Yichen seemed to want to see Chu Mu captured alive, so he didn’t stay at the back to control but rather directly rode his demon towards the east side.

Seeing Shen Yichen leave in that direction, the blue clothed leader didn’t follow, but instead turned to speak to the other leader, “Third sub leader reported that Boss Pan came back.”

“Boss Pan? Isn’t he by master’s side?”

“Maybe he noticed that the situation became complicated here.” Blue clothed leader said.

“If Boss Pan came back, then everything will be easier!!”

On the east side, Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast constantly weaving through the dense forest…...

Around him, ghastly green glints constantly shook, occasionally letting out sharp claws that always barely passed by Chu Mu’s body. Huge trees would fall down around Chu Mu as a result.

Chu Mu was truly sensing change in all directions. Not only did he have to find the best dodging path amongst all the frenzied attacks, he also needed to plan his next move in the shortest time possible, and even the moves after, or else the ten killers behind him and the nine ahead would trap him tightly in this narrow space.


The Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a long call. Its handsome figure darted in and out of the forest where the trees were mere three meters apart. Night Thunder Dream Beast could run over a hundred meters in a second. However, in this hundred meters, it had to make near 10 micro adjustments. This dodging ability already surpassed some demons with strength surpassing Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Chu Chen, let’s see where you want to run now!!” A slightly shrill laughter came from the treetops. This sound Chu Mu was incredibly familiar with now; it was the voice of Shen Yichen, who had been trying his best to kill Chu Mu.

Hearing Shen Yichen’s voice, Chu Mu only laughed coldly. He patted the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream horn and signalled for Night Thunder Dream Beast to slightly change its trajectory to leave Shen Yichen and quickly disappear from this group of killers’ sight…...


The destructive ray fell and yet another killer fell into Chu Mu’s trap. It was blasted into pieces by both Night Thunder Dream Beast and Zhan Ye’s destructive ray, causing his green eyed demon to get blasted away as well.

After killing this killer, Chu Mu didn’t hesitate at all as he quickly ran eastwards.

Yet, Chu Mu’s room for movement was getting smaller and smaller as fifteen killers had him completely surrounded.

If it were just fifteen killers, Chu Mu may have been able to skirmish for a while, but Chu Mu’s sharp perception felt an immense pressure assault him!

It was the aura of a powerful soul pet from the east side, which was also the only escape route for Chu Mu! If this path were blocked off, then Chu Mu would have nothing to hide!

That imposing aura swept over to him again. Chu Mu was sure that this soul pet had completely locked onto him and wasn’t far away anymore.

Chu Mu was silently surprised that this killer formation had such a powerful soul pet trainer still. As the fifteen killers quickly blocked off all his escape routes, Chu Mu’s heart sank even lower.


Suddenly, a huge noise came. The dense bushes in front of Chu Mu were split apart by two massive hands. Immediately, a head with a pair of blood red eyes came out from the bush, watching Chu Mu and his soul pets from above.

A heavy scent of blood battered him like a storm, causing Chu Mu to take a few steps back. Chu Mu looked up in shock at this soul pet seemingly bathed in blood.

It was a blood beast! A monarch rank blood beast!

This massive creature had a pair of bat wings behind it. Its wings spanned near ten meters when folded half up!

“Young master, this is a ninth phase high stage middle class monarch rank Bat Monarch Blood Beast!!” Old Li said with alarm.

On the bat monarch blood beast’s skull was an arrogant man standing. This man looked down on Chu Mu with a similar gaze. This gaze seemed apathetic, but one could feel the belittlement from them!


After the soul pet trainer riding the Bat Monarch Blood Beast appeared, the green light around Chu Mu shuffled and countless scary eyes stared at Chu Mu...

Following, fifteen killers quickly appeared around Chu Mu. The killers’ demons surrounded Chu Mu, sealing off any last chances of him escaping.

“Boss Pan……” the killer sub leader glanced apprehensively at the Bat Monarch Blood Beast that sealed the east side off and said respectfully to the man on the skull of it.

The man called Boss Pan glanced emotionlessly at the group of killers before he slowly opened his mouth, “Do you killers all not have brains?”

“Boss Pan, we tried our best.” Sub leader quickly took the blame.

“Look under yourselves!” Boss Pan yelled out coldly.

The killers all looked confused, but when they looked down, all the killers started sweating profusely.

Putting their hearts to surround Chu Mu, and feeling as if Chu Mu couldn’t possibly escape anymore, they never would have thought that they were standing on a massive trap. If Boss Pan didn’t point it out, once this trap were activated, all of them and their soul pets would have fallen into this massive trap!

“It’s Chu Chen, correct? Retract your soul pets. This trap may work for these fools, but……” Boss Pan gazed down at Chu Mu and said.

Chu Mu’s heart fell. This trap was made by Chu Mu replicating Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Natural Wood Trap. Once activated it could definitely cause all these unprepared killers to lose their footing, where he could then escape in the chaos.

But, Chu Mu didn’t expect another surprisingly powerful second tier hidden expert to suddenly appear. This expert completely ruined all his plans, not allowing him to activate the trap anymore.

When Chu Mu realized he couldn’t deal with this many enemies, to ensure the safety of his soul pets, he had already retracted all his soul pets when the Bat Monarch Blood Beast appeared, putting on a look of surrender.

Very quickly, the two sub commanders jumped in front of Chu Mu and cast an incantation to lock up Chu Mu’s soul remembrance before bringing him up to Boss Pan.

“Boss Pan, how do we deal with him?” The sub leader asked.

“Throw him up here, master wants to see him.” Boss Pan smirked and said to sub leader.

The sub leader lifted the completely sealed Chu Mu and pressed him onto the Bat Monarch Blood Beast’s back. Boss Pan glanced at Chu Mu and said, “Killed fifteen killers, you truly aren’t bad. It’s a shame you’re against us, so no matter how good you are, you would still die.”

Chu Mu sat on the back of the Bat Monarch Blood Beast. Behind him was a sub leader that could take his life at any time. However, his eyes didn’t betray any panic as he simply stared at Boss Pan equally calmly and asked, “Is your master a woman?”

Boss Pan paused from this unexpected answer, but quickly recovered and said calmly, “You’ll know once you see. Though I don’t know why master wants to see you, I can imagine how terrible your downfall will be.”

Chu Mu took a deep breath. From Boss Pan’s expression, Chu Mu could see that their master was indeed a woman, and this woman was very likely the defector womanl!

“Knock him out.” Boss Pan said to the sub leader.

The sub leader cast mental spikes, frenzily stimulating Chu Mu’s mind. With his remembrance locked, Chu Mu couldn’t defend against these attacks, so his consciousness quickly became blurred…...

In reality, Chu Mu didn’t completely lose his consciousness. He was in a half awake state. The moment he entered life danger, Chu Mu would release the devil flames within him without hesitation!

Once a soul pet trainer retracted his soul pets and locked his remembrance up, he was as good as useless. But, both Boss Pan and the sub leader didn’t realize that Chu Mu could still use the power of devil flames without his soul remembrance…...

In a half awake state, Chu Mu had no sense of time. He only felt that Bat Monarch Blood Beast probably flew a great distance, at least leaving the forest basin.

Suddenly, icy cold water was poured onto Chu Mu’s face.

Chu mu immediately opened his eyes, causing his entire person to be awake.

In front of Chu Mu’s eyes was a flat topped mountain. At the peak were low hanging clouds, feeling almost within reach.

On the mountain were four people. Two of them were the killer sub leader and the powerful young man named Pan.

The other two were a man and woman. The man was half a step behind, and it was obvious that this man and the young man named Pan were both the subordinates of the veiled woman.

The appearance of the veiled woman made Chu Mu’s heart shake. There was a split second that Chu Mu thought it was Princess Jin Rou, causing his heart to speed up.

Yet, upon closer look he realized it wasn’t the same person!

At least, their body shapes were different. Princess Jin Rou’s body was curvacious and alluring, full of an imaginative charm.

This woman’s body could be described as art. No matter the curves or the body ratio, they all portrayed a breath-taking perfection, almost feeling untouchable.

Yet, no matter how gasping this woman’s body was, Chu Mu wasn’t attracted. He instead felt his body muscles slightly shaking and his heart beating extremely fast!

Chu Mu’s emotions were flipping out of his chest. He knew who this was. Even without any soul connection, Chu Mu was sure!!

Chu Mu took a deep breath, and with a near shaky tone, he said, “Stop hiding, I know it is you!!”

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