Chapter 467: A Killer Level Higher than the Killers

Chapter 467: A Killer Level Higher than the Killers

Feeling Shen Yichen’s icy killing intent, Chu Mu didn’t turn around. He instead rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast quickly into the tangled and complicated forest.

Chu Mu knew that Shen Yichen’s demon’s speed wouldn’t be any slower than Night Thunder Dream Beast’s. However, in the wild, Chu Mu had to face countless opponents faster than himself. A person like Shen Yichen who was used to lavish lifestyles may not be able to stop Chu Mu!

Indeed, Shen Yichen was very quickly thrown behind by Chu Mu’s strange running path, and his presence became weaker and weaker.

“You can’t run. Everyone here is under me. No matter how strong your wilderness training is, you won’t be able to escape!” Shen Yichen wasn’t in a hurry, as if playing a game with a mouse.

In this entire basin, there were fifty killers total. These fifty killers have gone through ten years of training, and had the sharpest of chasing and assassinating abilities.

This entire basin forest was completely under the control of these killers, like a huge hunting net. As long as Shen Yichen commanded these killers to slowly close the net, no matter how powerful Chu Mu’s wild training was, he would still get surrounded in the end. Even Princess Jin Rou wouldn’t be able to escape!

In this dark forest, Chu Mu used his Night Thunder Dream Beast to hide in the shadows between trees.

Not long after Shen Yichen was attacked, Chu Mu escaped with his powerful running abilities, successfully breaking free from their pursuit.

But, Chu Mu very quickly realized the terrifying teamwork these killers had. Even though he was constantly struggling free from their surrounding attacks, in reality, these were just small nets. In this entire basin forest, killers were slowly nearing him from all direction. If he couldn’t think of a perfect escape strategy, he would definitely be trapped in a very small space by this slowly shrinking kill trap.

Chu Mu’s strength was at most enough to deal with four killers at once, and this is without Shen Yichen and characters like the killer leader. The difficulty of escape was incredibly high.


In the shadows, the dark body of the Zhan Ye suddenly pounced downwards from the tree. A Heavenly Splitting Claw fell down towards the vitals of a green eyed demon!

The killer quickly noticed the unexpected appearance of this Mo Y,e and commanded his other two demons to jump towards Mo Ye to restrict it.


Suddenly, the sharp Heavenly Splitting Claw appeared strangely behind the killers back, heavily ripping through this killer’s soul armor and leaving a bloody gash on his chest!

At the same time, the Mo Ye that attacked the green eyed demon became a fake shadow that dissipated as the other two demons pounced for it!

Dream Reflection!!

This was Night Thunder Dream Beast’s most adeptly used skill. In this moonlit forest, its dream techniques could completely confuse illusion with reality!

The killer couldn’t possibly defend against this. After his chest was ripped open, he let out a pained howl.

Seeing its owner attacked, the ninth phase high stage green eyed demon quickly leaped over and cast Shattering Claw!

To inflict even deadlier wounds, Zhan Ye often didn’t even dodge or defend against attacks. Seeing the green eyed demon pounce towards it, Zhan Ye ignored it while a black beam of destruction gathered in its throat, shooting towards the killer who was still struggling on the ground!!


The destructive energy blew up. This killer was already heavily wounded, so the defensive spell that he barely casted was easily ripped through by Mo Ye’s destructive beam. This dark energy immediately invaded this killer’s chest and frenziedly corroded all this killer’s organs!

“Zhan Ye, let’s go!”

Chu Mu left after one attack, sending a command for retreat without any hesitation.

Zhan Ye didn’t dodge the green eyed demon’s Shattering Claw, so the ink armor on it quickly showed cracks.

Yet, with Zhan Ye’s superior ability to take a beating, such an attack meant nothing to it. Its front limbs heavily stomped on the ground and sent the green eyed demon flying off. It then opened up its powerful body into a powerful dash, quickly disappearing into the forest with Chu Mu…...


Nearby killers quickly gathered over.

Yet, all they saw was Mo Ye’s fading figure, and their companion’s rotting body. When they were pursuing vigorously, however, they found that the enemy’s aura completely disappeared and left them with nothing to chase.

After this killer died, the killer sub leader nearby quickly came over.

Staring icy-faced at his subordinate’s corpse, this sub leader’s expression became very grave.

“Sub leader, this Soul Palace Chu Chen’s strength is deep beyond expectations!” The first killer to arrive commented quietly.

In this killer base, there were three leaders and six sub leaders. One of these big leaders was assassinated without any killer noticing!

Every one of these killers were from Underground Palace. They were all soul pet trainers who were disciplined and went through the strictest of trainings. Any of them could adeptly hide, chase, ambush, and assassinate in any environment. They all had the ability to go deep into enemy territory and assassinate the opponent’s leader.

Yet, these killers would never have thought that, among the second tier members, there was one expert who could use his killing abilities this effectively!

Not only could this expert easily infiltrate their killer base and soundlessly kill one of their leaders, he could even turn around and kill some of the chasing killers as he was getting surrounded!

This caused all the killers to feel like they were just being toyed with in this man’s control.

“Tell everyone to pay extra attention. The in and outs of breathing, the positioning, the intersection of light and shadow, the hiding of obstructions, the checking of blind spots, and the sense of direction should all be reinforced. The opponent is also a person with his hands full of death. To be able to escape from us multiple times, his use of geography and his own agility is definitely near perfection.” Sub leader said.

The cold moon hung in the night. It was already the second half of night, yet the basin forest was still full of rustling shadows and ominous glints.

The entire black forest was especially quiet, but the occasional blood curdling screams caused one to shiver involuntarily!

“A group of trash, a group of idiots!!! How have you not caught him yet! You say you are the elites of elites in Underground Palace. How are you getting played by some low tier trash!” Shen Yichen stuck his finger at the leaders within the base and cursed!

Beforehand, Shen Yichen thought they needed at most half an hour to catch Chu Mu. Yet, a full two hours passed, and these people had still only trapped Chu Mu into a relatively smaller region, shrinking his room of movement…...

What angered Shen Yichen the most was, in the two hours, there were already nine killers killed by Chu Mu. If time was prolonged further, wouldn’t all fifty of these killers be killed by this man?!

The two leaders’ expressions were both ugly as well. At first, they already realized that this person was an extremely dangerous character. However, they would never have expected that this Soul Palace Chu Chen was this terrifyingly powerful. He was a killer with skills even above these professional killers!!

“Leader Shen, don’t panic. Though subordinate doesn’t want to discourage our side, this soul palace Chu Chen definitely isn’t as simple as you say. His wilderness survivability, killing technique, and counter-chasing abilties are all top tier. They are comparable to our main leader.” The leader said with a grave voice.

These killers had their own rank hierarchy. Normal killers were members, then there were killer team leaders, sub leaders, leaders, and main leaders.

“Isn’t your main leader Zhuo Xiao?!” Shen Yichen forced down the anger in his heart.“Yes. Putting strength aside, by my judgement, this Soul Palace Chu Chen’s wilderness training and killing abilities aren’t inferior to that of main leader’s. If he were given a wider geographical space, all of our people would be killed within three days……” As an experienced killer, the leader’s estimation of the opponent’s strength definitely was accurate!

“You say he has the ability to kill everyone in three days!!” Shen Yichen immediately stared at him with shock!

The other leader shook his head and said, “I feel like two days is enough. Nine people have already died in two hours. Presumably even main leader didn’t expect such a terrifying presence to be within young generation. Boss Shen, it isn’t that we are neglecting him; you had estimated this person’s strength incorrectly, or this person had hidden his powers too well.”“What do you mean by saying all of this, do you want to retreat?” Shen Yichen said angrily.

The stronger Chu Mu was, the harder it was for Shen Yichen to keep his anger down.

“Since we were given the command, we would try our all even if we were to all die. Subordinate was just talking about a large environment. In that situation, we probably couldn’t stop his killing no matter how many people we had. But, we had set up an inescapable net long ago. This was a formation even main leader had trouble escaping. This Chu Chen definitely can’t escape. Just give us one more hour.” one leader said.

“In an hour, I want to see him on his knees in front of me. With that Nightmare Palace princess. You probably know her importance. If you can’t do that, just kill yourselves so you don’t bring unnecessary for master!” Shen Yichen said.

“Don’t worry, everything is under our control.” The blue clothed leader said.

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