Chapter 466: Leader of the Killers, Shen Yicheng

Chapter 466: Leader of the Killers, Shen Yicheng



On a meadow in the basin jungle...

Princess Jin Rou sat on this meadow, and she stared at the small pond in front of her.

The small pond was actually a puddle of water in a depressed point of the ground and it had an area of only about 20 meters. The surface of the water was very calm and shimmered with the light from the twinkling stars in the sky... 

For some reason, after Chu Mu had left, a feeling of mysterious unease had arisen in Princess Jin Rou’s heart.

Princess Jin Rou actually did trust Chu Mu, because she knew that he could be selfless. If she was in a team with him, he would, to a certain extent, ensure her safety. 

As for Liu Zhang, Princess Jin Rou didn’t really have much trust for him. After all, she didn’t understand this person very well, and had never met him in the past before.

“Liu Zhang, I seemed to have detected some sort of movement. Can you go to the southern side to take a look?” Princess Jin Rou stood up and spoke to Liu Zhang.

Liu Zhang surveyed the surroundings and said: “I just checked that area and specially placed a few small tree branch traps in between the trees. If someone walks through that place, I’ll be able to detect him or her. Could Princes be overthinking it?”

Princess Jin Rou still felt uneasy, and pointed at the pond in front of her as she said: “I detected that there was movement there and my soul remembrance intuition is very strong…”

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll go take a look. But Princess Jin Rou needs to be careful; this basin jungle is a bewildering world and one careless mistake will result in you getting lost.” Liu Zhang nodded his head.

After speaking, Liu Zhang urged his demon in the direction Princess Jin Rou had pointed in to examine the situation.

Liu Zhang’s demon moved very fast, and in a few jumps had made its way into the southern jungle.

He didn’t go that far, only casually moving around this patch of area once. 

It was impossible for there to be in danger in the southern side. Liu Zhang was 100% sure of this because this place was already within the region of their killers’ camp. Unless the person that had left, Soul Palace Chu Chen, had the ability to intrude the camp, it was impossible for others to do.

Moreover, Liu Zhang knew that right now that Soul Palace Chu Chen was under the control of his subordinates.

Liu Zhang’s subordinates weren’t in this area. He had a very clear understanding of his surroundings so when Princess Jin Rou had him check the southern side, he completely feigned it to remove the worry in Princess Jin Rou’s heart. Only by doing this could he bring this Nightmare Palace Princess into the trap.


Not much later, Liu Zhang returned and walked to the pond from before. He said: “Princess, it’s me. There’s no danger there, you can come out.”

His voice reverberated around the jungle, but he was unable to see any trace of Princess Jin Rou.

“Princess Jin Rou?” Liu Zhang called out again, but there was still no response.

Quickly, Liu Zhang realized something was wrong. After doing a search, he couldn’t find her...

“Crap, she fled!!” Liu Zhang soon guessed that Princess Jin Rou had sent him away on purpose. He cursed, and immediately let out a sharp whistle. 

The sound pierced through the silent jungle and echoing all around it. It sounded like the cry of some nocturnal soul pet.

After the sound had rung through, black figures began to move throughout the jungle. It was possible to see leaves shake in all directions!!

“Sou sou~~~~~~~~”

“Sou sou sou~~~~~~”

Over ten shadows jumped out of the jungle. Verdant eyes coldly flickered, robust and powerful beast bodies ran through the jungle, plants went flying and numerous shadows layered on top of one another... 

“Hmph, how can a wilderness newbie, no matter how smart, flee from my pursuit?” Liu Zhang quickly discovered a trace of ice on the western side. Clearly, this was left behind by Princess Jin Rou’s Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox.

These careless traces left behind while fleeing was a mistake commonly made by wilderness newbies. Liu Zhang was very surprised that Princess Jin Rou could see through his facade, but what did it matter if Soul Palace Chu Chen wasn’t in the team? That fellow’s terrifying wilderness survival ability or mysterious ability to throw them off was no longer there. 

Indeed, Princess Jin Rou could not escape by herself. A net had already been extended through the entire jungle and inadvertently coming into contact with it would result in being surrounded on all sides!

Liu Zhang jumped onto his demon and rapidly chased after Princess Jin Rou in the direction of the traces left by her Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox. 


Soon, Liu Zhang’s figure disappeared from this green meadow. Then, faint ripples began to slowly appear on the surface of the water...

From the ripples, Princess Jin Rou’s graceful figure emerged under the moonlight. Her pair of eyes, still resplendent at night, stared at the direction Liu Zhang had left in.

Princess Jin Rou was always wearing a veil, and it was impossible to see the expression on her face. However, from her eyes, it was possible to discern the uneasy expression in her heart.

In truth, Princess Jin Rou hadn’t actually seen through Liu Zhang’s plot. In fact, before this, she was actually trusting of this vagrant soul pet trainer who had been willing to serve her.

In order to determine if he was truly trustworthy, she had intentionally sent him away before feigning that she had fled.

If this Liu Zhang was worth trusting, then his first reaction would be to worry for her and search the area for her.

On the other hand, if Liu Zhang had other intentions, then his original intention after discovering her disappearance would probably be revealed! 

It wasn’t that Liu Zhang had been seen through; instead, he had given himself away. Princess Jin Rou had merely grasped whatever was in his heart...

“Now what should I do? Liu Zhang will quickly discover that the ice marks are false…” Princess Jin Rou knit her eyebrows and tried her best to maintain calm as she sunk into thought.

Killers were rushing towards her. Princess Jin Rou could be sure of this.

She wasn’t familiar with the jungle environment, and no matter which direction she went, she would ultimately fall into their encirclement. 

“Bing Ying, can you detect the aura of Chu Mu’s Mo Xie?” Princess Jin Rou knew that the only person who could take her out of this predicament was Chu Mu. Right now, she silently regretted parting ways with Chu Mu.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~~~” the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox nodded its head.

Frost quickly covered the Ice Demon Fox’s tiny body. Countless pieces of ice crystals merged together, freezing the pitiful appearance fox into a menacing ice sculpture.

The ice crystals rapidly began to show signs of cracking and the an emperor species aura of the fox species gradually began to discharge. Once the ice crystals on this small ice fox’s body had fully fallen off, it had transformed into a Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox.

Princess Jin Rou jumped onto its back and had the Dark Devil Buddhist follow beside. She quickly advanced in Chu Mu’s direction, attempting to find Chu Mu before she was surrounded by the killers...


Chu Mu’s present situation wasn’t very optimistic. Nearly 50 soul pets were chasing after him. The moment Chu Mu went in a wrong direction or showed any signs of slowing, he would be surrounded by the fifty demon beasts and demons and descend into an extremely dangerous and bitter fight.

Chu Mu had greatly underestimated the number of killers. They seemed to be endless. Each time Chu Mu was about to throw off the enemies, another two new killers would lock onto him and continue chasing.

Mo Xie was extremely brave and fierce. While fleeing, she had already killed nearly ten green eyed demon beasts! There were several times where they had nearly been completely surrounded and it had been Mo Xie that had mightely slaughtered her way out in a trail of blood.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~~”

As a demon fox emperor species, Mo Xie ostensibly was also able to detect the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox that was approaching Chu Mu, and let Chu Mu know.

“Mo Xie, let’s split up. You lead the princess to me and have her meet up with me as fast as possible. You must be fast.” said Chu Mu.

It was impossible for Chu Mu to deal with so many killers by himself. Right now, he had to meet up with Princess Jin Rou to deal with them, otherwise, him and Princess Jin Rou would be directly eliminated from the seventh realm and perhaps their lives would be in danger as well.

“Wu wu wu!!!”

Mo Xie didn’t hesitate at all. The royal flames on her body flared up, her nine long tails gorgeously gave a sweep and instantly, the surrounding jungle was burning with a scorching fire!

Amidst the torrential flames, Mo Xie’s body split into five that travelled extremely quickly in five different directions.

The surrounding green eyed demon beasts weren’t able to discern Mo Xie’s real body and could only launch attacks at all five of the figures attempting to break out of the encirclement.


Of the five figures, only one was Mo Xie’s real body. The royal flames on the real body suddenly exstinguished completely and as the attacks flew over, Mo Xie transformed into her pitiful state. Her tiny body passed through the incomparably concentrated interweaving of claws and she agilely ran into the jungle illuminated by the fire before quickly disappearing...

“The Nine Tailed Inferno Fox has escaped!” said the assistant leader of the killers.

On the tree top of the jungle amidst the burning flames, a man wearing green clothing looked down from high above. He coldly laughed and said: “Ignore that demon fox. All of you follow me to capture Chu Chen!!”



Chu Mu had slowly opened a gap between him and the group of killers. Now that Mo Xie wasn’t next to him, he had to be especially careful. If he was surrounded even once, his life would be in danger.

The night Thunder Dream Beast was continuously speeding up and the Reach For The Midnight Moon effect allowed the Night Thunder Dream Beats to visibly surpass the speed of all of the killers’ soul pets.

“Si la~~~~~~~~”

Suddenly, on the left side of the Night Thunder Dream Beast, a savage demon sprang out and its claws easily ripped apart the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s defense, leaving a fresh wound!

The fresh blood was particularly striking in the moonlight. The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body was visibly pushed off course and its steps descended into chaos before, with extreme difficulty, managed to recover its blaance. It agilely used the Extreme Speed technique and suddenly sped up again!

Chu Mu’s heart shook and his eyes swept across. He immediately saw a savage demon following closely behind with abnormal speed. On top of that demon was man with a cruel gaze that intensely stared at Chu Mu!

“Shen Yicheng!” Chu Mu’s heart shook. The only killer that could catch up to Chu Mu’s speed was Shen Yicheng!

Previously, Chu Mu had learned that Shen Yicheng was in the bewildering world, but he never expected him to be in the killers’ camp!!

“Chu Chen, you really are digging your own grave!!!” Shen Yicheng let out a sinister laugh. 

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