Chapter 465: Unknown Leader, Nearing the Trap

Chapter 465: Unknown Leader, Nearing the Trap

The leader of the killers was seated in a tent, eyes closed and silent.

This leader of the killers was also a young generation member and also a second grade member. He was a second grade spirit master.

Upon reaching the spirit master level, increasing strength became abnormally difficult. This leader of the killers was presently trying to break through the second remembrance to the third remembrance. 

This group of killers was comprised of all elites. They had laid down killing traps in the jungle, and there were few who could pass through the jungle, let alone make their way to the center of this camp.

Therefore, this leader of the killers was seated without worry or stress. He was concentrated and had entered a state of silent cultivation.

Suddenly, the leader of the killers heard footsteps and he creased his brows. He subconsciously harrumphed: “Didn’t I tell you not to disturb me?!” 

The leader of the killers opened his eyes to see who the person who disturbed him was. Immediately, his expression changed and he hastily stood up. He knelt in front of the man who entered and fearfully said: “My lord, this subordinate didn’t know it was you who had come. Please forgive me… please forgive me.” 

“What’s the situation like?” the man indifferently swept his eyes over the leader of the killers and asked a question. 

“Three have died. It’s probably due to the appearance of some hidden expert in the second grade. Old Nine’s situation hasn’t been reported yet, but he should have succeeded.” responded the leader of the killers. 

“Before I came here, I already saw that those three people died in Chu Chen’s hands. Could it be that Chu Chen can be considered a hidden expert?” said the man.

“Chu Chen? This subordinate didn’t realize that I had sent people to kill him.” the leader of the killers slightly raised his head, but didn’t dare look at the man’s face.

“He was once Prison Island’s King and his ability to survive in the wilderness is much stronger than you group of trash. Perhaps he’s hiding nearby, and will come and take your worthless life at any moment!” the man’s eyes turned vicious. 

“This subordinate was careless. This subordinate was careless.” the leader of the killers hastily said, “My lord, don’t worry. As long as he appears, I’ll definitely catch him. Senior Shen has already given this task to us!” 

“Has Senior Hao given you any other instructions recently?” asked the man.

“Other instructions?” the leader of the killers thought carefully before responding, “No. We listen to your commands and are ordained to Senior Shen.”

“Did your master specially request for you to do anything?” the man continued to ask.

“This subordinate has never seen master before, but knows she’s in the seventh realm. My lord, why did you appear here? Isn’t your realm breakthrough mission…” the leader of the killer’s tone turned strange.

The moment his words came out, the man’s eyes underwent extreme change.


Suddenly, a sharp cold light swept past, and the edge of a blade streaked across the the leader of the killer’s neck, tearing open his artery. 

Immediately, blood began to spurt out, splashing over the tent! 

The leader of the killers eyes opened wide. As he was asking that question, he had truthfully already raised his guard. 

However, he had still reacted too slow.

As his life quickly slipped away, he stared at the man in front. In his vision that was gradually blurring, he found that this man’s face and temperament was slowly changing, as he transformed into another person. 

Chu Mu released his soul remembrance and controlled the stench of blood, preventing it from spreading.

He coldly stood next to the leader of the killer’s corpse. In fact, the leader of the killer being in a concentrated state of silent cultivation had presented Chu Mu the opportunity to create a dream realm. 

After entering the dream realm, the leader of the killer had unawaringly taken Chu Mu to be their master. Chu Mu had taken advantage of this, and attempted to play along. 

Chu Mu knew that every killer had undergone strict training, and that their vigilance was extremely heightened. Consequently, Chu Mu had been very careful as he spoke.

At the same time, Chu Mu could see that this leader of the killers responded very carefully. He had pretty much given Chu Mu no information that he could use; that is, until his last sentence where he mentioned that his lord was in the seventh realm.

Chu Mu was certain this group of killers listened to direct orders from Shen Yicheng, which meant that Shen Yicheng was definitely in this seventh realm. Moreover, it was very likely him that had murdered the competition authorities, having these killers head to the finish first.

From the leader of the killer’s words, aside from Shen Yicheng, there was another person who was referred to as a lord. This person was absolutely crucial, and very likely had direct relation to the defector young woman who was controlling everything behind the scenes.

Chu Mu could feel that he was already touching the influence of the defector young woman and was approaching, step by step, the plot she had laid down in the Battle of the Realm.

Chu Mu could not let the defector young woman do as she pleased. No matter what traps she had set up in the seventh realm, Chu Mu had to find them out.  

“Young master, I feel that there’s a rather suspicious person…” at this point, Old Li’s voice rang out.

“Who?” asked Chu Mu.

“Liu Zhang.” said Old Li.

“Why do you feel that he’s suspicious? At least when we were travelling together, that fellow didn’t reveal anything suspicious about himself.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu rarely formed teams with others. Even if he did form a team, he would always have extremely high vigilance against them. Therefore, when Princess Jin Rou had mentioned she wanted to slowly accept other team members, Chu Mu had expressed his staunch opposition.

Chu Mu would have rathered face a large group of enemies before having to watch the every step of the so called “teammates” next to him! 

“Just a feeling. Firstly, his aura hiding ability is extremely strong. Although he said that he often trained in the wild, it’s actually very likely it’s an ability from being a killer. Secondly, the expression he showed when he saw you dragging the corpses, it was as if his body had gone cold before he showed an expression of shock. Finally, just as you were leaving and I was lying on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body, I carefully examined him and found that within his complicated expression was a slight trace of happiness.” said Old Li.

“Do you think that he has another target? Or in other words, is he also a killer? I’ve seen these kinds of tricks many times before, but I feel that there really is no need for him do something like this.” said Chu Mu. 

“That’s not necessarily true. For example, and I’m only giving an example, what if he was there for Princess Jin Rou?” said Old Li.

“There for her? There’s no logic behind that. Also, Princess Jin Rou has heard of him before. One of her guards rescued him. Wait...No, that’s not right. What if they wanted to control Princess Jin Rou earlier, and had sent someone to lay this elaborate scheme even before.” Chu Mu quickly realized that something was wrong.  

“It’s actually very easy to prove this. Liu Zhang definitely knows that you’ve already entered the killers’ camp and, in a little, if the formation of the killers changes, then that pretty much proves that he reported this to them.” said Old Li.

After Old LI finished speaking, Chu Mu’s face turned a bit dark.

The proof Old Li had mentioned was basically using his own life as proof! This was because once the killers’ formation had changed, it meant that they had all changed their target to him. 

Thus, he was situated in a dangerous location! 

“Old thing, why didn’t you say this earlier!” berated Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t dare linger any longer here and promptly jumped out of the tent. He wanted to leave the extremely dangerous killers’ camp as fast as possible.

“I’m not a prediction god. It was when the leader of the killers mentioned Old Nine that I abruptly thought of this possibility.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to argue with Old Li and urged the Night Thunder Dream Beast to hastily rush into the dark and demonic forest.

“Sou sou sou!!!!”

“Sou sou sou sou!!!!!!!!!!”

Sounds of footsteps began to emerge in the forest around Chu Mu as black shadows began to crisscross in a disarray! 

The hidden demons had extremely explosive strength, and they were dark figures that assaulted him from the air in the forest… 

When Chu Mu fled the killers’ camp, countless soul pets had suddenly emerged around him. These soul pets were all targeting him, evidently because they discovered him!

Chu Mu’s heart sank. When he had entered the leader of the killers’ tent, he hadn’t disturbed any killer and he had cleaned up afterwards very cleanly. Even if these killers had spotted an intruder, it was impossible for them to change their formation that quickly. The only explanation was that the killers had already prepared to catch a turtle in a jar!! 

Right now, this was indeed proof that Liu Zhang was the person referred to as Old Nine by the killers. This scheme was something Chu Mu was familiar with, but he never expected to be caught in it. 

“If this was a trap set for me beforehand, then it means that Princess Jin Rou - who has no understanding of the jungle environment - is caught in their schemes.” Chu Mu quickly realized the critical problem! 

Princess Jin Rou was extremely strong ,and it would be extremely hard for Liu Zhang to attack her. The problem was that Princess Jin Rou was too unaccustomed to the wilderness and even if she was careful, she would probably accidentally fall into the trap set by Liu Zhang and these killers! 

“Shi Shi Shi!!!!!!!!!!”

The coldly illuminated claws swept across Chu Mu’s body. After Chu Mu’s body passed by, most of the trees on either side of him collapsed. If he had been even slightly slower, him and the Night Thunder Dream Beast would have been decapitated at the waist!  

Chu Mu’s face turned grave. He had fallen into a trap and only by breaking free could he take care of the Princess Jin Rou’s situation. 

“Mo Xie!” Chu Mu couldn’t afford to conserve his strength and summoned Mo Xie in front of him! 

Moonlight spilled through the tree leaves, bathing the slightly brilliant Chu Mu in light as she transformed into a Royal Flame Nine Tailed Inferno Fox. She ripped apart a resplendent fire arc in the dark air with her royal flame claws, shredding the green eyed demon blocking Chu Mu’s path in front into pieces!! 

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