Chapter 464: Enter the Enemy’s Territory Alone

Chapter 464: Enter the Enemy’s Territory Alone

“You call that being alone……” After hearing Chu Mu’s words, Liu Zhang’s mouth twitched.

Three killers outside of formation was called being alone. This was too hard to accept; after all, these killers were all decently powerful!

After Chu Mu glanced at the demon that Princess Jin Rou killed, he said, “About five thousand meters ahead, there's a huge group of killers, around twenty in numbers. I was very baffled, how is there such a huge concentration of killers from the same faction in seventh realm?”

Right after Chu Mu said that, Princess Jin Rou opened her eyes wide in surprise again and specially glanced at Liu Zhang.

Liu Zhang finished listening to Chu Mu, and his chin hit the floor!

Liu Zhang never would have expected this fellow to figure out the situation ahead in such a short amount of time. One had to know that the setup ahead was almost flawless, and that a single misstep would cause these killers to detect you!

Just now, to show that it was impossible to go deep into the killer base to understand the situation, he mentioned that no one in second tier could hide themselves that well. Yet, as those words were still floating around in the mountain, Chu Mu’s sentence made Liu Zhang feel as if he just dug himself into a hole.

“This guard brother, did you truly fully figure out the situation ahead just now?” Liu Zhang came over and asked.

“En, there are approximately three leaders in the twenty of them, with decent strength.” Chu Mu said.

“He even figured out the leaders.” Liu Zhang was immediately speechless.

Ahead, it was completely filled with watch guards from the killers. 

Between the killers, there were soul pets in fixed locations. Someone with experience could immediately tell that the distance between these killers was fixed. Though they were spread relatively sparsely, no one would pass through them in reality.

Liu Zhang himself was also a training expert. He knew the difficulty involved, so when he said that to the princess, he was sure that no one in second tier could do it.

Yet, who knew that the guard by Princess Jin Rou’s side was this terrifying. This was hard for Liu Zhang to believe.

Princess Jin Rou fell into deep thought. Even with her status, she only had a few guards under her, and she hasn’t met any of them in seventh realm.

Yet, this seventh realm passing realm had somehow gathered this many killers. If they were all participants, then how vast would the mastermind’s powers be, allowing this many followers to pass through the first six realms.

“Any leads?” Seeing Princess Jin Rou lift her head, Chu Mu quickly asked.

“There’s no one I can think of with this much power. Even Soul Alliance Si Tian wouldn’t be able to pull this off. This is probably someone from outside of Battle of the Realm that got in.” Princess Jin Rou analyzed.

Chu Mu’s heart sank. The first thing Chu Mu thought of that could explain this rule breaking phenomenon was the defected girl.

Because, if the young girl had always wanted to win the Battle of the Realm’s final honor, she has probably been planning for a long time, and was ready to use all methods to bring a person to win the final honor of second tier.

“They have many people, and we probably can’t defeat them. I feel like we could try to get more people to group up. If they see that we have enough people, they may not dare to fight.” Princess Jin Rou said.

“We don’t have that much time. With that method, we may truly be unable to get the final honor. And, I feel that if there were too many people, these killers may not mind starting a skirmish with us; their main goal is to obstruct everyone.” Chu Mu denied Princess Jin Rou’s idea.

Princess Jin Rou’s choice was safer, and she had the influence to gather people with her status.

But, Chu Mu felt that these killers were all subordinates of some expert. If they wasted too much time on these killers, the seventh realm honor would definitely be taken.

Chu Mu knew that his strength wasn’t enough. If he didn’t get the seventh realm honor, his Zhan Ye and Monarch Ghost King wouldn’t be able to improve. This would be very detrimental for him in the eighth realm, so Chu Mu had to get this huge sum of money from the reward.

“I’m not too interested in the final honor. As long as I can succeed, I am happy. Their strength is too large and hard to beat……” Princess Jin Rou said tactfully.

“I must get the final honor.” Chu Mu said.

Princess Jin Rou dropped her head down slightly and stopped talking.

“Since this is the case, then let us split up here.” Chu Mu understood that Princess Jin Rou didn’t want to take the risk.

Princess Jin Rou paused, not expecting Chu Mu to be this blunt.

“Ok, then you be careful. Not only is this person’s influence high, his strength is definitely very strong. Try not to fight this person head on.” Princess Jin Rou looked at Chu Mu as a complicated emotion flashed through her eyes.

Princess Jin Rou nodded. His eyes were also on Princess Jin Rou. In reality, he had a question he always wanted to ask. After hesitating for a while, he resolved to ask it, “Why do you always wear a face veil?”

Princess Jin Rou wasn’t surprised by the question. She smiled and explained, “It’s just a tradition. Before certain things appear, we always keep the veil on. Only when it appears do we take it off.”

Chu Mu nodded with some understanding and jumped right off the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back into the danger filled forest.

Princess Jin Rou looked at Chu Mu leave and felt less safe. However, she didn’t feel regret for the splitting. They had different thoughts and naturally had different choices. Splitting up was the correct decision.

“Princess Jin Rou, so he isn’t your guard?” Then who is he?” Seeing Chu Mu leave with the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Night Thunder Dream beast, Liu Zhang asked with confusion.

Princess Jin Rou replied calmly, “You probably know this person, Soul Palace Chu Chen.”

“Chu Chen!” Liu Zhang’s face became covered in surprise. He completely didn’t expect that man to be the recently famous Soul Alliance Chu Chen, the abnormality that continued to challenge across tiers and gain the highest honor!!

“No wonder he had those abilities…… It is rumored that he has hunted in places comparable to ninth level bewildering worlds!” At the same time as his surprise, Liu Zhang also suddenly realized why this man could easily pass through the traps placed by the killers!

Chu Mu had another reason he wanted to split ways with Princess Jin Rou, that being he wanted to figure out the person behind these killers.

Chu Mu felt that these killers appeared very abruptly, and could very likely be related to the things Yu Palace Master talked about. If this were true, then the defected girl’s goal could be found from these people.

Also, Princess Jin Rou indeed wasn’t adept at training in the wild. If she were together, Chu Mu would clearly be impacted while travelling through the forest. Since she just wanted to succeed, splitting up was the best option.

There were twenty killers total. Of course Chu Mu couldn’t take them out one by one. He must figure out how he could capture of the killer leaders. Only then would he be able to gather some intel.

Chu Mu observed these killers’ strengths in the dark. Every member has about three to four ninth phase high stage commander ranks. If they were to fight head on, Chu Mu would only be able to deal with about three of them. 

If he were to assassinate them, if any were alone, Chu Mu had the confidence of killing them without anyone knowing. 

However, the issue was that the three killer leaders were all in the center of the forest. Chu Mu fighting would definitely attract at least five fighters. This was too dangerous.

Finally, Chu Mu decided to hide in this killer’s base and wait for a better opportunity before attacking. This way, he would have a higher chance of successfully capturing a leader.

When Chu Mu completely hid his aura, he could traverse even Holy Stem Sacred Region with ease. Though these killers had a tight formation, it couldn’t stop a true forest’s person from entering.

When night approached, Chu Mu had already neared the three commanders’ base in the center of the basin. He himself was hidden like a beast, silently sitting on a tree and watching every movement in the base.

“Some people haven’t come back. I think they’ve been removed by true second tier experts.” A man’s voice came out weakly from at tent.

“Heng, no. I told them that if they find someone overly powerful, they should just let them through!” Another man’s voice was clearly sharper.

“Big leader, master is already leagues ahead of the other opponents. Speaking of which, this subordinate still doesn’t understand what master needs. If it were just so master could get the highest honor, there is no need to put us into action on seventh realm, right?”

“Don’t ask too much, just do as you’re told……” The man called big leader didn’t continue.

Hearing this information, Chu Mu creased his brows. If these men continued to talk, maybe he could truly find some important information.

“It looks like, to truly know their goal, I must start with this big leader.” Chu Mu said.

Continuing to wait will just waste time for him to pass the realm, but this master of theirs must be obstructing others to do something extremely important.

Immediately, Chu Mu decided secretly to take this risk!!

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