Chapter 463: Jungle Massacre, The Victor That Emerges (2)

Chapter 463: Jungle Massacre, The Victor That Emerges (2)


In the dense forest, there was always a faint scent of blood.

This smell was very faint, to the point where Princess Jin Rou and Liu Zhang didn’t notice. Only Chu Mu, who was like a beast that lived in Prison Island for multiple years, noticed it.

Chu Mu knew that under where Princess Jin Rou rested was a corpse that was specially treated. The smell of blood was so faint even Princess Jin Rou’s demon couldn’t smell it.

“Come to where I am.” Chu Mu said to Princess Jin Rou. Letting a beautiful lady like her stand right above a corpse, Chu Mu couldn’t help but give her some advice.

“What is wrong?” Princess Jin Rou walked over to Chu Mu and said questioningly.

“It isn’t safe there.” Chu Mu didn’t explain much. HIs gaze went through the rows of branches and stared deeper into the forest.

“Princess, do not worry. I have already checked around when we came, there aren’t any issues nearby.” Liu Zhang immediately said.

Princess Jin Rou only nodded, but she subconsciously still chose to believe Chu Mu, deciding to stand beside him while resting.

“Eat the antidote.” Chu Mu said.

“The wounds on my leg have healed.” Princess Jin Rou said.

“There are many plant world soul pets that can emit poison that can’t be detected through remembrance. This poison is hard to defend against. In addition, people sometimes used corpse stink to spread poison. Check your calf. If the healing scab is purple, it means some poison continues to plague your body.” Chu Mu said to Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou’s spirited eyes blinked, clearly not realizing the things Chu Mu talked about. She immediately walked to the side and rolled up her pant leg.

Indeed, when Princess Jin Rou extended her delicate white calf, she found the scab to be purple.

Princess Jin Rou looked slightly surprisingly at Chu Mu, not expecting Chu Mu to be this attentive to details.

“Tell Liu Zhang to look around on the east side. I’ll walk around nearby to see what the situation is like.”

Chu Mu continued to say to Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou nodded. After consuming the antidote, she told the eager Liu Zhang to go forward and scout.

Liu Zhang was obedient to all of Princess Jin Rou’s commands. Very quickly, he rode his demon to scout ahead. Liu Zhang’s demon was pretty agile. In a few stealthy leaps, it disappeared in their field of view.

“You should remain careful yourself. Let your demon stay in combat mode and wake your little ice fox up.” Chu Mu advised Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou furrowed her brows, not understanding why Chu Mu was this uptight. There shouldn’t be any danger nearby.

After saying all of that, Chu Mu nimbly leaped onto a branch and disappeared from Princess Jin Rou’s view.

Princess Jin Rou wasn’t stupid. She quickly hid her own aura and told Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox and Dark Devil Buddhist to stay vigilant.

After about five minutes, Princess Jin Rou’s soul remembrance locked onto a person that was running towards her in escape. This person was the scouting Liu Zhang.

“Princess, let us leave quickly, they have set up ambush near us!” Liu Zhang said frantically to Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou stared gravely at her surroundings and said coldly, “Your news arrived late.”

Liu Zhang blanked before abruptly turning around just to notice many pairs of oily green eyes appearing in the shadows of the forest!

Very quickly, these green oily eyes appeared all around Princess Jin Rou and Liu Zhang, blocking off all four directions!

“ is this possible, how can they act this quickly!” Liu Zhang’s face turned white as he quickly chanted an incantation.

In such a situation, they could only fight. Yet, Liu Zhang didn’t know how many people the opponents had. Whether they could escape from the heavy ambush was a problem in itself.

Princess Jin Rou was more calm. Her detection ability was slightly stronger than Liu Zhang, so after she locked onto them all, Princess Jin Rou noticed that there were three killers and ten soul pets around her total. These soul pets’ strengths were all ninth phase high stage commander rank, and were all of the same soul pet species.

If they all had the same soul pets, this was clearly a group of killers trained through devilish means similar to Nightmare Palace Nightmare Islands.

Soul pets all of commander rank and with high phase meant that these people all focussed heavily on the growth of stages. In training camp like places, this was a common approach. The improvement of ranks often needed a huge amount of cash. Phases and stages could be increased through time and battles. So, when training these members, the main leader’s direct goal was to raise all their members’ soul pets to tenth phase. This way, they could have synergy in offense and strength.

“You watch over one direction.” Princess Jin Rou said to Liu Zhang.

Right after, Princess Jin Rou decided to strike preemptively and sent a command directly to her Dark Devil Buddhist!

Dark Devil Buddhist’s hiding abilities were much stronger than these killers’ soul pets. A ninth phase high stage commander rank was akin to an eighth phase middle stage middle class monarch rank. As a ninth phase middle stage middle class monarch rank, the Dark Devil Buddhist was a full three ranks higher than these organisms!


The Dark Devil Buddhist’s attacks were clean and decisive. As one of the green eyed monsters neared, its heart was immediately pierced by the Dark Devil Buddhist!!

Instant kill!!

Princess Jin Rou’s Dark Devil Buddhist was a demon, but its offense wasn’t any weaker than some beast type soul pets. After one technique, it immediately killed a green eyed organism!


After the Dark Devil Buddhist, the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox also attacked!!

A huge demon aura paired with piercing cold spread towards the surroundings, instantly freezing all plants in a fifty meter radius. The Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox darted forward, bizarrely dashing by a green eyed demon’s body!!

Bone chilling cold spread over. The green eyed beast didn’t even let out a single technique before two claw marks appeared on its body, spreading cold poison swiftly throughout its body and freezings its innards!

In the forest, the killer wearing green realized that his soul pet was completely frozen and quickly tried to retract his soul pet.

But, as this killer was chanting the incantation, his green eyed demon suddenly became an ice sculpture and countless ice shards blasted out of its body!

Princess Jin Rou’s decisive killing immediately damaged two killers’ souls, and her demeanor suppressed the other three killers and the eight soul pets.

The three killers immediately realized that they had run into a true second tier expert!

They almost had no hesitation, immediately giving his soul pets a command to retreat and quickly hiding back into the forest…...

The killers came quickly but left quickly too.

Liu Zhang was still in a daze there, eyes watching the two green eyed demons that Princess Jin Rou killed while his mind was thrown into shock.

All along, Liu Zhang felt that Princess Jin Rou was just a top tier member of third tier. The reason she entered second tier was mainly because of her powerful guards.

And, all the rumors of Princess Jin Rou was like this as well. No one mentioned Princess Jin Rou’s true strength.

Yet, in the short battle then, Liu Zhang saw the harsh killing of the princess, easily scaring off three killers that Liu Zhang regarded as powerful opponents!

“Princess is also a hidden expert.” Only after a while did Liu Zhang react. Princess Jin Rou was also an expert that was well hidden amongst the big factions!

“What else did you find up ahead?” Princess Jin Rou glanced at Liu Zhang and said.

“There… there’s a group of killers camping ahead. I found a few killers, but there should be many more. They’ve set up a very dense forest formation, like a terrifying big net that awaited for other contestants to dive in!” Liu Zhang said slightly flustered.

“Then did you figure out how big this net is, as well as how many people they had?” Princess Jin Rou asked.

“Even if my hiding abilities were advanced, to figure out how much area they covered would be incredibly difficult. They have soul pets or soul pet trainers hidden in every possible hiding spot in the forest. Not even a fly could escape their eyes, so going deep would be very difficult. I could only walk around on the outside to figure out their trap, but to figure out how deep the trap goes without triggering it, no one in second tier could do that……” Liu Zhang opened his mouth to say.

Princess Jin Rou went silent. The situation wasn’t looking too good for her. Only until Chu Mu came back with more information could she make plans for the next step.

Not long after, Chu Mu came back.

“You… where did you go? Why weren’t you here when we were ambushed?” Liu Zhang saw that Chu Mu finally returned and couldn’t help but grumble.

Chu Mu ignored Liu Zhang’s grumbling and slowly walked up to Princess Jin Rou.

Liu Zhang didn’t stop grumbling, but when he noticed that there was a burly Devil Tree Battle Soldier behind Chu Mu, the words got caught in his mouth as shock filled his face!

What shocked Liu Zhang wasn’t Chu Mu’s devil tree battle soldier, but instead it was the three corpses in its hands!!

These three bodies were the three green clothed killers from before!!

Princess Jin Rou was also surprised. She first looked at the corpses before watching Chu Mu, “You killed them?”

“En, I noticed that they were out of formation by themselves so I disposed of them along the way.” Chu Mu nodded.

Princess Jin Rou was powerful, possibly even above Chu Mu, but in the previous situation, she would at most have killed two soul pets. If these killers wanted to run, she couldn’t keep them, let alone kill them all!

Yet, Chu Mu did just that, and all with ease!!

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