Chapter 462: Jungle Massacre, The Victor That Emerges

Chapter 462: Jungle Massacre, The Victor That Emerges

When Princess Jin Rou reached the basin, she quietly chanted an incantation, summoning a demon in front of her. 

Princess Jin Rou’s demon was a Dark Devil Buddhist.  

Dark Devil Buddhist: Demon world - demon type (specter type) - Dark Devil species - commander rank. The Dark Devil Buddhist possessed a specter body that looked like it was cloaked. Its two hands were dark red claws that had three sharp claw-edges.   

Its pair of legs didn’t need to stand on the ground as it was always floating half a meter above it. Its two eyes carried a slightly azure light and its gaze was terrifyingly sharp.

After the Dark Devil Buddhist appeared, it disappeared like a specter in between two large trees. Next, Princess Jin Rou continued to talk to Chu Mu as if nothing had happened.

Chu Mu knew that he didn’t need to do anything. He was shocked. The Dark Devil Buddhist Princess Jin Rou had summoned was a ninth phase fourth stage middle class monarch!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast had already reached the ninth phase first stage, but the difference in stages was equivalent to an entire level. In terms of rank, it was also lacking by a level. Even if it used its domain technique, it would not necessarily even be the Dark Devil Buddhist’s opponent.

“Shua shua!!!!!”

A dark red and imposing glint swept through the dense trees and, all of a sudden, all of the plants in a straight line were cut in half!

Immediately after, a pained cry rang out in the jungle. Obviously, the person following Chu Mu and Princes Jin Rou in the dark had been attacked by the Dark Devil Buddhist.

Chu Mu’s reaction was very fast. He instantly turned around and passed through the rows of fallen trees. He immediately saw that the Dark Devil Buddhist’s dark red claw was pointing at a man whose arm was bleeding.

The man was half lying down on the ground. Beside it was a demon, but it had easily been suppressed by a mental technique of Princess Jin Rou’s Dark Devil Buddhist. It could only fruitlessly struggle in place. 

The man didn’t dare to chant an incantation because if he were to summon another soul pet, the Dark Devil Buddhist’s bloody claw would pierce his throat. Thus, in fear, he quickly approached Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou who was only slightly slower.

“I… I … I didn’t… I didn’t have any evil intentions…” the man’s face was pale as he spoke.

Chu Mu got a bit closer and sized up this man. He found that aside from the wound the Dark Devil Buddhist had ripped open on his arm, his waist also showed signs of injury. It seemed this wound had been there for a while now.

“Who are you?” Chu Mu stood in front of him and coldly interrogated him.

“I… I am a Blue Kingdom person. My name is Liu Zhang and am a crossing world competitor.” said the man professedly called Liu Zhang as he held the wound on his arm.

At this moment, Princess Jin Rou slowly walked over. She stood beside the Dark Devil Buddhist and looked at Chu Mu with a bit of curiosity. 

Liu Zhang’s two eyes that carried fear quickly fell onto Princess Jin Rou. Slowly, the expression on his face changed, now carrying a bit of shock and complication. 

“Princess Jin Rou? Don’t tell me that you’re Princess Jin Rou?!” Liu Zhang’s expression was abnormally excited. He stared intensely at Princess Jin Rou, and a certain type of infatuation and appreciation could be seen on his face.

“Hmm? Have we met before?” Princess Jin Rou carefully examined this person who she seemed to not remember at all.

“Before you entered Tianxia City, I had encountered trouble at the edge of a bewildering world and it was your subordinate who saved me. I was going to thank your subordinate, but she had me remember the favor in your name. In the past, I had always admired you but then I received your grace. Therefore, I had been very much hoping to say my thanks to you, but never had the chance. I never expected to see you here. This is truly too good.” Liu Zhang gratefully said. 

Princess Jin Rou seemed to remember that her subordinate had mentioned this to her. She didn’t have much to say as she said: “Deal with your wound first then tell me why you were following us.”

“Yes yes.” Liu Zhang immediately nodded his head and hastily wrapped his wound. From his adept skill, he seemed to be a soul pet trainer that frequently trained in the wilderness.

Chu Mu continued to maintain his vigilance. At the very least, this Liu Zhang’s actions were very suspicious. This was because he had been continuously hiding his aura and his skills were very high. He was no mere casual. If it wasn’t because Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was higher than his, he would probably only discover his existence if he had launched a sneak attack on Chu Mu.

“I… I really don’t have any ill intent. I noticed you two in the poison thorn belt up ahead. At that time, I didn’t know you two so I followed behind you guys. The truth is that I wanted to travel with you two, but I didn’t know what your strength was like.” said Liu Zhang.

“What’s with the wound on your waist?” asked Chu Mu.

“This is precisely what I just spoke about. I arrived here earlier than others, but the basin in front was extremely dangerous. I already entered once, but returned wounded. The most important thing is that I discovered a few people lying in ambush in the basin. Although my strength is far from many true second grade experts, my aura hiding abilities are extremely strong. When I entered the basin, I inadvertently discovered many corpses. I had originally thought it was the weaker competitors that had been attacked by the basin’s savage creatures when I eventually discovered a shocking secret! The people lying in ambush in the basin are specially here to kill us competitors!” as Liu Zhang spoke, his eyes were full of fear, “The wound on my body was rendered by them. I managed to flee and not long after saw you two. I came to both warn you and also because I wanted to travel with you. If I were to head into this place alone, those killers will definitely appear.”

Chu Mu glanced at Princess Jin Rou and they both sunk into deep thought.

The first thing Chu Mu considered wasn’t the killers hiding in the basin, but whether Liu Zhang’s words were believable or not.

The second thing Chu Mu considered was the problem of the killers in the basin. If the killers really existed, who could they be? Were they competitors seeking to obtain honor for themselves and decided to massacre other competitors in the basin? Or did they have another objective?

“Princess, what do you think?” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to ask.

“Liu Zhang’s words should be true. My subordinate mentioned this person to me. He is a famous soul pet trainer from Blue Kingdom who frequently trains in the wilderness. My subordinate tried to make him serve me and specially went to investigate news about him. This person is an honest person who has never entered any faction.” Princess Jin Rou knew the first thing to do was have Chu Mu acknowledge Liu Zhang. 

“Then what do think about those killers?” asked Chu Mu.

Princes Jin Rou had a good understanding of the state of the various factions. Since there had appeared a group of killers in the Battle of the Realm who were intentionally killing competitors, there was definitely something hidden going on… 

“Perhaps. The killers of the competition authorities are probably not only the killer we determined earlier, but also a few others. They reached this place earlier in order to obstruct all of the competitors and then let the person they are escorting to reach the seventh realm’s honor unobstructed.” said Princess Jin Rou.

Chu Mu furrowed his brows. Upon reaching the last few realms, the teams created by trusted faction aids would appear. However, using the method of killing competition authorities and other competitors to obtain the benefits was too cruel. It was unknown which faction’s hidden experts would be so daring. 

“Remember I told you before that the first thing to do in the bewildering world wasn’t to breakthrough the realm, but instead to search for one’s own teammates or find people you trusted?” Princess Jin Rou used soul remembrance to softly speak to Chu Mu.

“We can’t go around, we can only kill our way through.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

The advantage of factions gradually manifested in the latter few realms. Chu Mu felt that he really was in need of a few allies. Fighting in solitude to the very end would only result in an extremely miserable ending. 

“Let’s let Liu Zhang follow us. His strength isn’t weak and he is a wilderness expert too.” said Princess Jin Rou.

Chu Mu nodded his head and jumped onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back.

After Liu Zhang obtained permission to enter the team, his face was instantly riddled with an excited smile. It was like a knight that had obtained supreme honor. He ignored the wound on his body and, in high spirit, rode on his demon as if he was a lackey for the princess.

“Princess, don’t worry. This subordinate’s strength isn’t much, but when we travel in this environment, it’ll definitely be me who discovers these killers first, instead of the killers ambushing us.” said Liu Zhang in earnest. 

Princess Jin Rou merely slightly nodded her head and didn’t say anything. 

“Oh, I was too impulsive when I saw Princess Jin Rou. I forgot to ask what the distinguished name of this honorable guard was?” Liu Zhang quickly noticed the man next to the princess. 

Chu Mu glanced at Liu Zhang and very bluntly ignored his question.

Princess Jin Rou quietly explained to Liu Zhang; “He isn’t my subordinate. We’re working together purely for the reward.”

“Oh, a mercenary. Haha, it’s always an honor to serve Princess Jin Rou.” Liu Zhang very stupidly failed to comprehend the meaning of Princess Jin Rou’s words.

Princess Jin Rou let out a soft laugh. This elegant action showed off an infatuating beauty. 

Liu Zhang laughed in embarrassment. He didn’t know what he had said incorrectly to make Princess Jin Rou laugh at him.

Princes Jin Rou threw a glance at Chu Mu and used soul remembrance to softly say to Chu Mu: “It seems that even if you’ve left the position of my guard and are now considered a Soul Palace Young Master, you still can’t rid yourself of the mannerisms of a princess’ guard…” 

Chu Mu opened his mouth to say something, but after thinking, decided not to say it. He decided to let Princess Jin Rou act like a young woman and pleasantly ridicule him. 

Chu Mu raised his head and stared at the dense plant basin and a savage smile rose on his face.

Since there were so many killers in the basin, then Chu Mu had no need to be merciful. 

It was a massacre in the jungle, but it would be seen who ended up killing whom. To Chu Mu, who had been immersed in a full three years of massacres in a jungle, the jungle was his killing domain! 

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