Chapter 460: New Companion, Princess Jin Rou

Chapter 460: New Companion, Princess Jin Rou

When Chu Mu reached the bewildering world, it was the fifth day. Since every participant started in a different place, but all participants had to start at the same time, Chu Mu waited for tow days under the watch of the three competition staff.

Chu Mu had killed countless people, so he was quite sensitive about blood, able to judge person’s death time accurately. With the calculations, he realized that these three competition staff had died around the time he arrived at the tall grass region.

“To leave two days early, this person killed the competition staff… scary of a person.” Chu Mu took a deep breath.

Chu Mu’s own killing heart was rather heavy, but he had never even thought of killing the competition staff in the two days. Someone who would do that was not only wicked, but also unbelievably schemeing and wouldn’t flinch at any cost!

Since the corpses were on his way, it meant that this terrifying murderer was very close to Chu Mu. Chu Mu had to be very careful in the following road.

As for whether the murderer had any other intentions was something Chu Mu didn’t know.

Chu Mu collected the stamps of the three competition staff. Since the tournament would know exactly who was responsible for the death of the three staff if they don’t return, then the murderer definitely doesn’t mind the consequences.

“Speaking of which, if this person killed the staff members, he wouldn’t know where the final point was. How would he continue to pass the realm?” Chu Mu quickly thought of another issue and started murmuring to himself.

“He is a merciless person. If he meets any other contestant on the way, he would know from them.” Another sound suddenly floated down!

Chu Mu blanked. It was a woman’s voice. Though it was pleasant to the ears, it instantly became strange, considering that it appeared right above him.

Chu Mu immediately lifted his head, and saw a woman standing on the pine tree that he was at. This woman wore a set of black clothes that tightly wrapped her graceful and lithe body.

Her white hands were the greatest contrast against the darkness, while the white skin near her neck caused one’s imagination to run wild!

A black veil covered half of her face, leaving only her eyes open. These eyes were quick, alluring and. when calm. it would occasionally shine with a beauty that could elicit gasps.

This lady was very far from Chu Mu, and her voice came from her remembrance. Chu Mu knew that at this distance, she couldn’t attack him. Furthermore, if she truly wanted to ambush him, he wouldn’t have used her voice to signify her presence.

Yet, Chu Mu’s face was full of surprise, because this woman was somewhat familiar to Chu Mu. Yet, every time he saw her, it seemed like she was always high up. Though she had a quality of refined elegance, she still seemed aloof and hard to get close to.

Nightmare Palace princess, Princess Jin Rou

Chu Mu’s initial impression of Princess Jin Rou was very perfect, and he had had feelings for her kindheartedness.

However, Chu Mu wasn’t the kind that liked to dream. He knew that the distance between himself and this woman was massive. Also, with later contact, Chu Mu slowly realized that the perfect Princess Jin Rou only appeared when she put down her status, schemes, and struggles for riches.

So, even after Chu Mu had the identity of Soul Palace Young Master and a position equal to hers, Chu Mu still stayed far away.

Later on, after Chu Mu slowly found that his feelings for Ye Qingzi were clearly stronger, and that such a girl was most fitting for himself, Chu Mu wiped all fantasies of Princess Jin Rou away.

Yet, Chu Mu would never have thought that, in seventh realm, this Princess Jin Rou would appear here. It seems like she was a contestant that was heading towards the same direction.

Princess Jin Rou’s age was even lower than Chu Mu’s, so she was also an expert that surpassed tiers. Yet, Princess Jin Rou’s name almost never appeared on the Tianxia Ranking, and no one in Tianxia City discussed Princess Jin Rou’s strength. Her fame was way smaller than Chu Mu, who was constantly earning the highest honor.

Yet, of the hidden experts of the Battle of the Realms, Princess Jin Rou was definitely one of them!

“Are you very confused as to my appearance?” Princess Jin Rou seemed to despise the corpses, so she only stood far away on the branch and communicated with Chu Mu via soul remembrance.

“En, not bad.” Chu Mu answered. He didn’t specially near the princess, who was displaying another alluring side of herself, instead choosing to keep their distance.

“Last realm, you disposed of my guard…” Jin Rou’s voice floated down.

“What do you want?” Chu Mu didn’t want to beat around the bush with Jin Rou, asking directly.

“What could I dare to want?” Princess Jin Rou was clearly pointing at the pressure Liu Binglan was putting on her.

Liu Binglan’s position was very high, and Nightmare Palace was incredibly cautious of her. As a young generation member, though Princess Jin Rou had a high status, she was still about the same status as Chu Mu, so she indeed couldn’t do much to him.

Chu Mu didn’t like being talked to from above, so he rode Night Thunder Dream Beast along the steep cliff and slowly jumped in front of Princess Jin Rou.

He specially examined the black dressed princess before he opened his mouth to speak, “The murderer of these three competition staff is probably very strong and may have ulterior motives, you be careful.”

“Do you not plan on travelling with me? After all, you are my personal guard.” Princess Jin Rou said.

“If only one person can reach the end, then we would be enemies. Do you think that’s necessary?” Chu Mu said.

Hearing Chu Mu’s words, Princess Jin Rou blanked before laughing. The laughter was clear and beautiful, lightly echoing through the mountain.

Chu Mu had to admit that this Princess Jin Rou was alluring from head to toes. Regardless of body, facial appearance, or voice, the creator seemed to give all the world’s delicate beauty to her. When she laughed, even the hardest of hearts would feel attached to the invisible elegance within the sound.

Chu Mu was once hurt by a seemingly perfect woman, so he had a mental scar for women with perfect appearance and demeanor, and became more focused on inner beauty. Princess Jin Rou originally attracted Chu Mu because of her kind heartedness in her youth…...

Yet now, Chu Mu could no longer feel this kind heartedness, and actually vaguely detected disingenuity.

He imperceptibly had a strong vigilance of this woman that was so suffocatingly beautiful 

“This bewildering world is very large, and there are many destinations. Though our starting points were near, our destinations may not be.” After laughing, Princess Jin Rou explained. Seeing that Chu Mu was still a little confused, she specially added a line, “Passing Realm almost has no rules. The first thing every participant does definitely isn’t head towards the destined location, but to find team members……”

“Don’t you have your own team members?”

Princess Jin Rou had prepared for the Battle of the Realm for years already. Presumably, this seventh realm, her guards should already be waiting for her in a destined location.

“There were five people total. Lu Donghe was defeated by you in sixth realm. Another person bumped into a Soul Alliance expert in fifth realm and were also eliminated. Two more people are in different realms entirely. Only one person is in this bewildering world, but it would probably be very difficult for her to find me…” Princess Jin Rou outlined her own situation briefly.

“You want to travel with me?” Chu Mu understood the meaning behind Princess Jin Rou’s words.

“En. The murderer that could kill competition staff should still be in this region. I probably won’t be able to handle him alone. You, as a prison island king, have very powerful wilderness training. Following you would be safer for me, and we could keep watch over each other too.” Princess Jin Rou said.

“Either you trust me, or I’m not a threat to you, or maybe you already have your own plan.” Chu Mu said bluntly.

“You’re overthinking me.” Princess Jin Rou said in a different tone, her bright eyes watching Chu Mu.

Chu Mu couldn’t not overcomplicate things with her, because she was a lethal threat to Chu Mu.

And, after Holy Stem Sacred Region, Chu Mu realized an important issue. This was that the deserted girl was most likely is in Tianxia City. Though he had a strong soul connection with her, her powerful mental abilities could easily cut it off, causing him not to be able to sense her even if they were face to face.

Chu Mu’s impression of the defected girl’s perfect appearance was rather vague, yet Princess Jin Rou’s perfectness was the most fitting with the defected young girl. This was why Chu Mu still had some vigilance towards Princess Jin Rou.

If he had this vigilance, he definitely couldn’t have any feelings for her. Chu Mu didn’t want to stay together with her, because she was a dangerous character to Chu Mu.

“I think you should stay careful yourself. We aren’t on the position.” Chu Mu politely refused to stay company.

After speaking, Chu Mu lightly patted Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream horn to signify Night Thunder Dream Beast to leave here.

Princess Jin Rou still stood silently on the branches. Her calmness seemed like a fairy in the mountains. Her eyes watched Chu Mu’s back as he left. Only when he was a distance away did she again use her remembrance to speak to Chu Mu, “Xia Guanghan has already set down a trap for you. No matter how hard you hide your strength, you may still fall prey to it.”

Chu Mu stopped Night Thunder Dream Beast and stood silently amongst the shadows. He turned around to look at Princess Jin Rou, his eyes displaying a slightly different emotion this time.

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