Chapter 46: Robbing and Killing Yang Mantian Father and Child(2)

Chapter 46: Robbing and Killing Yang Mantian Father and Child(2)

Yang Shang had seen Chu Mu before at the auction. However, though it was the same face, Yang Shang now felt as if it were two different people.

The current Chu Mu emanated killing intent from every part of his being. His eyes emitted the scariest ominous glint, as if he were a beast ready to explode with power at any time!!

Yang Mantian’s face completely sank. He never would’ve thought that the useless person who should’ve died four years ago would now display such a terrifyingly imposing manner. He secretly started controlling his Rare Blood Beast, ready to give Chu Mu a deadly blow.

Yang Mantian’s Rare Blood Beast was not just any soul pet. It already had Ghost Blood Energy. Once it released its Ghost Blood Energy, its fighting strength would increase greatly!!!

“Mo Xie!”

Chu Mu naturally knew that Yang Mantian’s seventh phase Rare Blood Beast wasn’t simple, and he immediately told Mo Xie to unleash all of her power!!

Red hot Demon Fire Evil Flames suddenly sprouted out from Mo Xie’s paws, unleashing an even larger heat wave that, with a tremendous demonic aura, crazily spread to the burning forest, causing all the existing flames to waver!!

The sprouts of flame was encouraged by the gale, shifting and swaying!

The strong demonic aura and heat wave combined to instantly subdue the Yang Mantian father and son. Yang Mantian’s Rare Blood Beast even stepped back. A seventh phase soul pet actually felt fear from a sixth phase soul pet!!

“Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox!!” Yang Shang stared, gaping at Chu Mu’s completely released soul pet. He originally wanted to summon his sixth phase Rare Blood Beast, yet he didn’t dare to anymore!!

Yang Mantian could naturally see the scariness of this Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox, so he didn’t dare to hesitate, immediately summoning his other soul pet!!

“Aowu~~~~~~” A sixth phase fifth stage Terror Wolf lifted a gale, and it slowly appeared in Yang Mantian’s summoning symbol.

Yang Mantian’s seventh phase Blood Winged Trioptic Beast had already fallen into ashes when it was protecting Yang Shang, so with his third soul damaged, he couldn’t summon a third soul pet.

While Yang Mantian was summoning his soul pet, Chu Mu and Mo Xie were both charging up to attack!!

“Molten Fury!!”

Mo Xie’s body looked like it was lit ablaze, her fur turning from silver to a scarlet red. Yet, within the blazing flames, those silver white pupils stayed unusually prominent!!

“Wuwuwu!!!!!” Mo Xie rose her head and let out a high pitched call. Instantly, a terrifyingly hot ball of Demon Fire Evil Flame rose up, causing the temperature in the burning forest to raise even more!!

“Chong Mei - Molten Fury!”

When Mo Xie completely casted her Molten Fury, Chu Mu also finished his incantation!

His black pupils suddenly burst with an other-worldly radiance, and terrifying white devil soul flames started burning from Chu Mu’s body. As Chu Mu lifted both of his hands, the pale white flames formed the fire type ability Molten Fury and merged with Mo Xie’s Demon Fire Evil Flames!!!

A sharp red, a demonic white!

The two fires completely merged, having both the flesh-burning high temperatures, as well as the ghostly cool that froze one’s soul!!

Molten Fury was a sixth level fire type technique. Under the effects of Demon Fire Evil Flames, it was strong enough to be a seventh level fire attack.

Now, there was the added effect of the devil flames of a sixth phase fourth stage White Nightmare!!

The White Nightmare was at the monarch rank, so how strong would its flames be? Once merged with Mo Xie’s Demon Fire Evil Flames, the fire damage increased manyfold. The overlapping of both fires and both Molten Furies definitely reached the effects of an eighth level fire attack!!


The ice armor that Yang Mantian cast was useless, as it was easily melted by the double Molten Furies. Yang Mantian’s two main soul pets couldn’t even cast anything before being engulfed by the scary flames. Regardless of it was the sixth phase Terror Wolf or the seventh phase Rare Blood Beast, they both let out the most painful roar!!!

Yang Mantian’s face was also pale. The white soul devil flames caused even his soul to be in pain. Under this scary attack, his two soul pets also suffered major injuries!!!

“Bastard thing, why don’t you summon your soul pets, do you want to die!?!?” Yang Mantian looked over at Yang Shang, who was hiding behind him, and roared!!

Yang Shang’s fifth phase Blood Winged Trioptic Beast had long since died in the flames of the Nightmares. After Yang Mantian roared at him, he shook in fear, and it took him three tries before finally summoning his sixth phase Rare Blood Beast!

Yang Shang’s Rare Blood Beast could not compare to his father's. Though it was at the sixth phase, it was only slightly stronger than the majority of warrior rank soul pets.

After summoning his Rare Blood Beast, Yang Shang again started chanting while flustered, summoning a seventh stage servant rank Bloodthirsty Beast.

These two soul pets were, in both rank and stage, not on the same level as Yang Mantian’s soul pets. These soul pets may have posed a threat to Chu Mu a year ago, but today, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier could easily handle them both by itself.

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier!”

Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier was not any normal warrior rank soul pet anymore. After gaining demon wood, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s attack was now more formidable, and it was able to cast seventh level wood type techniques!!

“Root Puncture!!”

With demon wood added, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wood type abilities doubled in damage, causing even Root Puncture to double in amount!!

Fifty demon wood roots suddenly spiked from under the fiery ground, instantly piercing Yang Shang’s two soul pets, leaving countless bloody holes on their bodies!!!

After it’s control of wood type was strengthened, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier could also microcontrol its techniques, just like the Ice Air Fairy!

The scared pale faced Yang Shang didn’t even notice that a demon wood root was aimed at his heart like a javelin!

“Ah!!!!!!!!!!” A miserable scream suddenly echoed through the forest!!!

The demon wood root violently stabbed in. The ice armor on Yang Shang had long since melted after the Molten Furies came, and he didn’t have a chance to cast any defensive ability after. Thus, the root very straightforwardly pierced through his body!!!

If Yang Shang had overcome his fear, maybe he could’ve held out longer in front of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, but this guy left too many weaknesses open. The adept killer Chu Mu would definitely not let go of such an opportunity to kill the soul pet trainer!

The roots penetrated his body, spraying blood onto Yang Mantian’s face. Yang Mantian suddenly looked as if he had lost his soul, his entire face blankly watching the slowly collapsing Yang Shang!!

His eyes slowly became bloodshot…...

“I will dismember your corpse into a million pieces!!!”

Suddenly, Yang Mantian roared!!

Yang Mantian’s pupils were fully red. At this point, Yang Mantian didn’t have any regard for consequences. He ignored the burn wounds still inflicted upon his soul and started chanting an incantation!!

Violent Blood Pupil!!

When Yang Mantian cast Violent Blood Pupil, it looked like he himself was also adhered by this scary bloody killing intent, as his entire person became like a beast ready to erupt!!!

The Violent Blood Pupil cast a blood shadow upon the seventh rank Rare Blood Beast. As a blood beast, when Violent Blood Pupil was cast on it, its fighting strength rose by an even larger margin!!

Seeing Yang Mantian go completely crazy, Chu Mu only smiled calmly. The seventh phase Rare Blood Beast had already been burned to the point where it didn’t have much fighting strength left. The Violent Blood Pupil cast on it was but its final struggle!

Chu Mu’s soul power was limited, so once he had casted Molten Fury, it was hard for him to cast Violent Blood Pupil. Additionally, Chu Mu didn’t feel the need to cast Violent Blood Pupil against Yang Mantian, so he just commanded Mo Xie to step over with her devil flames and kill the two soul pets who had been wounded by Molten Fury already!!

When the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s fighting strength increased, it became especially violent. After repeatedly puncturing Yang Shang’s two soul pets, they fell into their own bloody pools and completely lost their ability to fight.

Very soon, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, capable of ranged attacks, started crazily casting roots out to bombard the fifth phase ninth stage low class commander rank that Yang Mantian switched too!!


On the road, blood covered the ground. Different colored devil flames swayed in the forest wind. Corpse after corpse littered the floor.

“Cremate them!” The Nightmare Palace lead killer He Lang ordered, and five Blue Nightmares simultaneously cast their dark blue flames, disintegrating the twenty Yang Clan experts’ corpses along with their dead soul pets!

“Boss, the person that ran away should be their leader. He was very strong. Leaving the Nightmare Prince to go alone, is that……”

“En, you go check them out.” He Lang used to be Xia Guanghan’s subordinate and was now Chu Mu’s assistant. If something happened to Chu Mu hem as an assistant, would also be at fault.

“Yes!!” The three Nightmare Palace killers immediately called their wing type soul pets in front of them and agilely jumped on.

But, just as the three killers were about to take off, they suddenly noticed a black figure walk out from the shadows of the forest beside.

The killers all let out questioning expressions, because these veteran killers completely didn’t notice when this Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince returned!

“Let’s change paths  and send these 5,000,000 gold coins worth of soul cores and crystals to Soul Pet Palace in Gangluo City, switch them all to gold coins, and send them to the auction house.” Chu Mu said.

“Yes!!” The twenty one killers didn’t ask any questions and saluted.

After speaking, Chu Mu jumped straight onto Mo Xie and followed the path straight for Gangluo City!!!

Seeing Chu Mu ride Mo Xie away, the group of killers felt deep veneration for him!

The power of the leader of Yang Clan’s escort was something all of these killers researched clearly. The fact that this King of Prison Island could get rid of him in such a short time was enough to speak for both his power and scary killing methods!

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