Chapter 458: High Class Monarch, White Nightmare (2)

Chapter 458: 

Chu Mu really never expected Old Soul Teacher De to speak so bluntly. In the previous fights, no matter how hard, Chu Mu did not summon the White Nightmare to fight. In truth, although the White Nightmare was only an eighth phase ninth stage middle class monarch, it had an extremely strong attribute talent, and would have no issues fighting a ninth phase low stage middle class monarch. 

If Soul Palace didn’t prohibit the White Nightmare, then Chu Mu would be able to use the 1.5 billion to make the White Nightmare’s strength suddenly soar. In the subsequent realm breakthroughs Chu Mu would have even more reliance on it. 

“Then many thanks to Old Soul Teacher De. Who is that elder who you spoke of?” asked Chu Mu in curiosity. From Old Soul Teacher De’s words, he seemed to indicate that there was someone in the dark supporting him.

“This old fellow noticed you the first time you arrived at Soul Palace. He normally disappears and appears mysteriously, and very few people in Soul Palace have seen him before... my taking care of you is due to his low-profile urging.” Old Soul Teacher De’s words didn’t reveal who this elder was, but it was clear that that he wouldn’t tell him.

Chu Mu promptly asked Old Li, but Old Li said he didn’t know, and that perhaps it was a person in the Soul Palace’s Palace Courtyard...

In Soul Palace’s Palace Courtyard were the most authoritative figures in Soul Palace - people who surpassed the tenth rank in title. The identities of those in the Palace Courtyard were not public. There were a few brave and famous young generation members who would mock these Palace Courtyard elders as “living corpses”.

This was mocking the fact that these old fellows normally didn’t appear at any event ,as if they were lying in a coffin. Most importantly, the majority of people in Soul Palace didn’t even know their real identities. Just like before, Chu Mu would have never thought that Old Soul Teacher De who constantly neglected his normal duties and was always playing with various medicines was a Soul Palace elder. 

There were a large number of old people in Soul Palace like Old Soul Teacher De. A few of the Palace Lords from the Seven Great Palaces, holy guards from the Holy Region Palace, big-time administrators in the Outer, Middle and Inner Palaces, countless old scholars in the two Great Sacred Libraries painstakingly researching and old fellows teasing children and leisurely sipping tea in the courtyard pavilions had never actually come in contact with the Palace Courtyard. No one knew if there was a great elder in charge. Chu Mu also had no clue who the virtuous senior who had people take care of him was. Since the Soul Palace elders didn’t care if Chu Mu had a White Nightmare, then Chu Mu didn’t have anything to be afraid of, and promptly began to search for the most suitable spirit items to strengthen the White Nightmare.

It was very rare to find 1.5 billion worth spirit items on the normal exchange, so Chu Mu received an introduction from Old Soul Teacher De, and purchased an expensive Nightmare Soul from a Merchant Alliance elder. 

In the past, Chu Mu had bought enough Giant species souls to strengthen the Ghost King. This was a soul teacher’s unique spirit item refining method or a departed spirit soul technique. Chu Mu didn’t understand the details of how to possess it, but these methods which refined a soul from a powerful soul pet’s body to strengthen a soul pet were extremely high-end and mysterious strengthening processes. It also was the most immediate way of raising its species strength.  

Chu Mu chose a time, and spent 1.5 billion on Nightmare Soul to strengthen the eighth phase ninth stage White Nightmare.

Because the strengthening method was too intense, Chu Mu had Ye Qingzi give him a soul power medicine to ensure he wouldn’t run out of soul power during the enormous energy strengthening process.


The White Nightmare was covered in white flames as it stood in front of Chu Mu. It had always looked similar to Chu Mu and standing with it made Chu Mu feel as if a demonifying mirror had been placed between them. 

“If you’re ready we can start the strengthening.” Chu Mu said to the White Nightmare.

“Nie~~~~~~” the White Nightmare, which was a reflection of Chu Mu burning in demonic flames, nodded its head and its two demonic pupils flickered with a complicated emotion. 

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu noticed the White Nightmare’s strange attitude and asked about it.

“Nie~~ Nie~~” the White Nightmare spoke softly in a strange language.

After Chu Mu finished listening, a smile rose on his face and he said: “Of course I’m strengthening you. Do you think that the Nightmare Soul in my hand are fake?” 

The truth was that the White Nightmare had nominated itself to be strengthened in order to cause a little chaos.

The White Nightmare was very smart and it knew how dangerous it was to Chu Mu. The moment its strength reached a certain point, it would instinctually devour its master’s soul power. Therefore, it also knew that it would normally never have a share of spirit item strengthening. 

Thus, the White Nightmare had never expected that after its random shouts at Chu Mu, Chu Mu would actually go and purchase spirit items to strengthen it. Moreover, it was an entire 1.5 billion worth of spirit items to strengthen it - something the other soul pets had never received before! 

In the Binding Wind Holy Region, the White Nightmare had threatened Chu Mu’s soul, but Chu Mu didn’t blame it at all after the matter. The White Nightmare had been very guilty, and in the subsequent training in the wild, it had particularly put in more effort, especially in the Sacred Holy Region.  

Right now, Chu Mu was giving the White Nightmare extremely valuable spirit items causing the White Nightmare to feel for the first time that Chu Mu perhaps was really regarding him the same as his other soul pets. If it wasn’t because devil flames were what formed its body, this evil White Nightmare definitely would have bursting with tears. Chu Mu, knowing from experience, could understand the White Nightmare’s state of mind. A gentle smile rose on his face as he said: “In the past I didn’t strengthen you because your species rank was too high. Those spirit items weren’t very useful to you. In the seventh realm, eighth realm and ninth realm, there will be very many powerful enemies who appear in front of us. I’ll need to rely on you to fight.” 

“Nie~~~” the devil flames on the White Nightmare’s body suddenly sprang up, and as if its soul had been baptised, it acted full of fighting spirit. Fortunately, Chu Mu had already grown accustomed to the White Nightmare’s soul burning and standing in front of the White Nightmare, he allowed its soul devil flames to wantonly fly about.

Seeing the White Nightmare quickly return to its normal state, Chu Mu could distinctly feel the soul connection between himself and the White Nightmare grow even closer. A gratified smile showed on his face.

The turning point of Chu Mu’s life was Mo Xie’s appearance. However, if it wasn’t for the White Nightmare’s existence, Chu Mu’s soul remembrance wouldn’t have reached such a high level. Him being able to reach Tianxia City while also having the qualifications to enter the seventh realm was closely linked to the White Nightmare. 

Moreover, the truth was that so many years had passed that Chu Mu was already accustomed to the White Nightmare’s threat and pursuit. The White Nightmare’s soul devour was an instinct. Chu Mu knew of its danger, terror, and evil, but it had accompanied Chu Mu as he grew one step at a time until now. It had always fought for Chu Mu and was by all means and purposes, Chu Mu’s first soul pet.

Chu Mu didn’t care if his soul pets were weak, nor did he care if their species rank was low. As long as they followed him, always accompanied him and always fought for him, no matter how evil they were, they were ultimately his soul pets and Chu Mu would make them grow stronger!

“Ok, let’s begin.” Chu Mu said to the White Nightmare.

The White Nightmare earnestly nodded its head. Listening to Chu Mu’s orders, it began to slowly assimilate these special Nightmare Soul into its body. Then, it had them approach its own soul one inch at a time!

The Nightmare Soul’s soul energy was enormous and when Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to induce them into the White Nightmare, his own soul power was rapidly depleted. He could even distinctly feel the mental resistance from the Nightmare Soul. 

“Nie~~~~~” the White Nightmare was the nightmare of souls, and it could sense the stubbornness of the Nightmare. It immediately let out a devilish cry, intimidating it! 

The White Nightmare’s intimidation was extremely effective, and with the combination of Chu Mu’s soul, it managed to gradually suppress the Nightmare Soul’s vicious attitude. Then, the soul was slowly transformed into energy that became the White Nightmare’s energy. 

This was unprecedented cooperation from the White Nightmare. It had the innate ability to devour the those from its own species, and when the powerful Nightmare Soul neared it, the White Nightmare no longer needed the inducement from Chu Mu’s soul remembrance and began to devour the 1.5 billion in value Nightmare Soul!! 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~” the devil flames on the White Nightmare’s body began to burn even more vigorously. It seemed like it was going to completely fill up Chu Mu’s room.

Soon, all of the items in Chu Mu’s room had been burned to a crisp by the White Nightmare. Fortunately, the White Nightmare was still able to limit the recklessness of its devil flames and didn’t burn down the entirety of his room.

This soul devour carried an intense soul pain which transmitted into Chu Mu’s consciousness, and caused his soul power to continue rapidly depleting. 

Chu Mu didn’t know how long this went on for. He only knew that when his soul power was practically exhausted did the White Nightmare’s soul devour gradually come to a stop.

“Nie~~~~~” the White Nightmare weakly let out a cry. The devil flames on its body had unexpectedly completely disappeared, and its body seemed to be cast out of mercury making it look incomparably devilish! 

The devil flames on its body were like skin that had always existed and now it was the first time Chu Mu saw its flames completely extinguish. 

“Young master, the White Nightmare’s devil flames have disappeared. Its very likely that a new devil flame is about to be born! Just now, when the White Nightmare’s emotions changed, this abnormally gifted Nightmare showed signs of evolving. Now its just finished absorbing the soul!” excitedly cried Old Li.

A smile that reflected the elation in his heart appeared on Chu Mu’s pale face.

Quickly, Chu Mu noticed the White Nightmare’s exhaustion, and proceeded to hastily recall it into the soul pet space.  

When the White Nightmare returned to the soul pet space, it instantly went into a deep sleep. There were no other special signs that appeared on its body. In the past when the Ghost King had been strengthened by spirit items, it had also entered into a deep sleep, just like the White Nightmare was doing now.

It wouldn’t be long before its body would burn with a completely new high rank devil flame!!

An even higher rank devil flame would mean that the White Nightmare’s species rank had risen!!

The White Nightmare was an innate middle class monarch and another increase would raise it to a high class monarch!!!

The moment the White Nightmare woke up, Chu Mu would possess a White Nightmare that shed its mortal body in exchange for a new one: a true high class monarch!!! 

Chapter 458: High Class Monarch, White Nightmare (2)

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