Chapter 457: High Class Monarch, White Nightmare (1)

Chapter 457: 

After the first and second realms had finished, Chu Mu had finished strengthening the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and was left with 100 million. Immediately after, he obtained 150 million in the third realm.

Perfectly defending the realm in the fourth realm, he earned 400 million and earned a total of 850 million in the fifth and sixth realms.

Adding it all together, Chu Mu had earned a total of 1.5 billion!

In a few days, it would be the seventh phase challenge, and he knew that the enemies he encountered there would be even stronger. It would be extremely hard for him to actually compete against these experts while only triple controlling. While breaking through the past few realms, Chu Mu had intentionally not strengthened his soul pets at all. He instead relied on his previous formation to reach this point. He planned on spending the 1.5 billion all in one go on a soul pet which rarely was strengthened with spirit items, thereby rapidly raising its strength.

This decision had been reached as Chu Mu was gradually suppressed by the Battle of the Realm experts that continuously appeared. Especially when he faced Jiang Zhi in the fourth realm, and the lackeys in the sixth realm. Chu Mu realized that even if he had three ninth phase middle stage monarch soul pets, it would be very hard to establish himself in the next realm breakthrough!

As such, in the fourth realm, Chu Mu began to hoard his money. Now, he had accumulated a total of 1.5 billion. This sum, even to a middle-elder generation person or an elder generation person was an enormous sum of money. And right now Chu Mu was about to spend all 1.5 billion strengthening the one soul pet that had the strongest potential of all his soul pets!  

Mo Xie, the Ice Air Fairy, and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had all been strengthened by spirit items, so even if Chu Mu were to spend all 1.5 billion on them, he would probably only succeed in barely raising their levels. 

In the fourth realm fight, the Night Thunder Dream Beast had successfully evolved to the ninth phase. Relying on its darkness realm technique, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s strength could reach the level of a ninth phase middle class monarch. However, there were only two ways to raise its strength again. One was to find a demon home while the other was to fight. Spirit items had a rather weak effect on it. 

The Binding Wind Spirit was one of Chu Mu’s options. In the sixth realm, it had risen to the ninth phase fourth stage and its fighting strength rank was that of a middle class monarch, nearing a high class monarch. If Chu Mu were to spend the entire 1.5 billion on it, it would potentially be able to reach the high class monarch rank.

The difference between the middle class monarch and high class monarch was two levels. If the Binding Wind Spirit could really reach the high class monarch level, Chu Mu’s strength would definitely surge.

Therefore, the Binding Wind Spirit was one of the soul pets Chu Mu considered substantially increasing the strength of.

Zhan Ye had pretty much never departed from spirit items when raising its phase and stage so Chu Mu felt that if he spent the 1.5 billion on it, Zhan Ye would only be able to raise its strength by two levels at most. As opposed to the Binding Wind Spirit’s two level strength increase, Zhan Ye would only be going from the eighth phase ninth stage low class monarch to a ninth phase low stage middle class monarch. It was evidently too much to blow on him, since Zhan Ye’s fighting rank was nearly that of a middle class monarch. If Zhan Ye was given a little bit more time, he would probably be able to catch up to Chu Mu’s other soul pets.

The Ghost King was temporarily not considered by Chu Mu, since its focus was defense and strength, and it could be considered in an invincible state on certain battlefields. However, when it came to explosive fighting power, it was much weaker than Mo Xie, the Binding Wind Spirit, Zhan Ye and the White Nightmare. Using 1.5 billion to strengthen the Ghost King would lessen the assurance Chu Mu had towards his fights since the Ghost King wasn’t suitable for all types of fights.

“After thinking for a while, I think that only the Binding Wind Spirit is suitable. Old Li, do you have any suggestions?” Chu Mu had been considering this for a long period of time.

“The Binding Wind Spirit is your new soul pet, and you are still a bit unfamiliar with controlling it. You can strengthen the Binding Wind Spirit, but that’s still not the best option…” said Old Li.

Chu Mu was also hesitating because he wasn’t too familiar with the coordination between himself and the Binding Wind Spirit. 

Old Li was actually more in favor of strengthening Zhan Ye. Until now, Chu Mu had yet to display Zhan Ye’s true strength. If Zhan Ye was strengthened to the ninth phase low stage middle class monarch level, with its late stage strength burst, it would definitely be able to sweep through its opponents.

However, strengthening Zhan Ye also had a very large downside: Zhan Ye’s strength needed to wait until a late stage of the fight before it finally emerged.

There were many times when a fight required absolute strength. There was a high chance that Chu Mu was about to face quadruple control enemies with soul pets that all reached the ninth phase middle class monarch level. In a three versus four scenario, if the other two soul pets had already been suppressed and defeated, even if Zhan Ye had his late stage strength surge, he would probably be overwhelmed. 

“Nie~~~~ Nie~~~~~~~” just as Chu Mu and Old Li were stuck in this difficult spot, the White Nightmare inside Chu Mu suddenly let out a devilish cry as if it was trying to tell Chu Mu something.

The moment the White Nightmare shouted, Chu Mu’s other soul pets began to shout in protest. They wanted this White Nightmare that was always scheming for power to behave and stop acting up. 

However, the White Nightmare’s shout caused Chu Mu’s eyes to light up. He asked Old Li: “Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace have always been at odds with each other. However, if one of Soul Palace’s members accidentally obtained a Nightmare species, it probably wouldn’t amount to disgraceful behavior, right?” 

“This… it depends on the situation. You’ve been frequently identifying yourself as a Soul Palace member as of late. You probably know of a few of Soul Palace’s rules. Soul Palace has clearly expounded that its members cannot join Nightmare Palace, Soul Pet Palace and Soul Alliance. However, they have never said its members cannot possess a Nightmare.

The best thing for you to do is not to summon the White Nightmare because a few stubborn geezers will definitely cause trouble for you. But, if you obtain the second grade’s ultimate honor, a few old timers of Soul Palace, like the old soul teacher, should protect you. Soul Palace also has a group of rather rational elders. They feel that there is no innate difference between soul pets. Where the difference lies is in the person…” said Old Li. 

“In brief, if I summon the White Nightmare to fight, there will definitely be people in Soul Palace who are opposed to me. However, if I obtain the ultimate honor, there’s a chance that they will open one eye but close the other, right?” asked Chu Mu.

“Young master, you had better ask this question to Old soul teacher De.” said Old Li.

Among all of Chu Mu’s soul pets, the White Nightmare had the highest species rank. Moreover, the White Nightmare had practically only relied on Chu Mu’s soul power to evolve; it was rarely strengthened by spirit items.

If 1.5 billion worth of spirit items were all used on the White Nightmare, its strength would rise by the largest amount.

Furthermore, looking at it from a fighting aspect, the White Nightmare was Chu Mu’s main pet, and it really had a domineering aura that placed it above other creatures. If it was able to raise its strength, with its outlandish method of fighting and the damage of its terrifying soul devil flames, it would definitely be as fierce as Mo Xie. 

Additionally, although the White Nightmare normally fought for its own desire, it was ultimately raised one phase and one stage at a time by Chu Mu. Its spirit connection with him was equivalently close, and he could control it much more smoothly than the Binding Wind Spirit. 

“I’ll go and ask.” since he had thought of it, Chu Mu went straight to ask Old Soul Master De. 

At the beginning Chu Mu had believed that Old Soul Teacher De was an elder in Soul Palace with extremely high reputation. It wasn’t until he became a main referee for the Battle of the Heavens competition authority that Chu Mu finally came to the understanding that this old fellow was a Soul Palace elder that was a higher level than the Palace Lord! 

Old Soul Teacher De actually was very protective of Chu Mu. After Chu Mu had killed Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi in the fourth realm, he had suffered from the anger and denouncement a few of Luo Region Sect’s elders. 

During that time, Old Soul Teacher De had coldly harrumped: “People who are not as skilled shouldn’t make a disgrace of themselves. If Jiang Zhi was able to rely on himself to kill one of my Soul Palace’s younger generation, I would have no problems using my reputation to protect him.” Those elder generation experts who were looking for trouble had sinister expressions and seemed to want to interrogate Chu Mu. However, after hearing Old Soul Teacher De’s words, these so-called experts didn’t dare utter a sound of protest. It was then that Chu Mu truly realized that this old urchin that helped heal him twice was actually a Soul Palace elder of extremely high status! 

“Brat Chu Che, even if I’m old now and very free, you can’t keep bringing me trouble…” Old Soul Teacher De saw that Chu Mu had specially come to see him and ostensibly thought that Chu Mu had killed some bigwig of some faction in the sixth realm and had come to seek protection from him.

“Eh… it’s not trouble this time.” Chu Mu awkwardly shook his head. It seemed that he hadn’t been in Soul Palace for too long yet but had already brought Old Soul Teacher De much trouble.

Chu Mu didn’t beat around the bush and promptly told him that he had a White Nightmare as his main pet.

Old Soul Teacher De was researching medicine as Chu Mu spoke. The moment Chu Mu finished speaking, Old Soul Teacher De’s hands shook and the medicine bottle in his hands exploded with a “Beng”... 

“How do you have a White Nightmare?!” Old Soul Teacher De turned his face and stared astonishedly at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had Old Li give an explanation. Old Li gave a long speech and gave a rough account of how Chu Mu was captured by Nightmare Palace people to Old Soul Teacher De. Of course, he neglected to mention the important parts. Chu Mu would require the backing of Soul Palace’s influence in the future, but mentioning the half-devil Mo Xie as well as the Cyan Hidden Dragon wasn’t too suitable right now...

“This brat, this brat. Binglan since childhood was pure and kindhearted, and was uncorrupted by the mundane world. Then she ran into someone like your father who’s already a headache. Now, we have you, a restless brat who isn’t reasonable at all…” after hearing the story, Old soul Teacher De let out a sigh. 

“...” Chu Mu was a bit ashamed. He never expected that Old De was going to insult himself and his father… 

“Nonetheless, it’s rather interesting. Using NIghtmare Palace’s soul pet to crush their young calves.” Old Li’s demeanor changed very quickly. His white eyebrows were slightly knit together, and he looked very much like an old urchin. 

“...” seeing Old Soul Teacher De’s demeanor change like his was flipping a page, Chu Mu was rendered speechless once more.

Old Soul Teacher De glanced at Chu Mu who had a strange expression and promptly let out a laugh, “I just never expected you, this brat, to still be hiding a main pet. This White Nightmare’s fighting strength is ultimately above the Binding Wind Spirit’s. Properly use its absoluteness to make their chins drop. Summon it as much as you want, it’s no big deal. Even if I can’t protect you, there’s still an old geezer who will protect you. Nobody will dare do anything to you.” 

Chapter 457: High Class Monarch, White Nightmare (1)

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