Chapter 456: Dangerous Person, Chu Mu

Chapter 456: Dangerous Person, Chu Mu

“... what, the fight has ended?” Young Lady Shan was stunned. She immediately used her soul remembrance on the figure in the distance and quickly, an expression of shock arose on her face!

Young Lady Shan had the highest soul remembrance of everyone present and she could see the furthest.

On that dark patch of land, the shadow of a man, elongated by the moonlight, could be seen. At the same time, a slightly red patch of blood could be discerned from his body. 

As that man got closer, the experts on the city wall all let out shocked gazes as they stared at the slow steps of the person slowly approaching the city wall.

“Realm breakthrough success, or…” Ye Wansheng right now couldn’t make clear of the situation as he always felt that Chu Mu carried a rather terrifying killing aura. Even from this far away, he could still clearly feel it. 

The person slowly walking back from the battlefield was Chu Mu. He ignored the fresh blood dripping from his body because the blood was his own. 

Although Chu Mu’s pace was slow, his movement speed was very fast.

Not long after, Chu Mu was fully in view of everyone on the city wall and due to the lights on the wall, he could see the tens of thousands of eyes staring at him. He was able to read both shock and astonishment from their gazes!

“It’s… it’s Chu Chen who came back!!”

“Has the fight ended? But Jiang Zhi hasn’t appeared?” 

“Jiang Zhi lost? Or did he let him pass and return from the battlefield first?” 

A large number of questions flared up, and although were not able to determine the victor of the battlefield for the time being, for some reason, people were more believing that Chu Mu ended the fight. 

This was because Chu Mu was exuding a terrifying aura as he walked towards them. This in no way resembled someone who lost. 

“What about Jiang Zhi?” Young Lady Shan saw that Chu Mu was slowly approaching and asked her question. 

“On the stalactite rocks on Mirror Sword Mountain. Have someone carry him back.” Chu Mu raised his head at the arrogant woman and indifferently spoke.

“You defeated Jiang Zhi?” Young Lady Shan waved her hand, and had someone bring the wounded Jiang Zhi back. 

“Chu Mu nodded his head and said, “My realm defending ends here, right?” 

“You didn’t let anyone pass throughout the entire day. Your strength is indeed high, but I hope you’re able to enter the last few realms.” said Young Lady Shan.

At the beginning, Young Lady Shan believed that Chu Mu was an overly scatterbrained young man who had been so high key in the first few realms by challenged a grade higher. Undoubtedly, this was exposing his strength to everyone while, to the true experts of the second grade, this sort of feat was nothing. 

However, after an entire day of realm breakthroughs, Young Lady Shan’s view of Chu Mu had evidently changed. At the very least, he hadn’t let a person past and this display of strength was already equal to what she had done six years ago. An expert like her, if she partook in a second Battle of the Realm, could definitely sweep through the first grade. 

Chu Mu jumped onto the city wall and didn’t say anything. He was just waiting for Young Lady Shan to announce the result of the battle. 

Not long after, the competition authority defence guards hurriedly flew back on their wing type soul pets.

“You brought Jiang Zhi back? Hm? He’s unconscious?” Young Lady Shan discovered Jiang Zhi on the city defender soul pet’s back. 

The few city defenders all had strange expressions.

The city guards had indeed brought back Jiang Zhi, but they had brought back his corpse!! 

Young Lady Shan quickly realized something was wrong, and it wasn’t until one of the city defenders whispered something that Young Lady Shan abruptly realized something. She opened her mouth in shock and said: “He’s dead? Jiang Zhi is dead?”

“Yes Young Lady Shan. Jiang Zhi is dead.” the city guard said in a low voice. After speaking, he intentionally swept his gaze over Chu Mu and a shiver unconsciously rose up! 

Young Lady Shan’s face was full of shock and her two eyes were closely fixated on Chu Mu. In a curious and shocked voice, she asked: “You… you killed Jiang Zhi?”

“Yes, an accident.” Chu Mu answered in a calm voice. 

Chu Mu and Young Lady Shan didn’t speak via soul remembrance, so every soul pet trainer present was able to hear them. 

Chu Mu’s “accident” was described so frivolously, but it was like a storm that terrifyingly swept through the southern city. It caused the tens of thousands of people to instantly go quiet!

On the other end of the city wall, Shen Yicheng’s expression was completely stiff. Jiang Zhi’s death had been witnessed by him, but he had never expected this to be the outcome! 

Jiang Zhi’s strength had been hidden very deeply, and he previously did not expose the fact that he had two ninth phase middle class monarchs. 

Such a shrewd person would definitely be extremely careful when fighting. Moreover, he would understand how to protect himself. Normally, even people with strength clearly higher than him wouldn’t be able to kill him. 

Yet, after a fight that could not be seen, this representative member of Luo Region Sect had transformed into an ice cold corpse that was lifted back. This scene was unbelievable to the tens of thousands of people present and Shen Yicheng himself felt like he couldn’t accept it!! 

“Jiang Zhi was another who hid his strength and arrogantly believed he had been very shrewd. Yet, he never expected that this Soul Palace fellow would be such a terrifying creature.” Zhuo Xiao rubbed his temples and looked like had a headache due to the appearance of another formidable opponent.

Soul Palace’s Zhan Hong discovered that Jiang Zhi had been rendered into a corpse and was frozen in place. 

When Jiang Zhi had summoned two ninth phase middle class monarchs, he reckoned that he wasn’t his opponent. Yet this second grade expert that had hidden his strength like this was killed so mysteriously. What on earth had happened at the Departed World Gates! 

“Was it really a slip of hand, or was it to kill and silence?” Eighth young master Fang Zenever seemed to have stop guessing about Chu Mu’s moves. However, no matter how Fang Ze guessed, Chu Mu’s power displayed was already far beyond the eighth young master’s estimates.

Death was something that happened occasionally in Battle of the Realm. The tournament didn’t strictly forbid killing the opponent.

If it were an accident and a few normal people died, no one would notice in this grand tournament with countless people.

However, the person who died this time was Luo Region Sect second tier’s lead disciple!

Even without any intentional marketing, the entire Tianxia City would shake with this news the next day!

And the reality was just that. Right after Chu Mu’s realm defending stage ended, Jiang Zhi’s death became the headlines for Battle of the Realm’s news, spreading to every young man in Tianxia City again and again.

Jiang Zhi hiding his strength, Chu Chen’s nightmare like defending, and Chu Chen being the only one to come back from the fight, this news was huge not only because an expert like Jiang Zhi died, but also because of Soul Palace Chu Chen’s almost unbelievable strength!

Starting at the first realm, Chu Mu’s position was always on the rise, becoming a hot topic.

In the general public’s eyes, his strength was already at the peak of young generation, but those hidden experts who saved their strength only regarded him as a clown.

However, after this fourth realm, not only were people shocked by Chu Chen’s new explosion of strength, even those big faction real experts had to reassess this young man!

In the following realms, experts from all factions could collide.

And many times, only a very limited amount of people were allowed to get through. Without luck, there were too many seed members that may get eliminated in the next three realms. In this situation, experts must re-evaluate anyone that could be a potential threat to them.

And, as a person with the strength to kill Jiang Zhi, who had two ninth phase middle class monarch ranks, Chu Chen was another mysteriously powerful second tier member. This abnormally powerful young man that crossed tiers to challenge was finally posing a threat to the true experts of second tier!!

Battle of the realm was still proceeding like wildfire. In the fifth realm, soul palace Chu Chen again did something shocking; on the highest honors list, his name was still there.

In the fifth realm, a member of the strongest part of elemental sect had lost against Chu Mu. It was rumored that Chu Mu was only using three soul pets, but utilizing the advantage of geography as well as strange fighting tactics, the elemental sect member was eliminated at the early realm of fifth realm!

Chu Mu’s fame rose once again because of this realm, becoming a truly dangerous member of the hidden experts!

In sixth realm, Chu Mu met Ye Wansheng and Shang Heng, forming a team that ran into Nightmare Palace experts Lu Donghe and Soul Alliance expert Huang Ji. They also had their own team, but they were ultimately no match for the trio, getting eliminated early.

By the sixth realm, faction experts were slowly being revealed. In this realm, though Chu Mu, Ye Wansheng, and Shang Heng made a team, their experience wasn’t easy. Expert after expert appeared, causing them to all be exhausted, very barely making the reward for highest honor.

“At the end of sixth realm, there was an even higher chance to meet experts. A huge group of people will be eliminated in seventh realm. Chu Chen, you have shown a lot of your strength now, but remember you still have to stay low or else there’s a lot of trouble.” After finishing the sixth realm, Shang Heng very helpfully reminded Chu Mu. In reality, Chu Mu had already experienced how deep the waters were in each faction. One had to know that the people he met were still just helpers for true hidden experts like Lu Donghe. Once the real experts appear in seventh realm, another cruel struggle will happen!!!!

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