Chapter 455 (2): Departed World Gate, Seconds under the Other Pupil

Chapter 455 (2): Departed World Gate, Seconds under the Other Pupil

“Managing Night!!”

Once they were at a height where others couldn’t see them at the dark peak, Chu Mu immediately told Night Thunder Dream Beast to cast its realm technique and raise its own strength by a rank.

Jiang Zhi’s demon’s strength wasn’t weak either, quickly locking onto Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast and attacking mentally!

Chu Mu jumped off of the Night Thunder Dream Beast. Standing high up on the thousand meter high stalactite bridge, he made Night Thunder Dream Beast intentionally get the demon’s attention. 

Binding Wind Spirit’s stamina was almost gone. Chu Mu quickly retracted Binding Wind Spirit back into the soul pet space and started summoning Mo Xie under the protection of managing night!

Two types of fire interlaced. First, Mo Xie’s dominating nine fox tails appeared. Soon after, its royal flame nine tail inferno fox stepped on burning blood flame and demon fire evil flames as it stepped out. Its middle class monarch rank aura instantly suppressed Jiang Zhi’s Blood Flame Fairy!

Mo Xie herself was already ninth phase middle class monarch. With the effects of double royal flames, Mo Xie’s strength could go up another rank. It was equivalent to ninth phase middle class commander rank. With the moonlight, Mo Xie was another rank higher, reaching the heights of high class commander rank!

It could be said that without type counter, Mo Xie’s strength definitely was a full rank or two stronger than the blood winged trioptic beast and the eight winged heavenly devil insect!!


Silver moonlight passed through the mirror mountain, shining onto Mo Xie’s body. Nine tail Fox’s demonic aura immediately was released.

Feeling this aura, Jiang Zhi was utterly shocked while riding his eight winged heavenly devil insect, an expression of shock overtaking his previously calm and belittling face!!

Ninth phase low stage middle class monarch rank was already a limit of second tier members. Jiang Zhi would never have imagined that Chu Mu had a soul pet two full ranks higher! This surprise caused Jiang Zhi to completely forget his next steps!

Chu Mu told Mo Xie to display her skill completely exactly to shock Jiang Zhi’s four soul pets.

With an incantation, after finishing Mo Xie’s summon, Chu Mu didn’t conserve his soul power and immediately started a new soul technique!!

Chu Mu wasn’t very adept at chanting this incantation, but he still finished before Jiang Zhi could make any reactions.

His pupils suddenly were overtaken by a mysterious and demonic glint. After this glint passed, Chu Mu’s black pupils became incredibly iniquitous. A single glance could cause shackles to raise on your whole body!

The demonic glint got brighter and brighter in Chu Mu’s eyes, but he could also clearly feel the glint in the pupil slowly shifting. This was different than any other organism’s eyes. It was as if everything sent to the brain by these eyes were incredibly slow!

“Sharp Eye!” Chu Mu just finished his Other Pupil transformation and immediately cast his eighth rank Other type territorial technique!

At this moment, Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Night Thunder Dream Beast, and Mo Xie all gained the slow spinning present in Chu Mu’s pupils!

Under the Other Type territorial technique, in one minute, all of Chu Mu’s soul pets had the same Other Pupil effect as Chu Mu’s half devil state. Under these pupils, his soul pets could see through everything. This wasn’t just an increase in dodging and reaction speeds; they could find flaws easier and start vicious assaults!

After Chu Mu’s Sharp Eye, the three soul pets’ eyes all shone with a glint that made Jiang Zhi shiver!!

This glint caused Jiang Zhi to feel as if everything he knew was being seen through. No matter how trained he was at controlling his soul pets, he felt unbelievably laughable and immature in the eighth rank Other type territory.

“Kill!” Chu Mu spit out a word!

Chu Mu didn’t expect to kill all of Jiang Zhi’s soul pets within a minute. Chu Mu’s target was the demon fighting Night Thunder Dream Beast currently!

Jiang Zhi’s demon was eighth phase ninth stage middle class monarch rank. Chu Mu, as a fifth remembrance soul master, with the effects of Other Pupil, caused all of the demon’s speed and disguise to be useless!

“Wuwuwu~~~~~” Mo Xie let out a long call. The flames under her paws started burning as Mo Xie left a burning string of prints in the stalactites!

At this moment, Mo Xie was running straight towards Jiang Zhi’s demon type!

“Hui!!!” Night Thunder Dream Beast easily dodged Jiang Zhi’s demon attack. Under the effects of Other Pupil, the dream pupils seemed to be even more imposing. The Dream Underworld was successfully implanted into the demon’s mind!

The demon was quickly controlled. Jiang Zhi was dumbstruck and pale by the sudden attack. He quickly commadned his other soul pets to save his demon while he started his own incantation!

The Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox was a whole three ranks higher than his demon. If his demon couldn’t dodge well, it would definitely be killed instantly!!


Mo Xie sped up in midair. Under the effects of Sharp Eye, mo Xie could tell the movement of the eight winged heavenly devil insect and the blood winged trioptic beast!

The stepping Mo Xie ran an unpredictable path under the foggy moonlight, directly passing through the eight winged heavenly devil insect’s blockade. The blood winged trioptic beast even cast a powerful beast type technique, yet Mo Xie’s body became five phantoms and passed through…...

Mo Xie’s speed under moonlight was even faster than same rank demons. Under Sharp Eye, these two ninth phase middle class monarch ranks could not stop her!

“Dark Mark!!”

Finally, Jiang Zhi finished his soul technique in cold sweat. It was the dark type seal technique!

The dark claw mark very unexpectedly appeared in front of Mo Xie’s five phantoms. This special dark technique seemed to be able to find Mo Xie’s real body, actually capturing Mo Xie’s body very accurately and was about to imprint her into the rocks.

Seeing Jiang Zhi cast that technique, Chu Mu’s eyes shone with glint as he smiled!

“Mo Xie, Seal Break!!”

Moonlight Fox’s species technique, seal break!

If Jiang Zhi casted some other soul technique, he may have a chance at stopping Mo Xie, and his demon would have a sliver of chance.

Yet, Jiang Zhi cast a sealing technique. With Jiang Zhi’s soul remembrance, how could he possibly seal Mo Xie at her current power!


The dark seal only slightly impeded Mo Xie’s running. Following, her speed increased again, causing the four non-sealed images to actually fall half a beat behind!

“Five Night Inferno Fox Diagram!!”

Chu Mu didn’t hesitate at all. When Mo Xie neared the demon, he immediately commanded her to cast her strongest single target technique!

Mo Xie’s true form first extended nine tails, locking Jiang Zhi’s demon tightly!

Soon after, the other four hollow shadows quickly extended flaming long tails, completely restricting Jiang Zhi’s demon!


Mo Xie let out a proud call, as the forty five royal flame nine tails snapped taut!!!

The snapping of the forty five fox tails weren’t real, but the demon’s body being ripped apart was! The crackling sound made Jiang Zhi feel as if his own bones were snapped!

There was a three rank difference, and the demon completely took the attack. the demon’s defence and life force was naturally weak, so after the Five Night Inferno Fox, not only were the demon’s bones broken, even its innards were completely shattered by the terrifying strength!!

Instant kill!!!

Mo Xie’s technique instantly killed Jiang Zhi’s demon!!

Jiang Zhi’s face was still full of shock as a powerful mental attack surged into his soul!!

His face instantly paled, and his breathing became ragged, eyes ready to pop out!

To a soul pet trainer at his level, any soul getting damaged was critical, because he could be heavily affected even when casting soul techniques or changing soul pets!

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier!”

When Chu Mu wanted to kill, he didn’t give his opponents any chance to breathe!

Devil Tree Battle Soldier constantly used its roots to climb. In reality, however, while it was climbing it already planted its roots all throughout the mountain and stalactites, creating a huge root net. Once it was released, it wrapped all of Jiang Zhi and his soul pets!

If this root net were released before, it was nothing to Jiang Zhi. However, it was lethal now, because Chu Mu’s Other Pupil hadn’t even finished. Chu Mu will launch a lethal attack towards the soul damaged Jiang Zhi!!

Jiang Zhi’s face was already incredibly panicked, and his eyes were slowly engulfed by fear!

He would never have thought that Chu Mu’s hidden strength was even scarier than his!

Jiang Zhi chasing so brashly destined his near certain death…...



The moon hung high, falling between the two peaks.

Under the foggy night, these two mountains and the stalactite spanning the gap indeed created a huge bony Departed World Gate. From afar, the majestic and upstanding nature was vision-shaking!

On the south wall, almost ten thousand people were there. They stood and watched the battlefield from afar. Since the beginning, discussion almost never ended because everyone wanted to know just who would win!

Suddenly, in the far night, a deathly silence overcame the mountains. This mountain gave people the strange feeling that the battle had ended.

A string of flames slowly lit up, its bright flames lighting up a small jagged part of the Gates.

At the same time, barely visible under the flames was a slowly nearing figure walking forward step by step towards the south city wall, apathetic, cold, and evil.

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