Chapter 455 (1): Departed World Gate, Seconds under the Other Pupil

Chapter 455: Departed World Gate, Seconds under the Other Pupil

Blood Flames could cause pretty severe damage to Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Chu Mu didn’t want Devil Tree Battle Soldier to get burnt, so he told it to quickly retract its arms.

After Devil Tree Battle Soldier retracted its arm, the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast lost its balance and fell heavily to the ground, lifting up a puff of dust.

However, Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s body was extremely strong. It stood up again shakily, seemingly mostly unbothered!

“Truly, I didn’t expect this, you have two ninth phase middle class monarchs!” Jiang Zhi didn’t mind the wounds on Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, but he let out an unperturbed smile.

Beside Jiang Zhi, the sunset red Blood Flame Fairy stood there proudly, its dominant Blood Flames dancing in the wind.

The Blood Flame Fairy that Jiang Zhi summoned was also ninth phase first stage, and from its aura, it seemed to be a soul pet between low class monarch and middle class monarch!

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strength was much stronger than this Blood Flame Fairy, but under a type counter, if he didn’t grasp the fighting situation well, Devil Tree Battle Soldier may still fall into disadvantage.

“I don’t want to waste time. Summon all your soul pets and fight!” Jiang Zhi smiled, and he quickly read an incantation out, directly starting a dual summon!

Two summoning symbols quickly appeared beside Jiang Zhi as two soul pets with completely different auras slowly appeared from them!

On Jiang Zhi’s left side, an eight armed eight winged Devil Insect floated out, its black and grotesque body giving off a menacing appearance.

The Devil Insect’s familiar stench came pouring out. Chu Mu knew what it was halfway through summoning. It was the Heavenly Devil Insect, commonly seen back when he was in Wo Gu Region!

This Heavenly Devil Insect had eight arms and wings, meaning it was a Heavenly Devil Insect monarch!

“Ninth phase first stage  - Middle Class Monarch Rank - Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect.” Chu Mu furrowed his brows.

Initially, beside the huge stone palace at Great Chu Family, Chu Mu faced a ninth phase Heavenly Devil Insect Monarch. The eight winged heavenly devil insect was at the low class monarch rank.

At the time, ninth phase monarchs were extremely strong presences to Chu Mu. Even after becoming half devil, he wasn’t a match. However, Chu Mu had to face a heavenly devil insect even more powerful than the one he had difficulty defeating before. Immediately, some passion for battle started raging in his heart!

On the other side of Jiang Zhi, the soul pet he summoned was clearly weaker, but Chu Mu wouldn’t lower his guard. Because, Jiang Zhi summoned a demon type, and demons naturally knew how to hide their strength. Chu Mu’s soul remembrance could see through this demon’s disguise, but Chu Mu couldn’t be sure if the demon had other hiding techniques that he couldn’t see through.

Seeing Jiang Zhi’s four soul pets, Chu Mu’s face slowly became more solemn.

Jiang Zhi didn’t realize that Chu Mu had such strength, but Chu Mu also didn’t think that Jiang Zhi would have two ninth phase middle class monarchs.

By Chu Mu’s previous estimates, a young man with a ninth phase middle class monarch rank was a top tier expert in second tier already. Yet, with two ninth phase middle class monarchs, Chu Mu was one of the top in all of battle of the realm second tier.

In reality, most people in Battle of the Realm split their enemies this way. Beforehand, Chu Mu didn’t include Jiang Zhi in this list. Even though Chu Mu knew that most people’s “strongest ranking” was only surface level strength, he still had to re-evaluate this Luo Region expert!

Since Jiang Zhi already summoned four soul pets, Chu Mu couldn’t continue with two. He quickly cast an incantation and summoned Night in front of himself.

The night had fallen and Night could travel freely. When Chu Mu finished his incantation, Night had already silently appeared in front of Chu Mu. Its black body almost merged into the darkness, with only the white feather trailing in the wind signalling the existence of the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Hui~~~~~~~” The moment Night appeared, it let out a weak call.

Night was an eighth phase ninth stage low class monarch. It was a rank lower than even Jiang Zhi’s Blood Flame Fairy, and were two full ranks lower than the two ninth phase middle class monarch ranks. Plus, the fact that there were four opponents, Night Thunder Dream Beast didn’t have much confidence. In fact, Night Thunder Dream Beast didn’t even know why Chu Mu summoned it in this situation.

Chu Mu rubbed Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream horn and said to it, “Don’t lack confidence in yourself; I believe that all you are missing is a thrilling fight, and this battle is the perfect time for you to evolve!”


Feeling Chu Mu’s encouragement, Night Thunder Dream Beast’s fighting intent quickly rose, its dream pupils starting to gleam with the deepest colors, emanating an aura of darkness around it!

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Binding Wind Spirit, switch battlegrounds.” Chu Mu rode Night Thunder Dream Beast and said to his other two soul pets.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arms quickly wrapped around a few stalactites between the two mountains and slingshotted itself towards the steep mountains.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots could easily pierce through even rock, and the steep rock faces lent it footholds to constantly push and pull to change its position.

The Binding Wind Spirit’s body was originally very nimble. When it flew through the the high and low stalactites, it even flew around them a few times to show off its advanced flying skills.

So, Binding Wind Spirit quickly got away from the spacious battle ground and lightly flew near Chu Mu, following Night Thunder Dream Beast along to the massive stone bridge between the two mountains.

“Does he want to use geography to fill in the gap in fighting? He truly belittles me!” Jiang Zhi smiled and immediately jumped onto his Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect, leading his soul pets in pursuit.

Jiang Zhi’s soul pets, other than Blood Flame Fairy, were all very quick, but Jiang Zhi told Blood Winged Trioptic Beast to carry Blood Flame Fairy, so this issue was easily resolved.


“Chu Mu is in trouble now. Thank goodness I didn’t bet with that woman, or else he would lose two 200 million.” Standing on the city wall, Ye Wansheng broke a small sweat for Chu Mu.

Ye Wansheng knew Chu Mu lost a soul, and was only able to control three soul pets. Now that Chu Mu’s soul pet formation didn’t beat Jiang Zhi by much, and with Jiang Zhi having decent control over his soul pets, the situation was too hard to win in.

“This Jiang Zhi has hidden this deep, it truly wasn’t expected.” Zhan Hong let out an exclamation.

The eighth young master Fang Ze’s gaze fell on the slowly disappearing Chu Mu and Jiang Zhi, and also started guessing why the recently risen soul palace young man decided to change battlefields.

“It seems like we can’t see their battle anymore.” Zhan Hong looked through the dark night, only able to see occasional glows of energy behind Mirror Sword Mountain, completely unable to see Chu Mu and Jiang Zhi’s battle.

Like the others, the descent of night and the change in battle caused the spectating crowd to quickly devolve into a mess of guessing,  guessing who would come out of the mountain, the Nightmare realm defender soul palace Chu Chen or the hidden strength Luo Region Sect Jiang Zhi?

Chu Mu and Jiang Zhi slowly attracted more and more people. Those who completed their realm tasks all came over to watch and await a result.

In the crowd, Shen Yichen and his gang were also on the city wall, looking on.

“Jiang Zhi indeed hid well.” Shen Yichen laughed coldly. Before Battle of the Realm, he indeed didn’t think he would have two ninth phase middle class monarch ranks.

“Hide however he wants, he is still just junk.” The Underground Palace mysterious young man Zuo Xiao said without care.

“Though he is trash, his strength could defeat Chu Chen easily. I originally wanted to end him myself.” Shen Yichen said.

“As realm defender, being defeated by Jiang Zhi only means he can’t receive the highest reward. Young master shen still has opportunity in the future.” the short and skinny man beside Shen Yichen said with some meaning of flattery.

Shen Yichen didn’t mind this man, instead glancing at the eighth young master Fang Ze that stood not far away, spectating.

The eighth young master Fang Ze actually appeared here and there. Shen Yichen had secretly contested against him a few times, and though Shen Yichen didn’t want to admit it, in reality this eighth young master was someone Shen yichen was very wary of both in tactic and strength.

The eighth young master Fang Ze didn’t mind Shen Yichen, instead rubbing his chin in thought.

After a long while, eighth young master Fang Ze seemed to have an answer as he muttered to himself, “Chu Chen switched battlefields, probably not to simply change the geography. Is he trying to summon a stronger soul pet and simply wants to use this to hide from the public’s eye?”


In reality, eighth young master Fang Ze’s guess was very accurate!

Chu Mu changed the battleground to summon Mo Xie to battle!

Jiang Zhi and Shen yichen had some relationship. This time that he met Jiang Zhi, it was almost impossible for Chu Mu to win against Jiang Zhi with three soul pets, so he had to let Mo Xie fight!

And since Mo Xie appeared, it meant that Chu Mu didn’t plan to let Jiang Zhi leave alive!!!!!

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