Chapter 454: Hidden Expert, Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi (2)

Chapter 454: Hidden Expert, Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi (2)

“... this Jiang Zhi’s strength is about mine. It could be a bit hard to deal with him, but that’s no big deal. Pretending to be so terrifying is truly laughable.” Soul Palace’s Zhan Hong said with disdain. 

Soul Palace Zhan Hong had completed his realm breakthrough round, and was en route to the southern city when he heard that Chu Mu hadn’t let any person from any grade pass him the entire afternoon. Thus, he specially came to watch.

It wasn’t only Soul Palace’s Zhan Hong. The people that had already ended their realm breakthrough mission during the day had heard the continuous circulation of the news and had all come to the southern city. They wanted to see this Soul Palace Chu Chen, whose name had recently gained widespread fame, and see if he would be able to break the record of not letting a single person pass the whole day.

There was another man standing next to Zhan Hong. This man was the same young man who had appeared in the healing hall. He was dressed casually and his temperament seemed normal. He stood together with Zhan Hong and it was the extremely famous Zhan Hong who received everyone’s attention.

Yet, in reality, Zhan Hong stood extremely respectfully beside this man!

This was because among the entirety of Soul Palace’s second grade, it was practically impossible to find someone who could last more than five minutes against this man. This included Shang Heng, Zhao Feng, and himself!!

He was Soul Palace’s eighth young manster - Fang Ze. He was extremely secluded, and he was a young man who was so strong that even using the word abnormal perhaps wouldn’t even be doing him justice!!

“Zhan Hong, don’t look down on this Luo Region Sect Jiang Zhi.” the eighth young master, Fang Ze, slowly said.

“Young Master? What do you mean by this? Isn’t he merely one of Shen Yicheng’s dogs?” said Zhan Hong.

Chu Mu had fought back then against Shen Yicheng while Zhan Hong had stayed by himself. On that day, Zhan Hong had fought against Jiang Zhi although he was the strongest second grade young generation member of Luo Region Sect, Zhan Hong hadn’t thought much of him. This was because all of the soul pets Jiang Zhi had summoned weren’t anything remarkable.

“Only an idiot like Shen Yicheng would believe that Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi would allow himself to be manipulated. I can be certain that back when you fought against him on Eastern Street, he didn’t summon any of his main pets.” said Fang Ze.

“Everything he summoned was pretty much an eighth phase ninth stage middle class monarch. They probably were his main pets.” said Zhan Hong.

Fang Ze laughed as he shook his head.

“If what you said is true, this this Jiang Zhi has hidden himself too well!” said Zhan Hong, somewhat surprised.

Zhan Hong was about to further inquire when a series of sighs rang out from the crowd!!

Zhan Hong was stunned, and hastily used his soul remembrance to look into the distance at the battlefield.

When Zhan Hong saw the situation clearly, his face was even more shocked!

Right now, there was a ninth phase Blood Winged Trioptic Beasts that had appeared on the battlefield. From the brightly colored bloody mist that had pervaded the region, he could see that this was a Blood Winged Trioptic Beast that had reached the middle class monarch rank!

“A second phase ninth stage middle class monarch!!!”

“He’s deserved of being among the second grade’s strongest. A soul pet of such strength can reach a ninth rank attack with just a casual attack!!’

“I said that Soul Palace Chu Chen cannot be considered a tyrant in the second grade. The second grade definitely has seen stronger people. Jiang Zhi has just summoned a ninth phase middle class monarch and even if Chu Chen’s wing type soul pet has equivalent strength, it has fought for an entire afternoon. It definitely doesn’t have any strength left. What other soul pet does Chu Mu have to fight against him? Don’t tell me it’s that Warbeast Mo Ye that can continuously rebirth?”

“What can he do even if he summons the Warbeast Mo Ye? He will only be able to stall for time, but will ultimately lose.”

Seeing the appearance of Jiang Zhi’s ninth phase Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, the incomparably gloomy crowd finally lightened up. This was probably because people really wanted to know how Chu Chen compared against the strongest of the second grade. To them, this was already considered a fight at the pinnacle!

In the crowd, Du Chang whose appearance looked slightly wretched, broke out into a strange smile.

When Du Chang bragged in front of others how strong his Senior Brother Jiang Zhi was, he always enjoyed bringing in the influential Shen Yicheng; this was because he wanted to use Shen Yicheng to express his senior brother’s strength and status.

However, in truth, there were an extremely small number of people in Luo Region Sect who knew that this chief disciple wasn’t that simple!

“This is only the tip of the iceberg. These idiots simply have no idea what realm the Tianxia City experts have reached. A ninth phase monarch? That’s nothing!” Du Chang laughed at this group of ignorant competitors. 

The fight was on the verge of breaking out and the bloody mist from Jiang Zhi’s Blood Winged Trioptic Beast had enveloped an enormous area. Chu Mu couldn’t even clearly see the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s figure!The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast rapidly flapped its wings. This bloody mist seemed to be this creature’s domain and in it, its flying speed was extremely fast while the tired Binding Wind Spirit was slower by half a beat.

The Binding Wind Spirit had fought an entire afternoon, and although an opponent with genuine strength hadn’t appeared, it had continuously used techniques. This caused the Binding Wind Spirit to be extremely exhausted.


The Binding Wind Spirit had an extremely stubborn character, and in front of the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s overbearing aura, its fighting spirit soared. It was going to fight against the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast in the air!

The bright red bloody aura against the black chaotic wind were like two savage creatures in themselves. They violently clashed on the great earth, causing space to ceaselessly shake as the two energies collided. An ear piercing drone that resembled a ghost’s bell was formed in between the Mirroring Sword Mountains and spread into the distance. 

“So it’s one of Soul Palace’s Seven Diagram Saint Beasts - the Binding Wind Spirit. Being so young yet possessing a ninth phase third stage Binding Wind Spirit. You were truly underestimated by everyone.” while fighting, Jiang Zhi finally caught a clear glimpse of Chu Mu’s wind type soul pet.

The Binding Wind Spirit was one of Soul Palace’s Seven Diagram Saint Beasts precisely because of its incomparably strong wind type fighting ability and speed and dodging ability that rivalled a demon.  This soul pet was even extremely rare among first grade experts. Jiang Zhi had been previously trying to guess what soul pet Chu Chen’s Binding Wind Spirit was. Now that he finally saw it clearly, he was both surprised and also anticipatory. 

The Binding Wind Spirit was full of fighting willpower, as well as its extreme stubbornness as it fought against the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast that was full of fighting strength. Yet, it didn’t fall into a disadvantaged state at all. It relied on its powerful wind type controlling ability to form a full wind type defense and prevent the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast from being able to truly near it. 

Of course, the Binding Wind Spirit’s strength was limited, and Chu Mu knew that continuing to consume strength like this would quickly put the Binding Wind Spirit at a disadvantage. Thus, he began to chant an incantation.

An azure soul pact pattern began to swirl around Chu Mu’s body. Long roots began to slowly appear in between Chu Mu’s two hands and gradually extend into the ground where they dug right into the soil.

The natural wood wrapped together, rapidly forming a natural wood armor. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body slowly appeared in its somewhat holey natural wood armor. Its roots all buried into the ground and quickly gained control over the ground in a hundred meter range.

“It seems to be Chu Chen’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier. It has a powerful blood absorb technique. In a group fight, it seems to be invincible!’ far away, people with comparatively stronger soul remembrances were able to barely see Chu Mu’s soul pet.

Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier made everyone present open their eyes wide. Still fresh in their memories, Chu Mu had summoned this soul pet again to fight. People also guessed that this realm defender was going to fight Jiang Zhi to the end!

“A ninth phase middle class monarch! How did this Devil Tree Battle Soldier raise its strength so fast?!!” when Jiang Zhi saw the Devil Tree Battle Soldier appeared, a shocked expression immediately rose onto his face! 

Jiang Zhi had been there at the Beast Fighting Arena and had seen the group fighting ability of Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Now, not even a few days had passed, but his Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strength had risen by two levels. Such speed of increase was too fast!


This was the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s first fight after it had evolved to the ninth phase. It unfurled its wood type body and locked onto the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast with its bloody amber and fierce eyes. After an angry roar, its two arms ferociously swung at the air!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s powerful arms could extend without limit. They unexpectedly reached a terrifying length of several hundred meters. It was like two thick chains swinging at the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast!

The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s reaction was rather fast. Its body dropped down before sliding in a different direction allowing it to dodge the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arm chains.


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s branch piercing ability wasn’t that simple. As it swept past the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s body, its arms immediately sprouted with countless tiny flexible but strong miniature branches. They rapidly bound up the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s body.

The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s wings were like knives as they madly chopped about. However, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s miniature branches unceasingly grew and the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast was incapable of reaching its roots. Soon, the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast was completely bound up!

“Falling Hammer!’

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s long arms abruptly swung down and relying on their brute force, smashed the ground!

“Chu Chen’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier seemed to have greatly increased in strength. Otherwise, how would it suppress the ninth phase Blood Winged Trioptic Beast so easily!”

“It has definitely reached the ninth phase!”

Very soon, the spectators far away also discovered Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s change.

Standing on the city wall, Ye Wansheng saw that Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier had already become a ninth phase first stage middle class monarch and was silently shocked. Chu Mu had indeed taken a risk out of desperation to raise his strength. Even the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had reached this level. This meant that Chu Mu currently had the strength to strive for the second grade’s ultimate honor!

On the battlefield, Jiang Zhi’s brows were tightly knit. He saw that the situation was unfavorable, and hastily chanted an incantation!

A blood red bright flame quickly formed around Jiang Zhi. The flame quickly formed into a mighty fairy’s body burning with intense flames that lit up the surrounding ground in flames!

Jiang Zhi had summoned a Blood Flame Fairy. This Blood Flame Fairy didn’t even chant after being summoned and quickly formed two balls of scorching flames. These flames began to burn the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s long growing branches!

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